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San Diego Padres Owner Big Financier Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research -- Should Christians Stop Supporting The Padres?

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- Embryonic Stem Cell Research Kingpen John Moores -

San Diego Padres Owner John Moores
Invests Millions Of Dollars In Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Where Profit-Seeking Experiments Kill Human Fetal Infants

Should Christians Stop Supporting
The San Diego Padres?

Padres Owner John Moores
Invests Millions of Dollars In Support
Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

While thousands of San Diego's born-again Christians go to Petco Park to eat their popcorn, drink their sodas and celebrate the San Diego Padres baseball team, another California event associated with Padres' team owner John Moores is occuring which violates everything that these same Christians believe in. John Moores is best known for purchasing a controlling interest in the Padres in 1994 ( There is, however, another dark side to John Moores that should shock most of the Christians who have funneled millions of dollars into Moores' bank accounts via ticket sales to Padres baseball games.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, John Moores has greatly involved himself with anti-semitic former U.S. president Jimmy Carter ( Carter, who supports Islamic ideals in his attacks against Israel, allowed Moores and his organization, the River Blindness Foundation, to merge with the former president's Carter Center, becoming one of the center's first trustees in 1994 ( However, it is John Moores' support of embryonic stem cell research that is bringing a nauseating dismay to many supporters of the San Diego Padres.

Without question, John Moores is one of the biggest money sources behind the nazi-style medical world of embryonic stem cell research. In a world where fetal babies are exterminated in the hopes that biotech companies will stumble upon a cure that they can then market into billions of dollars in profits, John Moores is one of the biggest kingpens. In fact, the California Stem Cell Report states that Moores was a catalyst for creating an embryonic stem cell consortium in San Diego ( The consortium brings together the most devious minds involved in embryonic stem cell research and establishes their war of destroying human embryos-for-profit in the heart of San Diego County.

According to a published UCSD news report, John Moores is so involved in supporting embryonic stem cell research, that he and partner, Qualcomm co-founder Irwin Jacobs, were instrumental in bringing about a gigantic corporate agreement to establish the San Diego Consortium for Regenerative Medicine. In layman's terms, Moores has helped make San Diego one of the world's top locations for exterminating infant fetal humans for medical profiteering research (

There is no mistaking the commitment that John Moores has for embryonic stem cell research. Passed by California voters in 2004, Prop. 71 authorizes the state to issue $3 billion in bonds to create and fund an embryonic stem cell research institute. This institute will allow wealthy biotech companies to exterminate human fetal infants behind locked laboratory doors. Many of the individuals whose research institutions stand to receive millions of dollars in Prop. 71 money sit on the Prop. 71 oversight committee ( With a mulitude of ethical and financial problems at hand, opponents of the proposition have filed a lawsuit to block the distribution of state funds to the institute ( Pending the resolution of the litigation, John Moores has contributed millions of dollars in loans to keep the Prop. 71 embryonic stem cell agency running (

Perhaps there really is an applicable message in the theme song that John Moores allows Petco Park to play on the stadium's sound system everytime Padres' pitching star Trevor Hoffman takes the mound. The song by the satanically-inspired band AC-DC, entitled "Hells Bells," is broadcast to the roaring approval of Padres' fans at Petco Park. The lyrics to "Hells Bells" read:

"Yeah, Hell's BellsYou got me ringing Hell's BellsMy temperature's high, Hell's BellsI'll give you black sensations up and down your spine...If you're into evil you're a friend of mine...
I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell...I'm gonna get you, Satan get you...
...Hell's Bells, Satan's comin' to you...Hell's Bells, he's ringing them now."

One must wonder why born-again Christians at Petco Park shout with glee each time this song is played courtesy of John Moores. The song, Hells Bells, was written to commemorate the death of AC/DC's lead singer Bon Scott. He was found dead in his car, within earshot of Big Ben, after choking on his own vomit due to an alcohol-induced coma following a night of serious binge drinking (Wikepdia).

The question now confronting born-again San Diego Christians is what they should do about a baseball team owner who is spending millions of dollars on research that exterminates human fetal babies during grotesque medical experiments?

What value is there in baseball for a Christian when a team plays a satanic-themed song everytime the team wants to save a game? How do Christians honor God while they freely give money to a millionaire who helps wealthy biotech companies exterminate human life in wealth-seeking medical research?

How far are pro-life Christians willing to go to protect babies which are being exterminated by companies who have placed more value in their stockholders then they do in human life? The line has been drawn. There is no gray area when it comes to choosing either life or embryonic stem cell research.

Based upon the John Moores/Embryonic Stem Cell Research revelations, Christian Conservatives will now have to decide how the world views their commitment to the Bible based upon their reaction to this information. What is more important to San Diego's Christian Community: being entertained by wealthy baseball players or saving innocent babies?

- Question For You -

1- Do you think that Christians should stop supporting
the San Diego Padres while team owner John Moores
invests millions of dollars that help exterminate
human fetal babies during embryonic stem cell research?

2- Now that you know San Diego Padres Owner John Moores
is investing millions of dollars to help exterminate
human fetal babies during embryonic stem cell research,
will you stop spending money on the San Diego Padres?

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