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Is The Cure Worth The Curse? Catastrophic Consequences For Embryonic Stem Cell Research Supporters

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
April 30, 2007

Is The Cure Worth The Curse?

Catastrophic Consequences For Supporters
Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research:

Episodes of Death, Disease and Political Losses
Strike Advocates and Financiers of
Cloning & Embryo-Destroying Experiments

(JHReport) Religious leaders, Christian activists and pro-life advocates have pleaded for years with scientists, politicians and the wealthy financiers of the embryonic stem cell industry to stop destroying human embryos in their pursuit of ellusive medical cures. Despite the many pleas to stop, advocates for the embryonic stem cell industry have continued, unabated, to sacrifice living and developing human embryos on their controversial altar of diabolical medical experimentations. Scientists and their wealthy supporters have shown little sympathy or understanding of Christian Conservatives who believe that all life is worth saving and no life should ever be sacrificed for the monetary gain of another.

At the center of this debate over when life begins, religious conservatives are quick to remind their opponents of the consequences for any society that begins to pick and choose who should live and who should die based upon the medical condition or social status of its citizens. Just over sixty years ago, a similar scenario to the one being played out in the current debate over embryonic stem cell research, was forced upon the continent of Europe. Adolph Hitler's vile rampage across the spiritual wastelands of his Nazi Empire demonstrated the full potential of an evil ideologue who decides who should live and who shouldn't. Hitler would certainly have been right at home in the new science of embryonic stem cell research.

While there are many debates in academic circles over the ethical parameters of exterminating human embryos in the pursuit of curing diseases, there is another frightening scenario that is manifesting itself in this dark, Nazi-style science. That scenario is the terrible price being paid by those who are closely involved in the establishment and promotion of embryonic stem cell research. When all of the pieces of this dark science puzzle are put together, a horrific picture can be seen: A picture of death, destruction and loss for those involved in the embryonic stem cell industry.

Since the emergence of embryonic stem cell research, there are certain advocates of this destructive science who are worth scrutinizing. When it comes to California's recent political dance with Prop. 71, the taxpayer-funded embryonic stem cell initiative, the outcome has not been kind to its supporters. Approved in 2004, Prop. 71 authorizes the issuance of $3 billion in public bonds and $3 billion in interest payments for the establishment of a government-run embryonic stem cell institute. Here are a few examples of what has happened to key supporters of Prop. 71 since it was approved in 2004:

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine - Injured - Contributed $100,000 to the Yes on Prop. 71 Embryonic Stem Cell Campaign in 2004. On April 12, 2007, less than three years after he helped finance the passage of California's embryonic stem cell initiative, Corzine almost died in a near-fatal car accident (

Actor Christopher Reeve - Dead - Died October 10, 2004, ten days after he appeared in a television commercial to advocate for the passage of Prop. 71 ( After suffering a horse riding accident that left him paralyzed, Reeve spent the remaining years of his life pushing for the expansion of the embryonic stem cell industry.

Dana Reeve, Wife of Christopher Reeve - Dead - Dana Reeve played a key role with her paralyzed husband in the passage of California's Prop. 71, embryonic stem cell initiative ( After experiencing a mysterious case of lung cancer, the 44-year old Dana Reeve died on March 6, 2007, less then three years after her aggressive campaign to force California taxpayers to fund the extermination of human embryos for medical purposes ( In a May, 2005 interview with Katie Couric, Reeve was asked about whether she was concerned with the opinions of people who are opposed to killing human life for embryonic stem cell research. According to the website News Buster, Dana Reeve coldly responded, "that the lives (referring to human embryos) were already expendable, so why not sacrifice them for a noble cause." The following year Dana Reeve was dead.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - Injured - Without question, Schwarzenegger is the greatest reason that Prop. 71 passed in 2004. Prior to Schwarzenegger's endorsement of the initiative on October 18, 2004, Prop. 71 was trailing in most polls ( Clearly, Schwarzenegger's endorsement added desperately needed fuel to the struggling Prop. 71 campaign ( On December 23, 2006, slightly over two years after he backed the stated-funded embryonic stem cell initiative, Governor Schwarzenegger had a catastrophic accident while skiing ( Breaking his right leg, Schwarzenegger required major surgery, leaving him physically incapacitated. The damage to his broken femur will require the governor to engage in months of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Prop. 71 Stem Cell Institute President Zach W. Hall Resigns After Cancer Diagnosis - ( SAN FRANCISCO, April 17, 2007 – Zach W. Hall, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), announced today that he is resigning his position effective April 30, 2007. The CIRM was established as a result of the passage of Prop. 71. This past December, Hall said he intended to retire in June. His plans changed, in part, due to a recent diagnosis of prostate cancer. Hall’s letter of resignation to the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee, CIRM’s governing board, stated: "I am writing to announce that I will be stepping down as President and Chief Scientific Officer of CIRM as of April 30. I had originally intended to stay through the June ICOC meeting, but several recent developments have caused me to change my plans. First, and most importantly, I have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and, in early May, will be undergoing surgery that will require several weeks convalescence."

John Garland Bowes - Dead - Bowes spent thirty years building Kransco Group Cos. into one of the world's largest toy companies. Bowes helped his company acquire Wham-O, the producer of such toys as the Frisbee, Slip'N Slide and Hula Hoop ( When Bowes wasn't busy making money off of children, he was busy promoting the extermination of human embryos. In 2004, John Garland Bowes gave over $99,000 to the Yes on Prop. 71 campaign, thus helping to ensure that taxpayers would be funding the extermination of human embryos for medical cures. Less then one year after the passage of Prop. 71, Bowes died of a heart attack.

San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy - Resigned - Former San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy did more than just endorse the passage of Prop. 71. In fact, Dick Murphy was a leading advocate for moving the headquarters of the stated-funded embryonic stem cell institute to San Diego ( Just seven months after the passage of Prop. 71, Mayor Murphy tragically resigned from office in the midst of numerous political and financial scandals in San Diego.

California State Senator Bill Morrow - Political Loss - After it was learned in 2005, that Senator Morrow's wife, Barbara Morrow, is the Vice-President and General Counsel for the California Healthcare Institute, the senator's pro-life image and political career were destroyed ( The California Healthcare Institute is one of the leading advocates for embryonic stem cell research in the state. The organization, which lobbies on behalf of biotech companies, was one of the top advocates for the passage of Prop. 71. While crafting a "pro-life" reputation, it was also learned that Senator Morrow had actually authored state legislation to give tax-credits to biotech companies, many of whom are doing embryonic stem cell research, if they stay in the state of California. After these revelations became known to the public, Senator Morrow suffered an embarrassing loss in his 2005 bid for congress.

