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Embryonic Stem Cell Research Financier Joins Pro-Gay Fundraiser To Host Mitt Romney San Diego Event

The James Hartline Report
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February 22, 2007

- Campaign 2008 Breaking News Update -
The Darkest Party In Town:
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Financier Joins Pro-Gay Fundraiser
To Host Mitt Romney's San Diego Campaign Event

(JHReport) Confirming what many other national conservative sources have been saying for months, the James Hartline Report has now uncovered new evidence which indicates that the pro-life "make-over" of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is nothing more than a cover for an extremely radical and liberal philosophy.

A San Diego Republican Party operative recently contacted the James Hartline Report with a list of influential Romney supporters who are hosting a March 16, 2007 San Diego fundraiser for Romney's presidential campaign. After thoroughly investigating the backgrounds of a number of those who are hosting the Romney fundraiser in San Diego, the James Hartline Report has obtained information which may send political shockwaves throughout GOP circles and could permanently affect the outcome of the presidential race.

The following information is from the Romney fundraising invitation on March 16th which is being circulated via email to certain Republican Party members and other GOP insiders:

Host Committee
Friday, March 16, 2007
Manchester Grand Hyatt
America’s Cup Room
One Market Place, San Diego, California 92101
VIP Photo Reception 12:00 noon
Contribution: $2,300 per person
Luncheon 12:30 p.m.
Contribution: $1,000 per person
Save the Date: Friday, March 16, 2007
Paid for by Romney for President, Inc.
Host Committee
Daryl and Bob Allen * Linda and John Alexander, M.D.
Terry and Mike Armstrong * Sandy and Albert Bertha
Gigi and Ed Cramer * Chris Crane
Millie and Gunder * Creager Rebecca and James Davies, M.D.
Sheree and Frank Gaughan * Sue and Bob Giramma
Shelley and Jeff Hawkes * Robert Hertzka, M.D.
Becky and Don Higgins on * Anne and David Jacinto
Laurie and Dirk Jorgensen * Fran and Bill Johnson
Jacki Lake * Jessie Knight
Candese and John Marchese * Karen and Kent McBeth
Ginny and Marshall Merrifield * Edward Mracek
Josie and James Myers * Emily and Patrick Ord
Jean and Hon. Ron Packard * Kim and Troy Romero
Laurie and Matt Romney * Valerie and Gary Sabin
Candy and Ken Satterlee * Jan and John Smoot, M.D.
Monetta and Wendell Smoot M.D. * Senator Mark Wyland
Julie and Jonathan Bullen * Roberta and Malin Burnham
Laurie and Kelly Burt * Silvija and Brian Devine
Marilyn and Kim Fletcher * Dr. Dieter Kuster
Betsy and Papa Doug Manchester * Margaret and John Ord
Randie and Leon Reinhart * Meg and Eric Roach
For further information, please contact Karolyn Dorsee at 858/756-2027
Dorsee Productions -P. O. Box 455, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
fax: 858/756-2597 or email:

Mitt Romney, a lifelong member of the Mormon Church, has always seemed to be a walking contradiction. According to an article written by Mike Allen for Time Magazine, Romney's family has long been a part of the Mormon Church's elite. Perhaps, this could explain why a great majority of the individuals listed on the San Diego hosting committee for the Romney fundraiser are wealthy Mormons. For the past two decades Mitt Romney was fanatically committed to promoting abortion rights, and while governor of Massachusetts, did nothing to stop his state from issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Many were puzzled how a lifelong Mormon could be so liberal on basic moral issues. Just as confusing as his liberal record demonstrates, Romney mysteriously began to present himself as a new convert to being pro-life and anti-gay marriage right after the 2004 elections. Many are questioning the sincerity of Romney's newly constructed conservative credentials. What the James Hartline Report has found in researching the host committee for Romney's San Diego fundraiser may well prove too much for Romney's conservative "makeover" artists to overcome.

Major Embryonic Stem Cell Research Financier
Part of Host Committee
For "Pro-Life" Mitt Romney Fundraiser in San Diego, California

Most true conservatives have felt that it was only a matter of time before Mitt Romney returned to his truthful allignment with the left when it comes to the issue of abortion and embryonic stem cell research. In a shocking display of repugnant hypocrisy, the San Diego hosting committee for Romney's March 16, 2007 campaign fundraiser includes one of the biggest financiers for the embryonic stem cell industry. What makes that revelation even more distasteful is the fact that Romney has stated the reason he converted to being pro-life is the fact that human embryos are so easily killed during embryonic stem cell research. Here is how Romney recently described his pro-life converstion:

He describes himself as pro-life, argues that Roe v. Wade should be replaced with state abortion regulations, and cites the science he studied amid a legislative debate over embryonic stem cell research as the basis for his position.
Romney says his moment of illumination about the immorality of abortion came two years ago during a meeting with an embryonic stem cell researcher.
"The comment was made that this really wasn't a moral issue, because the embryos were terminated or destroyed at 14 days," Romney said during a recent campaign stop in Mount Pleasant, S.C., in a reprise of other recent explanations of his thinking on abortion.

Enter Malin Burnham: Host Committee member for the San Diego Romney fundraiser; major financier for the California embryonic stem cell industry.

Although he has recently attempted to revamp his public persona to appear pro-life, Romney's historical pro-abortion fanaticism is now being renewed via one member on the hosting committee for his March 16, 2007 San Diego presidential fundraiser. One of the individuals hosting Romney in San Diego has been one of the most dedicated financial contributors to embryonic stem cell research in California. This individual is wealthy San Diego businessman Malin Burnham. Malin Burnham gave $50,000 to Prop. 71, the 2004 California initiative that authorized spending $6 billion in public funds for a state embryonic stem cell research enterprise that will eventually kill multiple thousands of growing human babies during unproven and wasteful medical experiments.

Take a look at the documentation for the Prop. 71 initiative contributions from Malin Burnham:


Malin Burnham is one of the most fanatical supporters of exterminating human embryos for embryonic stem cell experimentation. Burnham further demonstrated his commitment to the the destruction of human embryos for medical experimentation purposes during a 2005 meeting with the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). CIRM was established by the passage of Prop. 71 to administrate for the state the taxpayer-funded embryonic stem cell organization. The following transcript from that meeting in 2005 details Malin Burnham's comments on embryonic stem cell research:


And What About That Pro-Gay Romney Host Committee Fundraiser?

It Get's Worse - Much Worse: The castastrophic information now coming forth regarding the Malin Burnham-Embryonic Stem Cell-Romney relvelations are not the only trouble spots for the Romney "family values" charade. Take for example the woman who is coordinating the San Diego event for Romney, Karolyn Dorsee. Karolyn Dorsee has made a career out of promoting and raising campaign funds for pro-abortion and pro-gay California candidates. Take a look at what one San Diego homosexual activist recently said about Dorsee in his column in the Gay and Lesbian Times:

While attending a San Diego luncheon with pro-abortion California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger, transvestite homosexual activist Nicole Murray Ramirez said this of Karolyn Dorsee: "I recently went to the very beautiful and exclusive Grand Del Mar, which was the site of a very intimate lunch with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and special guest George Schultz, the former secretary of state. In attendance with me were Bob Lehman and Tom Felkner of GLBT (Gay and Lesbian) Vote 2006. A special thank you to one of my favorite ladies, Karolyn Dorsee, a friend of mine who is one of the top movers and shakers on the West Coast. She made sure we were treated like true VIPs – or queens, if you’d prefer! Every time I meet Gov. Schwarzenegger I am more impressed because he is down to earth and tells it like it is. While as a gay man and a Latino I do not agree with the governor on all of our issues, I do believe he is the best candidate to lead our state forward."

While Romney is desperately attempting to cause conservative voters to forget about his long history of abortion and homosexual activism while serving as Governor of Massachusetts, the fact that he has hired Dorsee to handle his fundraising event in California is sure to destroy much of the false "family values" image that he has recently attempted to create. Among many of Dorsee's long list of abortion and gay-friendly clients in the last two decades are pro-abortion Governor Pete Wilson and pro-gay Republican San Diego mayoral candidate Steve Francis. Here is what the San Diego Union Tribune reported about the relationship between pro-gay civil unions candidate Steve Francis and Dorsee:

"Backers of business executive Steve Francis announced in an e-mail that he has hired a "campaign dream team" and put $500,000 of his own money into a campaign account. His team includes George Gorton, a political adviser to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Gov. Pete Wilson; political consultant Joe Shumate; Republican media guru Don Sipple, whose clients have included Wilson, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Schwarzenegger; former Bush campaign spokeswoman Mindy Tucker Fletcher; and veteran San Diego fundraiser Karolyn Dorsee."

