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Action Alert -- Taxpayers Funding Property Used For Bingo Games Featuring Porn Prizes And Transvestite Nuns

The James Hartline Report Action Center
Action Alert!
April 1, 2007

Taxpayers Paying For San Diego Gay Center Property
That Uses Building For Bingo Games Featuring
Porn Store Prizes, S & M Sex Advocates &Transvestite Nuns
April 3rd Bingo Party Is Latest Controversy For Publicly-Funded Organization

Take Action Against This Immoral Government-Funded Charity!

- Action Center Report - While the San Diego City Council and elected officials in other higher levels of government continue to cut expenditures for public schools, public parks and police officers, they are continuing the endless spending of public funds for one gay organization that is using its property for drag queen talent shows and other disturbing events. The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center, which calls itself simply, The Center (, has earned a notorious reputation for using its taxpayer-funded building to house a gay marriage advocacy office and a public policy office that has fought to kick the Boy Scouts out of a city park. While the front area lobby of this Gay and Lesbian Center has stacks of magazines replete with pornographic advertisements, the organization has continued to market itself as "family-friendly".

The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center does not define "family-friendly" in the same way that the rest of America does. While rejecting the traditional norms for marriage and parenting, the organization's main property is used each Sunday by a gay church that preaches the myth that people are born homosexual ( The organization also hosts an annual alternative high school prom that markets homosexuality and lesbianism to underage students.

Adding insult to injury, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center is once again slapping taxpayers in the face with an event that is shocking even to the most hardened of fiscal conservatives: A weekly bingo game featuring prizes provided by a gay porn store while volunteers from the group's youth center and a group of male transvestite nuns are present.

Just when you thought this temple of sexual deviancy could not sink any lower, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center hits a new low!

In a shocking display of repugnant abuse of publicly-funded property, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center has planned a bingo event on Tueday, April 3, 2007 that will mix volunteers from its youth center ( with adults who are involved in leather S & M sex. According to invitations that are being circulated on a gay discussion board by a number of advocates for the alternative sex community in San Diego, prizes for the bingo event will be provided by The Crypt, a San Diego gay porn store.

Here is a copy of one of those emails obtained by The James Hartline Report:

Thu, 29 Mar 2007 07:32:05 -0700
[SDBound] Fwd: Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 3, 2007 for Leather Night Bingo at the Center!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 3, 2007 for Leather Night Bingo atthe Center!Cows shouldn't have all the fun, dressing up in their hides, looking hot andsexy, wasting their goods out in the pasture. Break out the leather, wrapyour whip around the one you love, and give it up for Bingo at the Center,presenting LEATHER NIGHT!Let the Games begin at 7:00PM, early games 6:50PM. ARRIVE EARLY due to thelarge attendance expected for this fun night. Here are just some of the manyreasons you should be at THE CENTER for LEATHER NIGHT BINGO!All regular games pay $50 prize, Progressive pays $250!Awesome door prizes provided by our sponsor, THE CRYPT!Special Guests for the night, "The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence"! !Bring your appetite! Bingo Café will have pizza, nachos, and drinksavailable for purchase, all proceeds benefit Hillcrest Youth Center.$10 buy-in for 10 games, must be 18 to play.Adult Fun/Kid Safe clothing, please.The Center3909 Center StreetSan Diego, CA 92103Pls pass this on to all your friends who love the smell of Leather and forthose friends who have always wished for a shopping spree at the CRYPT!!

- Wasted Dollars * Wasted Lives -

Most fiscal conservatives remain dumbfounded as to how governmental officials continue to allow millions of dollars to flow into the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center. One of the problems in stopping this abuse of public funds is the fact that local politicians continue to support the organization. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, who participated in his eighth San Diego Gay Pride Parade in 2006 (, recently made one of his frequent stops at the Gay and Lesbian Center (,sanders). Many taxpayers are confused about Sanders, who refuses to boost the hiring of new police officers at the same time that he continues to affirm the huge flow of wasted dollars into the Gay and Lesbian Center.

