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Linda McMahon: Another so-called Republican YOU CANNOT TRUST! Republican Connecticut candidate for senate Linda McMahon Gives $1,000's to Rahm Emanuel

Linda McMahon: Another so-called Republican YOU CANNOT TRUST! When she isn't overseeing and promoting the drug infested world of professional wrestling, Republican Connecticut senatorial candidate Linda McMahon is helping some of the most rabidly anti-christian DEMOCRATS in the United States. Linda McMahon has made millions of dollars along with her husband Vince McMahon in the drug-infested, steroid pumping, family destroying world of professional wrestling. Linda McMahon's Disturbing Campaign Contributions Linda McMahon spends $22 million on the GOP primary in Connecticut. Much like liberal, pro-abortion billionaire Meg Whitman is doing in her bid to buy the governorship in California, McMahon will spend tens of millions of dollars more in her state's general election. These heathenistic Republican corporate monsters have gotten much of their wealth from Christian customers, only to take that money and spend it on promoting immorality in pursuit of elected office where th

Queen Elizabeth's Dark Side. Queen hires leader of Take That to organize her 85th birthday party after Take That's Bestiality-themed Circus at Wembley

Queen Elizabeth's Dark Side. Queen Elizabeth hires group leader of boy band Take That to organize her 85th birthday celebration after bestiality-themed concert performed by the group in London's largest musical concert ever. The global celebration of the spirit of anti-christ launched its latest salvo against Christianity with one of the largest and most evil music events in world history: The Circus Concert by Take That. This massive concert was full of satanists paying tribute to bestiality at London's Wembley Stadium as shown in this top selling music video. Due to the concert's success, Queen Elizabeth has hired the group's leader Gary Barlow to manage her 85th birthday celebration next year and the Diamond Jubilee in 2012. In one of the most demonic musical concerts in Great Britain's history, the top selling boy band Take That launched its demonic tour "The Circus" at Wembley Stadium with a tribute to bestiality and satanism. The song being perf

The Dark Seeds of Hypocrisy: Introducing "christian" Billionaire Philip Anschutz, The Devil's Wealthy Secret Friend!

The Dark Seeds of Hypocrisy: Introducing "christian" Billionaire Philip Anschutz, The Devil's Wealthy Secret Friend! Christian Billionaire Promoting Human Embryonic Stem Cell Researcher Amgen, Gambling Casinos, and Pedophile Music King Michael Jackson - While he dupes Christians with his productions of the Chronicles of Narnia movies! Philip Anschutz has funded every powerbroker in the Republican Party, from George Bush to Rick Santorum, and from Marilyn Musgrave to giving thousands of dollars to Mormon Cult leader Mitt Romney . Anschutz has also been a member of the secretive college fraternity Sigma Chi along with numerous Mormon Cult leaders like the Jon Huntsman Clan of Utah. Anschutz, also known as the Christian billionaire, has earned his reputation as a "christian" billionaire via his funding of numerous cultural conservative initiatives like Colorado's 1992 Amendment 2, a ballot initiative designed to overturn local and state laws that prohibit dis