Former California Governor Pete Wilson is perhaps the single biggest point in the state's history for paving the way for the liberalization of the state Repubican Party. As a committed supporter of abortion rights, Wilson surrounded himself with likeminded abortion supporters. That is what makes the relationship between Wilson and Dorsee extremely problematic for the newly proclaimed pro-life label being worn by Mitt Romey. Here is what Union Tribune columnist Diane Bell said about the Wilson-Dorsee relationship in her April 4, 2006 column:

"Throughout much of Wilson's political career, the former governor was assigned a driver. But Wilson himself was behind the wheel when his longtime fundraiser Karolyn Dorsee and former staffers Kathy Holladay and Cathy Poncabare needed a lift from their hotel to the party. “It was a strange feeling,” says Dorsee . ."

Dorsee's involvement with candidates has also benefited one of the most aggressive pro-abortion, pro-gay Democrats in San Diego history. During Barbara Switzer Groth's 2002 campaign for the San Dieguito Union High School District, both Dorsee and liberal San Diego City Councilman Scott Peters endorsed Switzer-Groth's campaign ( Peters and his wife are huge financial donors to the San Diego County Planned Parenthood organization. Thanks to the endorsements of Karolyn Dorsee and Scott Peters, Switzer-Groth was elected to the school board. Returning the favor, Groth then endorsed Democrat Scott Peters for reelection to the city council in 2004 ( Peter's went on to oppose saving the Mt. Soledad Cross, he declared a day of honor in the city for the retiring CEO of the county Planned Parenthood organization, and he forced the city to celebrate the San Diego Gay Pride festival in 2006.

- Dark Money, From San Diego To New England -

The Commonwealth PAC

They always say, "Follow the money," if you want to find out where a candidate's heart and soul really lie. Here is what Romney said about abortion during his 1994 senatorial campaign against Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy:

"Romney ran against Senator Edward M. Kennedy in 1994. During a debate, Romney declared: 'I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country. I have since the time that my mom took that position when she ran in 1970 as a US Senate candidate. I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years we should sustain and support it.' "

While Romney is attempting to diffuse his lifetime of support for abortion rights by new claims of being pro-life, his recent financial campaign records reveal more about his current thoughts on supporting abortion than anything else. Romney has raised millions of dollars via a political action committee called The Commonwealth PAC ( Amazingly, a number of the individuals listed on the San Diego hosting committee for the Romney San Diego fundraiser are also listed as donors to Romney's Commonwealth PAC (

Jonathan Bullen,$5,000; Robert Allen, $5,000; Frank Gaughan $5,000; Sheree Gaughan, $5,000; Randlyn Reinhart, $5,000; Gary Sabin, $5,000; John Alexander II, $5,000; Daryl Allen, $5,000; Christopher Crane, $5,000; Dieter Kuster, $5,000; Marshall Merrifield, $5,000; Virginia Merrifield, $5,000; John Ord, $5,000; Laurie Romney, $5,000; Matthew Romney, $5,000; Valerie Sabin, $5,000; Kenneth Satterlee, $5,000; Julie Bullen, $5,000; Bill Johnson, $2,000; John Smoot, $1,000;

Further evidence proving a pattern of dishonesty on the part of Romney's family values charade is revealed by the distribution of funds from The Commonwealth PAC. While Romney is claiming to be supportive of traditional marriage in America, his refusal to intervene in the gay marriage debacle in Massachusetts during his governorship demonstrates his clear weakness in defense of conservative family values. In fact, Romney not only sought out the endorsement of the extremist homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans when he ran for governor, but he published an endorsement letter during his senatorial campaign (

Romney's Commonwealth PAC further disputes Romney's new pro-traditional marriage claims. For example, The Commonwealth PAC gave Ohio Senator Mike DeWine $3,000 in the summer of 2006. DeWine refused to support his own state's amendent to ban gay marriage which greatly contributed to his defeat in the 2006 general election.

Romney's Commonwealth PAC also gave $2,000 to rabidly pro-homosexual Republican Congresswoman Deborah Pryce for her 2006 reelection bid. The gay activist group Log Cabin Republicans called Pryce one of their allies in 2006 ( and endorsed her in 2004 (

Demonstrating even more ethics problems in the Romney camp, his Commonwealth PAC gave convicted Republican Congressman Bob Ney $1,000 on June 28, 2006, months after it was clear that Ney was going to be convicted for crimes that ultimately sent him to prison (

Whether America decides to forgoe more of the same flip-flopping and deceptive politics cominng from Mitt Romney remains to be seen. Whether America has had enough of the same old stale political menu that has given recent presidential campaigns the likes of John Kerry, Bill Clinton and now Mitt Romney also remains to be seen. One thing is for sure though, America will only change what it can no longer tolerate.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Is San Diego's Gay Community Experiencing God's Judgment - Violence, Disease & Death Overwhelming Local Gay Community

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
February 20, 2007

Is San Diego's Gay Community Experiencing God's Judgment?
Tremendous Surge Of Violence, Disease and Death Overwhelms Community
As Gay Leaders Continue Promoting Pornography and Attacks on Christians

JHReport - According to a recent Newsweek poll, 92% of Americans believe in God ( How each American reflects their respective belief in God seems to ebb and flow with the various troubles in the culture at the time. Prior to the 9/11 attacks, church attendance and growth was fairly stagnant in America. One well-known minister in San Diego, California, has stated that his congregation's attendance jumped considerably after the World Trade Center catastrophe in 2001. However, he emphasizes that the upsurge in church attendance was shortlived. Shortly after the dark and fearful days of 9/11, church attendance at many local churches returned to pre-9/11 numbers.

Many Americans will not give any credence to what the Bible says regarding God's laws or the consequences for rebelling against God's established order and commandments. What would happen if an entire community rebelled against God and decided to make all of their decisions based upon a godless/secular ideology? Does the Bible warn America about taking such a path? It now appears that one San Diego community is finding out just what happens when they make such a decision.

Hillcrest is a mid-size community in the city of San Diego, California. Known for its ethnic restaurants and lavicious hair salons, Hillcrest is ground zero for much of San Diego's gay activism. It is also a neighborhood that has cast aside all Biblically-based values for a moral compass that is set by the minds of those who think they can do without any laws based upon traditional American values. What are the consequences for Hillcrest when the neighborhood's moral directions are controlled by a homosexual population that moved in and took over the community two decades ago? The following story will paint a far different picture then the positive one often portrayed by local gay-friendly media outlets. In fact, things are so different that many concerned citizens may be moved to ask themselves, "Is God's judgment underway in Hillcrest?"

Hillcrest: A Community In Chaos

American citizens find no pleasure in the demise of any group of people. Throughout its long and storied history, America's brave military, with the backing of its national citizenry, has sacrificed great amounts of its own blood to save other nations, communities and movements. The compassion of America seems to know no bounds. In fact, most men and women who are incarcerated in American prisons are compassionately treated better than most of the law-abiding citizens living in the foreign countries liberated by U.S. soldiers.

What you are about to read is the tale of an American community that threw away traditional norms. It is the story of an American homosexual stronghold in San Diego, California called Hillcrest. From daily attacks on Christianity to promoting pornography among young teenagers, Hillcrest's gay population has rejected all Biblical values which have been the driving force behind America's greatness. Gay sex clubs, pornographic book stores and social service centers promoting homosexuality now outnumber churches and schools in Hillcrest. You will almost never find a practitioner of homosexuality or lesbianism in the Hillcrest area who will criticize the sexual anarchy that has taken over this once conservative military neighborhood. The consequences for a community that has embraced a radical ideology of sexual anarchy and self-endulgence is beginning to become very clear. For the outside observer who looks into the heart and soul of Hillcrest, a fatalistic portrait of a neighborhood bent on self-extermination is being revealed.

