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San Diego GOP Message To Christian Conservatives: "Give Us Your Votes, But Keep Your Morals To Yourselves!"

- A James Hartline Report Exclusive -
June 28, 2006

San Diego GOP Message To Christian Conservatives:
"Give Us Your Votes, But Keep Your Morals To Yourselves!"

Recent Activities By Local Republican Leaders Spells Doom
For Conservative Family Values Advocacy

(JHRexclusive) San Diego GOP leaders continued their march this week towards the secularization of the local Republican Party by intensifying their assault on the party's Christian Conservative majority with a number of anti-family decisions that have pushed family values voters to the brink of sitting out the 2006 November election.

San Diego Republican Mayor Nominates Lesbian As City's New Fire Chief:
Republican Councilmen Join Democrats To Confirm Nomination.

True to his commitment to the radical homosexual agenda, San Diego Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders continued his rabid support for the Democratic Party's homosexual platform by appointing lesbian Tracy Jarman as the new city fire chief ( According to, Jarman lives with her lesbian sex partner. Republican San Diego City Councilmen Kevin Faulconer, Jim Madaffer and Brian Maienschein joined the Democrat majority on the council to confirm Jarman in this highly powerful governmental position.

The California Republican Party platform on Family Values is clear in its morally conservative construction. The state party platform regarding the negativity of homosexuality is well articulated, stating:
"Recognizing the traditional model of monogamous heterosexual marriage as the only stable relationship upon which to build a society, we believe that homosexuality
should not be presented as an acceptable "alternative" lifestyle in public education
and policy. We oppose granting to homosexuals special privileges, including
marriage, domestic partnership benefits, and child custody or adoption."

It is solely based upon this platform family ideal that millions of Christian Conservatives in California remain members of the state GOP party. Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders' continued identification as a Republican while betraying the GOP platform, seems to know no bounds. Last week, preceding the appointment of lesbian Jarman as the police chief, Sanders appeared with lesbian Democratic San Diego City Councilwoman Toni Atkins at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center ( for a homosexual townhall meeting. Additionally, Sanders has appointed some of the most vociferously anti-christian homosexual activists to lead positions within his new administration:

"Sanders also has hired two of Councilwoman Toni Atkins' aides - Jeff Gattas and George Biagi. Gattas makes $112,000 annually as director of council affairs. Biagi, who joins the staff Tuesday, will be one of Sanders' spokesmen. He will make $70,000 a year."

- San Diego GOP Leaders Paving The Way For Radical Takeover
Of Local Judiciary -

Perhaps, the single most dangerous aspect of local GOP leaders involving themselves in promoting homosexuality and lesbianism in the government, is their current support for placing radical liberals on the San Diego Superior Court benches. Clearly, these attempts are designed to create confusing conflicts that will divide the political landscape, thus allowing GOP leaders to sound the war trumpets and seduce Christian Conservatives with cries of "judicial acitivism!" This doctrine of deception allows the secular GOP leaders to have their cake and eat it too. They know that these radical, pro-homosexual judges will make rulings to legalize abortion and same-sex marriage, while allowing the politicians that helped put them on the bench to claim it was the judges and not these elected officials that are doing the social reengineering.

- 2006: San Diego GOP Helping Three Radical Pro-Homosexual Activists
To Be Elected County Superior Court Judges -

There is no doubt about it: if a San Diego gay or lesbian couple decides to challenge the legality of Prop. 22 (the one man/one woman state law), and that case is assigned to Judge David Rubin's courtroom, Rubin will throw out Prop. 22. Rubin, a longterm homosexual activist who belongs to some of the most radical Democratic Party organizations in San Diego, was elected to the bench on June 6, 2006. What makes the Rubin election most horrifying for Christian Conservative Republicans, is the fact that Rubin had the endorsement and support of some of the top San Diego GOP leaders in the county ( Joining the La Raza Lawyer's Association to endorse Rubin were GOP leaders District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, Sheriff Bill Kolender, and Republican County Supervisors Ron Roberts, Greg Cox, Diane Jacob and Pam Slater-Price.

