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California GOP Leadership Sabatoges Traditional Family Values -- Part 2 in the Series: Dark Political Covenents In California

Part 2 In The Series:
Dark Political Covenents In California

California State Republican Leadership
Sabatoges Traditional Family Values:

GOP Votes For Gay Senate Bill SB105
and Silence On Gay Indoctrination Bill SB777
Demonstrating Continued GOP Political Suicide.

Evidence Mounting California State GOP Is Being
Hijacked By Closeted Homosexual Group
Photograph (c) 2007 Gay and Lesbian Times
(R-L) Rev. Tony Freeman, Carl DeMaio (center) and
Tom Hebrank in transvesite Nicole Murray Ramirez's
May 17th column in the Gay and Lesbian Times. DeMaio,
a Republican, recently announced he is homosexual,
and indicated he may seek to replace Brian Maienschein
on the San Diego City Council, District Five.

(JHReport) Some are calling it ourageous. One leading Republican activist has even called it pathetic. They are referring to the passage of California Senate Bill SB777, which will require all California school children as young as kindergarten to learn about and support transsexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality. Sponsored by San Francisco lesbian Senator Carole Migden, this communist-style bill passed the state senate Thursday on a 23-13 party-line vote. However, there is one other aspect of the SB777 final floor vote that is sparking even more anger among GOP conservatives than the vote itself. That aspect is the fact that not even one Republican state senator verbally opposed the bill during the final floor vote.

Chuck Stout, a long-time financial supporter of San Diego Republican candidates called SB777, "a NAMBLA-style piece of legislation." NAMBLA is an organization devoted to the legalization of child molestation. Stout told the James Hartline Report that California's Republican state senators have reached their lowest moral point when they refused to voice any opposition to the bill during the final floor vote. Throughout California, Republican conservatives like Chuck Stout are concerned that the state's GOP leadership has set out on a course of caving in to homosexual lobbyists and their campaign to legalize same-sex marriages.

Anger over the realization that no Republican state senator stood up to oppose SB777 prior to the final floor vote was growing around the state over the weekend. Randy Thomasson, President and Founder of Campaign for Children and Families, issued a press release in response to the senate passage of SB777. Thomasson's press release stated:

"Sadly, no Republican senator rose to speak against SB777. After this non-debate,
the school indoctrination bill passed the Democrat-controlled Senate by three votes,
23 - 13 (20 votes were required for passage). Republican Senator Tom Harman
abstained and Republican Senator Jim Batten was absent."

Voter outrage over the passage of SB777, as well as Republican Senatorial apathy, cannot be overstated. Families may now be forced to turn their children over to California schools where they will be indoctrinated into all aspects of homosexuality and lesbianism from the time that they enter kindergarten. Silence from the state's GOP senate caucus will cast a very dark shadow over any credibility that the California Republican Party has when it comes to protecting children from the predatory advocates of California's radicalized homosexual movement.

One confidential source has told the James Hartline Report that there is a concerted effort underway within certain influential California Republican circles to neuter the GOP's existing opposition to homosexuality and make it a non-factor in all upcoming elections. According to the source, the plan to silence elected Republican legislators on homosexual issues began to be implemented at the same time that Ron Nehring took over as the new California State Republican Party Chairman. Some are surmising that politicians may become fearul that party endorsements and money could be withheld if they speak out against homosexuality.

A 2005 James Hartline Report detailed how a group called the Republican Unity Coalition (RUC) was working to force acceptance of homosexuality within the Republican Party (www.earstohear.net/Separation/ruc.html). The JHReport revealed that one of the original orchestrators of the pro-homosexual RUC was Grover Norquist, an extremist, anti-christian GOP lobbyist. Prior to 2007, Ron Nehring had been working for Grover Norquist's group, Americans for Tax Reform. In 2005, Norquist angered conservatives throughout the country when he participated in a fundraiser for the radical homosexual group, the Log Cabin Republicans - Dallas Chapter (www.cnsnews.com/ViewCulture.asp?Page=\Culture\archive\200510\CUL20051019a.html).

During his previous stint as the San Diego County GOP Chairman, Ron Nehring earned a notorious reputation for being hostile to Christian Conservatives and was perceived to be extremely interested in promoting homosexuality within the local GOP. Under Nehring's watch, the county Republican Party paid homosexual Democrat Ray Drew $27,000 for consulting (www.sdreader.com/php/cityshow.php?id=C072805B). In 2005, Nehring helped to orchestrate a San Diego GOP endorsement for pro-homosexual millionaire Steve Francis in his losing bid to replace resigned San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy. During the mayoral campaign, Francis spoke at the local San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center where he revealed that he supported gay civil unions (www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=5421&issue=916).

Nehring was so involved in the failed Francis campaign that noted San Diego Union Tribune columnist Carl Luna stated:

"My discussion of the machinations of the local GOP coronation of Steve Francis
last week drew the ire of local Republican chairman Ron Nehring, whom I identified
as something of a would-be political king-maker in the Francis campaign."

In direct opposition to the will of the state's Conservative Christian movement, the GOP's county chairpersons recently elected Ron Nehring as the new California state Republican Chairman. Equally frustrating for San Diego voters who overwhelmingly rejected Steve Francis' 2005 bid for mayor, is the realization that he has now been brought in to join Nehring as the new California Republican state finance chairman.

Perhaps the most telling sign that Ron Nehring is perceived to be spreading the acceptance of homosexuality within the Republican Party was seen in a 2005 meeting of the radicalized homosexual group, the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans. According to the Gay and Lesbian Times, San Diego County Republican first vice-chairman Michael McSweeney told the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans at that 2005 meeting that the homosexual community had “great untapped potential” and insisted the community’s voice was both welcomed and needed within the Republican Party (www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=4714).

McSweeney, a last-minute replacement for scheduled speaker Chairman Nehring, contended that the Republicans did an “abysmal” PR job within the gay and lesbian community and that far-right stereotypes of the party would only be overturned by the inclusion of groups such as gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. McSweeney concluded that if a gay candidate could successfully campaign and be elected for the Republican Party, “I can guarantee that this party will be all over them” with support.

- Twisted Morals and The Self-Destruction Of The California GOP -

With so few homosexual activists actually voting Republican in California, why would the state GOP leadership destroy their relationship with millions of Christian Conservative voters just to embrace homosexuality? A recent article on the gay news website 365gay.com revealed that homosexuals working within the Log Cabin Republicans are involved in an aggressive campaign to pressure Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign a gay marriage bill in 2007 (www.365gay.com/Newscon07/01/011507arnold.htm).

Many Republican insiders believe that there is a network of closeted homosexual activists working within the state GOP with the intent of dismantling the influence of the party's Christian Conservative majority. Their main goal: destroying biblically-based definitions of morality. If there was any doubt about the accuracy of such claims, than those doubts should be dispelled by another recent California State Senate vote for Senate Bill SB105.