While the vast majority of Hillcrest's gay population rejects the Bible, it may prove useful to them to at least consider what the Bible has to say about the self-destructive choices they are making. The Book of Deuteronomy reveals the high cost to a community or group of people who reject God's commandments and laws:

"But if you refuse to listen to the Lord your God and do not obey all the commands and laws I am giving you today, all of these curses will come and overwhelm you: You will be cursed with confusion and disillusionment in everything you do, until at last you are completely destroyed for doing evil and forsaking me. The Lord will send diseases among you until none of you are left in the land you are about to enter and occupy. The Lord will strike you with wasting disease, fever, and inflammation. These devastations will pursue you until you die. The Lord will cause you to be defeated by your enemies. You will be oppressed and robbed continually, and no one will come to save you." Deuteronomy Chapter 28

Is Hillcrest suffering the judgment that God says in Deuteronomy will occur for rejecting His laws? You be the judge as you read the sad tale of Hillcrest's demise.

1997: The Year of Cunanan's Hell

If ever there was a human face that revealed the darker spiritual dynamics that permeate the landscape of the modern homosexual movement in America, then that face belongs to Andrew Cunanan. In 1997, America was terrorized by Andrew Cunanan, a male prostitute turned serial killer. Cunanan called the San Diego gay community of Hillcrest his home turf. Fearing that he had been infected with the AIDS virus during his long and twisted involvement with the homosexual S & M leather community, Cunanan went into a calamitous tailspin in 1997. That year, Cunanan's insidious slide into insanity took a hellish turn resulting in the murder of five men. At the end of Cunanan's unhappy gay life, he committed suicide aboard a Miami houseboat. (

During Cunanan's murder spree, the nation was rivited on San Diego, California. When news reporters began to question residents of Hillcrest, the public quickly learned just how much fear was festering in the hearts of San Diego's gay and lesbian community. Once national news sources reported on Cunanan's suicide, fear turned back to the routine preoccupation with sexual gratification that guides a great deal of momentum within Hillcrest's social dynamic.

Pulpits throughout America have issued warning after warning about the consequences for engaging in homosexuality. Members of San Diego's homosexual population have heard it all: the early death, the disease, the oppression, all to no avail. For over two decades, Christian leaders have been pleading with political leaders to put a stop to the insidious quest by gay activists who are seducing America's youth into experimenting with homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism. Not only have such pleadings and warnings fallen on deaf ears, but extremely liberal politicians have partnered with gay activists to create laws allowing these same gay activists to have full acess to America's youth for indoctrination purposes.

There was a time in the United States when the drive to indoctrinate America's youth into embracing homosexuality was being restricted to sex education programs within the public educational system. Those days are over. San Diego, California is perhaps one of the clearest examples of just how bad the hostile takeover of America's youth by radical gay activists has become. Just eight years after the Andrew Cunanan killing spree, the San Diego Gay Pride organization became embroiled in one of the biggest sexual predator scandals in American history. After a lengthy investigation by the James Hartline Report in 2005, the world learned that the San Diego Gay Pride organization had hired at least five dangerous registered sex offenders to work or volunteer for its 2005 gay pride festival and parade. One of those offenders was Martin Ramirez, a pedophile who peforms under the name "Marty the Clown". Ramirez was hired that year to perform in the San Diego Gay Pride Children's Garden where he entertained children as young as two years of age. Shockingly, this was not the first year that Ramirez had been hired for that position (;bp=t).

The 2005 San Diego Gay Pride/Pedophile scandal was so horrific that for the first time in eleven years the San Diego City Council did not issue a citywide proclamation to honor the annual pornographic parade and festival ( Americans held their collective breaths in anticipation that the San Diego Gay Pride organization would make the changes necessary to protect children from the pornography and male prostitution that is regularly promoted during the event each year. America's collective breath was quickly exhaled in 2006, as it was made clear that the organization was more determined than ever to continue its drive to pursue further involvement of youth in their pornographic events.

During the San Diego City Council hearing on July 25, 2006, over 90 gay activists and their supporters showed up to influence the council's decision to issue a proclamation to honor the San Diego Gay Pride organization and its annual events. Rather than acknowledge the terrible decisions that the group had made the previous year when San Diego Gay Pride had hired the network of sex offenders, the multitude of gay activists used the city council hearing to lambast Christians opposed to the pornographic gay pride events. In speech after speech, gay and lesbian gay pride promoters attacked Christians and their beliefs. It had now become perfectly clear that there would be no repentence on the part of those gay leaders who have been so determined to continue their rabid quest to indoctrinate San Diego's youth into their crusade of sexual anarchy.

You can watch the San Diego Gay Pride city council hearing from July 25, 2006 by logging onto the San Diego City Council website: and Click VIEW VIDEO on July 25, 2006.

Several days later, the San Diego Gay Pride Festival turned from a celebration of homosexuality and pornography into a tragic blood bath as several gay males were severely beaten outside of the gay pride festival grounds ( The assaults were so severe that one of the victims, Oscar Foster, remained in intensive care for two weeks due to a fractured skull and mutilple facial injuries. Baseball bats and a knife were used in the horrific attacks. James Allen Carroll received eleven years in prison for attempted murder on the victims after accepting a plea bargain with prosecutors. Two other adult attackers also received lengthy prison terms for their roles in the heinous attacks.

Following the horrific gay pride festival beatings, San Diego's homosexual community responded with a massive rally in support of the six men who were beaten. Hundreds turned out for the rally in Hillcrest ( During the rally, calls for increased promotion of hate crimes legislation were followed by the presentation of a $35,000 check from the Gay and Lesbian Center to alledgely be used to stop crimes they deemed to be instigated by hate.

The violence erupting out of the 2006 Gay Pride festival was a continuation of what has now become a long and dark period of chaos inside of San Diego neighborhoods where homosexuality is being promoted and embraced ( According to a November 9, 2006 Gay and Lesbian Times article, the violence in the Hillcrest area has become so bad that 33 robberies occurred during a recent ninety-day period of time in the neighborhood ( The Gay and Lesbian Center, one of the biggest proponents of the pornographic businesses in the Hillcrest area, claims that the number of victims could be much higher due to active military members who may not report being robbed out of fear they would be kicked out of the military for being involved in homosexuality.

Recognizing the severity of the violent war that has now spread throughout these areas, Lesbian Councilwoman Toni Atkins has begun supporting the formation of Stonewall Citizen's Patrol, a homosexual civilian neighborhood watch group. While Atkins and other homosexual leaders are at the ready to defend San Diego's gay neighborhoods from further attacks, there is virtually nothing being said about the continuous immoral campaign against young teens by pornographers inside of the San Diego Gay Pride events. Further hypocrisy surrounding this crisis is demonstrated by the attacks launched almost daily by San Diego gay activists against Christians and Catholic causes (

One of the most putrid examples of local gay attacks on religious enterprises can be seen coming from a group calling itself the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence". The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is an organization that includes men who dress up as Catholic Nuns and who perform some of the most vile and disgusting acts imaginable. Last year, the group could be seen marching in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade ( While most Christians and Catholics consider the actions of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to be blasphemous, the San Diego Gay Pride organization fully accepts the group's immoral behavior. In doing so, leaders of the San Diego Gay Pride and the homosexual community's leaders have completely rejected any of the Bible's condemnation for such acts.

While there may not be any apparent moral conviction for embracing such anti-christian discrimination, is it possible that these same gay leaders will ever consider that their actions are reaping a judgment from God on their community? Is it actually possible that God is angry with their mockery of the Bible that has become a cornerstone of the gay community in San Diego? If so, will there be any reconsideration by San Diego's gay community for their anti-god, anti-christian behaviors? Is Hillcrest being warned by God? What will happen if they don't heed such warnings?

Although leaders of the San Diego homosexual movement have rejected any Biblical references to homosexuality and lesbianism as being a sin, perhaps it is time for them to rethink their conclusions. The Bible teaches a premise that the wages for sin include death. While most in the gay community reject that premise, is it possible, that in doing so, they could be wrong? Is it possible that God does judge those that harm children? Is it possible that God is now judging San Diego's homosexual community for its continued promotion of rebellion against the Bible?

The following timeline report just might move some of San Diego's gay activists and their governmental partners to reconsider their conclusions about the Bible. Maybe, just maybe, they will ask themselves this very serious question:

"Has God Begun To Judge San Diego's Gay Community?"

A Shocking Timeline Report of San Diego Gay Community Trajedies.