A second case of local GOP leaders embracing a radical liberal Democrat for the bench was during the recent June 6th election where Rod Shelton faced Christian Conservative Republican Larry Kincaid. Shelton, who is an affiliate member of the radical socialist group La Raza Lawyer's Association, as well as the homosexual legal group Tom Hamman Law Association, has been endorsed by local Republican leaders like La Mesa City Councilman Barry Jantz, Republican District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, Republican Sheriff Bill Kolender, former Assistant City Attorney Leslie Devaney, and GOP County Supervisors Ron Roberts, Greg Cox and Dianne Jacob.
Because Shelton only got 44% of the primary vote on June 6th, he will once again face GOP contender Larry Kincaid in the November election.

Theodore M. Weathers:
- Another Gay Activist Elected To The San Diego Superior Court -

The James Hartline Report has uncovered a third leftist Superior Court candidate that was elected during the June 6, 2006 primary, who is also a radical homosexual activist. Theodore M. Weathers was appointed by former Democratic California Governor Gray Davis to the San Diego Superior Court in 2003 ( According to the Gay and Lesbian Times, Weathers, a former board member of the radical gay group the San Diego Democratic Club (, lives with his gay sex partner and has possession of a little daughter, Elizabeth. Christian Conservatives in San Diego know that if a challenge to California's Prop. 22 comes before Weather's courtroom, Weathers will throw the law out as quickly as possible. The most disturbing aspect to the Weather's election is not his aggressive support for the most radical elements of the far left homosexual agenda. Instead, it is the fact that the local GOP leadership did not run any candidate against Weathers. Weathers had no opposing candidate, thus assuring his election to the bench!

The same can be said for the reelection of radical lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. From campaigning for a number of Democratic candidates to riding in the 2003 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade with her lesbian lover, Dumanis has violated nearly every moral clause within the state GOP Party Platform. Dumanis has, in fact, made a complete mockery of the GOP leadership and the party platform. Dumanis has attacked nearly every value that Christian Conservatives are fighting for. Yet, like the Weather's case, local GOP leaders refused to run any candidate to oppose Dumanis. In fact, local alledged conservative talk show host Rick Roberts, actively championed the relection of Dumanis.

In San Diego County, there are an estimated 1,700 churches with over one million members attending regularly. Why would the local San Diego GOP leaders, who must have these Christian Conservative voters to win elections, divorce themselves from the moral concepts that are key to this constituency?

If Christian Conservative voters in San Diego and the rest of California sit out the November 2006 election in protest of the GOP's ongoing attack on Christian voters, it will spell doomsday for many Republican candidates. What choice do these voters have? If they get nothing out of the Republican candidates then what difference does it make if the Democrat or the Republican wins. Surely a Democratic governor will sign a gay marriage law. With Republican Governor Schwarzenegger, who appointed a lesbian to the State Supreme Court, the GOP leaders will legalize gay marriage via the courts and claim it was the judiciary and not them, who acted to deconstruct 7,000 years of the marital institution. It is still all the same game, just different tactics, by both parties.

Perhaps it is time for the 1,700 San Diego churches and their one million members to start a new Christian political party. That would be more members than the Democrat and Republican Parties in San Diego....combined.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006


The James Hartline Report -
Breaking News!
June 25, 2006 (5:05pm.pst)

San Diego City Attorney Refuses To Prosecute
Retired Judge Who Committed Hate Crime
Against Local Christian Activist:
-Judge Harry Albert Best Admitted To Police That He Made
Threatening Telephone Call in June of 2005-

(JHR) Following a one year investigation by the San Diego City Attorney's Office, City Attorney Mike Aguirre has refused to prosecute a retired judge who acknowledged making a threatening telephone call in June of 2005 to local Christian activist James Hartline. Exactly one year ago today, Hartline filed a formal complaint with the San Diego Police Department after he received a recorded hate message on his home telephone that contained an extremely profane and potentially life threatening attack based on Hartline being a Christian. Cox Communications identified the telephone number where the call originated as "858-277-3242". An internet telephone search identified a person named "F Best" as the registered owner of the telephone number.