There are many more examples of disasters which have struck other supporters of Prop. 71 since it was passed in 2004. The Bible clearly articulates the consquences for those who shed innocent blood. Christian Conservatives use the Bible as a guide for determining their moral code. In the Bible, human beings are told that curses are sent against those who murder or kill innocent human lives. While some will argue that lives are being saved by sacrificing human embryos, it is clear that this "ends justifies the means" pragmatism is coming with servere consequences for those involved in the embryonic stem cell industry. This painful reality is not limited to California or the supporters of Prop. 71. Outside of California, the supporters of embryonic stem cell research are paying the same steep price for their support of killing human embryos:

South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson - A long-time advocate of embryonic stem cell research, Senator Tim Johnson signed a letter in 2004 asking President Bush to increase the number of human embryo cell lines to be exterminated for medical experiments ( That year, Senator Johnson was treated for prostate cancer. In 2006, Johnson was so rabid in his support for embryonic stem cell research that he deemed it "meaningful life-giving research." ( Five months after making that disturbing statement, Johnson had a near-fatal stroke which required major brain surgery ( Senator Johnson has not fully recovered from this devastating medical event.

Actor Michael J. Fox - After making millions of dollars during a popular Hollywood career, Michael J. Fox was mysteriously struck with Parkinson's Disease at the age of 30 in 1991. After revealing the extent of his disease in 1998, Fox became one of the loudest and most manipulative voices for exterminating human embryos to find a cure for his disease ( After entering the political arena to promote state initiatives to foster cloning and embryonic stem cell research, Fox's Parkinson's Disease greatly worsened ( Some have deemed Michael J. Fox's exploitive political endeavors as reflective of the "what's in it for me" generation.

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter - Year after year, Republican Senator Arlen Specter has been one of the most vociferous advocates for human embryonic stem cell research ( Repeatedly, Specter has fought President George Bush's opposition to new federal funding for this grotesque medical procedure. And Specter has paid a severe price for his support of exterminating human embryos for medical research. In 2005, Senator Specter was diagnosed with Hodkin's Disease, a deadly cancer of the lymphatic system. In a published statement regarding his cancer, the 75 year-old, pro-abortion Republican stated: "I have beaten a brain tumor, bypass heart surgery and many tough political opponents, and I'm going to beat this." Even in the face of his own death, Senator Specter has refused to stop his rabid support for exterminating human embryos.

Arizona Senator John McCain - While John McCain was attempting to play both sides of the abortion fence in 2000, the Arizona senator has progressively become a consummate abortion flip-flopper over the years. During a debate in New Hampshire on January 26, 2000, McCain stated, "I am proud of my pro-life record in public life, and I will continue to maintain it... As a leader of a pro-life party with a pro-life position, I will persuade young Americans to understand the importance of the preservation of the rights of the unborn." In utter hypocrisy, McCain quickly demonstrated just how deceptive that statement was when he became one of the Senate's loudest GOP voices for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. A press release issued by Senator McCain in 2006, revealed the senator's support for H.R. 810, a bill that called for federal expansion of human embryonic stem cell research ( McCain has paid the price for his support of this ghastly abortive medical procedure. On a multitude of occasions, the Arizona senator has had extensive surgeries to remove malignant skin cancers.

Who Is Next?

Millions of Christian Conservatives oppose the portion of the biotech industry that is being built upon the destruction of human embryos. There is nothing more offensive to Christian voters then a politician who is willing to sacrifice human life to financially benefit medical or scientific corporations. The basis for Christian opposition to embryonic stem cell research comes from the Biblical mandate that life begins at conception. There is also ample evidence within the Bible regarding the consequences for governmental and social leaders who refuse to submit to God's creative order.

This JHReport mentions only a few of the thousands of wealthy business leaders and politicians who support the destruction of living human embryos for medical experimentations. Each of those mentioned have suffered terrible tragedies in their lives after their support for embryonic stem cell research became known. Will they ever stop their support for killing innocent life in their quest for financial gain and medical cures? It doesn't seem likely. Is there a warning for the many others who are also supporting embryonic stem cell research? There certainly is. The other advocates of embryonic stem cell research will have to judge the experiences of those mentioned in this article and decide for themselves if the cure is worth the curse.

The following is a partial list of leaders involved in, or supportive of, the embryonic stem cell industry:

Congressman Brian Bilbray - Has a history of lying to voters regarding his support for abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Included in Bilbray's history of dishonesty, is his 2005 campaign statements where he promised pro-life voters that he would not support new federal funding for embryonic stem cell research ( Since being elected, Bilbray has voted twice to override President Bush's ban on new federal funding for embryonic stem cell research (
Congressman Darrell Issa - As a GOP leader, Issa has betrayed pro-life voters in his district by supporting federal funding for embryonic stem cell research (
Robert Klein - Klein is perhaps the single biggest advocate of human embryo extermination-for-profit in the United States. This wealthy businessman is the Chairman of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the entity established as a result of the passage of Prop. 71 which oversees expenditures of public funds for embryonic stem cell research.
California State GOP Finance Chairman Steve Francis - Serves on the board of UCSD Connect, one of California's biggest organizations for fostering the embryonic stem cell trade in the state (
Former California First Lady Gayle Wilson - Wife of former California Governor Pete Wilson, Gayle Wilson is one of the biggest female voices in support of human embryonic extermination for medical research. Wilson continues to have intimate involvement with CIRM, the oversight institute for Prop. 71 (
Duane Roth - One of the biggest promoters of embryonic stem cell research in California and currently listed as the CEO of UCSD Connect (
California Healthcare Institute Lobbyist Barbara Morrow - While hypocritically claiming to be a pro-life Christian, Morrow continues her leadership work with the California Healthcare Institute, one of California's most active support organizations for embryonic stem cell research (
Malin Burnham - Extremely wealthy San Diego businessman who is a rabid supporter of embryonic stem cell research. Burnham gave $50,000 for the passage of Prop. 71 (
Padres Baseball Team Owner John Moores - One of the biggest supporters and financiers of California's embryonic stem cell trade is John Moores. Recently, Moores contributed millions of dollars to help finance CIRM until Prop. 71 funding starts flowing (

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

JHReport -- The "San Diego Twelve" Call On City Council To Eliminate Pornography In Public Park During Gay Pride Festival

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
April 19, 2007

San Diego Christian Activists Declare War On Porn Industry!

The "San Diego Twelve" Call On City Council To Eliminate
Pornography From Being Illegally Displayed During
Annual San Diego Gay Pride Festival

(JHReport) Last month, a group of Christian activists stepped out of their city's apathetic crowd to make a public stand against an elementary charter school after it was learned that the school was intentionally exposing young children to the pornographic influences of the annual San Diego Gay Pride Parade ( The Christian group, composed of twelve concerned citizens, were quickly named the "San Diego Twelve" by national news services. You can hear a national news story about the San Diego Twelve by listening to this report:

Proving that they were not just a one-hit wonder, the San Diego Twelve have once again pressed forward with their impressive campaign to protect their city's youth from the San Diego Gay Pride organization's pornographic enterprises.

