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James Hartline Report Exclusive -- Log Cabin Republicans: America's Political Termites

The Log Cabin Republicans - America's Political Termites:

Liberal Gay Activist Infestation Is Destroying
GOP Conservative Infrastructure --
Gay Sex Offender Congressman Mark Foley: Honored Speaker at 2003 Log Cabin Event*
*All Log Cabin Photos from Log Cabin Photo Album
Arnold at Log Cabin Fundraiser; San Diego Congressman Darrell Issa at Log Cabin Event; Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe at Log Cabin Event prior to federal investigation for inappropriate contact with minors; homosexual Bishop Gene Robinson at Log Cabin Affiliated Liberty Forum; San Diego Log Cabin leader Ralph Denney in pornographic gay pride parade.

Because of their wood-eating habits, termites will do horrific damage to buildings and other wooden structures. Their habit of remaining concealed often results in their presence being undetected until the infested structures are severely damaged and exhibit surface deterioration. It seems that one political group in the United States is taking a page out of the termites' operational manual to form its own strategies for infiltrating the Republican Party and destroying the GOP's core conservative foundation from within. Much like their termite counterparts, the Log Cabin Republicans have injected a destructive social agenda deep inside of the GOP hierarchy. The results of a decade-long Log Cabin Republican assault on the Christian Conservative majority within the GOP is now becoming evident. Advocacy for gay marriage and other sexually promiscuous ideas, long popular in the Democratic Party, are now being enshrined in the Republican Party as well.

The Log Cabin Republicans are one of the most aggressive liberal homosexual political organizations in America. The organization's mission statement clearly indicates what the group's goals are: the promotion and acceptance of homosexuality and lesbianism within the Republican Party. Log Cabin Republican representatives are also increasing their assaultive campaign against traditional norms that define family and marriage. Recent published reports have documented the organization's scheme in California to help Democratic Party operatives and Governor Schwarzenegger's office to legalize gay marriage in that state (

What Do Log Cabin Republicans Stand For?

This is what the mission statement from the Log Cabin Republican website states:

"Log Cabin Republicans courageously stand on the front lines of today's most
important battleground for gay and lesbian civil rights. We are the nation's
leading voice for fairness, inclusion, and tolerance in the GOP."
"Why We Exist: ....Too many people in the (Republican) party remain hostile
to gay and lesbian civil rights. Log Cabin will confront the radical right's bigotry
head-on as we join the majority of Republicans who believe that inclusion wins."

There is virtually no difference between the Log Cabin Republicans' assault on Christian values within the GOP and that of the ACLU or any number of other anti-christian groups in America. From promoting gay marriage to participating in pornographic gay pride parades, the Log Cabin Republicans defy every moral concept articulated in Christian Conservative circles. Why do the Log Cabin Republicans even maintain membership within the Republican Party? Look to the termite and the answer is clear. Like the termite, the Log Cabin Republicans have targeted an already existing structure, built by human hands, from which they can feed their political appetite and agenda. The aftermath, much like the resulting effect on a house after termites have had their way, is a destroyed conservative Republican Party. In effect, the Log Cabin Republicans are the best friends that socialist Democrats like liberal Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Ted Kennedy have ever had. Truly, the Log Cabin Republicans have earned the well-deserved title of being named America's Political Termites.

What Do Log Cabin Republicans Think About Christian Conservatives?

The foundation of the Republican Party is centered around the traditional values articulated by America's Founding Fathers and Christian Conservatives. Without its Christian Conservative base, the GOP would surely become politically comatose. Nowhere was that more evident then during the recent 2006 general election when many Christian voters abandoned Republican candidates because these particular candidates failed to support bans on gay marriage and embryonic stem cell research. A prime example of this trend manifested in the state of Virginia where a constitutional ban on gay marriage was passed with overwhelming bipartisan voter approval. Yet, Virginia Republican Senator George Allen suffered an embarrassing defeat to his liberal Democratic challenger in that same election.

The Log Cabin Republicans have made it clear that they have a special hatred for Christian Conservatives within the GOP. The following statement from the Log Cabin Republicans' website demonstrates the extreme anti-christian views of the organization:

"Defeating the radical right and 'transforming' the GOP will allow gay and lesbian
Americans to achieve full equality much sooner -- decades sooner.
The radical right represents the last remaining obstacle on the path to full equality.
Defeat them at the grassroots of the GOP and all of us can enjoy the benefits of liberty
much sooner."