The severity of the attack based specifically on the fact that Hartline is a Christian caused the well known San Diego activist to believe that the caller's hate was at such a level that violence could insue. The recorded message stated:

"And may God f*ck you in all your endeavors. You are a sick son of a b*tch. Jesus Christ, you born again, bible bigot mother fu*kers. Somebody should really do something about you and I hope does. Sadly, we live with this new society of sick people. You are the sick version, you born again, sick fu*k Christian. You're like all the rest of the born again bigots and the facist government that now occupies Washington. How sad it is to have creatures like you, when there are good creatures out there, who are worth their weight in gold. You, unfortunately aren't worth your weight in sh*t."
End of message

James Hartline has been the victim of several death threats and physical assaults by members of the San Diego homosexual community where he lives. One such threat became the source of an international story in 2005, after World Net Daily reported that Hillquest, a San Diego gay business website, published a letter calling for the elimination of Hartline and other Christian activists like him ( Thus, when Hartline filed the police report on the June 24, 2005 threatening telephone call, local law enforcement took it seriously.

On July 20, 2005, Hartline received a letter from the San Diego District Attorney's Office informing him that their office had listed him as a crime victim as result of the June 24, 2005 police incident report #05039622. However, after two months, the district attorney's office had taken no further action on the matter. Not knowing whether the person perpetrating the threat was going to commit further and more violent hate crimes, caused Hartline to continue to pursue justice with local law enforcement. Finally, a San Diego Police detective picked up the case and after a brief investigation, called Hartline and informed him that they had identified the caller. The officer told Hartline that the perpetrator was actually a retired judge named Harry Albert Best.

Even more remarkable than the fact that a retired judge would make such a blatantly discriminatory and threatening telephone call, was the fact that the officer said that Judge Best actually admitted to him that he had made the telephone call and had threatened Hartline. Nearly nine months would pass before Hartline would again hear from investigators on the matter. On April 24, 2006, Hartline finally heard from the San Diego City Attorney's Office. City Attorney Dispute Resolution Officer Michael T. Littlefield said in a letter to Hartline:

"Our office has received a law enforcement report which states that on June 23, 2005, you were involved in an incident with Harry Albert Best, in which you were named as a crime victim. The case has been referred to the Dispute Resolution Office to look at possible alternatives to prosecution."

Two weeks later, accompanied by Wiley Jones, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, a nationally recognized Christian interest legal firm, Hartline entered into discussions with Littlefield on the Judge Best incident. Littlefield acknowledged that Best was a retired judge, but refused to provide any other information about Best or his career on the bench. During the one hour discussion, Hartline expressed his grave concerns that a former judge could commit such threats and not have been arrested after a one year investigation. Littlefield offered little insight, stating that he had no idea why he was just now getting a referral after nearly a year since the police report had been filed.

Hartline also informed Littlefield that if a Christian had made the kind of statements against a judge or a member of the homosexual community that Judge Best had made against him, that person would already have been charged and convicted. Littlefield concluded the interview with Hartline and his attorney by stating that he would attempt to meet with Best and also find out where the city attorney's office was with regards to prosecuting Best.

Two weeks later Littlefield called Hartline to inform him that the city attorney's office had declined to prosecute Judge Best. He did say that he had met with Best directly and had determined that he felt the former judge would not pose a threat to Hartline in the future.

Hartline, for his part, finds it extremely disturbing that a city attorney who prides himself on the career of Robert F. Kennedy and the civil rights movement of the 1960's, would now conveniently sweep under his prosecutorial rug the threats made by an anti-christian extremist like Judge Harry Albert Best. Hartline states, "It is religious discrimnation and hypocrisy in its most vile form."

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Major Betrayal Of San Diego Christian Conservatives Underway: Local GOP Leaders Endorse Another Liberal Democrat Over A Republican For Superior Court

- A James Hartline Report Exclusive -
"Changing The Culture One Voter At A Time"
June 16, 2006
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Major Betrayal Of San Diego Christian Conservatives Underway:
Republican Party Leadership Endorsing
Another Liberal Democrat For San Diego Superior Court Judge
Over Christian Conservative Republican

(JHRexclusive) The James Hartline Report has uncovered new evidence that there is a major, and continuing effort, by San Diego Republican Party leaders to oppose another Christian Conservative member of their own party by endorsing a radical liberal Democrat for Superior Court Judge Seat #36. The findings of this JHReport investigation are shocking and serve to further reveal that there is little hope that the current local GOP will ever support candidates that espouse a traditional Christian viewpoint in their campaigns for elected office.

