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Is The Cure Worth The Curse? Catastrophic Consequences For Embryonic Stem Cell Research Supporters

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April 30, 2007

Is The Cure Worth The Curse?

Catastrophic Consequences For Supporters
Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research:

Episodes of Death, Disease and Political Losses
Strike Advocates and Financiers of
Cloning & Embryo-Destroying Experiments

(JHReport) Religious leaders, Christian activists and pro-life advocates have pleaded for years with scientists, politicians and the wealthy financiers of the embryonic stem cell industry to stop destroying human embryos in their pursuit of ellusive medical cures. Despite the many pleas to stop, advocates for the embryonic stem cell industry have continued, unabated, to sacrifice living and developing human embryos on their controversial altar of diabolical medical experimentations. Scientists and their wealthy supporters have shown little sympathy or understanding of Christian Conservatives who believe that all life is worth saving and no life should ever be sacrificed for the monetary gain of another.

At the center of this debate over when life begins, religious conservatives are quick to remind their opponents of the consequences for any society that begins to pick and choose who should live and who should die based upon the medical condition or social status of its citizens. Just over sixty years ago, a similar scenario to the one being played out in the current debate over embryonic stem cell research, was forced upon the continent of Europe. Adolph Hitler's vile rampage across the spiritual wastelands of his Nazi Empire demonstrated the full potential of an evil ideologue who decides who should live and who shouldn't. Hitler would certainly have been right at home in the new science of embryonic stem cell research.

While there are many debates in academic circles over the ethical parameters of exterminating human embryos in the pursuit of curing diseases, there is another frightening scenario that is manifesting itself in this dark, Nazi-style science. That scenario is the terrible price being paid by those who are closely involved in the establishment and promotion of embryonic stem cell research. When all of the pieces of this dark science puzzle are put together, a horrific picture can be seen: A picture of death, destruction and loss for those involved in the embryonic stem cell industry.

Since the emergence of embryonic stem cell research, there are certain advocates of this destructive science who are worth scrutinizing. When it comes to California's recent political dance with Prop. 71, the taxpayer-funded embryonic stem cell initiative, the outcome has not been kind to its supporters. Approved in 2004, Prop. 71 authorizes the issuance of $3 billion in public bonds and $3 billion in interest payments for the establishment of a government-run embryonic stem cell institute. Here are a few examples of what has happened to key supporters of Prop. 71 since it was approved in 2004:

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine - Injured - Contributed $100,000 to the Yes on Prop. 71 Embryonic Stem Cell Campaign in 2004. On April 12, 2007, less than three years after he helped finance the passage of California's embryonic stem cell initiative, Corzine almost died in a near-fatal car accident (

Actor Christopher Reeve - Dead - Died October 10, 2004, ten days after he appeared in a television commercial to advocate for the passage of Prop. 71 ( After suffering a horse riding accident that left him paralyzed, Reeve spent the remaining years of his life pushing for the expansion of the embryonic stem cell industry.

Dana Reeve, Wife of Christopher Reeve - Dead - Dana Reeve played a key role with her paralyzed husband in the passage of California's Prop. 71, embryonic stem cell initiative ( After experiencing a mysterious case of lung cancer, the 44-year old Dana Reeve died on March 6, 2007, less then three years after her aggressive campaign to force California taxpayers to fund the extermination of human embryos for medical purposes ( In a May, 2005 interview with Katie Couric, Reeve was asked about whether she was concerned with the opinions of people who are opposed to killing human life for embryonic stem cell research. According to the website News Buster, Dana Reeve coldly responded, "that the lives (referring to human embryos) were already expendable, so why not sacrifice them for a noble cause." The following year Dana Reeve was dead.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - Injured - Without question, Schwarzenegger is the greatest reason that Prop. 71 passed in 2004. Prior to Schwarzenegger's endorsement of the initiative on October 18, 2004, Prop. 71 was trailing in most polls ( Clearly, Schwarzenegger's endorsement added desperately needed fuel to the struggling Prop. 71 campaign ( On December 23, 2006, slightly over two years after he backed the stated-funded embryonic stem cell initiative, Governor Schwarzenegger had a catastrophic accident while skiing ( Breaking his right leg, Schwarzenegger required major surgery, leaving him physically incapacitated. The damage to his broken femur will require the governor to engage in months of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Prop. 71 Stem Cell Institute President Zach W. Hall Resigns After Cancer Diagnosis - ( SAN FRANCISCO, April 17, 2007 – Zach W. Hall, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), announced today that he is resigning his position effective April 30, 2007. The CIRM was established as a result of the passage of Prop. 71. This past December, Hall said he intended to retire in June. His plans changed, in part, due to a recent diagnosis of prostate cancer. Hall’s letter of resignation to the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee, CIRM’s governing board, stated: "I am writing to announce that I will be stepping down as President and Chief Scientific Officer of CIRM as of April 30. I had originally intended to stay through the June ICOC meeting, but several recent developments have caused me to change my plans. First, and most importantly, I have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and, in early May, will be undergoing surgery that will require several weeks convalescence."