During a Tuesday, April 17, 2007 San Diego City Council meeting, this group of dedicated Christians demonstrated that they are all business when it comes to the future of children in San Diego, California. While many politicians and secular community leaders will often make superficial claims of being concerned with protecting children, the San Diego Twelve are proving that they actually back up their words with effective action. Group member Mallory Gish travelled all the way from Los Angeles just to make her stand on behalf of the children of San Diego on Tuesday. "I'm just happy to be involved with something that seeks to protect young kids from pornography," Gish told the James Hartline Report.

Linda Vista community leaders Robert Sutton and his wife, Republican activist Kim Tran, have made it their life mission to protect children from the destructive influences of the pornography industry. Going to the city council as part of the "Not On My Watch" Team is a good fit for the Suttons. Both Robert and Kim have become familiar faces at city hall since joining team leader James Hartline and his five-year battle to clean up the moral rot in San Diego.

As expected, the San Diego Twelve did not receive any respect from two-term city councilwoman Toni Atkins, a Democrat from the council district that produces the annual San Diego Gay Pride Festival. Atkins, a lesbian activist, is one of the biggest cheerleaders for the annual porn-filled San Diego Gay Pride event. In 2005, when it was reported by James Hartline that numerous pedophiles were supervising the San Diego Gay Pride Festival, Atkins still encouraged San Diegans, as well as children, to go to the event ( Atkins has made it clear, that she has no intention of changing her views on the annual homosexual festival or the pornographic influences which dominate the event. Prior to her role on the city council, Councilwoman Atkins managed a number of abortion clinics, something she is very proud of. Another thing that Atkins is not changing is her attitude towards Hartline's campaign to rid his city of the pornography industry. A number of individuals who attended the April 17th council hearing told Hartline that Councilwoman Atkins never even looked up or acknowledged the San Diego Twelve when they addressed the council from the podium.

James Hartline and his team are getting used to being disrespected in their efforts to clean-up San Diego. Over the last five years, Hartline has been threatened, slapped, spit on, and called every filthy name imaginable by homosexual activists ( "Being ignored by a lesbian councilwoman is just another example of how closed-minded the gay agenda is when it comes to demands that they stop allowing the porn industry from exposing kids to sexual immorality," Hartline said after the council hearing on Tuesday.

One thing that the San Diego Twelve did get consensus on from their own ranks is an agreement that they will keep coming back to the council to represent the Christian Community in the governmental affairs of their city. Christians and Catholics represent approximately 90% of San Diego's population. James Hartline is determined to make sure that the voices of those 90% are adequately represented at city hall. Some in San Diego are even encouraging Hartline to run for the council seat being vacated by Atkins in 2008. All twelve members are energized about the possiblity of seeing San Diego Gay Pride pornography removed from the family-friendly Balboa Park area. City law forbids adult or obsence businesses from operating within 1,000 feet of any city park.

Lois Wise, a regular member of the "Not On My Watch" Team, and a mother of many children, takes her Christianity very seriously when she comes to the city council meetings. Wise, who owns a construction business, has made the "building of children's lives" a key component of her Christian faith. A product of the Jesus Movement of the early 1970's, Lois Wise relishes the idea of returning back to that exciting society-changing era. "God's people need to get back to the place of holiness and protecting children," Wise has told the James Hartline Report.

Many outsiders have asked James Hartline what is the secret to his team's success over the years in light of the fact that the city council is usually opposed to his group's moral standards. Hartline simply points to the hundreds of prayer partners that have been standing in the gap for him and his various ministries. "Prayer -- it is the power that causes us to persevere and overcome all of our opponents and their opposition," declares Hartline.

You can watch the April 17, 2007 San Diego City Council hearing
to view the speech by James Hartline with the "Not On My Watch" Team:
Go To:
City Council - Tuesday April 17, 2007 -- Click On View Video
Go To Non-Agenda Comment / Slide Time Ruler to time of 33:20

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gay Activists Plot To Disrupt San Diego Christian Youth Event As Battle Cry Is Sounded To Reclaim California

Homosexual Activists Plot To Disrupt
San Diego Christian Youth Event
Christian Youth Sound The "Battle Cry"
To Bring California Back To God!

Transvestites and Homosexual Activists Attacked Christian Youth
In San Francisco During "Battle Cry" Rally For Jesus Christ:
Plot Underway To Do The Same To Christian Kids During San Diego Event

- JHReport - It seems that California's homosexual and transvestite activists are taking a page right out of the Biblical account of Sodom's destruction as they aggressively protest Christian youth rallies being held in various California cities. Moses wrote in the Book of Genesis about the men of Sodom who attempted to break down the front door of Lot's house after Lot refused to allow the city's homosexuals to have relations with the angels sent by God to rescue Lot's family from the impending destruction of his city. "Battle Cry For A Generation," a series of rallies conducted by Ron Luce, a prominent evangelist among America's wayward teenagers, faced vicious opposition from gays and lesbians in 2006 (

Ironically, while Ron Luce has rescued thousands of teenagers from getting AIDS, gays have blasted Luce and his youth-friendly message of remaining abstinent until marriage. Telling teenagers to remain abstinent is not a message that sits well with the sexually promiscuous advocates of the radicalized homosexual movement in California. While Evangelist Luce does not focus solely on the sin of homosexuality, it is one of the areas he addresses in his sermons to the lost youth of America. This has made Ron Luce one of the most hated men in liberal homosexual circles. And in 2007, Luce and his "Acquire The Fire" Youth events are once again being targeted by extremist transvestites, lesbians and gays in the metropolitan cities where Battle Cry events are being held.

San Diego Christian Teenagers Targeted By Homosexual Activists

One of the loudest voices in San Diego's homosexual community for indoctrinating teenagers into their radicalized movment is older male transvestite Nicole Murray Ramirez. Ramirez has a notorious history of mocking Christianity by dressing up as a Catholic nun ( For decades, Ramirez has promoted xxx gay pornography while attacking Christian leaders who stand opposed to his perverse ideals. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders has allowed Ramirez to have great influence in his city including a position as Chairman of the Human Relations Commission (HRC) ( The HRC is responsible for investigating civil rights violations in San Diego, yet Ramirez continues to engage in immoral and prejudicial campaigns against Christians who believe that homosexuality is a sin.

Ramirez is already inciting an atmosphere of hostility towards the Christian teenagers who are coming to San Diego in April for the next Battle Cry Rally. According to a recent column in the Gay and Lesbian Times, Ramirez is calling on members of San Diego's homosexual movement to counter the Battle Cry Rally event. Here is what transvestite Nicole Murray Ramirez had to say about the Christian teenagers coming to San Diego:

Thousands of anti-gay Christians coming to San Diego
"Next month, thousands of Christians will be coming to San Diego to hold a rally focusing on the sin of homosexuality. They have held similar rallies in San Francisco that resulted in large counter demonstrations that turned ugly.
I propose we look into organizing a peaceful, loving welcome by GLBT Christians and our straight Christian allies. We could peacefully hold up signs such as “We are all God’s children” and “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and “Judge not lest you be judged” and other messages along these lines. More on this in my next column."