Unbelievably, 13 of 15 California Republican senators violated their own party's official platform and voted for this homosexual bill. Many long term GOP activists believe that this is just the beginning of a terrible moral decline under the new leadership of the Nehring-Francis team. Included among the Republicans supporting this gay-friendly bill was State Senator Mark Wyland. Wyland recently told Christian Conservative talk show host James L. Lambert that he opposes the homosexual agenda. Yet, two weeks after appearing on Lambert's television program, Wyland did an about-face when he voted for SB105.

This was not Wyland's first forray into supporting the pro-homosexual agenda. Wyland played a major role in pushing forward the campaign of pro-gay San Diego mayoral candidate Steve Francis in 2005 (www.coronadocommunications.com/samples/francis-biography.pdf).

- Something Twisted Is Blowing In The Wind Of San Diego's GOP -

Something twisted is certainly happening in the Republican bastion of San Diego County. While Christian Conservatives are clearly the majority voter base in San Diego, the local GOP under Ron Nehring and his replacement, Tony Krvaric, has seen a trend towards supporting homosexual candidates even though it is driving away traditional Republican voters. There is even growing evidence that the party may run at least two gay males in the 2008 San Diego city council races.

One wealthy Republican donor has told the James Hartline Report that he absolutely refuses to violate his religious beliefs by supporting any Republican candidate who is involved in homosexuality. That being the case, then both Carl DeMaio and Tom Hebrank will be extremely problematic for this long time GOP donor. In fact, DeMaio and Hebrank will find it difficult garnering support from any conservative Republicans in the upcoming 2008 San Diego City Council races should they decide to run.

In the April, 2007 edition of San Diego Magazine, Carl DeMaio revealed that he has been living a closeted homosexual life. DeMaio is among a growing cadre of sexual liberals who have mysteriously moved to San Diego County in recent years and created a controlling interest in the local Republican Party. Many conservatives are confused as to why leaders in the party who claim to be members of churches will not show any backbone when it comes to standing up to the homosexualization of the local GOP? Who was guarding the San Diego GOP chicken coop when these foreign gay wolves came in to feed?

DeMaio's move to San Diego is seen as a more dangerous one for local Christian Conservatives. Having only lived in San Diego County for five years, DeMaio is already contemplating a run for the San Diego City Council (www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=9561&issue=1007). DeMaio's example follows on the heels of Ron Nehring, Tony Krvaric, lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and others who are not from California, but have moved into San Diego and abruptly been given enormous authority within the local Republican Party. With no local roots, voters have had no way of really knowing any of these people or what their real agendas are.

More problematic than DeMaio's previously closeted homosexual activities is the perceived deception he has presented when claiming to have answers for resolving the city's current financial scandals. In a disturbing display of anti-christian biogotry and arrogance, DeMaio had this to say during the recent San Diego Magazine interview:

TB (San Diego Magazine): Do you have some particular issue there?
CD (Carl DeMaio): The fact that I’m gay, I suppose. But at the end of the day, I don't think it's very relevant when you consider all the things that are really important to voters. We have the city’s greatest financial crisis ever. We have city services being cut in our neighborhoods. Our leaders breaking the public trust by violating the law.
TB: You wouldn’t be our first gay councilmember.
CD: True. And even though it may be uncomfortable for me——coming out, being honest with the people——I think that’s what people want. It certainly hasn’t been relevant in the past five years, as we’ve sought to bring the city’s problems to public light, although some of the folks we were shining a light on did put pressure on us in regard to my personal life——in an effort to get us to back off. We didn’t."

In a recent edition of the Gay and Lesbian Times, DeMaio presented an even more disturbing picture of himself. In a photograph published in transvestite Nicole Murray Ramirez's column, DeMaio can be seen with "Reverend" Tony Freeman and another homosexual Republican, Tom Hebrank. Freeman is a leader with the homosexual "religious" group, the Metropolitan Community "Church" (www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=9801&issue=1012).

According to San Diego News Notes, a local Catholic newspaper, the Metropolitan Community Church has a notorious reputation for supporting gay marriage and for holding educational events on fisting for beginners (where men insert their fists into the rectums of other men) and S & M leather sex whipping events (www.sdnewsnotes.com/ed/notes/0400note.htm). The fact that Carl DeMaio is being photographed with an individual who is involved with this kind of "church", really demonstrates just how much the local GOP's agenda is being scraped from the bottom of the barrel.

The other individual in the photograph with Freeman and DeMaio is Tom Hebrank, a local homosexual Republican. According to a February, 2007 report in the Gay and Lesbian Times, Hebrank is being urged by some Republicans to run for the San Diego City Council. Along with the potential candidacy of pro-homosexual Republican Phil Thalheimer in Council District One, there is the potential that Republicans could help create a city council completely controlled by politicians who support the homosexual movement (www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=9141&issue=997). While those practicing homosexuality and lesbianism make up a paltry 3% of the city's population, why would the local Republican Party leadership want to push for such a dominant homosexual force on the city council? There can only be one answer: closeted homosexual powerbrokers are giving marching orders to a spineless local GOP.

Tom Hebrank was recently elected president of the problematic San Diego City Employees' Retirement System (SDCERS) Board of Administration. While some may praise Hebrank for his financial knowledge, it his disturbing statements on issues like gay marriage that cause others to question his moral foundation. In a 2004 letter published in the San Diego Union Tribune, Hebrank revealed how devoted he is to radicalized homosexuality:

"I am not hiding anything by not wearing dresses, not parading ridiculously through the streets, etc. That is not who I am. People accept me for who I am and do not feel threatened by me. I am "Tom, who happens to be gay," rather than "gay Tom." Of course, in the eyes of many in the gay community, this means I am "selling out." Perhaps if more responsible gay people were to come forward and fight for leadership within the gay community, we would find that acceptance of things like gay marriage would not be nearly so threatening to the mainstream. Of course, based on the image we generally choose to project, who could blame the majority of people for not embracing or accepting us and our causes?"

- Will San Diego's Christian Conservatives Save Their City? -

In 2005, over 75% of San Diegans voted to save the cross that sits atop the Mt. Soledad Veteran's War Memorial. In San Diego County, over 1,700 churches represent 2/3 of all San Diegans. San Diego is crying out for moral leadership. It is clear that the leadership within both major political parties have created an elitist fortress of sexual proclivities where the moral will of the voters is not recognized or honored. San Diego's political powerbrokers are determined to establish a local manifestation of the globalist sexuality movement despite the fact that a vast majority of San Diego's registered Republicans are Christian Conservatives opposed to homosexuality.

History will not look kindly on the current disrespect that the San Diego GOP leadership has shown for the moral demands of its members. Even more distasteful will be the chronicled disrespect that the local GOP's homosexual minority has demonstrated towards the great sacrifices that San Diego's founding fathers made to establish their city. Imagine how Father Junipero Serra would have viewed the sexual behaviors of Carl DeMaio, Tom Hebrank, Bonnie Dumanis, Mike German and Ralph Denney. Father Serra certainly did not give his life to establish San Diego's first Catholic mission in 1769 so that San Diego would become a place that honors sodomy, lesbianism and abortion in 2007.