John Garland Bowes - Dead - Bowes spent thirty years building Kransco Group Cos. into one of the world's largest toy companies. Bowes helped his company acquire Wham-O, the producer of such toys as the Frisbee, Slip'N Slide and Hula Hoop ( When Bowes wasn't busy making money off of children, he was busy promoting the extermination of human embryos. In 2004, John Garland Bowes gave over $99,000 to the Yes on Prop. 71 campaign, thus helping to ensure that taxpayers would be funding the extermination of human embryos for medical cures. Less then one year after the passage of Prop. 71, Bowes died of a heart attack.

San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy - Resigned - Former San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy did more than just endorse the passage of Prop. 71. In fact, Dick Murphy was a leading advocate for moving the headquarters of the stated-funded embryonic stem cell institute to San Diego ( Just seven months after the passage of Prop. 71, Mayor Murphy tragically resigned from office in the midst of numerous political and financial scandals in San Diego.

California State Senator Bill Morrow - Political Loss - After it was learned in 2005, that Senator Morrow's wife, Barbara Morrow, is the Vice-President and General Counsel for the California Healthcare Institute, the senator's pro-life image and political career were destroyed ( The California Healthcare Institute is one of the leading advocates for embryonic stem cell research in the state. The organization, which lobbies on behalf of biotech companies, was one of the top advocates for the passage of Prop. 71. While crafting a "pro-life" reputation, it was also learned that Senator Morrow had actually authored state legislation to give tax-credits to biotech companies, many of whom are doing embryonic stem cell research, if they stay in the state of California. After these revelations became known to the public, Senator Morrow suffered an embarrassing loss in his 2005 bid for congress.

There are many more examples of disasters which have struck other supporters of Prop. 71 since it was passed in 2004. The Bible clearly articulates the consquences for those who shed innocent blood. Christian Conservatives use the Bible as a guide for determining their moral code. In the Bible, human beings are told that curses are sent against those who murder or kill innocent human lives. While some will argue that lives are being saved by sacrificing human embryos, it is clear that this "ends justifies the means" pragmatism is coming with servere consequences for those involved in the embryonic stem cell industry. This painful reality is not limited to California or the supporters of Prop. 71. Outside of California, the supporters of embryonic stem cell research are paying the same steep price for their support of killing human embryos:

South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson - A long-time advocate of embryonic stem cell research, Senator Tim Johnson signed a letter in 2004 asking President Bush to increase the number of human embryo cell lines to be exterminated for medical experiments ( That year, Senator Johnson was treated for prostate cancer. In 2006, Johnson was so rabid in his support for embryonic stem cell research that he deemed it "meaningful life-giving research." ( Five months after making that disturbing statement, Johnson had a near-fatal stroke which required major brain surgery ( Senator Johnson has not fully recovered from this devastating medical event.

Actor Michael J. Fox - After making millions of dollars during a popular Hollywood career, Michael J. Fox was mysteriously struck with Parkinson's Disease at the age of 30 in 1991. After revealing the extent of his disease in 1998, Fox became one of the loudest and most manipulative voices for exterminating human embryos to find a cure for his disease ( After entering the political arena to promote state initiatives to foster cloning and embryonic stem cell research, Fox's Parkinson's Disease greatly worsened ( Some have deemed Michael J. Fox's exploitive political endeavors as reflective of the "what's in it for me" generation.

