Friday, May 18, 2007

Sound The Alarm -- Send Your Requests For All Day Of Prayer And Fasting On Sat. June 9, 2007

It Is Time To Sound The Trumpet
Raise Up The Banner Of God

All Day Prayer & Fasting
Saturday - June 9, 2007

"So David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord
with shouting, and with the sound of the trumpet."
2 Samuel 6:15

"Go through, go through the gates; prepare ye the way of the people;
cast up, cast up the highway; gather out the stones;
lift up a standard for the people."
Isaiah 62:10

On Saturday - June 9, 2007, I will once again spend the entire day
praying and fasting for the people of God.
Please send all of your new prayer requests to:
James Hartline at The Hillcrest Mission Prayer Team

During a day of prayer and fasting in the month of May,
the Lord moved upon my prayer time
with a powerful move of His Spirit.
This had been preceded by my having received dozens of
prayer requests for healing, finances, marriages, deliverance
and salvation.

Once again, God has moved upon me to set aside June 9, 2007
for another day to be devoted to prayer and fasting.

Included in this day of seeking God for His people, are three
very special prayer needs.

Jeseca Graves is in the fight of her life. Jeseca is a wonderful
woman of God who has been fighting a very long battle with cancer.
She is a Christian, an artist, a loving wife and mother of two
special, little boys. Without a miracle, Jeseca will not make it.
Will you join me on June 9, 2007 to pray and fast for Jeseca?
You can watch a special video, produced by Jeseca's
loving husband Jon, which details Jeseca's difficult situation
by linking here:

You can learn more about Jon and Jeseca Graves by going to
Jon Graves' website:

The second important prayer request is on behalf of Sue Lopez.
Sue Lopez is San Diego's premiere pro-life activist.
Sue is a loving wife, mother, faithful member of her local Catholic
parish and a warrior against the wicked abortion industry. Sue
has devoted her life to rescuing young women from the
abortion mills of Planned Parenthood. We have just received
word that Sue has been diagnosed with breast cancer. We refuse
to accept this attack against Sue Lopez. Will you join me on
June 9, 2007 to pray and fast for Sue Lopez to receive a complete
healing? You can learn more about the war Sue Lopez has
been fighting to help the women of San Diego decide to save their
babies, by linking here:

The third prayer request is to continue praying for five year-old
Andres. He is the little boy who has been fighting AIDS during
his entire five years of life. His Doctor says that he is getting worse
and may not make it. Andres has been in Children's hospital
for the past three months fighting for his life.
Will you please pray and fast for Andres
on June 9, 2007?

I believe that God wants to reach out to a desperate people.
I believe that June 9, 2007 has been appointed by God for
a mighty move of His Spirit upon His people. Let us join
together, united with the proposition that our God is still
in the business of performing miracles and destroying the evil
works of the devil. Our God will deliver His people!

Sound The Trumpet!
Raise Up The Banner Of The Lord!

Send me all of your prayer requests and I will be taking them
before the Lord during an entire day of praying and fasting
on June 9, 2007.

James Hartline
The Hillcrest Mission

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