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Christian Activism Opens Up New Doors For San Diego Christians -- City Attorney's Office Asks James Hartline To Speak At Budget Hearing

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
May 8, 2007

San Diego City Attorney's Office Requests
Christian Activist James Hartline To
Speak At City Budget & Finance Hearing

Efforts To Clean Up City's Pornography Industry
And Effective Appearances At San Diego City Council
Opens Up New Doors That Were Once Closed To Christians

James Hartline and Robert Sutton
Standing In Front Of Closed
Gay Bathhouse in San Diego, CA.

(JHReport) "When was the last time that a Christian Conservative was asked to speak at the San Diego City Council on financial issues?" That was one of the questions recently stated to a writer with the James Hartline Report after it was learned that James Hartline, an outspoken San Diego Christian activist, had been invited to speak before a budget hearing for the City Attorney's office.

Aside from issues related to religion or morals, there has been a tremendous vaccuum in the City of San Diego when it comes to churchgoers speaking out on financial and governmental affairs in their city. That is why there was a new sense of optimism last Friday when Hartline received a personal invitation to address the San Diego City Budget and Finance Committee. Hartline would be speaking during a review of the city attorney's budget request for the fiscal-2008 year.

James Hartline has earned a reputation of redefining how Christians confront the moral decline in America. For the past five years, Hartline has led large teams of fellow Christian activists down to the San Diego City Council where they have spoken out on issues relating to morality, pornography, child abuse, religious freedom, and corruption occurring in the local gay community. With a no-nonsense approach to reclaiming San Diego as a city where Christianity actually matters, Hartline and his team are known for their consistency, professionalism, as well as their effectiveness.

Hartline's group, known as the "Not On My Watch" Team, has played key roles in the battle to save the Mt. Soledad Cross, exposing the World Gay Pride event in Jerusalem and stopping a local nudist group from exposing children to public nudity at a local skating rink and a municipal swimming pool. In 2005, the team prevented the City of San Diego from issuing a proclamation honoring the local gay pride organization after it was learned that numerous sex offenders and pedophiles were working as supervisors during the annual gay pride events.

In 2006, after the "Not On My Watch" Team spoke out against the teen prostitution problem occuring in San Diego's North Park area, San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre asked to meet with James Hartline about the problem. Hartline used the opportunity to discuss the illegal gay bathhouse known as 2200 Club which was operating at 2200 University Ave. Hartline has spoken out against the gay bathhouses numerous times during city council hearings. Within months of Hartline's meeting with Aguirre, 2200 Club was prosecuted for violating numerous city ordinances. On April 30, 2007, the 2200 Club closed its doors for good, the result of Hartline's four-year war to shutter all bathhouses in San Diego.

What James Hartline has done, in creating new civic opportunities for Christian citizens, is pave the way for governmental revival based upon Christian values. For the first time in recent history, a San Diego elected official has recognized the role that people like Hartline can play in helping their city achieve a brighter future. The fact that Hartline was asked to speak on the city attorney's budget, demonstrates the contribution that Hartline has made in creating a cooperative relationship between the voters and their elected officials.

Although Hartline was prepared to give a three-minute presentation requesting increased funding in 2008 for the City Attorney's Code Enforcement Department, Councilwoman Toni Atkins reduced Hartline's speech to one minute. Not to be discouraged, Hartline pressed forward and gave his speech. James Hartline believes that the time is now ripe for Christians to start moving in and reclaiming San Diego. "There are so many problems being created by non-Christians in San Diego, we believers must demonstrate that we can come in with new ideas and fresh solutions," says Hartline. "We did not create the moral and financial corruption in our city, but we can fix these problems by reasserting ourselves, as Christians, into the political and governmental arenas."

You Can Watch James Hartline's Speech During The Hearing
Of The San Diego City Council's Budget Finance Committee:
Go To: http://granicus.sandiego.gov/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=16
May 07, 2008 - View Video
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