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San Diego GOP Leader Caught Emailing Pornography To Prominent Christian Attorney

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April 10, 2007

San Diego Republican Official And "Restore Christmas" Chairman
Caught Sending Email Containing Pornographic Pictures
To Prominent San Diego Christian Attorney

"They Should Ask Him To Step Down From GOP Leadership,"
Says San Diego Christian Attorney Robert Sutton
After He Receives Pornography From Anthony Porrello

(JHReport) For Robert Sutton, a prominent San Diego attorney, Easter weekend is always a time when he focuses on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a born-again Christian who has regularly attended Mission Valley Christian Fellowship for the past year, Sutton has committed himself to doing his best to honor God with his life and thoughts. This past Easter weekend, the last thing that Robert Sutton contemplated thinking about was something as perverted as adult pornography. Yet, that is exactly what Robert Sutton was forced to think about when he received an email on Saturday, April 7, 2007 containing explicit photos of men and women completely nude.

"My initial reaction was shock. These photos were extremely offensive to me," Sutton told the James Hartline Report. Even more shocking for Sutton was the fact that the email sender is a prominent Republican official. Anthony Porrello, who was elected in 2006 to the San Diego Repubican Central Committee, sent the email to Sutton. The email contained numerous photographs featuring fully nude men and women exposing their genitals.

"What makes Porrello's email even more disgusting is the fact that he is the leader of the 'Restore Christmas' campaign," Sutton said.

Anthony Porrello has been been luring thousands of Christians and Catholics into signing petitions to have the word "Christmas" restored to Balboa Park's annual December celebration via his "Restore Christmas" campaign (http://www.restorechristmas.org/). Porrello has been using the scheme with another problematic local GOP leader, Jeff Perwin (www.restorechristmas.org/contact.htm), to gain the confidence of Christians in San Diego County, via the Restore Christmas campaign. Dozens of other prominent Republicans have attached their names to the campaign in support of this emotional issue. In recent times, local Republican leaders, like former GOP city council candidate Phil Thalheimer, have been using issues like the Mt. Soledad Cross and Jessica's Law to get Christian voters to go to the polls. Candidates who associate their names with these initiatives are hoping the same voters will also vote for the candidate when they vote for the initiative. It is a very manipulative tactic that can backfire.

One of the recent attempts at this corruptive cross-pollination politicking could be seen during the 2005 campaign to replace resigned San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy. Certain money-driven local GOP leaders wanted Steve Francis, a liberal, pro-homosexual Republican millionaire to replace Murphy. Thalheimer contributed a fortune to put Prop. A, the Save the Mt. Soledad Cross initiative, on the 2005 ballot at the same time that Steve Francis slithered his way into the local GOP endorsement for mayor. This slick and manipulative ploy was a clear attempt to attach an emotionally-charged issue like saving the cross with a particular candidate in the hopes that Christian voters would turnout at the polls and support both the candidate and the initiative (www.sdreader.com/php/cityshow.php?id=1265). It appears that the same game is being played by Porrello, Perwin, Thalheimer and the Restore Christmas campaign.

The deplorable fact that Anthony Porrello has sent out an email with explicit photographs of nude adults to a prominent Christian attorney reveals something very dark and very demented going on with certain Republican leaders. The photographs that Porrello sent came from an adult pornographic website called "Funpic". That site features a multitude of explicit porn photographs including women engaged in bestiality, fellatio and other disgusting sex acts. The nude photographs sent by Anthony Porrello were all stamped with the Funpic website link.

In 2006, Anthony Porrello was elected to the 75th District of the San Diego Republican Party Central Committee. That committee includes newly elected county party chairman Tony Krvaric, a man that has received the resounding approval of Porrello. In addition to Chairing the Restore Christmas campaign, Porrello is the Republican Party's 75th District Central Committee Caucus Chairman (www.smartvoter.org/2006/06/06/ca/sd/party_committee.html). The fact that a person is sending out emails containing pornography at the same time that they are influencing the public affairs of San Diego voters is as bad as it gets.

What Anthony Porrello has done by sending Robert Sutton the pornographic photographs is in the same category as the Mark Foley scandal. Last year, when it was discovered that Congressman Mark Foley was sending sexual emails to a congressional page, it resulted in catastrophic losses for the GOP during the November elections (www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/09/29/AR2006092901574.html).

Robert Sutton is very careful about the kinds of people that he allows into his life. Sutton's wife, Kim Tran, recently ran for the California State Assembly (www.smartvoter.org/2006/11/07/ca/state/vote/tran_k). Tran, as well as her husband, were determined to be a moral voice in last year's election. "We believe in protecting children from predators and sexual immorality," Kim told the James Hartline Report last year during her campaign. The idea that anyone would send pornography to the Sutton household is a very offensive matter. Sutton and his wife spent thousands of dollars of their own money on Kim Tran's campaign in the hope that Christian values would find a place of importance in the Republican Party.

Now that Anthony Porrello has disrespected the Sutton home by sending Robert pornography, the Suttons are not hopeful at this time that the local Republican Party has learned the hard lessons they should have learned from the Mark Foley scandal. The pornographic photos were sent by Porello using the same email address that he sends some of his Republican Party communications: anthony@porrello.com.

Robert Sutton, who is a former law enforcement officer and a marine, became a born-again Christian seven years ago. "I've done my best to avoid the traps and evil that permeate society," says Sutton. "I do this so that I may live a life which is honorable to God."

Sutton and his wife allowed Anthony Porrello into their lives life through their involvement with the local Republican Party. "I can't explain how repugnant I felt to have viewed these photographs mere minutes before I was to leave for church," Sutton says of Porrello's pornography. "First of all, did he believe I would not find the pictures offensive? And if so, why not?"

When asked what he feels the Republican Party should do about Porrello, Sutton told the James Hartline Report, "They should clean house and ask him to step down."

As to the Restore Christmas campaign, the James Hartline Report has learned that there are other scandals brewing around certain individuals tied to the endeavor. Clearly, any Christian leader who has their name tied to the Restore Christmas project would be well-advised to get their name off of that website (http://www.restorechristmas.org/). There is at least one other person whose name is associated with the project that has some explaining to do. The James Hartline Report has uncovered evidence that this person may be deeply involved in a very immoral sexual arena.

Porrello's project, "Restore Christmas" has become one of many emotionally-charged initiatives that Phil Thalheimer has attached his name to in the hopes of garnering public support for his own personal political agenda. During a November 28, 2005 press conference for Restore Christmas, it was announced that both Phil Thalheimer and Anthony Porrello appeared together at San Diego's City Hall to foster public support for their campaign (www.restorechristmas.org/news/Press_Conference_City_Hal_Nov%2028.pdf).

While Porrello is sending pornography over the internet, Thalheimer has his own set of questionable moral problems. The Gay and Lesbian Times reported in 2004, that Thalheimer employs a man who has had a sex-change operation working in his office (www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=3167). Additionally, Thalheimer appeared in the 2004 San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival while campaigning for the San Diego City Council. Since that time, Thalheimer has poured in a massive amount of money into issues like the Mt. Soledad Cross, Jessical's Law and, quite likely, Restore Christmas. Clearly, Porrello and Thalheimer are attempting to buy reputations with Christian voters, but behind the scene, they are anything but Christian.

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