2006: The Year of the Mocker - The Year of Violence

One of the most vocal mockers of Christianity in San Diego is gay activist and transvestite Nicole Murray Ramirez. Ramirez is a disturbing example of the terrible hypocrisy that reigns in San Diego's city hall. Ramirez is a male transvestite who dresses up as a Catholic Nun to mock the Catholic Church. When he is not calling bingo numbers at a gay bar called Bourbon Street, Ramirez is promoting xxx gay pornography and gay male nudist contests ( In one of the great immoral charades in California, Ramirez is a member of the San Diego Police Department's Gay and Lesbian Advisory Board. Additionally, while Ramirez is constantly launching attacks against Christians who oppose the gay agenda, he has been given the chairmanship of San Diego's Human Relations Commission where he is alledgedly fighting discrimination in the city (

Ramirez perhaps best defines the confusion that runs rampant in San Diego's civic affairs. In a city that has recently seen three city councilmen indicted for taking bribes from a strip club owner, San Diego is also proving to be a fertile environment for the tragic events occuring inside of its local gay community. Here are just a few of the horrible crimes and tragedies that have occurred in recent times in San Diego's gay community:

DIED: Mandy Schultz, 33, former executive director of San Diego Gay Pride, from injuries sustained in an apparent car accident. She had been missing for five weeks when her body and wrecked car were found October 29, 2001 outside of San Diego.

RESIGNED: Valerie Stallings, a longtime friend of the San Diego gay community, resigns from City Council after being found guilty of misdemeanor offenses of accepting gifts from the owner of the Padres ball team and not reporting them on her taxes. Nine years earlier Stallings defeated anti-gay councilman Bruce Henderson.

DIED: Ernest Green, a member of the Board of the Gay and Lesbian Center and a well-known local transvestite entertainer using the name of Cherie, dies of a heart attack shortly after performing in a benefit drag show at the Hole, a gay bar in the Loma Portal area of San Diego. The show is a fundraiser for the Harvey Milk/Tom Homann Student Scholarship.

ABUSED: More than 200 gay and lesbian youth aged 14 to 24 attend “The Other Prom,” the annual dance held at the Gay and Lesbian Center to promote homosexuality among young teenagers. Students from high schools throughout San Diego are encouraged to come to this dark event in Hillcrest.

DIED: The owner of two porn-promoting gay businesses, Club Montage and Rebar, John McCusker, 31, dies suddenly of cardiac arrest in 2005. His death makes national news when the Catholic bishop of San Diego refuses his family the right to have a Catholic funeral mass in any Catholic church in San Diego diocese. McCusker funded many groups which indoctrinate youth into accepting homosexuality at the same time that he allowed his business to be used for the gay porn industry. The autopsy report revealed that McCusker had ingested large amounts of amphetamines and oxycontin and alcohol.

FIRED: A 22 year-old camp intern, Joan MacQueen, at the Cuymaca Outdoor School in Descanso is fired in 2005 for discussing and promoting lesbianism with sixth grade little girls.

ATTACKED: August 21, 2006 - Double-barrel shotgun pulled on lesbian in Ocean Beach and three more crimes against gay men reported in Hillcrest, North Park area.

DIED: June 19, 2005 - Male transvestite Patricio Gonzalez died after injecting industrial silicone into his body at a San Diego gay "pumping party". Silicone is injected into males to give them "female" attributes when they are trying to impersonate women. The silicone supplier is still on the run from law enforcement.

ATTACKED: February 15, 2006 - Matthew James Witt was charged with mayhem and assault after stabbing Danny Player outside of Hamburger Mary's, a homosexual restaurant and gay bar in Hillcrest.

DIED: December 30, 2005 - Scott Alan Wood, age 42, drowned in the middle of the night at Club San Diego, a gay sex club in the heart of Hillcrest.

DIED: February 1, 2005 - Maria Plesencia was found dead in her home from a diabetic coma. Only 46 years of age, Plesencia was a feminist activist and executive vice-president of the radical homosexual group, the San Diego Democratic Club.

FIRED: July, 2006 - Five registered sex offenders, including pedophile Marty the Clown, are eventually fired from the San Diego Gay Pride organization after national outrage forced the group to take action. For weeks, San Diego Gay Pride refused to get rid of the sex offenders, and it was only after their parade and festival were almost cancelled that they finally conceded.

DIED: November 17, 2005 - Vanessa Facen, a male living as a female, died inside of a San Diego jailhouse after numerous violent outbursts against the San Diego Police Department. On Nov. 17th, San Diego sheriff's deputies found Facen naked and completely covered in blood at a Spring Valley home. After being released from a local hospital, Facen's violence again landed him in custody where he later died.

DISEASE OUTBREAK: November 10, 2005 - Syphillis rates skyrocket in San Diego's gay community. Robert Gunn, STD control officer for San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Agency, said San Diego most likely has surpassed 2004’s rate with 212 cases estimated for 2005, representing a 56 percent increase from last year. He attributed the syphilis rate increase to more and more HIV-positive men having unprotected sex with each other.
“They’re doing unprotected sex because they figure they got HIV. ‘[They say] so what’s the big deal? What can I get now?’” Gunn said.

METH EPIDEMIC: October 12, 2005 - Town hall meeting held at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center to address what the Gay and Lesbian Times called, "Crystal meth wreaks havoc on GLBT community," in a late 2005 article.

VIOLENCE IN GAY COMMUNITY: September 22, 2005 - Gay and Lesbian Times reports that Douglas Pastor, a Hillcrest resident, reached a settlement in a civil trial where he was seeking damages from a beating by local musician Raymond Mawhinney. Pastor's injuries included a broken jaw, broken nose and a crushed right cheekbone.

DRUG OVERDOSE: July 17, 2005 - Paramedics and San Diego Police were called to Club San Diego, a Hillcrest gay sex club where they retrieved a 25 year-old male wearing only a white towel at 2:29am. The male appeared to have overdosed on drugs and was rushed to an area hospital and later released. No police report was filed.

HILLCREST MALE DANCER ARRESTED: June 14, 2004 - Keven Lee Graff, a former marine turned gay escort and stripper was arrested for beheading screenwriter Robert Lees and stabbing to death Dr. Morley Engelson. Lees worked on such films as Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Graff was featured on a 2002 cover of the Gay and Lesbian Times when the publication featured an article on the gay circuit party scene. Graff was a mainstay in the San Diego gay bar scene where he worked as an exotic dancer.

Hillcrest: On The Verge Of Self-Extermination

No one will take pleasure in the great demise of the community of Hillcrest. It's own self-destruction over the past several years leaves most observers trying to find someway of addressing the real insanity and self-extermination that has overtaken San Diego's gay community. Most elected officials have used San Diego's gay community like a political prostitute. After getting votes and money, elected officials have paid Hillcrest's gay leaders with special rights, privileges and their very own annual gay pride porn festival. Yet, when it has come to picking up the discarded pieces from the community's crazed war against its own citizen's, these Hillcrest political "johns" are nowhere to be found.

While leaders of the gay community have routinely mocked and attacked Christians for standing up to the homosexual socialistic agenda, they may find out one day that it is those same Christians who are the only ones with real concern for the damage that San Diego's gay activists have tragically inflicted upon themselves and their community.
*Photos in this article are of gay San Diego serial killer Andrew Cunanan, Hillcrest male dancer turned killer Keven Graff, and gay pride attempted murder James Allen Carroll

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

JHReport - One Lone Warrior Stands Up - Christian Activist James Hartline Repeatedly Attacked During San Diego School Board Meeting

The James Hartline Report
-On The Frontlines Of The Culture War-
February 14, 2007

One Lone Warrior Stands Up:
Christian Activist James Hartline Repeatedly Attacked
At San Diego School District Board Meeting

"Why do the heathen rage, and
the people imagine a vain thing?"
Psalm 2:1

JHReport - Religious discrimination is alive and well in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). Not only is such religious discrimination alive and well, but it is thriving thanks to the anti-christian bigotry of the school district's boardmembers who are enabling and fostering an atmosphere of hostility towards Christian values in San Diego's public school system.

