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Breaking News: Two San Diego Christian Heroes Prevail - Priscilla Schreiber & Larry Urdahl Win War Over School Board Leadership Positions

Larry Urdahl
Newly Elected V.P.
Priscilla Schreiber
Newly Elected Pres.
The James Hartline Report
Breaking News!
December 18, 2006 (9:00am.pst)

Two San Diego Christian Heroes Prevail:
Outspoken Christian Leader Priscilla Schreiber and
Community Favorite Larry Urdahl Voted New Leaders
Of Grossmont High School District Board

Overcoming Year Of Anti-Christian Bigotry, Threats
And Hate-Filled Attacks, Schreiber and Urdahl
Triumphant In Campaign To Return Honesty To
San Diego County Republican Politics

Priscilla Schreiber: Christian Business Woman With Backbone
Elected President Of Grossmont Union High School District Board

Priscilla Schreiber
Newly Elected Pres.

Over the last two years, Priscilla Schreiber, an outspoken Christian business woman from El Cajon, California, has been forced to endure one of the most vicious campaigns of prejudice, bigotry and hate that any elected official has had to go through in this country. By most general accounts, the war against Priscilla Schreiber seemed to begin when San Diego County Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring was appointed to the same Grossmont High School District Board that Schreiber has been an elected member of for the past six years (

Mrs. Schreiber, the senior member of the Grossmont School Board, has earned a no-nonsense reputation for advocating strong Biblical values during her tenure on the board. Receiving over 80,000 votes during her 2004 reelection campaign, East San Diego County voters clearly confirmed their approval for Schreiber and her reputation of putting the interests of the district's teachers and students above the petty political agendas of some of the other boardmembers. Local GOP County Chairman Nehring, who has in recent years, promoted Republican involvement with a radical homosexual group called the Log Cabin Republicans, was clearly at odds with Mrs. Schreiber's Christian values and her adherence to them.

In 2005, when Priscilla Schreiber should have been appointed by the district school board to be its president, Nehring joined fellow boardmember Evelyn Wills to block Schreiber's appointment. With the help of Nehring and Wills, board president Jim Kelly was confirmed for another year as board president and another year of stagnant board leadership. Determined to break the grip of Kelly and the cronyism that has controlled GOP politics in the school district, Schreiber and fellow boardmember Larry Urdahl made their stand for righteousness during the recent 2006 elections. Facing off against the GOP leadership's drive to continue the cronysim on the school board, Schreiber and Urdahl backed outsiders Ken Stobel and Dick Hoy. This move on Schreiber's part brought her unprecedented and degrading attacks from an old boys' network in East San Diego County which helped spread a hate-filled email campaign that falsely accused her of helping pro-homosexual liberals take over the school board.

Priscilla Schreiber originally ran for the school board six years ago to remove homosexual advocates who were attempting to spread the radical gay agenda in the school district ( Thus, the accusations against Schreiber that she was now attempting to help promote pro-gay candidates were rather bizarre in nature, except for one devious factor: one of the persons who was sending the malicious emails against Schreiber was former school boardmember Rev. Gary Cass, who abandoned California for a position in Florida with the Center For Reclaiming America. Cass' departure paved the way for the Nehring placement on the board.

When James Hartline Report Publisher James Hartline exposed Rev. Cass' malicious attacks against Schreiber, Cass proceeded to send out a threatening email campaign against Hartline as well, claiming that Hartline was attempting to help Schreiber bring in pro-homosexual liberals to sit on the school board (

When the smoke had cleared and the November election ballots were counted, the agenda of Rev. Cass, Jim Kelly and the East San Diego County Old Boys' Network had been broken. Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl had succeeded in defeating the Jim Kelly-Ron Nehring reign of terror. When asked what helped Schreiber and Urdahl through this cruel political battle, both were quick to reply, "Our faith in Jesus Christ, our good friends at Skyline Church, and the thousands of prayer partners in San Diego County who stood with us."

Larry Urdahl: Man of God, Man of Integrity
Elected Vice-President of Grossmont High School Board

Larry Urdahl
Newly Elected V.P.

When Larry Urdahl decided to run for the Grossmont Union High School District Board in 2004, he thought that he would be able to fulfill his passion of helping young kids and teachers in his district. Little did he know that he would become the target of a vicious campaign of hostility to discredit him. For those that know Larry Urdahl, he is a tenacious man who knows how to perservere in the midst of any kind of battle.

Larry's beloved wife Rose has been fighting for her life during the past year. Faced with a tumor in her brain and other debilitating illnesses, Larry has prayed and loved his precious wife like no other husband could. In the midst of Larry's race to find a cure for Rose, he continued to stand up for what he felt was the right thing to do on the Grossmont School Board. Larry refused to bow to the moral bankruptcy of cronyism and stagnation that had permeated the board. Larry says, "I refused to be a yes man, and that put me at odds with board president Jim Kelly." Nothing could have caught Larry off guard more earlier this year then when a cruel attack was launched against this faithful Christian member of Skyline Church ( A person Urdahl refused to identify filed a sexual harrassment charge against him. After a thorough investigation by the district, no basis to file a charge against Urdahl was found.