The hefty hypocrisy of Ramirez follows on the heels of radical leftist California Democratic State Assemblyman Mark Leno's disturbing assault on the Battle Cry teenagers in 2006. Leno, who is the author of bills to legalize gay marriage in California had this to say about the teenagers of the Battle Cry event last year:

That's bad news to Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, who told counterprotesters at City Hall on Friday that while such fundamentalists may be small in number, "they're loud, they're obnoxious, they're disgusting, and they should get out of San Francisco."

While gay activists are determined to block teenagers from hearing Luce's message of truth and righteousness, his ministry is not deterred. Battle Cry describes the crisis facing America's youth this way:

"A stealthy enemy has infiltrated our country and is preying upon the hearts and minds of 33 million American teens. Corporations, media conglomerates, and purveyors of popular culture have spent billions to seduce and enslave our youth. So far, the enemy is winning. But there is plenty we can do. We need to take action. We need to answer the Battle Cry."

Ron Luce is giving the men and women of San Diego an opportunity to fulfill a destiny designed by God to reclaim their city for something beyond the perversions, greed and political anarchy that have taken over their community. The San Diego event is called "Branded By God, The Mark Of A Warrior". Held at Cox Arena on the campus of San Diego State University, this Acquire the Fire event will be held April 27-28, 2007 (

To gain a better understanding of how healthy and positive the Acquire the Fire events are for the youth who attend these life-changing festivals, you can watch the video highlights from the 2007 San Francisco Battle Cry Event by viewing this video: ( Churches are invited to participate in this significant rally that is sure to inspire thousands of young teenagers to renew their commitments to God and their civic obligations. You can contact Acquire the Fire at their ministry website: or Call 1-888-778-FIRE(3473) and ask for a San Diego representative to find out even more about this event.

Photos: Courtesy Of San Francisco Chronicle website

Photo #1. Rev. Judy Tergis, a member of the cult called Church of Natural Grace
angrily shouts at Christian teenagers making their stand for God
at San Francisco City Hall during 2006 "Battle Cry" Rally

Photo#2. A male transvestite dressed up as a Catholic nun, mocking Christian
teenagers during a 2006 Battle Cry youth rally in San Francisco.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

San Diego GOP Leader Caught Emailing Pornography To Prominent Christian Attorney

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
April 10, 2007

San Diego Republican Official And "Restore Christmas" Chairman
Caught Sending Email Containing Pornographic Pictures
To Prominent San Diego Christian Attorney

"They Should Ask Him To Step Down From GOP Leadership,"
Says San Diego Christian Attorney Robert Sutton
After He Receives Pornography From Anthony Porrello

(JHReport) For Robert Sutton, a prominent San Diego attorney, Easter weekend is always a time when he focuses on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a born-again Christian who has regularly attended Mission Valley Christian Fellowship for the past year, Sutton has committed himself to doing his best to honor God with his life and thoughts. This past Easter weekend, the last thing that Robert Sutton contemplated thinking about was something as perverted as adult pornography. Yet, that is exactly what Robert Sutton was forced to think about when he received an email on Saturday, April 7, 2007 containing explicit photos of men and women completely nude.

"My initial reaction was shock. These photos were extremely offensive to me," Sutton told the James Hartline Report. Even more shocking for Sutton was the fact that the email sender is a prominent Republican official. Anthony Porrello, who was elected in 2006 to the San Diego Repubican Central Committee, sent the email to Sutton. The email contained numerous photographs featuring fully nude men and women exposing their genitals.

"What makes Porrello's email even more disgusting is the fact that he is the leader of the 'Restore Christmas' campaign," Sutton said.

Anthony Porrello has been been luring thousands of Christians and Catholics into signing petitions to have the word "Christmas" restored to Balboa Park's annual December celebration via his "Restore Christmas" campaign ( Porrello has been using the scheme with another problematic local GOP leader, Jeff Perwin (, to gain the confidence of Christians in San Diego County, via the Restore Christmas campaign. Dozens of other prominent Republicans have attached their names to the campaign in support of this emotional issue. In recent times, local Republican leaders, like former GOP city council candidate Phil Thalheimer, have been using issues like the Mt. Soledad Cross and Jessica's Law to get Christian voters to go to the polls. Candidates who associate their names with these initiatives are hoping the same voters will also vote for the candidate when they vote for the initiative. It is a very manipulative tactic that can backfire.

One of the recent attempts at this corruptive cross-pollination politicking could be seen during the 2005 campaign to replace resigned San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy. Certain money-driven local GOP leaders wanted Steve Francis, a liberal, pro-homosexual Republican millionaire to replace Murphy. Thalheimer contributed a fortune to put Prop. A, the Save the Mt. Soledad Cross initiative, on the 2005 ballot at the same time that Steve Francis slithered his way into the local GOP endorsement for mayor. This slick and manipulative ploy was a clear attempt to attach an emotionally-charged issue like saving the cross with a particular candidate in the hopes that Christian voters would turnout at the polls and support both the candidate and the initiative ( It appears that the same game is being played by Porrello, Perwin, Thalheimer and the Restore Christmas campaign.

The deplorable fact that Anthony Porrello has sent out an email with explicit photographs of nude adults to a prominent Christian attorney reveals something very dark and very demented going on with certain Republican leaders. The photographs that Porrello sent came from an adult pornographic website called "Funpic". That site features a multitude of explicit porn photographs including women engaged in bestiality, fellatio and other disgusting sex acts. The nude photographs sent by Anthony Porrello were all stamped with the Funpic website link.

In 2006, Anthony Porrello was elected to the 75th District of the San Diego Republican Party Central Committee. That committee includes newly elected county party chairman Tony Krvaric, a man that has received the resounding approval of Porrello. In addition to Chairing the Restore Christmas campaign, Porrello is the Republican Party's 75th District Central Committee Caucus Chairman ( The fact that a person is sending out emails containing pornography at the same time that they are influencing the public affairs of San Diego voters is as bad as it gets.

What Anthony Porrello has done by sending Robert Sutton the pornographic photographs is in the same category as the Mark Foley scandal. Last year, when it was discovered that Congressman Mark Foley was sending sexual emails to a congressional page, it resulted in catastrophic losses for the GOP during the November elections (

Robert Sutton is very careful about the kinds of people that he allows into his life. Sutton's wife, Kim Tran, recently ran for the California State Assembly ( Tran, as well as her husband, were determined to be a moral voice in last year's election. "We believe in protecting children from predators and sexual immorality," Kim told the James Hartline Report last year during her campaign. The idea that anyone would send pornography to the Sutton household is a very offensive matter. Sutton and his wife spent thousands of dollars of their own money on Kim Tran's campaign in the hope that Christian values would find a place of importance in the Republican Party.