The San Diego Historical Society records this about Father Junipero Serra:

(www.sandiegohistory.org/bio/serra/serra.htm) When Father Serra founded the first of California's missions in San Diego, he was 56 years old. He had asthma and a chronic sore on his leg that troubled him for the rest of his life. Serra himself established nine missions, with a total of twenty-one missions eventually being established along the El Camino Real, from San Diego to Sonoma, a distance of 700 miles. On August 28, 1784, at the age of 70 and after traveling 24,000 miles, Father Junipero Serra died at Mission San Carlos Borromeo and is buried there under the sanctuary floor.

Christian activist and registered Republican James Hartline refuses to bow to the political pressure being exerted by the small group of homosexual activists within the San Diego GOP. San Diegans are desperately searching for men and women of great moral courage who will rise up and stand firmly on moral principle without betraying the Christian faith that oftentimes is hidden at election time. Hartline states, "Christians are looking for political leaders who have backbone and who demonstrate a desire to lead with strong moral convictions. The current Republican leaders who claim to be members of churches and yet, give into the immorality of the homosexual movement, are not leading at all. Rather, these weak political voices are really allowing the Republican Party to be politically effeminized and morally neutered."

This Article is Part 2 in the series: Dark Political Covenents In California.
Published By The James Hartline Report.
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Amazing Stories Of Miraculous Healings: James Hartline Helps San Diego Women Experience Tremendous Restoration Of Their Health

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
May 21, 2007

Amazing Stories Of Miraculous Healings:
James Hartline Helps San Diego Women
Experience Tremendous Restoration Of Their Health

"Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper
and be in good health,
just as your soul prospers."
III John, Verse 2

(JHReport) In the world of modern Christianity, it often seems that the Biblical accounts of Jesus performing miracles and healings are part of a distant episode in the church. According to the teachings of Christ, healings were supposed to be a routine aspect of every believer's ministry. Yet, in today's churches, healings are rare and talk of miracles even rarer. There is, however, something unusual happening in San Diego, California which may turn the healing naysayers right on their heads.

What do you get when you put one former homosexual into a Christian ministry and then add three outstanding Christian women to the story? You get the ingredients for a modern day healing revival. The lessons that James Hartline has learned in his battles to overcome homosexuality, AIDS and hepatitus have provided him with tremendous insights into healing and deliverance from some of life's greatest adversities.

You are about to enter the world of James Hartline and the San Diego Christian women who have benefited from the lessons he has learned in his walk with Jesus Christ. Get ready to be amazed with the stories of Beverly Wyer, Beverly Parker and Tamela Reed: Women On The Frontlines Of A San Diego Healing Revival.

- Women On The Frontlines Of A San Diego Healing Revival -

Beverly Wyer - Eighty Years Young & Still Fighting The Good Fight!

One of San Diego's most recognized faces in the area of Christian Conservatism is eighty year-old Beverly Wyer. Not one to pull any verbal punches, Wyer has been on the frontlines of America's culture war for decades. Since committing her life to Christ in 1979, Beverly Wyer has never looked back. A widow and regular attendee at Alpine Christian Fellowship, Beverly also serves on the board of the powerful women's political organization Volunteers in Politics.

While she is determined to continue her battle to save America from the national onslaughts of illegal immigration and political corruption, Beverly has been forced to physically slow down because of the many ailments which have attacked her eighty year-old body. Confident that God is her protector and provider, Mrs. Wyer will rarely mention the fact that she has had both of her knees replaced in the last three years. With her home located in Harbison Canyon, Wyer's property was ground zero during the 2003 catastrophic fires that destroyed 3,000 San Diego County homes. Beverly's angel during the deadly fire came in the form of her next door neighbor of thirty years, Ed Manning. Manning stayed behind while Beverly was evacuated. "For hours, Ed sprayed water on both of our homes and he saved my property. That means alot to a widow," Wyer tells the James Hartline Report.

For James Hartline, Publisher of the James Hartline Report, Beverly Wyer is more than just another face in the busy highway of San Diego County politics. To Hartline, Beverly is a caring friend and confidant. Beverly knows that James is a walking miracle, especially in his battle to beat AIDS. In need of a new miracle herself, Beverly recently told Hartline that she was really suffering in her digestive system and asked James to pray for her healing. "Beverly's digestive system was really breaking down," says Hartline. "She was suffering from numerous ailments including diverticulitis."

With a vast reservoir of knowledge in the natural health arena, James helped Beverly pick several nutritional supplements that would help her resolve the digestive problems that were making her life miserable. In just two short months, Beverly has had miraculous results. No longer on prescription medicine for her digestive ailments, she is now experiencing totally normal functions in her digestive system. "The probiotics and amino acids that James recommended that I take have really helped me regain my health," Beverly states.

Beverly Parker: The Miracle Woman Of San Diego

Another good friend of James Hartline is Beverly Parker. Parker met James at Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, a church they both attend in San Diego, California. After committing her life to Jesus Christ in 2003, Beverly Parker began praying earnestly for her healing from Hepatitus C. Standing in prayer with this woman of God has been her loving husband Dan Parker.

According to medical reports, the prognosis was not good for Beverly Parker. From working in the children's ministry at church to praying for those in need, Beverly Parker believes that her life closely models itself after the teachings of Christ. All Beverly wants is to receive a miracle of her own so that she can continue to be a loving wife to her husband and to continue her active walk with the Lord.

One day, a light seemed to shine directly on Beverly Parker's path. "I was so encouraged when I heard James Hartline's testimony," exclaims Beverly. "When he revealed that he had been fighting Hepatitus C for over twenty years and his liver scans had come back normal, I was so thrilled and hopeful." Parker sought out James for counseling. After counseling with Beverly, James recommended several natural supplements to be incorporated into her diet. Within ten days of taking the various supplements, Beverly called Hartline and told him that she felt completely rejuvenated.

"My energy level is amazing," Parker told Hartline. What is even more amazing: Beverly Parker's liver exams came back completely normal. The scans were done two months after Beverly went on the health supplements recommended by James. "I have experienced a real miracle in my liver and I believe James played a key role in my getting well," she joyfully remarks.

Tamela Reed: A Shining Example Of A San Diego Overcomer

Tamela Reed, a San Diego mother of two, is one of the great miracle women to cross James Hartline's path in the last several years. Reed was on the brink of enormous success when her world was shaken in 2006. With two small children, her loving husband Major, and a growing catering business, Tamela Reed seemed to have it all. However, in February of 2006, a doctor's report hit Tamela below the belt when she was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Tamela immediately went on a grueling regimen of medications to treat the cancer. Miraculously, her bone cancer was resolved in a very short period of time. Tamela agreed to go on further rounds of chemotherapy to ensure that she would not have a recurrence of the bone cancer. Declared cured, Tamela was left with excessive weight gain, extreme fatigue and a completely degraded immune system. Tamela, her friends and her family were praying that God would help restore her physical well-being. It was a draining time for Tamela to get up each day and home-school her children.

One Friday night during a church home fellowship meeting, James Hartline heard about Tamela's condition from her mother. After asking Tamela's mother if he could meeting her, James began to pray for her recovery. Soon, James got to see firsthand the great fatigue that Tamela was experiencing. As director of the Hillcrest Mission, James Hartline has made it a top priority in his ministry to see that San Diego's Christians are healed and whole.

