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JHReport - Ecke Poinsettia Boycott Spreads Nationwide - Hundreds Of Babies Could Be Rescued From Planned Parenthood As A Result

A James Hartline Report Exclusive On The Frontlines Of The Culture War! December 26, 2006 The Church's Finest Hour: Hundreds Of Babies Could Be Rescued From Planned Parenthood In 2007 As Boycott of Ecke Poinsettias Quickly Spreads Nationwide: Ecke Family Funding Of Planned Parenthood Includes $250,000 Contribution To Carlsbad, California Abortion Clinic in 2005 and thousands of dollars given to defeat Parental Notification California Prop. 85 in 2006 (The Carlsbad Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Is Named After Mrs. Ecke) ( ) Ecke Ranch, America's Number One Producer Of Poinsettias, Loses Thousands Of Customers Due To Ecke Family Funding Of Planned Parenthood Abortionists JHReport Exclusive - What began as one man's campaign to pull money out of the hands of the abortion doctors of Planned Parenthood, has now turned into a nationwide boycott that shows no signs of abating. James Hartline, a well known Chr

Breaking News: Two San Diego Christian Heroes Prevail - Priscilla Schreiber & Larry Urdahl Win War Over School Board Leadership Positions

Larry Urdahl Newly Elected V.P. GUHSD Board Priscilla Schreiber Newly Elected Pres. GUHSD Board The James Hartline Report Breaking News! December 18, 2006 (9:00am.pst) Two San Diego Christian Heroes Prevail: Outspoken Christian Leader Priscilla Schreiber and Community Favorite Larry Urdahl Voted New Leaders Of Grossmont High School District Board Overcoming Year Of Anti-Christian Bigotry, Threats And Hate-Filled Attacks, Schreiber and Urdahl Triumphant In Campaign To Return Honesty To San Diego County Republican Politics Priscilla Schreiber: Christian Business Woman With Backbone Elected President Of Grossmont Union High School District Board Priscilla Schreiber Newly Elected Pres. GUHSD Board Over the last two years, Priscilla Schreiber, an outspoken Christian business woman from El Cajon, California, has been forced to endure one of the most vicious campaigns of prejudice, bigotry and hate that any elected official has had to go through in this country. By most general accounts,

Starbucks Is Major Funding Source For Radical Gay Causes - Churchgoers Must Decide: A Convenient Cup Of Coffee Or A Stand For Jesus Christ

Emblem From SD Gay Pride Website 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Proudly Sponsored By Starbucks ( ) Millions Of Christians Buy Starbucks Coffee Everyday. The Result: Those purchases are funding the Anti-Christian Radicalized Homosexual Movement. JHReport Action Alert - Without question, one of the largest American corporate promoters of the anti-family, radicalized homosexual agenda, continues to be coffee giant Starbucks. While children were forced to watch degrading images of male prostitutes, pornographers and other deviant participants in this year's 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade, Starbucks was sponsoring this hellish event to make sure that it was well-funded ( ). In 2006, Starbucks' obsession with promoting the political activism of radical gay crusaders was not limited to the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride event. Indeed, this year, Starbucks extended its financial support to one of the most v

Citizen's Alert: The Real Grinch Who Supports Abortion - Audrey Geisel Is Major Supporter of Planned Parenthood

The James Hartline Report Citizen's Alert December 6, 2006 Audrey Geisel: The Real Grinch Who Supports Abortion Widow of Dr. Seuss Is Major Planned Parenthood Supporter According to the biography of Ted Geisel, the now deceased author of the successful Dr. Seuss books and entertainment paraphernalia, Geisel made this statement shortly before his death: "The best slogan I can think to leave with the U.S.A. would be, 'We can...and we've got better than this.' " (Morgan, p. 287) ( ). Apparently his extremely wealthy widow, Audrey Geisel, didn't get the message. In the annals of abortion extremism, two San Diego women are in the highest echelons of supporting the abortion industry: Jinx Ecke of the Ecke Ranch Flower industry and Audrey Geisel, controller of Dr. Seuss Enterprises. Audrey Geisel's fanatical obsession with supporting the abortion industry seems to know no bounds. Like her counterpart Jinx Ecke, Ge

BREAKING NEWS: San Diego Republican Party Hits New Low - Invites Cult Member As Christmas Party Guest Of Honor

A James Hartline Report Exclusive Breaking News! December 3, 2006 San Diego Republican Party Hits New Low: Local GOP Leaders Invite Mormon Cult Member As Christmas Party Guest Of Honor ( ) Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney Is An Avowed Member Of Mormon Church Cult: Mormonism Teaches That Jesus & The Devil Are Brothers! San Diego Christians Outraged At GOP Disrespect For Their Faith During Christianity's Most Important Event (JHReport) The idea that leaders of the San Diego Republican Party would invite a member of a cult to be their guest of honor at the local GOP's annual Christmas Party is not sitting well with Christian voters. In fact, many voters are dumbfounded that San Diego's GOP leaders would pick Mitt Romney, an avowed member of the Mormon Church, as their guest of honor during an event that is supposed to be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Among many serious problems with the Romney invitation is the fac