Now that Anthony Porrello has disrespected the Sutton home by sending Robert pornography, the Suttons are not hopeful at this time that the local Republican Party has learned the hard lessons they should have learned from the Mark Foley scandal. The pornographic photos were sent by Porello using the same email address that he sends some of his Republican Party communications:

Robert Sutton, who is a former law enforcement officer and a marine, became a born-again Christian seven years ago. "I've done my best to avoid the traps and evil that permeate society," says Sutton. "I do this so that I may live a life which is honorable to God."

Sutton and his wife allowed Anthony Porrello into their lives life through their involvement with the local Republican Party. "I can't explain how repugnant I felt to have viewed these photographs mere minutes before I was to leave for church," Sutton says of Porrello's pornography. "First of all, did he believe I would not find the pictures offensive? And if so, why not?"

When asked what he feels the Republican Party should do about Porrello, Sutton told the James Hartline Report, "They should clean house and ask him to step down."

As to the Restore Christmas campaign, the James Hartline Report has learned that there are other scandals brewing around certain individuals tied to the endeavor. Clearly, any Christian leader who has their name tied to the Restore Christmas project would be well-advised to get their name off of that website ( There is at least one other person whose name is associated with the project that has some explaining to do. The James Hartline Report has uncovered evidence that this person may be deeply involved in a very immoral sexual arena.

Porrello's project, "Restore Christmas" has become one of many emotionally-charged initiatives that Phil Thalheimer has attached his name to in the hopes of garnering public support for his own personal political agenda. During a November 28, 2005 press conference for Restore Christmas, it was announced that both Phil Thalheimer and Anthony Porrello appeared together at San Diego's City Hall to foster public support for their campaign (

While Porrello is sending pornography over the internet, Thalheimer has his own set of questionable moral problems. The Gay and Lesbian Times reported in 2004, that Thalheimer employs a man who has had a sex-change operation working in his office ( Additionally, Thalheimer appeared in the 2004 San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival while campaigning for the San Diego City Council. Since that time, Thalheimer has poured in a massive amount of money into issues like the Mt. Soledad Cross, Jessical's Law and, quite likely, Restore Christmas. Clearly, Porrello and Thalheimer are attempting to buy reputations with Christian voters, but behind the scene, they are anything but Christian.

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California Christian News Prototype Website:

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

ACTION ALERT -- Cowards, Not Cowboys! Lakeside, California Allowing Gay Rodeo To Expose Children To Homosexuality

The James Hartline Report Action Center
April 9, 2007
Take Action Now!

Lakeside, California Rodeo Association Leaders
Are Cowards, Not Cowboys

El Capitan Stadium Association Claims To Be Children's Charity
While Allowing Perverted Gay Rodeo In Lakeside, California

(Action Alert) With sponsors that include an explicit adult gay sex chatline (Interactive Male) and a company that produces lubricants used in anal intercourse, the San Diego chapter of the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association will be bringing its annual homosexual rodeo to the family-friendly Lakeside, California Rodeo Grounds from June 1 - 3, 2007 ( Last year, the San Diego Gay Rodeo triggered outrage in the conservative community of Lakeside when the group was allowed to bring drag queens, sexually explicit advertisers and a message of spreading homosexuality to the grounds of this Lakeside children's charity rodeo venue ( With all of the turmoil created by last year's twisted rodeo, there seems to be an even bigger problem this year: complete silence among Lakeside's church leaders, elected officials and family groups regarding the presence of the gay rodeo in their community. To learn about how immoral the San Diego Gay Rodeo really is visit the website HomoRodeo as they describe their "parties" for the San Diego event:

What is the message that community leaders are sending to the children of Lakeside, California by remaining silent about the presence of a rodeo that features men dressed up as women while competing in the event? What are the consequences for little girls who come to the rodeo with their parents and are confronted with images of lesbians acting and dressing like men? How do parents explain to their young sons about the advertisments for a gay sex chatline that is sponsoring the rodeo? Trash cans at the gay rodeo event openly feature advertisements for sexual lubricants (Wet) ( How do youth pastors explain that message to their kids?

Sponsors for the San Diego Gay Rodeo include "Wet" a company that manufactures lubricants used in anal intercourse. Lakeside, California is home to some of the biggest churches in San Diego County. Dozens of unsuspecting parents with children may be lured onto the rodeo grounds, perhaps right after attending church services. Yet, the message that these churches are sending to their youth by saying nothing about the gay rodeo can best be summed up with one sermon title: "Brokeback Spirituality!"

We don't know if the pastors of Lakeside, California are too scared to make a stand for their youth against the San Diego Gay Rodeo being in their community, but their corporate silence does give the appearance of pastoral cowardice: "Sorry kids, you're on your own. We're too afraid to say or do anything because we don't want to offend those who want to corrupt you."

Last year, the San Diego Gay Rodeo interfered with at least one church's ability to use its regular facility for church services. The San Diego Gay Rodeo does not limit its perversions to the rodeo grounds. One of the other events that they have schedulted is a pool party at the Four Points Sheraton, the same hotel that Mission Valley Christian Fellowship meets in for its weekly services. Fearing that the participants of the rodeo would be engaging in sexually degrading acts in front of its youth, the church was forced to find another facility for its services that week. Mission Valley Christian Fellowship had good reason to be worried. Here is how the San Diego Gay Rodeo describes its pool party in the hotel:

( February 16, 2007
"Please note that contestant registration, welcome mixer and all evening events
will be held at the Four Points by Sheraton San Diego. This includes San Diego's
'prestigious' Friday Pool Party complete with 24 man hot tub! This year's Pool Party
promises to be the most 'wet' you've seen yet! Make sure you're in the center of
the action and book your room early."

Once again, this twisted gay rodeo has booked the Four Points Sheraton for its parties despite the fact that the church uses the same hotel facility each week. Once again, Mission Valley Christian Fellowship will be forced to spend extra time protecting its many children during the weekend of the immoral rodeo (

The San Diego Gay Rodeo has a history of promoting grotesque and perverse events. This makes the refusal of Lakeside parents and churches to speak out against the presence of the gay rodeo in their community all the more disturbing. Take for instance, the San Diego Gay Rodeo leaders who issued a press release in 2006 to congratulate the winners of a perverted S & M gay leather sex contest:

SAN DIEGO, CA March 23, 2006 -- The Golden State Gay Rodeo Association – Greater San Diego Chapter (GSGRA-GSDC) would like to congratulate Buster, Mr. San Diego Leather 2006. Buster won his new title this past Saturday night, 18 March 2006, at the 22nd Annual Mr. San Diego Leather Contest held at Rich’s (a gay bar). GSGRA-GSDC would also like to congratulate Ray, Mr. San Diego Eagle 2005 and Viking who also competed for the title for a job well done...."This was my first time attending a ‘Leather’ event. I was blown away by the camaraderie of the leather community and the cohesiveness and support between the different clubs. Other sects of the GLBT community can learn a lot from the Leather community,” stated Mike DiNucci, Treasurer, GSGRA-GSDC (San Diego Gay Rodeo)."