One of the main aspects of the ministry is to provide nutritional supplements and counseling to those who are sick. James could see that Tamela was drained and desperately needed help with her energy. After picking out several supplements to help her condition, James gladly gave Tamela a new nutritional profile which would help restore her energy and detoxify her body from the effects of the chemotherapy. After only ten days of taking the supplements, Tamela told Hartline about her incredible rebound.

Excitingly, Tamela reports that she has experienced an amazing restoration of her energy levels since taking the nutritional supplements provided by Hartline. "I've even continued to lose weight, the result of taking the organic fiber supplement that James started me on." Reed reports that she is slowly losing an additional one pound of weight per month. Although Tamela will need to have serious knee surgery in the near future, the result of running track for many years, she is pleased that she has miraculously recovered the rest of her health and energy while taking the supplements recommended by James.

- Who Would Have Ever Thought? -
One Former Homosexual and The Many Women In His Life

James Hartline was involved in the homosexual lifestyle for thirty years. During those dark days of sin and debauchery, James rarely involved himself with women. After becoming a Christian, he completely left the sin of homosexuality. It is a funny thing to James that he would now have so many women in his life. Even more strange to James is the fact that he would be able to bless these women. Beverly Wyer, Beverly Parker and Tamela Reed are just three of the many women who have become friends with James Hartline since he became a fully born-again Christian.

The Bible teaches that we each are given gifts from God to help the body of Christ. James Hartline has been blessed with great healings and restoration. "I believe that the annointing we receive to be healed will be released onto those who become connected to our lives," Hartline says. With his own medical reports verifying restorations in his liver and immune system, James believes that he has gained tremendous insights on how to heal and repair broken bodies.

"I believe that God is allowing me to be an igniter for a tremendous wave of healings within the body of Christ," declares Hartline. "These women are truly living epistles of what God can do when we obey Him. I am just glad to know these ladies and to have blessed them with the knowledge that God has given me to bring His people to good health."

This Amazing Story Of Healings In San Diego
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You Can Now Access The Website For
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"They Said I Wouldn't Make It.
They Were Wrong!
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James Hartline, Publisher
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Sound The Alarm -- Send Your Requests For All Day Of Prayer And Fasting On Sat. June 9, 2007

It Is Time To Sound The Trumpet
Raise Up The Banner Of God

All Day Prayer & Fasting
Saturday - June 9, 2007

"So David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord
with shouting, and with the sound of the trumpet."
2 Samuel 6:15

"Go through, go through the gates; prepare ye the way of the people;
cast up, cast up the highway; gather out the stones;
lift up a standard for the people."
Isaiah 62:10

On Saturday - June 9, 2007, I will once again spend the entire day
praying and fasting for the people of God.
Please send all of your new prayer requests to:
James Hartline at The Hillcrest Mission Prayer Team

During a day of prayer and fasting in the month of May,
the Lord moved upon my prayer time
with a powerful move of His Spirit.
This had been preceded by my having received dozens of
prayer requests for healing, finances, marriages, deliverance
and salvation.

Once again, God has moved upon me to set aside June 9, 2007
for another day to be devoted to prayer and fasting.

Included in this day of seeking God for His people, are three
very special prayer needs.

Jeseca Graves is in the fight of her life. Jeseca is a wonderful
woman of God who has been fighting a very long battle with cancer.
She is a Christian, an artist, a loving wife and mother of two
special, little boys. Without a miracle, Jeseca will not make it.
Will you join me on June 9, 2007 to pray and fast for Jeseca?
You can watch a special video, produced by Jeseca's
loving husband Jon, which details Jeseca's difficult situation
by linking here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9nPeBdLb84

You can learn more about Jon and Jeseca Graves by going to
Jon Graves' website: www.jongraves.com

The second important prayer request is on behalf of Sue Lopez.
Sue Lopez is San Diego's premiere pro-life activist.
Sue is a loving wife, mother, faithful member of her local Catholic
parish and a warrior against the wicked abortion industry. Sue
has devoted her life to rescuing young women from the
abortion mills of Planned Parenthood. We have just received
word that Sue has been diagnosed with breast cancer. We refuse
to accept this attack against Sue Lopez. Will you join me on
June 9, 2007 to pray and fast for Sue Lopez to receive a complete
healing? You can learn more about the war Sue Lopez has
been fighting to help the women of San Diego decide to save their
babies, by linking here: www.sdnewsnotes.com/ed/notes/2006notes/0604note.htm

The third prayer request is to continue praying for five year-old
Andres. He is the little boy who has been fighting AIDS during
his entire five years of life. His Doctor says that he is getting worse
and may not make it. Andres has been in Children's hospital
for the past three months fighting for his life.
Will you please pray and fast for Andres
on June 9, 2007?

I believe that God wants to reach out to a desperate people.
I believe that June 9, 2007 has been appointed by God for
a mighty move of His Spirit upon His people. Let us join
together, united with the proposition that our God is still
in the business of performing miracles and destroying the evil
works of the devil. Our God will deliver His people!

Sound The Trumpet!
Raise Up The Banner Of The Lord!

Send me all of your prayer requests and I will be taking them
before the Lord during an entire day of praying and fasting
on June 9, 2007.

James Hartline
The Hillcrest Mission

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Breaking News -- California Prisons Go Rainbow: Dept. Of Corrections Orders Gay Sex Conjugal Visits

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
May 16, 2007
Breaking News!

California Prisons Go Rainbow:
California Department Of Corrections Bows To ACLU,
Ordering Gay Sex Partners To Be Treated The Same
As Married Couples During Overnight Conjugal Visits

(JHReport) Inflicting one of its most destructive blows against California families and traditional married couples, the ACLU has now pressured the California Department of Corrections to treat homosexual relationships in the same manner that traditional married couples are treated during conjugal visits (www.365gay.com/Newscon07/05/051507prison.htm). Despite California law which only recognizes marriages between heterosexual couples, the California Department of Corrections has now agreed to allow registered domestic partners to engage in overnight conjugal visits with incarcerated inmates. This drastic change in redefining acceptable sexual morality, demonstrates an insidious partnership between California's prison officials and the ACLU.

This new ACLU assault on the definition of marriage is the result of a complaint filed by the group on behalf of a homosexual prisoner who was denied conjugal sexual privileges with his gay lover during his prison term. According to 365gay.com, ACLU staff attorney Alex Cleghorn believes that conjugal visits among homosexual partners is a critical tool in rehabilitation. James Hartline, a former homosexual, could not disagree more with Cleghorn.

"If a man who is HIV-infected comes into the prison and has sex with a prisoner, there will be a great increase in the spread of AIDS in the prison," declares Hartline. "I have seen firsthand, the promiscuous behavior of male homosexuals in prison. The gay prisoners will have sex during the overnight visits, get HIV, and then have sex with a multitude of other prisoners, thus spreading the disease," Hartline warns.

