Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Linda McMahon: Another so-called Republican YOU CANNOT TRUST! Republican Connecticut candidate for senate Linda McMahon Gives $1,000's to Rahm Emanuel

Linda McMahon: Another so-called Republican YOU CANNOT TRUST! When she isn't overseeing and promoting the drug infested world of professional wrestling, Republican Connecticut senatorial candidate Linda McMahon is helping some of the most rabidly anti-christian DEMOCRATS in the United States.

Linda McMahon has made millions of dollars along with her husband Vince McMahon in the drug-infested, steroid pumping, family destroying world of professional wrestling.

Linda McMahon's Disturbing Campaign Contributions

Linda McMahon spends $22 million on the GOP primary in Connecticut. Much like liberal, pro-abortion billionaire Meg Whitman is doing in her bid to buy the governorship in California, McMahon will spend tens of millions of dollars more in her state's general election. These heathenistic Republican corporate monsters have gotten much of their wealth from Christian customers, only to take that money and spend it on promoting immorality in pursuit of elected office where they can enshrine pro-abortion, pro-homosexual laws - courtesy of the Republican Party. This is how the corrupt and greedy business mobsters hide under the GOP umbrella while spreading gross immorality and sidelining Evangelical Christian Conservatives.

Linda McMahon has given thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to leftist liberal Democrat Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama's White House chief of staff. In addition to funding Emanuel's foul-mouthed campaigns for congress, Linda McMahon has given big campaign contributions to pro-abortion liberals like Republican Congressman Christopher Shays, Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman and Democratic Senator Mark Warner. Hypocritical former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum loves him some Linda McMahon, calling her one tough businesswoman. Perhaps, the turncoat Santorum is soft on liberal Republican McMahon because she threw him a $250 campaign contribution way back in 1990.

Professional Wrestling: Phony! Linda McMahon: Phony!

Past Still Haunts Former WWF Ring Boy - Linda McMahon's Connection To Sexual Immorality in the professional wrestling world. Just what the U. S. Senate needs: a female Mark Foley - with just a touch of Larry Craig bathroom stall toe tapping excitement added - to further stink up congress.

In February 1992, a young WWF employee came forward with allegations he was sexually molested by company executives. Tom Cole, who was hired by the company to set-up the wrestling ring, made charges that three of his superiors made sexual advances on him from the time he was only 13 years old. Cole was recruited by Mel Phillip, a ring announcer and ring supervisor who targeted young boys from broken homes for work in the ring crew. According to Cole, Mel Phillip fondled his feet sexually and when he refused to be handled by Mel, he was denied work. Cole also made claims that Terry Garvin attempted to seduce him, and that he was fired when he refused. Pat Patterson allegedly grabbed Cole's buttocks on one occasion.

"Cole’s story garnered the attention of the mainstream media during one of the WWF’s most tumultuous periods, prompting WWF (now WWE) owner Vince McMahon (husband of Linda McMahon) to settle out of court. McMahon also promised that the two alleged perpetrators would never work for his company again and offered two years back pay to Cole, who was given his job back, only to be released again a year later. "

A multitude of evangelical leaders cried foul with the gay marriage activist ruling of homosexual federal judge Vaughn Walker. Yet, it was Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush who put Walker on the bench. Church leaders foam at the mouth in simulated shock and awe due to the abortions and same-sex marriages being promoted by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. Yet, it was Republicans and their Mormon Cult and church partners who elected these two reprobate Republican politicians. Until true, Bible-believing Christians start pursuing Jesus Christ, rather than fake credentialed Republicans as the solution to this nation's impending destruction, America will continue on a course of doomsday - Roman Empire-style.


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Well said, James

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We have a hetero rapist prowling Hillcrest and not a word from you, James? What gives?

"A registered sex offender accused of tackling a pedestrian on a Hillcrest footpath and trying to rape her pleaded not guilty Friday to five charges, including assault with intent to commit a sexual offense."