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Is The Cure Worth The Curse? Catastrophic Consequences For Embryonic Stem Cell Research Supporters

The James Hartline Report - On The Frontlines Of The Culture War - April 30, 2007 Is The Cure Worth The Curse? Catastrophic Consequences For Supporters Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Episodes of Death, Disease and Political Losses Strike Advocates and Financiers of Cloning & Embryo-Destroying Experiments (JHReport) Religious leaders, Christian activists and pro-life advocates have pleaded for years with scientists, politicians and the wealthy financiers of the embryonic stem cell industry to stop destroying human embryos in their pursuit of ellusive medical cures. Despite the many pleas to stop, advocates for the embryonic stem cell industry have continued, unabated, to sacrifice living and developing human embryos on their controversial altar of diabolical medical experimentations. Scientists and their wealthy supporters have shown little sympathy or understanding of Christian Conservatives who believe that all life is worth saving and no life should ever be sacrificed for the m

JHReport -- The "San Diego Twelve" Call On City Council To Eliminate Pornography In Public Park During Gay Pride Festival

The James Hartline Report - On The Frontlines Of The Culture War - April 19, 2007 San Diego Christian Activists Declare War On Porn Industry! The "San Diego Twelve" Call On City Council To Eliminate Pornography From Being Illegally Displayed During Annual San Diego Gay Pride Festival (JHReport) Last month, a group of Christian activists stepped out of their city's apathetic crowd to make a public stand against an elementary charter school after it was learned that the school was intentionally exposing young children to the pornographic influences of the annual San Diego Gay Pride Parade ( ). The Christian group, composed of twelve concerned citizens, were quickly named the "San Diego Twelve" by national news services. You can hear a national news story about the San Diego Twelve by listening to this report: . Proving that they were not

Gay Activists Plot To Disrupt San Diego Christian Youth Event As Battle Cry Is Sounded To Reclaim California

Homosexual Activists Plot To Disrupt San Diego Christian Youth Event As Christian Youth Sound The "Battle Cry" To Bring California Back To God! Transvestites and Homosexual Activists Attacked Christian Youth In San Francisco During "Battle Cry" Rally For Jesus Christ: Plot Underway To Do The Same To Christian Kids During San Diego Event - JHReport - It seems that California's homosexual and transvestite activists are taking a page right out of the Biblical account of Sodom's destruction as they aggressively protest Christian youth rallies being held in various California cities. Moses wrote in the Book of Genesis about the men of Sodom who attempted to break down the front door of Lot's house after Lot refused to allow the city's homosexuals to have relations with the angels sent by God to rescue Lot's family from the impending destruction of his city. "Battle Cry For A Generation," a series of rallies conducted by Ron Luce, a prominent

San Diego GOP Leader Caught Emailing Pornography To Prominent Christian Attorney

The James Hartline Report - On The Frontlines Of The Culture War - April 10, 2007 San Diego Republican Official And "Restore Christmas" Chairman Caught Sending Email Containing Pornographic Pictures To Prominent San Diego Christian Attorney "They Should Ask Him To Step Down From GOP Leadership," Says San Diego Christian Attorney Robert Sutton After He Receives Pornography From Anthony Porrello (JHReport) For Robert Sutton, a prominent San Diego attorney, Easter weekend is always a time when he focuses on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a born-again Christian who has regularly attended Mission Valley Christian Fellowship for the past year, Sutton has committed himself to doing his best to honor God with his life and thoughts. This past Easter weekend, the last thing that Robert Sutton contemplated thinking about was something as perverted as adult pornography. Yet, that is exactly what Robert Sutton was forced to think about when he received an email on Saturday

ACTION ALERT -- Cowards, Not Cowboys! Lakeside, California Allowing Gay Rodeo To Expose Children To Homosexuality

The James Hartline Report Action Center April 9, 2007 Take Action Now! Lakeside, California Rodeo Association Leaders Are Cowards, Not Cowboys El Capitan Stadium Association Claims To Be Children's Charity While Allowing Perverted Gay Rodeo In Lakeside, California (Action Alert) With sponsors that include an explicit adult gay sex chatline (Interactive Male) and a company that produces lubricants used in anal intercourse, the San Diego chapter of the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association will be bringing its annual homosexual rodeo to the family-friendly Lakeside, California Rodeo Grounds from June 1 - 3, 2007 ( ). Last year, the San Diego Gay Rodeo triggered outrage in the conservative community of Lakeside when the group was allowed to bring drag queens, sexually explicit advertisers and a message of spreading homosexuality to the grounds of this Lakeside children's charity rodeo venue (

JHReport: New San Diego GOP Chairman Okay With Allowing U.S. Flag Burning In 1995

A James Hartline Report Exclusive - On The Frontlines Of The Culture War - April 4, 2007 New San Diego County GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric: 1992: Immigrated To The U.S. From Sweden 1995: Okay With Allowing U.S. Flag Burning 2003: Became A U.S. Citizen 2006: Undecided Position On Embryonic Stem Cell Research 2006: Undecided Position On Physician-Assisted Suicide 2007: Elected To Run The Entire San Diego County Republican Party "My God! My God! What Have They done To Us?" - Christian Activist James Hartline on election of Swedish Immigrant Tony Krvaric as Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party - "Why are they doing this to California?" That is the question most often stated by Conservative Republicans when they are being interviewed by the James Hartline Report. That question refers to the influx of anti-christian individuals who are moving into California and being given places of power and influence within the state Republican Party. Many of these in

Action Alert -- Taxpayers Funding Property Used For Bingo Games Featuring Porn Prizes And Transvestite Nuns

The James Hartline Report Action Center Action Alert! April 1, 2007 Taxpayers Paying For San Diego Gay Center Property That Uses Building For Bingo Games Featuring Porn Store Prizes, S & M Sex Advocates &Transvestite Nuns April 3rd Bingo Party Is Latest Controversy For Publicly-Funded Organization Take Action Against This Immoral Government-Funded Charity! - Action Center Report - While the San Diego City Council and elected officials in other higher levels of government continue to cut expenditures for public schools, public parks and police officers, they are continuing the endless spending of public funds for one gay organization that is using its property for drag queen talent shows and other disturbing events. The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center, which calls itself simply, The Center ( ), has earned a notorious reputation for using its taxpayer-funded building to house a gay marriage advocacy office and a public policy office that has fought to