Not only is the ACLU assault on the institution of marriage challenging the majority of California voters, it is also creating a catastrophic method for fueling the AIDS epidemic among California prisoners. With a well-documented history of promiscuity, the vast majority of California's gay population cannot be trusted to stop the spread of HIV. The idea that promiscuous homosexuals, potentially infected with HIV, could have sex with incarcerated males, does not sit well with many conservative voters.

One conservative leader tells the James Hartline Report, "It is outrageous that we are paying taxes to punish criminals and now they will be allowed to engage in unsafe sex and spread diseases among prisoners."

Christian Activist James Hartline, a former prisoner himself, has much credibility on the issue: "Prison is about punishment, yet the ACLU is seeking to use the prison system to continue assaulting the institution of marriage. And in the long run, this new policy will destroy more prisoners by spreading AIDS and burdening the taxpayers with greater prison medical costs."

This Breaking News Story Has Been Provided By The James Hartline Report.
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I Am Making My Stand In 2007!
Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Liars In The Church -- How A New Plague Of Lying Threatens American Christianity: In The Classroom Of James Hartline

In The Classroom Of James Hartline
- An Online Classroom For Radical Christians -
May 14, 2007

"Liars In The Church"
How A New Plague Of Simple Lying
Threatens American Christianity

"Do not lie to one another,
seeing that you have put off the old self
with its deceitful practices."
Colossians 3:9

Of all the many mandates in the Bible that we Christians have been given, there is none so important as the mandate of truth. Truth is at the core of every facet of Christianity. It is what distinguishes the Bible from all other religious texts and it is the very energy that is exhaled from the breath of God upon humanity. Truth is so important that God eternally encoded it in the ten commandments. In the ninth commandment, the Lord forbids us from lying about one another:

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."
Exodus 20:16

Satan also recognizes the great power that truth is and how it is the foundational component that connects man with his God. It is why Lucifer, given over to his own deluding falsehoods, was so driven to ensnare Eve in the Garden Eden. This beguiling serpent of deception so seduced Eve with lies about God and His word that she gave up everything to become humanity's first liar.

God demands that His people live in truth. We are to intellectually breed truth. And we are to be truthful with each other at all times. The Apostle John wrote of the intimate intertwining that truth has with any disciple of Jesus Christ. It is in this eternal love affair with God's truth that we become liberated from our unregenerated sinful nature:

Jesus said to the people who believed in Him,
"You are truly My disciples if you keep obeying My teachings.
And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
John 8:31-32

Sadly, I see a darkness, unlike any I have seen before, that has creeped into the body of Christ. It is swirling about in our midst like a new plague. It is a real spiritual disease. Left unchecked, this plague will challenge the truthful foundations of the Christian Church, leaving it mortally wounded and terminally disabled. This growing epidemic of deceit is worse than a false theology, for it is germinating inside of the church and it is spreading by the words of our own lips. It is the plague I call "the simple lie". Those who engage in such actions are "simple liars".

Today, many church attendees have given way to this epidemic of simple lying. Yes, lying. Today, we so easily lie to each other, and we so easily give way to telling falsehoods, that many Christians are no longer even aware when they are lying.

Christians in the modern American Church have so lowered their standard of moral interactions with each other, that they don't even think twice about lying to one other. Over and over again, I have had fellow Christians, in a sort of lazy and careless fashion, lie to me. It is as if their conscience has become numb and their lying habitual. In a world where so many lie to get ahead, the church too, is exhibiting a growing familiarity with the unholy art of lying to get ahead.

How many times have you promised to have a fellow believer over for dinner and then failed to carry out that promise? I have had many fellow Christians, even church leaders, say to me, "Oh, James, we're going to have you over for dinner next week." Not only did they not have me over for dinner, but they never even bothered to tell me that they weren't having me over. In fact, I've never even seen the inside of the homes of most of those who promise to help me or have me over for dinner. It seems as if today's Christians have so reduced their obligations to each other, that the level of honesty in many churches is no different than that of secular corporations.

"Dear brothers and sisters, pattern your lives after mine,
and learn from those who follow our example.
For I have told you often before, and I say it again
with tears in my eyes, that there are many whose
conduct shows they are really enemies of the cross of Christ."
Philippians 3:17-18

What does it mean, in a world that is getting more dark and more dangerous, if the Christian Church is being made into the image of this deceitful world? If our churches have become more consumed with building programs and sporting events than the saving of souls, what will our attitude be towards those in our midst who lie and break their promises?

As Christians, what are our obligations to each other? Does our level of truthfulness and loyalty reflect the depth of our professed Christianity? I have a friend who always helps me get to church and who really reflects a wonderful brotherly kindness. I have known this friend for only one year, but he is always there to help me. On the other hand, there are people in my church who live in my neighborhood, who have never once even offered to have a cup of coffee with me. Even though these folks have known me for over five years, they have never demonstrated one sign of Christian fellowship. Can you see the difference between these two examples? These two examples reflect the growing divide within churches in America between those who are demonstrating truth in Christianity and those who do not.

I believe it is a bleak sign in these last days that the spiritual watchmen and the pastors of modern Christianity have not sounded the alarm on this matter of lying. These leaders are responsible for correcting the false ideals and reproving the liars within our churches. Why are we allowing this pattern of lying to one another to fester and grow in our midst? Are we not giving birth to a new Judas generation where people tell lies now, but in the future they will turn into great betrayers of the cross?

Christians today are cleverly changing the terminology they use when addressing sin in the church. Instead of calling the act of lying a sin, they are now calling it a "mistake". Lying has always been a sin, yet many Christians today are more likely to resolve the issue as if they have been reading the Big Book from Alcoholics Anonymous rather then the Bible. The dangerous part in this erroneous approach, is that without an acknowledgement of sin, there can be no repentance. Without repentance, there can be no revival.

We must have correction on this matter or we are dooming the American Church to a second-class Christianity where demonic forces will dominate us -- and will eventually destroy us. When we gave our lives to Christ, we made an eternal oath to the living God. To renege on our commitment to Christ by refusing to end our soft approach to the sin of lying, is to make a complete mockery of the Gospel.

"When you make a vow to God, do not delay to pay it;
For He has no pleasure in fools.
Pay what you have vowed --
Better not to vow than to vow and not pay."
Ecclesiastes 5:4-5

When we make promises to God or to each other, we should not delay in following through with our oaths, for God takes no pleasure in us when we do not keep our commitments. Ecclesiastes 5:6 warns us not to let our mouth cause our flesh to sin. Furthermore, the writer in Ecclesiastes tells us not to call it a mistake when we refuse to fulfill our vows:

"Do not let your mouth cause your flesh to sin, nor say before the
messenger of God that it was an error. Why should God be angry
with your excuse and destroy the work of your hands."
Ecclesiastes 5:6

In fact, the writer in Ecclesiastes goes as far as to warn us that we could end up destroying the very church we are trying to build up when we make excuses for our sinful refusal to keep our vows. There could be no greater warning for Christians who refuse to stop lying to their fellow Christian brethren.