On Tuesday, February 13, 2007, boardmembers of the SDUSD allowed their regularly scheduled boardmeeting to turn into a hate-filled attack session against Christian activist James Hartline. One district employee at the meeting shook her head in disbelief as she watched attack after attack launched against Hartline and others who uphold Christian values in the culture. James Hartline appeared at the February 13th meeting to speak out against the five-year renewal of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School (SDCCS) ( During Hartline's speech, approximately 200 adults and children affiliated with the charter school continuously interrupted him with boos and name-calling. At one point, Hartline had to stop his speech to wait for the disrespectful audience to quiet down. At no time during Hartline's speech did any member of the school board try to stop the audience's jeering attacks against him.

Last year, a national firestorm of controversy was started when James Hartline reported that the San Diego Cooperative Charter School was participating in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade ( Wendy Ranck-Buhr, the charter school's principal, added further fuel to the scandal by rebuffing all demands that she stop forcing young children to participate in the pornographic parade. The San Diego Gay Pride Parade features a multitude of xxx pornographers, male escort services, degrading transvestites and other morally repugnant activities ( Since Ranck-Buhr insists that she will continue to defy common sense protection for her students from the pornographic activities that occur during the gay parade, Hartline insists that he will continue his campaign to force the San Diego Unified School District to take action against her and the charter school.

Yesterday, Hartline stood as one lone speaker on behalf of protecting the charter school's students from being exposed to the pornographic images that they will see as a result of their school's participation in San Diego's gay pride events. Hartline told the school board that there should be a real concern about other ideas being planted into the impressionable minds of the school's students by staff who endorse their school's participation in the gay pride parade.

Principal Wendy Ranck-Buhr packed the February 13, 2007 school board meeting with an extremely large number of supporters. One charter school supporter at the meeting was Stephen Whitburn. Whitburn, a well known homosexual activist, is also president of the San Diego Democratic Club, a radical political organization seeking to legalize gay marriage ( When addessing the board in support of the school's charter renewal, Whitburn stated that the school is encouraging a "more enlightened generation." Whitburn's other declarations about the school, included, "'s all about diversity!" Apparently, neither Ranck-Buhr or Whitburn include tolerance for Christian Conservative values when articulating their vision for the small children who attend San Diego Cooperative Charter School. The charter school includes kindergarten through eighth grade (

Two of the San Diego Unified School District boardmembers are Republicans who ran for office on platforms of family values and protecting children. It now appears that Mitz Lee and Luis Acle, the two Republicans, forgot to bring those values with them after they were elected. In supporting the radicalized proponents of the gay-friendly charter school, Lee and Acle joined the three other school boardmembers and unanimously granted renewal of the school's charter. At no time during the hearing, did any of the school district's boardmembers raise questions or concerns with the charter school's staff members about the school's participation in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade or how the event's pornographic activities were effecting children during the parade. In 2005, the San Diego Gay Pride organization was embroiled in a national scandal when it was learned that they had at least five registered sex offenders working with the group. One of those individuals was "Marty the Clown," a registered pedophile. Marty the Clown was employed in the San Diego Gay Pride Children's Garden (;bp=t).

James Hartline was not the only person targeted by the school's liberal agents. During a speech on behalf of the school's charter renewal, one speaker also condemned the pro-life activists who regularly protest on a public sidewalk outside of the building housing the charter school. San Diego Cooperative Charter School shares a building with one of San Diego's most notorious abortion clinics. The charter school chose to move into that building even though they knew that Family Planning Associates was operating an abortion mill at that location (

Upon concluding the 5-0 vote in favor of granting a five-year renewal of the charter for SDCCS, the school board continued to allow attacks against James Hartline. During a subsequent speech relating to the school's financing and bids to relocate the charter school, another speaker spoke disparagingly of Hartline. Again, not one boardmember intervened to stop the charter school's bigoted attacks against James Hartline.

Most Christians and a majority of San Diego taxpayers would be shocked to find out that they are paying for this charter school. The radical and socialistic agenda of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School is clear. The idea that they are willing to proudly march small children into a parade featuring xxx pornographers and male strippers under the guise of the school's "cultural programs" is a clear indication of the potential propaganda being introduced into the minds of the school's vulnerable students.

Something is very wrong with a school system that allows bigoted attacks against Christians, yet approves of an elementary school principal who has her school marching in a gay parade that features xxx pornographic businesses.

As Hartline prepared to exit the board room, one person employed with the school district smiled at him and stated, "Well, you gave it your best try."

Hartline replied, "Oh, don't worry, I'm just getting started!"

James Hartline, for his part, is encouraging every parent, church youth leader and other concerned citizens to show up for an upcoming school board meeting to speak out against the participation of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School in the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

"It's time that the school board makes a decision to prevent its students from being exposed to pornographic businesses by radical teachers and principals. Having an elementary school march in a gay parade is not why the taxpayers are funding the public school system," states Hartline.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

James Hartline Report Exclusive -- Log Cabin Republicans: America's Political Termites

The Log Cabin Republicans - America's Political Termites:

Liberal Gay Activist Infestation Is Destroying
GOP Conservative Infrastructure --
Gay Sex Offender Congressman Mark Foley: Honored Speaker at 2003 Log Cabin Event*
*All Log Cabin Photos from Log Cabin Photo Album
Arnold at Log Cabin Fundraiser; San Diego Congressman Darrell Issa at Log Cabin Event; Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe at Log Cabin Event prior to federal investigation for inappropriate contact with minors; homosexual Bishop Gene Robinson at Log Cabin Affiliated Liberty Forum; San Diego Log Cabin leader Ralph Denney in pornographic gay pride parade.

Because of their wood-eating habits, termites will do horrific damage to buildings and other wooden structures. Their habit of remaining concealed often results in their presence being undetected until the infested structures are severely damaged and exhibit surface deterioration. It seems that one political group in the United States is taking a page out of the termites' operational manual to form its own strategies for infiltrating the Republican Party and destroying the GOP's core conservative foundation from within. Much like their termite counterparts, the Log Cabin Republicans have injected a destructive social agenda deep inside of the GOP hierarchy. The results of a decade-long Log Cabin Republican assault on the Christian Conservative majority within the GOP is now becoming evident. Advocacy for gay marriage and other sexually promiscuous ideas, long popular in the Democratic Party, are now being enshrined in the Republican Party as well.

The Log Cabin Republicans are one of the most aggressive liberal homosexual political organizations in America. The organization's mission statement clearly indicates what the group's goals are: the promotion and acceptance of homosexuality and lesbianism within the Republican Party. Log Cabin Republican representatives are also increasing their assaultive campaign against traditional norms that define family and marriage. Recent published reports have documented the organization's scheme in California to help Democratic Party operatives and Governor Schwarzenegger's office to legalize gay marriage in that state (

What Do Log Cabin Republicans Stand For?

This is what the mission statement from the Log Cabin Republican website states:

"Log Cabin Republicans courageously stand on the front lines of today's most
important battleground for gay and lesbian civil rights. We are the nation's
leading voice for fairness, inclusion, and tolerance in the GOP."
"Why We Exist: ....Too many people in the (Republican) party remain hostile
to gay and lesbian civil rights. Log Cabin will confront the radical right's bigotry
head-on as we join the majority of Republicans who believe that inclusion wins."

There is virtually no difference between the Log Cabin Republicans' assault on Christian values within the GOP and that of the ACLU or any number of other anti-christian groups in America. From promoting gay marriage to participating in pornographic gay pride parades, the Log Cabin Republicans defy every moral concept articulated in Christian Conservative circles. Why do the Log Cabin Republicans even maintain membership within the Republican Party? Look to the termite and the answer is clear. Like the termite, the Log Cabin Republicans have targeted an already existing structure, built by human hands, from which they can feed their political appetite and agenda. The aftermath, much like the resulting effect on a house after termites have had their way, is a destroyed conservative Republican Party. In effect, the Log Cabin Republicans are the best friends that socialist Democrats like liberal Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Ted Kennedy have ever had. Truly, the Log Cabin Republicans have earned the well-deserved title of being named America's Political Termites.

What Do Log Cabin Republicans Think About Christian Conservatives?

The foundation of the Republican Party is centered around the traditional values articulated by America's Founding Fathers and Christian Conservatives. Without its Christian Conservative base, the GOP would surely become politically comatose. Nowhere was that more evident then during the recent 2006 general election when many Christian voters abandoned Republican candidates because these particular candidates failed to support bans on gay marriage and embryonic stem cell research. A prime example of this trend manifested in the state of Virginia where a constitutional ban on gay marriage was passed with overwhelming bipartisan voter approval. Yet, Virginia Republican Senator George Allen suffered an embarrassing defeat to his liberal Democratic challenger in that same election.

