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BREAKING NEWS -- VICTORY AT LAST! San Diego Christian Group Prevails In Four Year War - Gay Bathouse Finally Closed Down!

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May 5, 2007 (6:00pm.pst)

Victory At Last!

San Diego Christian Group Prevails In Four Year War:
Gay Bathhouse Finally Closed Down

City Attorney Successfully Prosecuted 2200 Club
After Police Document Illegal Sex and Drug Activities
Occurring Inside Of Deadly Gay Bathhouse

Photo of the 2200 Club, the location of two
different notorious bathhouses where scores
of men were infected with AIDS over a
twenty-year period of time.

You can watch a Fox Channel 6 news report
on the prosecution and order to close down
2200 Club Gay Bathhouse in San Diego, California:

(Breaking News) James Hartline's telephone began ringing early on the morning of May 4, 2007. San Diego's most vocal Christian activist was giving great shouts of joy as a number of Christian women in San Diego began calling Hartline to inform him that his mission to successfully shut down one the most evil adult entertainment businesses in San Diego's gay community had finally been won. One of the women, Hartline's friend Julie Smith, informed him that one of her girlfriends had just seen the local news reports that 2200 Club was now closed.

Formerly known as The Mustang Spa, James Hartline contracted AIDS in this dark and deadly club in 1997. Six years later, Hartline began a widely publicized campaign to get the city of San Diego to shut the business down ( Following a number of city council appearances, sometimes alone and oftentimes with large numbers of fellow Christian activists, Hartline was able to convince the San Diego City Attorney and the code enforcement office to take action. In early 2005, city officials finally order the newly named 2200 Club to halt the illegal activites that were occuring on its premises (

James Hartline's battle to stop the spread of AIDS in his neighborhood had led him to take on one the most entrenched political forces in his city: San Diego's gay community. Time after time, Hartline took his stand with other concerned citizen's at the San Diego City Council calling for the closure of the disease-spreading bathhouses in San Diego. One of those city council meetings on August 2, 2005, where Hartline and his group, The "Not On My Watch" Team, spoke out against the illegal bathhouses can be seen by logging onto the San Diego City Council Website:

You can watch the speech James Hartline made to the San Diego City Council
on August 2, 2005 by going to:
Go to Aug. 2, 2005 View Video (click on non-agenda public comment to time of: 45:30)

Within months of James Hartline's August 2, 2005 city council speech, San Diego City Attorney Michael Aguirre responded to the illegal activities occurring at 2200 University Ave. On June 22, 2006, undercover officers entered into 2200 Club and documented illegal drug use in the bathhouse ( After repeated violations of its agreement with prosecutors to stop the illegal drug and sex crimes occurring on the property, Deputy City Attorney Bryan Ziegler secured an agreement with the owners of 2200 Club on University Ave. to cease business operations and close down their bathhouse (,

The James Hartline Report has verified that the 2200 Club bathhouse has, in fact, abandoned its property and closed down. For James Hartline, a great moral victory has been accomplished for Christian values in America. Despite having been assaulted and threatened by many gay activists who insidiously demand the bathhouses stay open, James Hartline never gave up. Hartline truly believes that many lives will be spared the suffering he has had to endure after contracting AIDS at the 2200 University location.

On the front of 2200 Club, the decorative plants are gone, the stream of AIDS-infected customers have disappeared and a big sign that reads "Closed" is hanging from the front shuttered doors. With God on his side, James Hartline has outlived the very place that had once tried to send him to a premature death.

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Anonymous said...

Total bummer - I had a LOT of hot sex in that club. Safely so that I never caught any diseases. I agree that people should be responsible if they have a disease, and everyone should be careful and use plenty of protection so as not to catch anything. But God gave us these bodies to have fun and enjoy in His glory. Safe fun that doesn't hurt anyone - now THAT is heavenly!