Refusal To Challenge The Liars In Our Midst:
Biblical Consequences For The Body Of Christ

The psalmist details his great distresses in the 120th psalm. The psalmist cries out for deliverance from the deceitful tongue and lying lips. It is the deceitful tongue and lying lips which have become the greatest of burdens for this man of God. Look what he writes:

"Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips
And from a deceitful tongue
What shall be given to you,
Or what shall be done to you,
You false tongue?"
Psalm 120:2-3

If the psalmist is pleading so sincerely to God to deliver him from the lying tongue, what should our opinion be of those in our own churches who promise to help us or give to us, but then they just abandon us? To make a promise and then fail to keep one's word: this is lying. It is a sin. Yet, so readily, believers do not keep their word and they don't even say anything about the sin of such actions. Rarely do they even apologize when committing this great sin against their fellow brethren.

The Book of Proverbs repeatedly speaks on the issue of lying. In this great book of wisdom, the lie is presented as one of the great troublemakers. In fact, Proverbs, Chapter 29 presents the lie as a plague which can destroy an entire government:

"If a ruler pays attention to falsehood,
All ministers become wicked."
Proverbs 29:12

It is a critical play being scripted in churches throughout America, where members of the body of Christ are becoming more and more dishonest with each other. There are more Christians getting divorced than the non-christians. There are leading pastors like Ted Haggard, who get in the pulpit on Sunday while have sexually sinful affairs on the side. The lie comes in many forms and fashions, but it all begins with small, seemingly insignificant half-truths.

As I stated earlier, I have had Christians who have said to me, "James, I'm having you over for dinner next week." Not only did they not have me over, but they never even called to cancel. It was simply a lie. These types of lies are told everyday in churches throughout America. This lack of honesty, this lack of forthrightness, is creating a corporate atmosphere of dishonesty in American Christianity.

The Prophet Isaiah wrote of the deceptive mentality of ancient Jerusalem's leaders. He stated that these Jewish leaders had made a covenant with hell and the hallmark of that dark contract was the lie:

"For we have made lies our refuge,
And under falsehood we have hidden ourselves."
Isaiah 28:15

Many Christians, in their drive to be "liked" by everyone, will constantly make careless commitments that they really have no intention of keeping. These personal campaigns for acceptance run counter to Christ's teachings where He instructs us to become servants and not pursuers of worldly gain and popularity. The Book of Proverbs reminds us that the pursuit of earthly gain by the use of a lying tongue will only result in death:

"Getting treasures by a lying tongue
is the fleeting fantasy of those who seek death."
Proverbs 21:6

The Apostle Paul taught the Ephesians to watch over the words that come out of our mouth:

"Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth,
but what is good for necessary edification,
that it may impart grace to the hearers."
Ephesians 4:29

Paul further instructs us to confront those in the church who are deceiving or lying to us. We are not to tolerate false Christians in our church who are lying and deceiving:

"Let no one deceive you with empty words,
for because of these things the wrath of God
comes upon the sons of disobedience."
Ephesians 5:6

Clearly, God is moving within our midst to clean out the leaven in His body of believers. A line is being drawn which separates those who are seeking to be truthful and righteous from those who want to continue living lives of dishonesty and deception. Those that are seeking for truth will live out lives that reflect holiness. We, the bearers of God's truth, will grow morally brighter and brighter in these last days. Those who come into our churches seeking to gain some advangtage in this perishing world will become more and more obvious.

In these last days, we must remind ourselves of the words of Jesus from the last chapter of the Book of Revelation:

"He that is unjust, let him be unjust still:
and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still;
And he that is righteous, let him be righteous still:
And he that is holy, let him be holy still."
Revelation 22:11

In closing this Bible study let us remember that Jesus declared to John that there would be a clear distinction between the ungodly and the godly in these last days based upon our life choices. Let us renew our commitment to being truthful and honest in every area of our Christian walk. Let all of us be known for the godly condition of our character and the truthfulness of our daily deeds.

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"Preparing For My Depature:
But Running My Race
Until I Leave."

James Hartline
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In These Last Days

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


AFA and One News Now is reporting as one of their top stories today,
The James Hartline Report investigation of exposing San Diego Padres Owner John Moores and his support for embryonic stem cell research. You can listen to the live national news report on One News Now: http://www.onenewsnow.com/audio/2007/05/09/jimhartlinepadresvoicer.mp3

The following is the national news report from AFA/One News Now Washington Correspondent Jim Brown:http://www.onenewsnow.com/2007/05/activist_decries_funding_of_em.php Activist decries funding of embryonic stem-cell research by Padres owner Jim Brown OneNewsNow.com May 9, 2007 San Diego-based Christian activist James Hartline is urging Christians to consider dropping their support for the city's Major League Baseball franchise because of its owner's so-called "dark side." Hartline says the owner of the San Diego Padres is "one of the biggest money sources behind the Nazi-style medical world of embryonic stem-cell research." Hartline, publisher of the "James Hartline Report," says some Padres fans may want to think twice from now on before buying tickets to watch their team play at Petco Park. And the reason, he says, is that one of the biggest financiers of the embryonic stem-cell research (ESCR) industry is Padres owner John Moores. According to the Christian pro-family advocate, Moores was involved in the promotion of Proposition 71, a California initiative passed by voters in 2004 that authorized the state to sell $3 billion in bonds to establish a state-wide, government run institute for conducting embryonic stem-cell research. "Mr. Moores recently gave $2 million in loans to the Prop. 71 group pending the outcome of all of this litigation, because they can't get any of their money as long as the proposition is tied up in litigation," Hartline asserts. "So to keep the organization afloat," he says, "to keep it funded, Mr. Moores gave them $2 million." And Moores is not the only one who has given money to the proponents of Prop. 71, the Christian activist notes. He notes that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger authorized a loan to them of $150 million from the state until the $3 billion in bond money comes through. The Padres' owner has been credited with being "a catalyst for and embryonic stem-cell consortium in San Diego," Hartline notes. He says he hopes some Christians will stop buying tickets to watch the Padres play to protest the fact that Moores has poured millions of dollars into that industry. "I think this is the case across the board," the activist observes, "that there are a lot of Christians who -- even though they've gotten the information that says you shouldn't -- continue to go these places where, really, they're destroying our values." For instance, "Disneyland just authorized gay marriage ceremonies at their parks, and then, of course, [there is the ESCR funding by] the Padres' owner," he says. "These corporate owners are just continuing to fund a lot of evil stuff, and Christians are still basically the reason they're getting the money," Hartline asserts. All Original Content Copyright 2006-2007 American Family News Network - All Rights Reserved

Upcoming News Update: Get ready for a new revolution in Christian News Reporting in San Diego, California. Launching in approximately six weeks will be the news Christian Conservative News Service entitled, California Christian News.
News Reporting in California Will Never Be The Same Again!

This has been a breaking news report by The James Hartline Report
James Hartline, Publisher

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Christian Activism Opens Up New Doors For San Diego Christians -- City Attorney's Office Asks James Hartline To Speak At Budget Hearing

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
May 8, 2007

San Diego City Attorney's Office Requests
Christian Activist James Hartline To
Speak At City Budget & Finance Hearing

Efforts To Clean Up City's Pornography Industry
And Effective Appearances At San Diego City Council
Opens Up New Doors That Were Once Closed To Christians

James Hartline and Robert Sutton
Standing In Front Of Closed
Gay Bathhouse in San Diego, CA.

