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JHReport: New San Diego GOP Chairman Okay With Allowing U.S. Flag Burning In 1995

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
April 4, 2007

New San Diego County GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric:
1992: Immigrated To The U.S. From Sweden
1995: Okay With Allowing U.S. Flag Burning
2003: Became A U.S. Citizen
2006: Undecided Position On Embryonic Stem Cell Research
2006: Undecided Position On Physician-Assisted Suicide
2007: Elected To Run The Entire San Diego County Republican Party

"My God! My God! What Have They done To Us?"
- Christian Activist James Hartline on election
of Swedish Immigrant Tony Krvaric as
Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party -

"Why are they doing this to California?" That is the question most often stated by Conservative Republicans when they are being interviewed by the James Hartline Report. That question refers to the influx of anti-christian individuals who are moving into California and being given places of power and influence within the state Republican Party. Many of these individuals have no roots in the local communities where they are setting up shop, thus most of their neighbors don't even know anything about them when they mysteriously appear in the political arena. This might not be so significant except for the fact that many of these individuals are now recruiting candidates who, if elected, will effect nearly every aspect of Christianity in California. Truly, this is a grave matter.

- Enter Tony Krvaric -

The average Christian Conservative in California will not even know who Tony Krvaric is. Yet, 36-year-old Tony Krvaric now has great influence over voters in San Diego, California. On March 19, 2007, representatives within the San Diego County Republican Party leadership elected this Swedish immigrant to become the new county Republican Party Chairman (www.nctimes.com/articles/2007/03/20/news/sandiego/17_06_333_19_07.txt). Quite striking for a man who just moved to the United States in 1992. Upon closer scrutiny, it is also a frightening matter for the millions of naturally-born Californians, that a man born in Sweden and recently sworn-in as a United States citizen in 2003, is now leading the entire Republican Party operations for one of the largest counties in the United States.

While Krvaric has become extremely affluent since moving to the United States just over a decade ago, it doesn't seem that his beliefs or priorities are of much benefit to the average-income Californian. In fact, much of his devotion seems to be for the affairs of those from Sweden. From Arnold Schwarznegger to the newly elected Krvaric, California is awash with European-born males who are now controlling much of the state's GOP politics. Krvaric is the Executive Director of the Digital Vikings (www.digitalvikings.com/about.asp). Being a leader of this group will not answer these simple questions: Why is Tony Krvaric in the United States and why is he now running the San Diego County Republican Party? Here is what the mission statement of the Digital Viking states:

MISSION STATEMENT:Digital Vikings seeks to foster relationships among Scandinavian Professionals in Southern California on a social, professional and cultural level.
WHO SHOULD JOIN? WHO WILL BENEFIT?You should be Scandinavian by either birth or heritage, or have a genuine interest in Scandinavian technology, business and finance. There is no cost to join or be a member.

The recent election of Tony P. Krvaric as the new chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party is a prime example of foreign-born individuals coming to California, setting up shop and running the state's political systems. To better understand the mindset of Tony P. Krvaric, one needs to become aware of a letter written in 1995 by this immigrant from Sweden. The appalling contents of this letter reveals Krvaric's support for allowing the burning of the American Flag:

"I recently moved to this country, and hold the American flag extremely high, and was very upset at flag-burning. I was very relieved to learn of the new law to ban flag-burning. It used to get me extremely upset, but after reading your opinions, I must agree that you have a point. I do not wish to burn the flag, nor will I ever do so. I cherish the freedoms and opportunities I enjoy here in this country too much. The flag stands for this very freedom, and banning the opportunity to burn it would "damage" this freedom. I am extremely Republican, although I am not entitled to vote, and I do not know how this issue is divided across party lines. I'd assume Republicans would be in favor of this law banning the flag. Anyway, I won't rant on any longer. Only to tell you that I changed my mind about flag burning, and agree that, of course, it should be allowed..." Tony P. Krvaric

Like many who have established unfortunate professional political careers, Tony Krvaric does not seem to have core Biblical values. On many critical moral issues, Krvaric has publicly flip-flopped in recent years. It seems that only on issues related to money and his support for Sweden, does Krvaric stay the course. While Tony Krvaric professes adoration for Ronald Reagan, his recent political positions and financial contributions speak of man full of moral contradictions.

In 2005, Krvaric supported pro-homosexual, pro-abortion liberal millionaire Steve Francis when Francis sought to replace resigned San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy (http://weblog.signonsandiego.com/news/weblogs/luna/archives/003138.html). In 2006, Krvaric answered a number of questions on the California Christian Coalition voter guide and his answers were absolutely shocking. Here were some of his responses:

Tony Kvaric, 75th Republican Central Committee:
Question #3 - Fetal Stem Cell Research with results in the destruction of human life, Support or Opposed?
Kvaric's Answer - UNDECIDED!
Question #6 - Physician-assisted (Right To Die) Legislation, Support or Opposed?
Kvaric's Answer - UNDECIDED!

Prior to being promoted as the county GOP chairman, Tony Krvaric served as the Secretary and Finance Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party. Krvaric helped county party Chairman Ron Nehring orchestrate a continuous plan to liberalize the local GOP that is now almost completely void of Christian influence. This was most evident in Nehring's and Krvaric's promotion and endorsement of pro-gay 2005 mayoral candidate Steve Francis. Additionally, under the Nehring/Krvaric watch, the county GOP headquarters hired Democratic Party homosexual activist Ray Drew to do "fundraising" consulting for the local Republican party (www.sdreader.com/php/cityshow.php?id=1265). The amount of money that Nehring/Kvaric's GOP office paid Drew, who was a past executive director of the Family Pride Coalition, a group devoted to the passage of gay marriage and gay adoptions, was $27,000.

While Tony Krvaric religiously places himself next to a photo of deceased President Ronald Reagan in his political and professional photographs, he might be better served by understanding that Jesus Christ is the only king that should be worshipped. For the millions of Christian voters in California, there could not be a more critical issue, politically speaking, then to understand that much of their future in California has been placed into the hands of individuals like Tony Krvaric. California Christian activist James Hartline responds to this dark time in his home state of California by declaring, "My God! My God! What have they done to our beautiful state?" The Church had better wake up before it is too late!

This is Part 1 in a Series of Articles on Dark Political Covenents in California.


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