Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gay Bathhouse Closure Photos

Christian Warriors: James Hartline and Robert Sutton Stand Watch Over A Defeated Foe!
Many men will be spared getting AIDS now that the City of San Diego has successfully prosecuted and closed the 2200 Club, a notorious gay bathhouse where James Hartline was infected with HIV in 1997. Hartline and his good friend Robert Sutton, a former law enforcement official and now, a top San Diego attorney, are seen standing in photos documenting the closure of 2200 Club. This was a four-year battle that Hartline began and finished to a successful conclusion. During Hartline's campaign to shut down 2200 Club, he was threatened with death threats by local gay activists, physically assaulted and ridiculed. He never gave up his fight to protect other men from getting AIDS in the place he was once infected. James Hartline, now a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, was involved in homosexuality for thirty years. Once he became a born-again Christian, he renounced all involvement in the gay life that almost destroyed him. Today, James is known around America as a no-nonsense, stop the devil, Christian activist.

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