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter - Year after year, Republican Senator Arlen Specter has been one of the most vociferous advocates for human embryonic stem cell research ( Repeatedly, Specter has fought President George Bush's opposition to new federal funding for this grotesque medical procedure. And Specter has paid a severe price for his support of exterminating human embryos for medical research. In 2005, Senator Specter was diagnosed with Hodkin's Disease, a deadly cancer of the lymphatic system. In a published statement regarding his cancer, the 75 year-old, pro-abortion Republican stated: "I have beaten a brain tumor, bypass heart surgery and many tough political opponents, and I'm going to beat this." Even in the face of his own death, Senator Specter has refused to stop his rabid support for exterminating human embryos.

Arizona Senator John McCain - While John McCain was attempting to play both sides of the abortion fence in 2000, the Arizona senator has progressively become a consummate abortion flip-flopper over the years. During a debate in New Hampshire on January 26, 2000, McCain stated, "I am proud of my pro-life record in public life, and I will continue to maintain it... As a leader of a pro-life party with a pro-life position, I will persuade young Americans to understand the importance of the preservation of the rights of the unborn." In utter hypocrisy, McCain quickly demonstrated just how deceptive that statement was when he became one of the Senate's loudest GOP voices for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. A press release issued by Senator McCain in 2006, revealed the senator's support for H.R. 810, a bill that called for federal expansion of human embryonic stem cell research ( McCain has paid the price for his support of this ghastly abortive medical procedure. On a multitude of occasions, the Arizona senator has had extensive surgeries to remove malignant skin cancers.

Who Is Next?

Millions of Christian Conservatives oppose the portion of the biotech industry that is being built upon the destruction of human embryos. There is nothing more offensive to Christian voters then a politician who is willing to sacrifice human life to financially benefit medical or scientific corporations. The basis for Christian opposition to embryonic stem cell research comes from the Biblical mandate that life begins at conception. There is also ample evidence within the Bible regarding the consequences for governmental and social leaders who refuse to submit to God's creative order.

This JHReport mentions only a few of the thousands of wealthy business leaders and politicians who support the destruction of living human embryos for medical experimentations. Each of those mentioned have suffered terrible tragedies in their lives after their support for embryonic stem cell research became known. Will they ever stop their support for killing innocent life in their quest for financial gain and medical cures? It doesn't seem likely. Is there a warning for the many others who are also supporting embryonic stem cell research? There certainly is. The other advocates of embryonic stem cell research will have to judge the experiences of those mentioned in this article and decide for themselves if the cure is worth the curse.

The following is a partial list of leaders involved in, or supportive of, the embryonic stem cell industry:

Congressman Brian Bilbray - Has a history of lying to voters regarding his support for abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Included in Bilbray's history of dishonesty, is his 2005 campaign statements where he promised pro-life voters that he would not support new federal funding for embryonic stem cell research ( Since being elected, Bilbray has voted twice to override President Bush's ban on new federal funding for embryonic stem cell research (
Congressman Darrell Issa - As a GOP leader, Issa has betrayed pro-life voters in his district by supporting federal funding for embryonic stem cell research (
Robert Klein - Klein is perhaps the single biggest advocate of human embryo extermination-for-profit in the United States. This wealthy businessman is the Chairman of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the entity established as a result of the passage of Prop. 71 which oversees expenditures of public funds for embryonic stem cell research.
California State GOP Finance Chairman Steve Francis - Serves on the board of UCSD Connect, one of California's biggest organizations for fostering the embryonic stem cell trade in the state (
Former California First Lady Gayle Wilson - Wife of former California Governor Pete Wilson, Gayle Wilson is one of the biggest female voices in support of human embryonic extermination for medical research. Wilson continues to have intimate involvement with CIRM, the oversight institute for Prop. 71 (
Duane Roth - One of the biggest promoters of embryonic stem cell research in California and currently listed as the CEO of UCSD Connect (
California Healthcare Institute Lobbyist Barbara Morrow - While hypocritically claiming to be a pro-life Christian, Morrow continues her leadership work with the California Healthcare Institute, one of California's most active support organizations for embryonic stem cell research (
Malin Burnham - Extremely wealthy San Diego businessman who is a rabid supporter of embryonic stem cell research. Burnham gave $50,000 for the passage of Prop. 71 (
Padres Baseball Team Owner John Moores - One of the biggest supporters and financiers of California's embryonic stem cell trade is John Moores. Recently, Moores contributed millions of dollars to help finance CIRM until Prop. 71 funding starts flowing (

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