As disgraceful as the gay rodeo is, there is perhaps a more scandalous culprit in this anti-family debacle. That culprit is the distasteful and hypocritical leadership of the El Capitan Stadium Association. The El Capitan Stadium Association manages the Lakeside Rodeo Grounds. This is the group that has booked the San Diego Gay Rodeo at the Lakeside Rodeo venue. Unbelievably, the El Capitan Stadium Association describes itself as a children's charity! Here is how the association's website describes itself:

"Welcome to the home of the Lakeside Rodeo / El Capitan Stadium Association.
We are sincere in all of our efforts in supporting the youth of Lakeside, and this
site is no different. We are a volunteer organization, with all members donating
their time, efforts and labor. We do this in the hopes that we better the lives
of the children in our community."

What smells worse, the rodeo bulls or the hypocrisy of the El Capitan Stadium Association who is claiming concern for the children of Lakeside while they allow these same children to be exposed to homosexuality, transvestites and lesbianism during a gay rodeo? This organization is full of cowards, not cowboys!

And then of course, there is one more culprit in this attack on the children of Lakeside. The third culprit are the sponsors of the Lakeside Rodeo grounds. While these companies love attaching their names to the rodeo grounds as sponsors to bring in new customers, they will not speak out against the filth of the San Diego Gay Rodeo. This is simply a case of companies wrestling down bulls and then giving out "bull" when it comes to protecting the children of Lakeside. Sponsors of the Lakeside Rodeo include El Cajon Ford, KUSI News, KSON-FM, and BootBarn ( Please take time to contact the sponsors of the Lakeside Rodeo and express your disapproval of exposing Lakeside Children and Families to the perversions of the San Diego Gay Rodeo.

Corporate America has made it clear to this nation's citizens that money, not morality, is its driving force. Once again that is being made perfectly clear via the San Diego Gay Rodeo. Coors Brewing Company is sponsoring the San Diego Gay Rodeo. Coors has also received a 100% rating from the homosexual activist organization Human Rights Campaign because of Coors aggressive support and promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism within its corporate structure ( To better understand the moral and spiritual implications for Lakeside citizens in having the San Diego Gay Rodeo in its community, read the press release from the group regarding the Coors' sponsorship:

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Thursday, March 8, 2006 - The Golden State Gay Rodeo Association – Greater San Diego Chapter (GSGRA-GSDC) is pleased to announce our title sponsor for the 19th Annual San Diego (Gay) Rodeo, Coors Brewing Company (a subsidiary of Molson Coors Brewing Company, NYSE, TSX - TAP). The Greater San Diego Chapter is proud to have such an outstanding company as part of our event. We are very excited and look forward to helping promote the Coors Brewing Company and specifically the COORS LIGHT brand to our community. "We are very excited to welcome Coors to the San Diego Rodeo family for the second consecutive year! The partnership with Coors is something very special to us; it's more than a poster for a weekend event. It is about partnering with the best in the brewing industry and promoting their brands beyond rodeo weekend," said Tony Nicholson, 2007 Vice President of Administration, GSGRA-GSDC (San Diego Gay Rodeo). For the third consecutive year, Coors has received a perfect score on The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation's Corporate Equality Index and has been recognized for the second year in a row as one of the "Best Places to Work for GLBT (Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transsexual) Equality." "We have had an opportunity to share some of our learnings and best practices with some of our customers. And through some of our groundbreaking policies such as domestic partner benefits and our inclusion of "gender identity" in our non-discrimination policy, we have modeled the way for many other corporations," Dickerson said. Annually, Coors supports organizations within the GLBT community – from groups supporting people affected by HIV and AIDS to (Gay) Pride activities and GLBT sporting events nationwide. "Partnering with organizations that show such commitment to the GLBT community is important to me personally and professionally and Coors is a great fit," said Joseph Sims, Public Relations, GSGRA-GSDC (San Diego Gay Rodeo).

Take Action!

Now is the time for concerned citizens who care about the little boys and little girls of Lakeside to do something about the perversion of the San Diego Gay Rodeo coming to the Lakeside Rodeo Grounds. Remember, the El Capitan Stadium Association is a non-profit charity and they have the right to say NO to the San Diego Gay Rodeo on their property. They could have said no, but greed for money overrruled common sense in their decision. They have no excuse for allowing an event that is sponsored by graphic sexual products in a venue that claims to benefit the children of Lakeside (

If the community leaders of Lakeside will not fight for the protection of their own children, we who care about them must rise up and take action. We don't care if drag queens have a place to have a demented rodeo. What we do care about is the future of our generation. Will you please take action and protest the Lakeside Rodeo and their partnership with the San Diego Gay Rodeo? Lakeside's children are counting on us to defend their generation. And to the politicians, like Lakeside-area State Assemblyman Joel Anderson (, who have campaigned on "family values" to get elected, but now remain completely silent on the gay rodeo matter, re-election time is just around the corner!

To Contact The Lakeside Rodeo and El Capitan Stadium Association, go to their website: Although Lakeside is an unincorporated city, there are many community leaders of influence that you can contact by going to the city's website: To contact the many churches in Lakeside, California to ask them to protest the San Diego Gay Rodeo, go to these lists: and other internet church lists. You can also speak at the monthly meeting of the El Capitan Stadium Association to object to the San Diego Gay Rodeo being in Lakeside (

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They Were Wrong.
I'm Just Getting Started!"

James Hartline, Publisher
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Drag Queen in The 2006 San Diego Gay Rodeo.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

JHReport: New San Diego GOP Chairman Okay With Allowing U.S. Flag Burning In 1995

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
April 4, 2007

New San Diego County GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric:
1992: Immigrated To The U.S. From Sweden
1995: Okay With Allowing U.S. Flag Burning
2003: Became A U.S. Citizen
2006: Undecided Position On Embryonic Stem Cell Research
2006: Undecided Position On Physician-Assisted Suicide
2007: Elected To Run The Entire San Diego County Republican Party

"My God! My God! What Have They done To Us?"
- Christian Activist James Hartline on election
of Swedish Immigrant Tony Krvaric as
Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party -

"Why are they doing this to California?" That is the question most often stated by Conservative Republicans when they are being interviewed by the James Hartline Report. That question refers to the influx of anti-christian individuals who are moving into California and being given places of power and influence within the state Republican Party. Many of these individuals have no roots in the local communities where they are setting up shop, thus most of their neighbors don't even know anything about them when they mysteriously appear in the political arena. This might not be so significant except for the fact that many of these individuals are now recruiting candidates who, if elected, will effect nearly every aspect of Christianity in California. Truly, this is a grave matter.

