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San Diego GOP Message To Christian Conservatives: "Give Us Your Votes, But Keep Your Morals To Yourselves!"

- A James Hartline Report Exclusive - June 28, 2006 San Diego GOP Message To Christian Conservatives: "Give Us Your Votes, But Keep Your Morals To Yourselves!" Recent Activities By Local Republican Leaders Spells Doom For Conservative Family Values Advocacy (JHRexclusive) San Diego GOP leaders continued their march this week towards the secularization of the local Republican Party by intensifying their assault on the party's Christian Conservative majority with a number of anti-family decisions that have pushed family values voters to the brink of sitting out the 2006 November election. San Diego Republican Mayor Nominates Lesbian As City's New Fire Chief: Republican Councilmen Join Democrats To Confirm Nomination. True to his commitment to the radical homosexual agenda, San Diego Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders continued his rabid support for the Democratic Party's homosexual platform by appointing lesbian Tracy Jarman as the new city fire chief ( http://www.365ga


The James Hartline Report - Breaking News! June 25, 2006 (5:05pm.pst) San Diego City Attorney Refuses To Prosecute Retired Judge Who Committed Hate Crime Against Local Christian Activist: -Judge Harry Albert Best Admitted To Police That He Made Threatening Telephone Call in June of 2005- (JHR) Following a one year investigation by the San Diego City Attorney's Office, City Attorney Mike Aguirre has refused to prosecute a retired judge who acknowledged making a threatening telephone call in June of 2005 to local Christian activist James Hartline. Exactly one year ago today, Hartline filed a formal complaint with the San Diego Police Department after he received a recorded hate message on his home telephone that contained an extremely profane and potentially life threatening attack based on Hartline being a Christian. Cox Communications identified the telephone number where the call originated as "858-277-3242". An internet telephone search identified a person named &q

Major Betrayal Of San Diego Christian Conservatives Underway: Local GOP Leaders Endorse Another Liberal Democrat Over A Republican For Superior Court

- A James Hartline Report Exclusive - "Changing The Culture One Voter At A Time" June 16, 2006 Breaking News! Major Betrayal Of San Diego Christian Conservatives Underway: Republican Party Leadership Endorsing Another Liberal Democrat For San Diego Superior Court Judge Over Christian Conservative Republican (JHRexclusive) The James Hartline Report has uncovered new evidence that there is a major, and continuing effort, by San Diego Republican Party leaders to oppose another Christian Conservative member of their own party by endorsing a radical liberal Democrat for Superior Court Judge Seat #36. The findings of this JHReport investigation are shocking and serve to further reveal that there is little hope that the current local GOP will ever support candidates that espouse a traditional Christian viewpoint in their campaigns for elected office. The current vote tally provided by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters shows that there will be a runoff between leftist Democrat