(JHReport) "When was the last time that a Christian Conservative was asked to speak at the San Diego City Council on financial issues?" That was one of the questions recently stated to a writer with the James Hartline Report after it was learned that James Hartline, an outspoken San Diego Christian activist, had been invited to speak before a budget hearing for the City Attorney's office.

Aside from issues related to religion or morals, there has been a tremendous vaccuum in the City of San Diego when it comes to churchgoers speaking out on financial and governmental affairs in their city. That is why there was a new sense of optimism last Friday when Hartline received a personal invitation to address the San Diego City Budget and Finance Committee. Hartline would be speaking during a review of the city attorney's budget request for the fiscal-2008 year.

James Hartline has earned a reputation of redefining how Christians confront the moral decline in America. For the past five years, Hartline has led large teams of fellow Christian activists down to the San Diego City Council where they have spoken out on issues relating to morality, pornography, child abuse, religious freedom, and corruption occurring in the local gay community. With a no-nonsense approach to reclaiming San Diego as a city where Christianity actually matters, Hartline and his team are known for their consistency, professionalism, as well as their effectiveness.

Hartline's group, known as the "Not On My Watch" Team, has played key roles in the battle to save the Mt. Soledad Cross, exposing the World Gay Pride event in Jerusalem and stopping a local nudist group from exposing children to public nudity at a local skating rink and a municipal swimming pool. In 2005, the team prevented the City of San Diego from issuing a proclamation honoring the local gay pride organization after it was learned that numerous sex offenders and pedophiles were working as supervisors during the annual gay pride events.

In 2006, after the "Not On My Watch" Team spoke out against the teen prostitution problem occuring in San Diego's North Park area, San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre asked to meet with James Hartline about the problem. Hartline used the opportunity to discuss the illegal gay bathhouse known as 2200 Club which was operating at 2200 University Ave. Hartline has spoken out against the gay bathhouses numerous times during city council hearings. Within months of Hartline's meeting with Aguirre, 2200 Club was prosecuted for violating numerous city ordinances. On April 30, 2007, the 2200 Club closed its doors for good, the result of Hartline's four-year war to shutter all bathhouses in San Diego.

What James Hartline has done, in creating new civic opportunities for Christian citizens, is pave the way for governmental revival based upon Christian values. For the first time in recent history, a San Diego elected official has recognized the role that people like Hartline can play in helping their city achieve a brighter future. The fact that Hartline was asked to speak on the city attorney's budget, demonstrates the contribution that Hartline has made in creating a cooperative relationship between the voters and their elected officials.

Although Hartline was prepared to give a three-minute presentation requesting increased funding in 2008 for the City Attorney's Code Enforcement Department, Councilwoman Toni Atkins reduced Hartline's speech to one minute. Not to be discouraged, Hartline pressed forward and gave his speech. James Hartline believes that the time is now ripe for Christians to start moving in and reclaiming San Diego. "There are so many problems being created by non-Christians in San Diego, we believers must demonstrate that we can come in with new ideas and fresh solutions," says Hartline. "We did not create the moral and financial corruption in our city, but we can fix these problems by reasserting ourselves, as Christians, into the political and governmental arenas."

You Can Watch James Hartline's Speech During The Hearing
Of The San Diego City Council's Budget Finance Committee:
Go To: http://granicus.sandiego.gov/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=16
May 07, 2008 - View Video
Slide Time Ruler to Time of 1:02:50

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gay Bathhouse Closure Photos

Christian Warriors: James Hartline and Robert Sutton Stand Watch Over A Defeated Foe!
Many men will be spared getting AIDS now that the City of San Diego has successfully prosecuted and closed the 2200 Club, a notorious gay bathhouse where James Hartline was infected with HIV in 1997. Hartline and his good friend Robert Sutton, a former law enforcement official and now, a top San Diego attorney, are seen standing in photos documenting the closure of 2200 Club. This was a four-year battle that Hartline began and finished to a successful conclusion. During Hartline's campaign to shut down 2200 Club, he was threatened with death threats by local gay activists, physically assaulted and ridiculed. He never gave up his fight to protect other men from getting AIDS in the place he was once infected. James Hartline, now a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, was involved in homosexuality for thirty years. Once he became a born-again Christian, he renounced all involvement in the gay life that almost destroyed him. Today, James is known around America as a no-nonsense, stop the devil, Christian activist.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

BREAKING NEWS -- VICTORY AT LAST! San Diego Christian Group Prevails In Four Year War - Gay Bathouse Finally Closed Down!

The James Hartline Report
Breaking News Center
May 5, 2007 (6:00pm.pst)

Victory At Last!

San Diego Christian Group Prevails In Four Year War:
Gay Bathhouse Finally Closed Down

City Attorney Successfully Prosecuted 2200 Club
After Police Document Illegal Sex and Drug Activities
Occurring Inside Of Deadly Gay Bathhouse

Photo of the 2200 Club, the location of two
different notorious bathhouses where scores
of men were infected with AIDS over a
twenty-year period of time.

You can watch a Fox Channel 6 news report
on the prosecution and order to close down
2200 Club Gay Bathhouse in San Diego, California:

(Breaking News) James Hartline's telephone began ringing early on the morning of May 4, 2007. San Diego's most vocal Christian activist was giving great shouts of joy as a number of Christian women in San Diego began calling Hartline to inform him that his mission to successfully shut down one the most evil adult entertainment businesses in San Diego's gay community had finally been won. One of the women, Hartline's friend Julie Smith, informed him that one of her girlfriends had just seen the local news reports that 2200 Club was now closed.

Formerly known as The Mustang Spa, James Hartline contracted AIDS in this dark and deadly club in 1997. Six years later, Hartline began a widely publicized campaign to get the city of San Diego to shut the business down (http://lastblogonearth.com/2007/02/07/sayonara-2200-club). Following a number of city council appearances, sometimes alone and oftentimes with large numbers of fellow Christian activists, Hartline was able to convince the San Diego City Attorney and the code enforcement office to take action. In early 2005, city officials finally order the newly named 2200 Club to halt the illegal activites that were occuring on its premises (www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20050224/news_7m24spa.html).