- Enter Tony Krvaric -

The average Christian Conservative in California will not even know who Tony Krvaric is. Yet, 36-year-old Tony Krvaric now has great influence over voters in San Diego, California. On March 19, 2007, representatives within the San Diego County Republican Party leadership elected this Swedish immigrant to become the new county Republican Party Chairman ( Quite striking for a man who just moved to the United States in 1992. Upon closer scrutiny, it is also a frightening matter for the millions of naturally-born Californians, that a man born in Sweden and recently sworn-in as a United States citizen in 2003, is now leading the entire Republican Party operations for one of the largest counties in the United States.

While Krvaric has become extremely affluent since moving to the United States just over a decade ago, it doesn't seem that his beliefs or priorities are of much benefit to the average-income Californian. In fact, much of his devotion seems to be for the affairs of those from Sweden. From Arnold Schwarznegger to the newly elected Krvaric, California is awash with European-born males who are now controlling much of the state's GOP politics. Krvaric is the Executive Director of the Digital Vikings ( Being a leader of this group will not answer these simple questions: Why is Tony Krvaric in the United States and why is he now running the San Diego County Republican Party? Here is what the mission statement of the Digital Viking states:

MISSION STATEMENT:Digital Vikings seeks to foster relationships among Scandinavian Professionals in Southern California on a social, professional and cultural level.
WHO SHOULD JOIN? WHO WILL BENEFIT?You should be Scandinavian by either birth or heritage, or have a genuine interest in Scandinavian technology, business and finance. There is no cost to join or be a member.

The recent election of Tony P. Krvaric as the new chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party is a prime example of foreign-born individuals coming to California, setting up shop and running the state's political systems. To better understand the mindset of Tony P. Krvaric, one needs to become aware of a letter written in 1995 by this immigrant from Sweden. The appalling contents of this letter reveals Krvaric's support for allowing the burning of the American Flag:

"I recently moved to this country, and hold the American flag extremely high, and was very upset at flag-burning. I was very relieved to learn of the new law to ban flag-burning. It used to get me extremely upset, but after reading your opinions, I must agree that you have a point. I do not wish to burn the flag, nor will I ever do so. I cherish the freedoms and opportunities I enjoy here in this country too much. The flag stands for this very freedom, and banning the opportunity to burn it would "damage" this freedom. I am extremely Republican, although I am not entitled to vote, and I do not know how this issue is divided across party lines. I'd assume Republicans would be in favor of this law banning the flag. Anyway, I won't rant on any longer. Only to tell you that I changed my mind about flag burning, and agree that, of course, it should be allowed..." Tony P. Krvaric

Like many who have established unfortunate professional political careers, Tony Krvaric does not seem to have core Biblical values. On many critical moral issues, Krvaric has publicly flip-flopped in recent years. It seems that only on issues related to money and his support for Sweden, does Krvaric stay the course. While Tony Krvaric professes adoration for Ronald Reagan, his recent political positions and financial contributions speak of man full of moral contradictions.

In 2005, Krvaric supported pro-homosexual, pro-abortion liberal millionaire Steve Francis when Francis sought to replace resigned San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy ( In 2006, Krvaric answered a number of questions on the California Christian Coalition voter guide and his answers were absolutely shocking. Here were some of his responses:

Tony Kvaric, 75th Republican Central Committee:
Question #3 - Fetal Stem Cell Research with results in the destruction of human life, Support or Opposed?
Kvaric's Answer - UNDECIDED!
Question #6 - Physician-assisted (Right To Die) Legislation, Support or Opposed?
Kvaric's Answer - UNDECIDED!

Prior to being promoted as the county GOP chairman, Tony Krvaric served as the Secretary and Finance Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party. Krvaric helped county party Chairman Ron Nehring orchestrate a continuous plan to liberalize the local GOP that is now almost completely void of Christian influence. This was most evident in Nehring's and Krvaric's promotion and endorsement of pro-gay 2005 mayoral candidate Steve Francis. Additionally, under the Nehring/Krvaric watch, the county GOP headquarters hired Democratic Party homosexual activist Ray Drew to do "fundraising" consulting for the local Republican party ( The amount of money that Nehring/Kvaric's GOP office paid Drew, who was a past executive director of the Family Pride Coalition, a group devoted to the passage of gay marriage and gay adoptions, was $27,000.

While Tony Krvaric religiously places himself next to a photo of deceased President Ronald Reagan in his political and professional photographs, he might be better served by understanding that Jesus Christ is the only king that should be worshipped. For the millions of Christian voters in California, there could not be a more critical issue, politically speaking, then to understand that much of their future in California has been placed into the hands of individuals like Tony Krvaric. California Christian activist James Hartline responds to this dark time in his home state of California by declaring, "My God! My God! What have they done to our beautiful state?" The Church had better wake up before it is too late!

This is Part 1 in a Series of Articles on Dark Political Covenents in California.

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James Hartline, Publisher
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Action Alert -- Taxpayers Funding Property Used For Bingo Games Featuring Porn Prizes And Transvestite Nuns

The James Hartline Report Action Center
Action Alert!
April 1, 2007

Taxpayers Paying For San Diego Gay Center Property
That Uses Building For Bingo Games Featuring
Porn Store Prizes, S & M Sex Advocates &Transvestite Nuns
April 3rd Bingo Party Is Latest Controversy For Publicly-Funded Organization

Take Action Against This Immoral Government-Funded Charity!

- Action Center Report - While the San Diego City Council and elected officials in other higher levels of government continue to cut expenditures for public schools, public parks and police officers, they are continuing the endless spending of public funds for one gay organization that is using its property for drag queen talent shows and other disturbing events. The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center, which calls itself simply, The Center (, has earned a notorious reputation for using its taxpayer-funded building to house a gay marriage advocacy office and a public policy office that has fought to kick the Boy Scouts out of a city park. While the front area lobby of this Gay and Lesbian Center has stacks of magazines replete with pornographic advertisements, the organization has continued to market itself as "family-friendly".

The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center does not define "family-friendly" in the same way that the rest of America does. While rejecting the traditional norms for marriage and parenting, the organization's main property is used each Sunday by a gay church that preaches the myth that people are born homosexual ( The organization also hosts an annual alternative high school prom that markets homosexuality and lesbianism to underage students.

Adding insult to injury, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center is once again slapping taxpayers in the face with an event that is shocking even to the most hardened of fiscal conservatives: A weekly bingo game featuring prizes provided by a gay porn store while volunteers from the group's youth center and a group of male transvestite nuns are present.

Just when you thought this temple of sexual deviancy could not sink any lower, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center hits a new low!