The Log Cabin Republicans have made it clear that they have a special hatred for Christian Conservatives within the GOP. The following statement from the Log Cabin Republicans' website demonstrates the extreme anti-christian views of the organization:

"Defeating the radical right and 'transforming' the GOP will allow gay and lesbian
Americans to achieve full equality much sooner -- decades sooner.
The radical right represents the last remaining obstacle on the path to full equality.
Defeat them at the grassroots of the GOP and all of us can enjoy the benefits of liberty
much sooner."

In utter hyprocrisy, the Log Cabin Republicans parade a fraudulent public outcry for "tolerance," while they classify millions of American Christians as an "obstacle" which must be removed to allow them full societal approval of their homosexuality. Most civil activists would classify such statements against any religious group as offensive and disciminatory. Yet, the Republican Party continues to allow this bigoted group full access to the GOP stage where they can present their form of religious bigotry.

Political Termites In Action

How Gay Activists Are Working Through The Log Cabin Republicans
To Erradicate Christian Conservative Influence From The Republican Party

"Aside from working within the (Republican) party for change, Log Cabin
continues to build new alliances in the gay and lesbian community. Both parties
have an important role to play in advancing our civil rights. Without allies in the
Republican Party, our push for equality will take decades longer."
From the Log Cabin Republican's Website (

In 2004, the Log Cabin Republicans were so outraged with President Bush's efforts to protect the 6,000 year-old institution of marriage via a constitutional amendment, that the group refused to endorse the president's reelection campaign. In siding with the liberal Democratic Party, the Log Cabin Republicans revealed their true radical agenda in support of gay marriage. By launching an expensive television campaign to stop the president's marriage protection efforts, attempts by the Log Cabin Republicans to radically redefine the definitions of family and marriage were beginning to come into full bloom in 2004. Three years later, the 2007 Log Cabin Republicans are intensifying their efforts to force gay marriage on America by expanding their war against traditional family values inside of the Republican Party.

San Diego Republican Party Being Overrun With Log Cabin Republican Operatives

A look inside of the leadership of the San Diego Republican Party reveals a disturbing trend that does not bode well for longtime GOP activists who have devoted years to building the organization into a nationally dominate one. Numerous Log Cabin Republican homosexual activists and their supporters are now operating as central committee leaders within the San Diego County Republican Party. How has this happened in light of the fact that Christian Conservatives dominate San Diego's County Republican Party? Look to the termite, and the answer is really quite clear.

Here are some of the San Diego Republican Party leaders and Committee members who are homosexual activists or Log Cabin Republican supporters:

Ralph Denney, 76th AD [Appointee: Chad Terry]
(Terry is the listed President of the San Diego Chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans)
( Assembly: Trisha Hunter (in the 2004 Gay Pride Events)
78th Assembly: G. Michael German (Log Cabin Gen. Counsel: 1996 - current)
Larry Stirling, 39th SD [Appointee: Jonathan Lack](Stirling endorsed gay Log Cabin Republican Ralph Denney for the 76th Assembly)
Michael McSweeney, First Vice-Chairman of County GOP
(Spoke at the Log Cabin's San Diego meeting in 2005, telling the group
that the party would be extremely supportive of their cause)

During a debate on the Roger Hedgecock Show on October 12, 2006, conservative talkshow host Roger Hedgecock asked Log Cabin Republican member Ralph Denney if he supported gay marriage. Denney replied, "No!" Denney's answer was in response to accusations by his GOP opponent, conservative activist Kim Tran, that Denney and his Log Cabin Republican group do support gay marriage. Denny's comments can be heard on Hedgecock's archives of the program at Denny's transparent claims during the Hedgecock debate and interview are reflective of the extremely sinister and deceptive tactics of the Log Cabin Republicans.

Compare Denney's 2006 campaign rhetoric with a recent email that he posted on a gay discussion board and one can easily see how the Log Cabin Republicans' game plan is being enacted:

Dated: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 21:28:17 EST
From: RalphDenneyEA: [SD-GLBTQ] Latest Poll on Marriage Equality... We are winning...
"I was recently emailed the results of a private poll conducted on Marriage equality, I'm sure it was sent to me without realizing who was getting it...
A moment of background..
The person who conducted the poll was a 'conservative' (read Religious Right Wing) Republican who ran for the State Assembly in November (no, it wasn't me). The poll simply asked if you opposed offering marriage to same-gendered persons in California. The important thing to remember is that the poll was a limited distribution to his own supporter list which for the most part are at least largely as conservative as he is, (I'm on his list only because I too ran as a Republican, and I declined to answer his question).
During the last campaign, I was often accused - by persons who never bothered to ask my position one way or the other - of not supporting marriage equality. I absolutely do support it... I do however caution we must be a little bit smarter about how we fight for it, or we may create our own backlash against it, and loose the opportunity to achieve it for the next two or three generations at least. But we are winning... and my 'fellow' Republican's thinly veiled attempt to show otherwise actually proves just the opposite. Best to all... Ralph"

For the one million Christian Conservatives in San Diego County, the picture is a bleak one. Christians are now waking up from a long political slumber and are realizing that Ralph Denney and others gay activists have infiltrated the GOP and are orchestrating a complete dismantling of all Christian values that have been enshrined in the Republican Party since its creation. Removing termites from the house that they have been victimizing is a fairly easy task. Reparing the damage and making sure that it doesn't happen again is a whole different matter. Hopefully, Christian Conservatives will try to save the house, but if it isn't possible, they will move to a different abode and a weakened GOP will have to cope with their own termite problem.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Journal of James Hartline: Lessons That John The Baptist Taught Me To Overcome The King Herods Of My Generation

The Journal of James Hartline
Preparing For My Departure:
But Running My Race Until I Leave
February 4, 2007

Lessons That John the Baptist Taught Me
To Overcome the King Herods of My Generation

John said, "I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness:
Make straight the way of the Lord, as said Isaiah the prophet."
John 1:23

I have spent many years studying the life of John the Baptist. For even the most seasoned of Biblical scholars, John's life is a most perplexing one. One of the complex questions about John's life that has always plagued me is the issue of why John suffered such a terrible ending to his life when he had lived so obediently to the will and dictates of God.

Why would Jesus allow John to be executed by the most heinous man on earth when this John the Baptist was living in complete obedience to our heavenly Father? While Jesus was healing many who were living extremely sinful and disobedient lives, He allowed John to be taken into prison and then beheaded. I know these difficult questions have been placed into my heart by the Holy Spirit. God has driven me to find answers to these questions. In my quest for the answers, I have been on a journey to the very core of God's purpose for me while I remain upon this earth.

Picture for a moment the grand beginnings of John the Baptist:

And there appeared unto Zacharias an angel of the Lord standing on the right
side of the altar of incense. And when Zacharias saw him, he was troubled and
fear fell upon him. But the angel of the Lord said unto him, "Fear not, Zacharias:
for thy prayer is heard; thy wife Elizabeth shall bear thee a son, and
thou shall call his name John. And thou shall have joy and gladness; and
many shall rejoice at his birth. For he shall be great in the sight of the Lord,
and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink; and he shall be filled with the
Holy Ghost, even from his mother's womb. And many of the children of Israel
shall he turn to the Lord their God."
Luke 1:11-16

There was so much heavenly hope in the womb of Elizabeth. John was ordained from birth to turn the hearts of an entire nation back to God. This would be no easy task in light of the moral decay that ran deep within the soul of Israel. Under the pagan dictatorship of the Roman Empire, Israel's religious and governmental leaders had subjected themselves to the evils of Caesar's mandates, and thus, only a man filled with the Holy Spirit of God Almighty from birth could interject a societal mindset that gave credence to the Kingdom of Heaven and Christ the Messiah. In other words: Enter John the Baptist, the Forerunner of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world.