Having lived through his wife's illness, and many financial difficulties since being a member of the school board, Larry has been able to call upon lessons he has learned during his many years of sobriety. Having overcome a horrific battle with alcoholism, Urdahl has now been sober for many years. Despite the malicious attacks sent his way for standing up with Priscilla Schreiber against the gross injustices sent their way during his board tenure, Larry has now entered the leadership training program at Skyline Church so that he can be an even more effective community leader from a spiritual perspective.

One common theme heard from Christians throughout East San Diego County when Larry Urdahl's name is brought up, is their respect for him. Knowing about all of the terrible persecution that Larry Urdahl has had to endure in the past year for simply standing up for the principles that he believes in, one community activist said of Larry, "You go boy!"

Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl:
Christians With Backbone

Thursday, December 14, 2006 was a night when the war was culminated over who would lead the Grossmont High School District out of its current malaise. For the past year, board president Jim Kelly and his board partner Ron Nehring had used their positions on the board to disrespect and degrade Christian boardmembers Schreiber and Urdahl. Evelyn Wills, who did not seek reelection this year, voted regularly with Kelly and Nehring to create a stagnate majority that inhibited any real creativity or forward-moving energy in a school district brimming with tremendous potential.

Grossmont possesses some of California's most brilliant students and dedicated teachers. Commitment to academic excellence and fair compensation for teachers have been two of the higher priorities for Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl. Instead of implenting these goals, Priscilla and Larry have been forced to fend off gross false accusations made by a group of old cronies in the district who are more interested in power, money and control then the children they have feigned interest in serving in their elected positions. In the past year, Schreiber and Urdahl have even had to retain legal counsel just to protect themselves from the treacherous antics that regularly come their way.

During the Thursday night, standing room only boardmeeting, newly elected boardmember Robert Shields demonstrated why cronyism is still a major problem in the Grossmont School District. Within minutes of being sworn in, Shields could not wait to take his first swipe at Schreiber. Clearly, Jim Kelly's long dictatorial reign as board president was finished. He would no longer have the three votes necessary to maintain that position. Mrs. Schreiber is the senior member of the board and the only one with a Masters in Governance, qualities that demontrate that she should have been appointed board president years ago (

Raising his hand first when the nominations were taken, Shields shocked the capacity crowd by nominating newly elected fellow boardmember Dick Hoy: clearly a disrespectful punch below the belt against Schreiber. A wave of disbelief spread rapidly throughout the disgusted audience.

Dick Hoy was having none of the Shields game. Hoy, a born-again Christian with over thirty years of teaching experience (, quickly grabbed the microphone and refused to play this manipulative game that had tied up the Grossmont School Board during the previous year. "I refuse the nomination, thanks anyway," retorted Mr. Wonderful, the nickname all of Dick Hoy's fellow teachers have lovingly given him. With a fresh boldness, long missing from the Grossmont School Board, Hoy indicates that God's guidance, his fellow teachers and the students will be his priorities as the newest boardmember.

Within minutes, a presidential nomination for Priscilla Schreiber was placed before the board. For one moment, time stood still, and then vindication for Mrs. Schreiber began to manifest as one person after another in the room began to applaud. After all of the attacks, the brutality, the disrespect, the discrimination, Priscilla Schreiber was finally vindicated. With a majority vote, Priscilla Schreiber was voted the new President of the Grossmont Union High School District Board. A standing ovation erupted for newly crowned Schreiber as a stonefaced Jim Kelly appeared to resign himself to a reality that he could no longer fight to avoid: his days of manipulation and control were broken.

A second nominating process then commenced to fill the vacant vice-presidential position on the board. A quick nomination for Larry Urdahl was presented and again a majority vote ushered this godly man into the seat of Vice President of the Grossmont Union High School District Board. His dear wife Rose, recovering from a recent surgery, would have healed just a little quicker if she could have heard the cheers for Larry following his appointment as the new vice-president of the board (

As time quickly crept late into the dark and cold El Cajon night, the Grossmont School Board meeting ended and Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl walked with tired gaits to their cars. Stopping for a moment, turning to each other, they new they had fought a tremendous battle to maintain their dignity against the onslaught of an East San Diego County pack of thirsty wolves. They are also cognizant of the fact that there will still be wolves lurching about them in the future. They will be ready, for they have one thing on their side that the wolves are lacking. God and dozens of churches throughout San Diego County will be standing with Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl with this simple message to these two warriors for the cause of Christ: "We got your back!"

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marianne [cathy]byars said...

i do not live in the san diego area any longer,but i applaud the actions of mrs.schreiber,and larry urdahl.i knew larry a long time ago,and he was a good man then, he seems a better man now.i met rose a few times,before they were married,and she seemed a very good heart goes out to them,for their troubles,and they will be in my prayers daily,from now on.congrats deserve every good thing.