James Hartline's battle to stop the spread of AIDS in his neighborhood had led him to take on one the most entrenched political forces in his city: San Diego's gay community. Time after time, Hartline took his stand with other concerned citizen's at the San Diego City Council calling for the closure of the disease-spreading bathhouses in San Diego. One of those city council meetings on August 2, 2005, where Hartline and his group, The "Not On My Watch" Team, spoke out against the illegal bathhouses can be seen by logging onto the San Diego City Council Website:

You can watch the speech James Hartline made to the San Diego City Council
on August 2, 2005 by going to:
Go to Aug. 2, 2005 View Video (click on non-agenda public comment to time of: 45:30)

Within months of James Hartline's August 2, 2005 city council speech, San Diego City Attorney Michael Aguirre responded to the illegal activities occurring at 2200 University Ave. On June 22, 2006, undercover officers entered into 2200 Club and documented illegal drug use in the bathhouse (http://gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=7807). After repeated violations of its agreement with prosecutors to stop the illegal drug and sex crimes occurring on the property, Deputy City Attorney Bryan Ziegler secured an agreement with the owners of 2200 Club on University Ave. to cease business operations and close down their bathhouse (www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=8901),

The James Hartline Report has verified that the 2200 Club bathhouse has, in fact, abandoned its property and closed down. For James Hartline, a great moral victory has been accomplished for Christian values in America. Despite having been assaulted and threatened by many gay activists who insidiously demand the bathhouses stay open, James Hartline never gave up. Hartline truly believes that many lives will be spared the suffering he has had to endure after contracting AIDS at the 2200 University location.

On the front of 2200 Club, the decorative plants are gone, the stream of AIDS-infected customers have disappeared and a big sign that reads "Closed" is hanging from the front shuttered doors. With God on his side, James Hartline has outlived the very place that had once tried to send him to a premature death.

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James Hartline, Publisher
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Thursday, May 03, 2007

San Diego Padres Owner Big Financier Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research -- Should Christians Stop Supporting The Padres?

The James Hartline Report
A San Diego Christian Think Tank
Cultural Dilemma Question

(Photo of John Moores)

- Embryonic Stem Cell Research Kingpen John Moores -

San Diego Padres Owner John Moores
Invests Millions Of Dollars In Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Where Profit-Seeking Experiments Kill Human Fetal Infants

Should Christians Stop Supporting
The San Diego Padres?

Padres Owner John Moores
Invests Millions of Dollars In Support
Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

While thousands of San Diego's born-again Christians go to Petco Park to eat their popcorn, drink their sodas and celebrate the San Diego Padres baseball team, another California event associated with Padres' team owner John Moores is occuring which violates everything that these same Christians believe in. John Moores is best known for purchasing a controlling interest in the Padres in 1994 (http://sandiego.padres.mlb.com/sd/team/exec_bios/moores.jsp). There is, however, another dark side to John Moores that should shock most of the Christians who have funneled millions of dollars into Moores' bank accounts via ticket sales to Padres baseball games.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, John Moores has greatly involved himself with anti-semitic former U.S. president Jimmy Carter (www.cartercenter.org/about/trustees/john_moores.html). Carter, who supports Islamic ideals in his attacks against Israel, allowed Moores and his organization, the River Blindness Foundation, to merge with the former president's Carter Center, becoming one of the center's first trustees in 1994 (www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20050327/news_1m27moores.html). However, it is John Moores' support of embryonic stem cell research that is bringing a nauseating dismay to many supporters of the San Diego Padres.

Without question, John Moores is one of the biggest money sources behind the nazi-style medical world of embryonic stem cell research. In a world where fetal babies are exterminated in the hopes that biotech companies will stumble upon a cure that they can then market into billions of dollars in profits, John Moores is one of the biggest kingpens. In fact, the California Stem Cell Report states that Moores was a catalyst for creating an embryonic stem cell consortium in San Diego (http://californiastemcellreport.blogspot.com/2006/04/cirm-garners-greenbacks-and-flack-from.html). The consortium brings together the most devious minds involved in embryonic stem cell research and establishes their war of destroying human embryos-for-profit in the heart of San Diego County.

According to a published UCSD news report, John Moores is so involved in supporting embryonic stem cell research, that he and partner, Qualcomm co-founder Irwin Jacobs, were instrumental in bringing about a gigantic corporate agreement to establish the San Diego Consortium for Regenerative Medicine. In layman's terms, Moores has helped make San Diego one of the world's top locations for exterminating infant fetal humans for medical profiteering research (http://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/thisweek/2006/mar/03_20_stemcellsigning.asp).

There is no mistaking the commitment that John Moores has for embryonic stem cell research. Passed by California voters in 2004, Prop. 71 authorizes the state to issue $3 billion in bonds to create and fund an embryonic stem cell research institute. This institute will allow wealthy biotech companies to exterminate human fetal infants behind locked laboratory doors. Many of the individuals whose research institutions stand to receive millions of dollars in Prop. 71 money sit on the Prop. 71 oversight committee (www.berkeley.edu/news/media/releases/2004/11/15_stem.shtml). With a mulitude of ethical and financial problems at hand, opponents of the proposition have filed a lawsuit to block the distribution of state funds to the institute (www.consumerwatchdog.org). Pending the resolution of the litigation, John Moores has contributed millions of dollars in loans to keep the Prop. 71 embryonic stem cell agency running (www.signonsandiego.com/news/business/biotech/20061219-9999-lz1n19stem.html).

Perhaps there really is an applicable message in the theme song that John Moores allows Petco Park to play on the stadium's sound system everytime Padres' pitching star Trevor Hoffman takes the mound. The song by the satanically-inspired band AC-DC, entitled "Hells Bells," is broadcast to the roaring approval of Padres' fans at Petco Park. The lyrics to "Hells Bells" read:

"Yeah, Hell's BellsYou got me ringing Hell's BellsMy temperature's high, Hell's BellsI'll give you black sensations up and down your spine...If you're into evil you're a friend of mine...
I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell...I'm gonna get you, Satan get you...
...Hell's Bells, Satan's comin' to you...Hell's Bells, he's ringing them now."

One must wonder why born-again Christians at Petco Park shout with glee each time this song is played courtesy of John Moores. The song, Hells Bells, was written to commemorate the death of AC/DC's lead singer Bon Scott. He was found dead in his car, within earshot of Big Ben, after choking on his own vomit due to an alcohol-induced coma following a night of serious binge drinking (Wikepdia).

The question now confronting born-again San Diego Christians is what they should do about a baseball team owner who is spending millions of dollars on research that exterminates human fetal babies during grotesque medical experiments?

What value is there in baseball for a Christian when a team plays a satanic-themed song everytime the team wants to save a game? How do Christians honor God while they freely give money to a millionaire who helps wealthy biotech companies exterminate human life in wealth-seeking medical research?

How far are pro-life Christians willing to go to protect babies which are being exterminated by companies who have placed more value in their stockholders then they do in human life? The line has been drawn. There is no gray area when it comes to choosing either life or embryonic stem cell research.

Based upon the John Moores/Embryonic Stem Cell Research revelations, Christian Conservatives will now have to decide how the world views their commitment to the Bible based upon their reaction to this information. What is more important to San Diego's Christian Community: being entertained by wealthy baseball players or saving innocent babies?

- Question For You -

1- Do you think that Christians should stop supporting
the San Diego Padres while team owner John Moores
invests millions of dollars that help exterminate
human fetal babies during embryonic stem cell research?

2- Now that you know San Diego Padres Owner John Moores
is investing millions of dollars to help exterminate
human fetal babies during embryonic stem cell research,
will you stop spending money on the San Diego Padres?

Send us your responses and we may include them in an
upcoming James Hartline Report exclusive.

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