According to financial statements filed by the Gay and Lesbian Center for the year ending June 30, 2006, the organization received over $1.7 million in government grants between July 1, 2005 and June 30, 2006 ( Government funds were granted to the organization by all levels of the government: city, county and state -- at the same time that necessary programs to help pregnant women, seniors and public housing have been drastically curbed. Many federal grants are distributed through these lower levels of the government as well. It is through taxpayers, who are funding the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center for things like HIV/AIDS "education" and homosexual domestic violence programs, that the organization has "legitimized" itself to obtain millions of dollars in government grants, as well as loans. These dubious funds have financed the center's ability to obtain and remodel their multi-million dollar property in the heart of San Diego's homosexual community.

One of the bigger controversies involving the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center's outrageous financial deals has been the involvement of lesbian City Councilwoman Toni Atkins with the organization's former board chairman Jennifer LeSar ( Jennifer LeSar is Councilwoman Atkins' lesbian sex partner ( Atkins has been a key player in the granting of millions of dollars to the Gay and Lesbian Center at the same time that LeSar was serving on the organization's board( In addition to this conflict of interest, LeSar was involved in a multi-million dollar deal that allowed the Gay and Lesbian Center to obtain a youth center apartment building while she was also serving with a city redevelopment group ( that does business with the city council that Atkins is a member of (

According to their most recent tax-filings, the Gay and Lesbian Center spent over $57,000 on Bingo Supplies in the 2005-2006 fiscal year. Additionally, $56,000 was spent on utilities, $104,000 on insurance, $34,000 on building repairs, $407,000 in compensation for officers, directors and trustees and a whopping $1.39 million in employee salaries. Why are taxpayers giving such huge sums of public funds to an organization whose main purpose is promoting homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism in one of California's most conservative big cities? An uninformed and uninvolved public is perhaps the biggest culprit in the success of the Gay and Lesbian Center.

Boardmembers of the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center have earned reputations for being some of the most hostile bigots against traditional Christian values ( For example, Dale Kelly Bankhead has worked with the ACLU while they were engaged in the case to kick the Boy Scouts out of San Diego's city parkland. Shaun Travers currently serves on the board of Planned Parenthood/San Diego-Riverside Counties. And Bob Nelson is a member of the San Diego Democratic Club, a group which seeks to legalize homosexual marriages in California. While the Gay and Lesbian Center's boardmembers have no problem supporting the dismantling of traditional values in the state, they are happily allowing the organization's property to welcome the vile presence of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a group of male transvestites who dress up as nuns while mocking the Catholic Church ( According to the invitation being circulated, this group is participating in the bingo party at the gay center. Additionally, the group's website reveals that they will also be at the gay center to honor transsexualism on April 6, 2007.

The Gay and Lesbian Center is asking San Diego to give children to them to "educate" at its youth center. Yet, the public can get a fairly good idea what they really want to do with kids by understanding what goes on during events like its weekly bingo games. The Hillcrest Youth Center volunteers to run the Bingo Cafe during the bingo games. This week the youth can now serve food while the Crypt Porn Store bingo prizes are handed out: All On Taxpayer-Funded Property!

Take Action!

Isn't It Time To Stop The Madness At the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center?

Are You Tired Of Funding The Gay and Lesbian Center's Perversions?

Isn't It Time That The Politicians That You Are Electing Actually Do Something
About This Big Waste Of Your Money?

Contact Your Elected Officials And Tell Them To Defund
The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center

San Diego Elected Officials:

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders -
San Diego City Council
District Office Telephone Numbers available on city website -
Scott Peters, Council District 1 -
Kevin Faulconer, Council District 2 -
Toni Atkins, Council District 3 -
Tony Young, Council District 4 -
Brian Maienschein, Council District 5 -
Donna Frye, Council District 6 -
Jim Madaffer, Council District 7 -
Ben Hueso, Council District 8 -
Contact their office and their respective staffers by going to their council webpages on the city website.

San Diego Board of Supervisors
Greg Cox, District 1 -
Dianne Jacob, District 2 -
Pam Slater, District 3 -
Ron Robers, District 4 -
Bill Horn, District 5 -

Please contact your local congressional office and their staffers. Ask them to investigate the uses of the property of the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center. Ask them to intervene and defund this organization. Your tax dollars should not be funding any property where perverted bingo and transvestite parties are held.

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I Am Making My Stand In 2007!
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