The current vote tally provided by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters shows that there will be a runoff between leftist Democrat Rod Shelton and Christian Conservative Republican Larry Kincaid ( for the Superior Court Judge Seat #36. There is possibly no better example in any race from the recent June 6th primary that shows such extreme opposites in the political spectrum than the Kincaid-Shelton race. Currently, Shelton has 162,268 votes or 43.92% versus Kincaid's 104,152 votes or 28.46%. Due to the failure of both candidates to secure more than the 50% vote margin necessary to win the race outright, there will be a runoff between Kincaid and Shelton in the November, 2006 general election.

Approximately one month ago, the James Hartline Report uncovered a major deception that was being orchestrated by another liberal Democrat and his Republican supporters in the race for Superior Court Judge Seat #49. In that race, it was discovered that homosexual Democratic activist David Rubin was endorsed by leading GOP officials like Republican lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, liberal Republican Sheriff Bill Kolender, and Republican County Supervisors Dianne Jacobs, Ron Roberts and Pam Slater-Price against his GOP challenger, former District Attorney Paul Pfingst. Rubin and his homosexual lover Todd Stevens, who is a former President of the San Diego County Bar Association, are two of the most aggressive supporters for legalizing gay marriage in San Diego. They are also major partner donors with the extremely anti-christian Gay and Lesbian Center in San Diego. In an insidious attempt to deceive unsuspecting voters, Rubin paid to have his name placed on Republican flyers with other GOP conservatives to give voters the impression that he is a conservative Republican himself. Rubin has defeated Pfingst to become the next San Diego County Superior Court Judge and the consequences to Christian Conservative could not be more grave.

As a Superior Court Judge, homosexual activist David Rubin could now theoretically throw out California's Prop.22 law which declares marriage as that of between one man and one woman. The most recent example of this type of local judicial activism at work, could be seen when elected radical liberal Superior Court Judge Patricia Yim Cowett invalidated the will of 76% of San Diego voters who voted to transfer the Mt. Soledad Cross to the Federal Park Systems (

The resume of Rod Shelton, Larry Kincaid's opponent in the other superior court race, reads like a who's who of radical, leftist, anti-christian causes. According to Shelton's own resume, he is an affiliate member of some of the most extreme anti-christian, socialist groups in America. Shelton is a perfect example of why America's traditional social fabric is being raped and dismembered by judicial activism. Here are the disturbing details from a Shelton resume published by the San Diego East County Democrat Club which endorsed Shelton, who is a fellow committed liberal Democrat (


*Shelton is endorsed by the La Raza Lawyers Association of San Diego; Shelton is not only endorsed by this radical socialist group, but he also lists himself as a
member/affiliate of the group. The La Raza Lawyers Association of San Diego, for which Shelton is affiliated, is one of the most radical groups in support of OPPOSING the work of the Minuteman Project's efforts to protect American borders from illegal immigration (

*Shelton is endorsed by the Tom Homman Law Association, one of the most radical groups of homosexual and lesbian attorneys in the United States, and according to a 1999 City of Hayward Agenda Report, Tom Homman Law Association was part of the radical gay effort which opposed the voter approved Prop. 22, one man-one woman, marriage initiative
( meetings/cca/rp/1999/rp991116-05.pdf) On Shelton's resume he actually lists himself as a member-affiliate of this radical homosexual legal group.

*Shelton's resume states that he is a member of the radical, socialist, pro-gay marriage San Diego affiliate of the NAACP.

* * *
The Great San Diego GOP Betrayal

It is expected that Shelton, a liberal Democrat, would be endorsed by his fellow, liberal Democrats ( It is not a surprise that Shelton is endorsed by radical liberal Democratic Congressman Bob Filner, the radical gay group, San Diego Democratic Club, lesbian Democratic San Diego City Councilwoman Toni Atkins, and anti-Mt. soledad Cross Democrat San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre.

However, it is becoming readily clear, that alledged conservative members of the San Diego Republican Party are so opposed to the promotion of true Christian Conservatives to higher office, that they are willing to cross party lines and endorse radical Democrats in the process. Here is a list of the local San Diego County Republican Party leadership who have endorsed liberal, socialistic, Democratic Party member Rod Shelton, rather than endorsing the election of his opponent, Christian Conservative Republican Larry Kincaid for the County Superior Court:

La Mesa City Councilmember Barry Jantz
Ms. Leslie E. Devaney
San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts; San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox; San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob
District Attorney Bonnie M. DumanisSheriff William Kolender

- A James Hartline Report Exclusive -
"Changing The Culture One Voter At A Time"
June 16, 2006
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