As the life of John unfolds, shift for a moment to that glorious incident within the waters of the Jordan River where a mild, but intellectually gifted carpenter's son comes to the Baptist:

And John came into all the district around the Jordan, preaching a baptism of
repentance for the forgiveness of sins; John said unto them, "As for me, I baptize
you with water, but One is coming who is mightier than I, and I am not fit to tie
the thong of His sandals; He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire."
Now when all the people were being baptized by John, Jesus was baptized,
and while He was praying, heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended
in bodily form like a dove, and a voice came out of heaven, "You are My
beloved Son, in You I am well-pleased."
Luke 3:3,16,21-22

"He must increase, but I must decrease (John 3:30)," were the words of John as he recognized his God-ordained and declining role in the ministry of Jesus. That one statement has become for me, one of the foundational concepts in every aspect of my life as a Christian. All of my old sins and all of my old rebellion must decline and die off as Christ increases within my soul and life decisions. I am not sure that John fully realized when he made this statement just how prophetic and final it was for his own earthly ministry.

And now, shift one more time to the latter stones upon the road that John the Baptist walked. Remember the glorious appearing of the angel of the Lord as he articulated in holy splendor the destiny of John. Remember the precious assignment of John as he held the head of Jesus in his gnarled hands and slowly and lovingly baptized our Messiah beneath the murky waters of the Jordan River. And then think about this:

King Herod had arrested and imprisoned John as a favor to his
wife Herodias (the former wife of Herod's brother Philip). John kept
telling Herod, "It is illegal for you to marry her." Herod would have
executed John, but he was afraid of a riot, because all the people
believed that John was a prophet.
Matthew 14:3-5

But at a birthday party for Herod, Salome, the wicked daughter of
Herodias, performed a dance that greatly pleased him,
so Herod promised with an oath to give her anything she wanted.
At her mother's urging, the girl asked,
"I want the head of John the Baptist on a tray!"
Matthew 14:6-8

So John was beheaded in the prison and his head was brought on a tray
and given to the girl. And the girl, laughing and giggling, gave it to her
wicked mother, Queen Herodias.
Matthew 14:10-11

John would not compromise the calling God had given him. From his birth to his death, John would not endulge his flesh. While others drank liquor and had adulterous affairs, John was crying out in the wilderness, "Repent! Repent! Make ready the coming of the Lord." He would never be a father to any children, for he never married. He lived a life alone, segregated in allegiance to God. John's only priority was to the throne of heaven and the King that sat upon that throne. John was repulsed by the self-endulgent society that surrounded him. In severe defense of the word of God, John attacked all religious leaders who sought to contaminate the sovereign domain that God had assigned him to defend.

John had a way of angering all of the hypocrites of his time. And the hypocrites, from King Herod to the temple priests, despised John:

But when John saw many of the Pharisees and Saducess come to his baptism,
he said unto them, "O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee
from the wrath to come?"
Matthew 3:7

The vile King Herod could no longer tolerate the constant outcry of John as he confronted that blasphemous king for his immoral and repugnant leadership. I can, with great sadness, envision the moment those brutal guards arrested John. They beat him with the blunt end of a sword, knocking him down. Trying as he always did to rise up with the courage of a lion, John tried to straighten his moldy garment of camel's hair, the blood flowing from the wound on his brow. Striking another blow, John fell into the very waters that he once had baptized Jesus in. With blood oozing down his face, Herod's soldiers forcefully placed heavy iron manacles onto John's wrists and ankles. Grabbing John by his soiled long hair, one of the burliest of the guards drug John out of the Jordan and threw him atop a prisoner's cart. From that place, a territory known in ancient Israel as Perea, the cart began the long, desolate ride to Machaerus.

Machaerus, the Fortress of Herod.
Machaerus, the fearful place, the ancient place of Herod's evil doings.

The isolated mountain on which the fortress stood is located at the end of a ridge between the Wadi Zerqa Ma`in to the north and the Wadi Heidan-Mujib (Arnon) to the south. The mountain isolated by deep wadis forms two saddles to the south east and north west sides. It could be reached from the Dead Sea on the west or from the region of Madaba on the east.

Machaerus - just the mention of that name, created dread and fear in the hearts of the common citizens of Jerusalem. To offend the royal family in any way could result in a trip to the dark recesses of Machaerus. John knew what could happen to him for speaking out against the immorality and spiritual rot that had permeated the political and religious leadership of Israel. Yet, John's obedience to God was more important to him than the fear of Machaerus or Herod's death squads.

While the wealthy elite of the Jewish government wined and dined with Herod's adulterous family at Machaerus, the music would play so loudly in the banquet hall that all sounds from the dungeon below were drowned out. During crowded parties, the pagan drum beats coordinated the seducing rhythms of nearly nude virgin dancers in the halls of the fortress. On one such night, when an outside observer could not distinguish between the dancers and the demons which appeared among the drunkards, the unconscious body of John the Baptist was drug through the iron gates of Machaerus.

It seemed that the music got louder and the drum beats faster, as two heavy and sweating guards pushed open the rusting gates that lead down into the dark recesses of the dungeon. As they hauled John's body behind that devil's entry, the guards abruptly stopped and covered their nostrils with well-worn towels. Oh, the stench, the filthy stench. There was no running water in Herod's dungeon. There were no air vents to bring about a breeze. This was to prevent the hellish odors from rising up into the sumptuous rooms of the residential part of the castle. Even with their faces covered, the smell of human waste and vomit nearly caused the guards to faint. In the midst of decaying flesh and the prisoners who were covered with sores and maggots, the guards chained dear John the Baptist to the wall in the darkest part of the dungeon. The new prison cell of John the Baptist was simply called: the pit.

The pit: a five-foot square hole in the lowest bowels of the dungeon. Sinking into the filthy mire of Herod's torture chambers, an unconcsious John began to awaken. John thought that it would only be a short period of time before Jesus came and miraculously removed him from such an unholy predicament. Afterall, a lifetime of obedience would surely result in his rescue. To John's utter dismay, Jesus never came. In a brief moment of lost faith, John conveyed to a rare visitor, "Go ask Jesus, 'Are you the Expected One, or do we look for someone else?' "

Suffering under the tyranny of Herod's control, John was frustrated that Jesus never did come to get him out of the prison. One day, John noticed that the vague laughter flowing down from the banquet hall was louder than usual. Oh, how they loved to mock John, especially that witch Herodias who was living in an adulterous relationship with her husband's brother. Herodias despised John. Everytime he was brought up for questioning by Herod, John would point at her and demand she repent of her adultery and witchcraft. She never did repent and on the day that the music played louder than usual, two guards with black hoods upon their heads entered the cell of John the Baptist.

John was chained to the wall. He could not even lift his hands to defend himself. Herod had reduced this once mighty man of God to a life worse then that of a dog. Without so much as a warning, one of the guards brought out a large, razor sharp sword. The other guard grabbed John by the hair and held his head back. With one swing of that device, the head of John the Baptist was disconnected from his earthly abode. Shrieks of laughter exploded among the political leaders within Herod's banqueting room as the guard handed Herodias the platter holding the head of dear John the Baptist. The wicked rulers of a society consumed by hell's delicacies had triumphantly silenced a prophet of God.

For the first thirty-five years of my life, I was basically the personification of sin and wickedness. Captive to a lifestyle of drugs and homosexuality, there was surely nothing good going to come from my existence. There was no doubt in my mind that I was headed straight to hell and I was desperately trying to find a way out of my dire circumstances. Ultimately, God did answer my constant cries for deliverance. Somewhere on my road to redemption, God really did change me. I owe God everything because He rescued me from an eternity in hell.

As my life in Christ has matured, my appetite for sin has diminished more and more, and my hunger for God's word has steadily increased. I think I have grasped what John the Baptist so eloquently articulated when he said, "Christ must increase and I must decrease." My spiritual journey with Christ has begun to come into a more fuller maturity as I daily draw closer to God's merciful throne room. Today, I am consumed, much like John the Baptist, with giving all of my life to whatever God demands of me. What else could I do, but give my all to the God who has given me eternal life?

It seems that God has driven me into a wilderness. On many days, it is a lonely place, but with that loneliness, comes a great and divine peace. I know I am where God has brought me. It is a lonely place for many reasons. One of these reasons is that few are called there. Most Christians do not really want to be completely segregated from the things of this life. Oh, they will tell us they do, but when the demand to cut off the sinful ways are put before them, there is usually a justification for continuing on with their consumption of such sinful produce.

I am impelled by God to call out to our society to repent. I cannot help it. It burns within my belly. I have no peace if I do not cry out what God has commanded me to tell the world. God tells me to warn the people. There are great catastrophes coming. Our entire culture, our nation, our very existence is in grave danger. Yet, many times when I warn those God has called me to warn, I am raked over the verbal coals of the hot mouths of degenerate political and religious leaders.