In a shocking display of repugnant abuse of publicly-funded property, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center has planned a bingo event on Tueday, April 3, 2007 that will mix volunteers from its youth center ( with adults who are involved in leather S & M sex. According to invitations that are being circulated on a gay discussion board by a number of advocates for the alternative sex community in San Diego, prizes for the bingo event will be provided by The Crypt, a San Diego gay porn store.

Here is a copy of one of those emails obtained by The James Hartline Report:

Thu, 29 Mar 2007 07:32:05 -0700
[SDBound] Fwd: Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 3, 2007 for Leather Night Bingo at the Center!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 3, 2007 for Leather Night Bingo atthe Center!Cows shouldn't have all the fun, dressing up in their hides, looking hot andsexy, wasting their goods out in the pasture. Break out the leather, wrapyour whip around the one you love, and give it up for Bingo at the Center,presenting LEATHER NIGHT!Let the Games begin at 7:00PM, early games 6:50PM. ARRIVE EARLY due to thelarge attendance expected for this fun night. Here are just some of the manyreasons you should be at THE CENTER for LEATHER NIGHT BINGO!All regular games pay $50 prize, Progressive pays $250!Awesome door prizes provided by our sponsor, THE CRYPT!Special Guests for the night, "The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence"! !Bring your appetite! Bingo Café will have pizza, nachos, and drinksavailable for purchase, all proceeds benefit Hillcrest Youth Center.$10 buy-in for 10 games, must be 18 to play.Adult Fun/Kid Safe clothing, please.The Center3909 Center StreetSan Diego, CA 92103Pls pass this on to all your friends who love the smell of Leather and forthose friends who have always wished for a shopping spree at the CRYPT!!

- Wasted Dollars * Wasted Lives -

Most fiscal conservatives remain dumbfounded as to how governmental officials continue to allow millions of dollars to flow into the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center. One of the problems in stopping this abuse of public funds is the fact that local politicians continue to support the organization. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, who participated in his eighth San Diego Gay Pride Parade in 2006 (, recently made one of his frequent stops at the Gay and Lesbian Center (,sanders). Many taxpayers are confused about Sanders, who refuses to boost the hiring of new police officers at the same time that he continues to affirm the huge flow of wasted dollars into the Gay and Lesbian Center.

According to financial statements filed by the Gay and Lesbian Center for the year ending June 30, 2006, the organization received over $1.7 million in government grants between July 1, 2005 and June 30, 2006 ( Government funds were granted to the organization by all levels of the government: city, county and state -- at the same time that necessary programs to help pregnant women, seniors and public housing have been drastically curbed. Many federal grants are distributed through these lower levels of the government as well. It is through taxpayers, who are funding the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center for things like HIV/AIDS "education" and homosexual domestic violence programs, that the organization has "legitimized" itself to obtain millions of dollars in government grants, as well as loans. These dubious funds have financed the center's ability to obtain and remodel their multi-million dollar property in the heart of San Diego's homosexual community.

One of the bigger controversies involving the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center's outrageous financial deals has been the involvement of lesbian City Councilwoman Toni Atkins with the organization's former board chairman Jennifer LeSar ( Jennifer LeSar is Councilwoman Atkins' lesbian sex partner ( Atkins has been a key player in the granting of millions of dollars to the Gay and Lesbian Center at the same time that LeSar was serving on the organization's board( In addition to this conflict of interest, LeSar was involved in a multi-million dollar deal that allowed the Gay and Lesbian Center to obtain a youth center apartment building while she was also serving with a city redevelopment group ( that does business with the city council that Atkins is a member of (

According to their most recent tax-filings, the Gay and Lesbian Center spent over $57,000 on Bingo Supplies in the 2005-2006 fiscal year. Additionally, $56,000 was spent on utilities, $104,000 on insurance, $34,000 on building repairs, $407,000 in compensation for officers, directors and trustees and a whopping $1.39 million in employee salaries. Why are taxpayers giving such huge sums of public funds to an organization whose main purpose is promoting homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism in one of California's most conservative big cities? An uninformed and uninvolved public is perhaps the biggest culprit in the success of the Gay and Lesbian Center.

Boardmembers of the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center have earned reputations for being some of the most hostile bigots against traditional Christian values ( For example, Dale Kelly Bankhead has worked with the ACLU while they were engaged in the case to kick the Boy Scouts out of San Diego's city parkland. Shaun Travers currently serves on the board of Planned Parenthood/San Diego-Riverside Counties. And Bob Nelson is a member of the San Diego Democratic Club, a group which seeks to legalize homosexual marriages in California. While the Gay and Lesbian Center's boardmembers have no problem supporting the dismantling of traditional values in the state, they are happily allowing the organization's property to welcome the vile presence of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a group of male transvestites who dress up as nuns while mocking the Catholic Church ( According to the invitation being circulated, this group is participating in the bingo party at the gay center. Additionally, the group's website reveals that they will also be at the gay center to honor transsexualism on April 6, 2007.

The Gay and Lesbian Center is asking San Diego to give children to them to "educate" at its youth center. Yet, the public can get a fairly good idea what they really want to do with kids by understanding what goes on during events like its weekly bingo games. The Hillcrest Youth Center volunteers to run the Bingo Cafe during the bingo games. This week the youth can now serve food while the Crypt Porn Store bingo prizes are handed out: All On Taxpayer-Funded Property!

Take Action!

Isn't It Time To Stop The Madness At the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center?

Are You Tired Of Funding The Gay and Lesbian Center's Perversions?

Isn't It Time That The Politicians That You Are Electing Actually Do Something
About This Big Waste Of Your Money?

Contact Your Elected Officials And Tell Them To Defund
The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center

San Diego Elected Officials:

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders -
San Diego City Council
District Office Telephone Numbers available on city website -
Scott Peters, Council District 1 -
Kevin Faulconer, Council District 2 -
Toni Atkins, Council District 3 -
Tony Young, Council District 4 -
Brian Maienschein, Council District 5 -
Donna Frye, Council District 6 -
Jim Madaffer, Council District 7 -
Ben Hueso, Council District 8 -
Contact their office and their respective staffers by going to their council webpages on the city website.

San Diego Board of Supervisors
Greg Cox, District 1 -
Dianne Jacob, District 2 -
Pam Slater, District 3 -
Ron Robers, District 4 -
Bill Horn, District 5 -

Please contact your local congressional office and their staffers. Ask them to investigate the uses of the property of the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center. Ask them to intervene and defund this organization. Your tax dollars should not be funding any property where perverted bingo and transvestite parties are held.

This Action Alert Has Been Proved By The James Hartline Report.
With Nearly 10,000 Concerned Citizens, We Are California's Most
Effective Resource For Protecting Families, Children and Churches

I Am Making My Stand In 2007!
Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

James Hartline, Publisher
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