I cannot remain silent. It seems as if the spirit of Herod has risen from the grave. There is a vicious hatred in our culture rising up against me. And that hatred is coming from many pastoral offices right here in San Diego, California, the place where I live. It would be easier to remain silent. But God has not kept me alive this long so that I can remain silent. What good is my life, to say I know God, but then disobey my Lord because I fear the tyranny arising from those who claim a form of false godliness.

I had always assumed that if I repented and turned from my wicked ways, that everyone would be so jubilant. That was the greatest false assumption that I could have ever made. The spirit of Herod and his adulterous wife Herodias live on in many churches in the city and county where I live. There is a great spiritual wickedness and corruption in many of the churches in San Diego. I have sought high and low for the answer to this dilemna. I have poked and prodded into these churches and I have come away with a delirious disappointment.

I have actually been threatened by pastors and other church leaders here in San Diego because I have exposed their corruption. It is a most heartbreaking experience. For I know that their attitudes are reflective of very dark things to come. I have seen how the love of money has taken captive the focus of many pastors in San Diego. Their building programs have replaced the New Testament's main mandate which is local evangelism. There is barely any breath left in the local San Diego body of Christ for local evangelism. The pulse of the local gospel is rapidly diminishing. It is a startling occurence in light of the fact that there are over 1,700 churches in San Diego. Many of these churches have buildings bigger than Herod's Fortress at Machaerus and yet the light within them to save the lost in San Diego is darker than the dungeon that John the Baptist died in.

God has commanded me to root out corruption in the cities of San Diego County. I must obey. But oh, how I am despised. I am hated by the radical homosexual activists who consider my stand for God against their ungodly enterprises a major threat to their agenda. I am equally despised by many San Diego pastors who have become enslaved by their own quests for bigger church venues, schools and music programs. And in all this, they resist the cry of God to return to their first love.

There are also some pastors who are partnering with corrupt political forces in San Diego. These dark alliances are creating grave compromises that are ulitmately killing off the effect of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Working in tandum with each other, I have been informed by numerous confidential sources that these unholy teams are working to silence my voice in our city. For them, it's all about "unity." Unity for what? So they can build bigger Christian schools and elect more corrupt politicians who will approve their building projects. These individuals despise my constant crying out against their corruption. They are indeed, like the Herodian Clan of old.

There is an extremely large church in East San Diego County that actually has a member who advises their building fund. This individual gave thousands of dollars to an extremely wicked politician in the recent 2006 election. Why would he do this? How could he compromise the values of the Bible? How could someone so closely tied to the fundraising project of this large church, compromise the Bible's commandment that we believers are not to partner with the evil works of darkness? Yet, the pastor of this church also gave money to the same politician. What has been this church's response to me for bringing this up to them? I have actually been threatened by some of the leaders associated with this church if I don't back off from confronting this situation.

What does this situation say about the gross darkness that is saturating San Diego, California? With over 1,700 churches in San Diego, California, how is that we have a lesbian District Attorney and a mayor who marches in the gay pride parade each year. I know of numerous Christian leaders in one of the largest churches in San Diego who helped elect this pro-gay mayor. What hope do we have from the impending catastrophes that will surely come when God judges this grotesque injustice and compromise of His word?

I feel there are new Herod's breathing down my neck. But if my obedience to God means I must lay my neck on Christ's sacrificial altar, then I say, "Take my neck and everything else I have in this life." When I get to heaven, I think John the Baptist and I will have alot to talk about.

From The Journal Of James Hartline
A Voice Crying Out In The Wilderness
February 4, 2007
"God: Use My Life To Save My Generation"

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Christian Women On The Frontlines - Julie Smith and Lois Wise Bring God Back To San Diego's City Council

The James Hartline Report
On The Frontlines Of The Culture War
February 1, 2007

Christian Women On The Frontlines:
Julie Smith and Lois Wise Bring God Back
To San Diego's City Council

Mission Valley Christian Fellowship training up a new generation of women
to reclaim the City of San Diego with the message that Christianity still works for
all women in today's world.

(JHReport) The message that Leo Giovinetti, Pastor of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, is constantly conveying to his 1,500 member congregation is a simple one, "Enter the story!" What Pastor Giovinetti means by this, is for church members to take the lessons they learn from his pulpit and carry them out into the culture. In other words, "Enter the story." On Tuesday, January 30, 2007, that is just what two of Giovinetti's longtime church members did: they entered the story of their city's government.

Julie Smith and Lois Wise have been attending Mission Valley Christian Fellowship for many years. Smith and Wise are both grandmothers with a deep commitment to God, their church and their families. From traveling to Israel to help Jewish settlers to taking in homeless families, both Julie Smith and Lois Wise personify the best that today's Christian woman can be. However, one thing neither Smith or Wise have ever done before, is speak before the city council of their own city. Braving a cold, rainy storm that kept many others away from downtown San Diego, Smith and Wise expanded their Christian resumes by doing just that: they spoke before the city council of America's seventh largest city.

When James Hartline, Director of the "Not On My Watch" Team, asked both Smith and Wise to address the San Diego City Council on Tuesday, they did not look for an excuse to avoid speaking before a governmental group that has, in recent times, repeatedly attacked their Christian values. Instead, these two committed Christian women saw the opportunity to further carry out into the culture Pastor Leo Giovinetti's message, "Enter the story."

The San Diego Municipal Code mandates that the city council must allow its citizens the opportunity to speak on any topic during open council sessions that is relevant to their jurisdiction. The council does this by allowing for a public comment segment where any member of the public can speak for three minutes on the topic of their choice. Sometimes citizens use this time wisely, but oftentimes the public comment segment is hijacked by citizens who abuse the privilege with speeches laced with profanity and abusive anger.

When Council President Scott Peters called Julie Smith and Lois Wise to the podium, it was as if time stood still for a moment and an atmosphere of unusual peace settled on the council chambers. Julie Smith then spoke words that have rarely been heard in recent times during the San Diego City Council hearings: "I have not come to criticize you..."

Those early words by Smith seemed to bring a strange hush upon the meeting. Smith continued:

"But I am here to remind you of some important principles which
should guide you as fair-minded public servants. The Bible says
to put God and His kingdom first, then all of the other things we
need in life, God will give to us."

Julie Smith's comments could not have come at a better time. Since liberal Democrat Scott Peters and the Democratic majority took over the San Diego City Council, no regular opening prayer or pledge of allegiance is even conducted prior to council meetings. Smith's comments were a reminder that the catastrophic problems that are engulfing this particular city council can be traced to a government that has separated itself from the very Christian principles upon which the United States Constitution and its ensuing local municipalites were founded upon. Smith continued:

"Councilmembers, what is the source of your ethics? How do you form
in your minds what is right and what is wrong? For me, I use the Bible
when I determine what is right and wrong."

Taking up where Smith left off, Lois Wise completed this dynamic Christian duo's council presentation with a very inspiring prayer. Wise's prayer should serve as a reminder to these secularized governmental bureacrats that the things they publicly claim to aspire to: justice, mercy, compassion and caring for society's most vulnerable citizens - the children - can only be accomplished through prayer and obedience to God. Lois Wise proclaimed in her prayer:

"Lord, forgive us for laying burdens upon others that we ourselves
have been unwilling to bare."

What Julie Smith and Lois Wise did during the San Diego City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 was more than just speak and pray. Smith and Wise have demonstrated that two women who are not rich or part of society's recognized elite, can step up to the plate, and with God's help, knock a home run out of the park for heaven's team.

Julie Smith and Lois Wise will both say of their church's many Biblical programs, that the women's ministry of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship is a tremendous training ground for any woman who wants to grow spiritually in her personal life. They will also convey that the training programs provided by their church are great avenues for women who want to grow in their civic responsiblities. The first-time speeches of Smith and Wise at the San Diego City Council certainly prove how well the studies programs at Mission Valley Christian Fellowship have helped them. You can learn more about Mission Valley Christian Fellowship's various training programs by going to the church website:

You can watch the video of the entire speech and prayer
by Julie Smith and Lois Wise by going to:
Go to City Council - Tuesday Jan 30, 2007 and click on View Video
Slide Time Ruler to Time of 29:25

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