In utter hyprocrisy, the Log Cabin Republicans parade a fraudulent public outcry for "tolerance," while they classify millions of American Christians as an "obstacle" which must be removed to allow them full societal approval of their homosexuality. Most civil activists would classify such statements against any religious group as offensive and disciminatory. Yet, the Republican Party continues to allow this bigoted group full access to the GOP stage where they can present their form of religious bigotry.

Political Termites In Action

How Gay Activists Are Working Through The Log Cabin Republicans
To Erradicate Christian Conservative Influence From The Republican Party

"Aside from working within the (Republican) party for change, Log Cabin
continues to build new alliances in the gay and lesbian community. Both parties
have an important role to play in advancing our civil rights. Without allies in the
Republican Party, our push for equality will take decades longer."
From the Log Cabin Republican's Website (

In 2004, the Log Cabin Republicans were so outraged with President Bush's efforts to protect the 6,000 year-old institution of marriage via a constitutional amendment, that the group refused to endorse the president's reelection campaign. In siding with the liberal Democratic Party, the Log Cabin Republicans revealed their true radical agenda in support of gay marriage. By launching an expensive television campaign to stop the president's marriage protection efforts, attempts by the Log Cabin Republicans to radically redefine the definitions of family and marriage were beginning to come into full bloom in 2004. Three years later, the 2007 Log Cabin Republicans are intensifying their efforts to force gay marriage on America by expanding their war against traditional family values inside of the Republican Party.

San Diego Republican Party Being Overrun With Log Cabin Republican Operatives

A look inside of the leadership of the San Diego Republican Party reveals a disturbing trend that does not bode well for longtime GOP activists who have devoted years to building the organization into a nationally dominate one. Numerous Log Cabin Republican homosexual activists and their supporters are now operating as central committee leaders within the San Diego County Republican Party. How has this happened in light of the fact that Christian Conservatives dominate San Diego's County Republican Party? Look to the termite, and the answer is really quite clear.

Here are some of the San Diego Republican Party leaders and Committee members who are homosexual activists or Log Cabin Republican supporters:

Ralph Denney, 76th AD [Appointee: Chad Terry]
(Terry is the listed President of the San Diego Chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans)
( Assembly: Trisha Hunter (in the 2004 Gay Pride Events)
78th Assembly: G. Michael German (Log Cabin Gen. Counsel: 1996 - current)
Larry Stirling, 39th SD [Appointee: Jonathan Lack](Stirling endorsed gay Log Cabin Republican Ralph Denney for the 76th Assembly)
Michael McSweeney, First Vice-Chairman of County GOP
(Spoke at the Log Cabin's San Diego meeting in 2005, telling the group
that the party would be extremely supportive of their cause)

During a debate on the Roger Hedgecock Show on October 12, 2006, conservative talkshow host Roger Hedgecock asked Log Cabin Republican member Ralph Denney if he supported gay marriage. Denney replied, "No!" Denney's answer was in response to accusations by his GOP opponent, conservative activist Kim Tran, that Denney and his Log Cabin Republican group do support gay marriage. Denny's comments can be heard on Hedgecock's archives of the program at Denny's transparent claims during the Hedgecock debate and interview are reflective of the extremely sinister and deceptive tactics of the Log Cabin Republicans.

Compare Denney's 2006 campaign rhetoric with a recent email that he posted on a gay discussion board and one can easily see how the Log Cabin Republicans' game plan is being enacted:

Dated: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 21:28:17 EST
From: RalphDenneyEA: [SD-GLBTQ] Latest Poll on Marriage Equality... We are winning...
"I was recently emailed the results of a private poll conducted on Marriage equality, I'm sure it was sent to me without realizing who was getting it...
A moment of background..
The person who conducted the poll was a 'conservative' (read Religious Right Wing) Republican who ran for the State Assembly in November (no, it wasn't me). The poll simply asked if you opposed offering marriage to same-gendered persons in California. The important thing to remember is that the poll was a limited distribution to his own supporter list which for the most part are at least largely as conservative as he is, (I'm on his list only because I too ran as a Republican, and I declined to answer his question).
During the last campaign, I was often accused - by persons who never bothered to ask my position one way or the other - of not supporting marriage equality. I absolutely do support it... I do however caution we must be a little bit smarter about how we fight for it, or we may create our own backlash against it, and loose the opportunity to achieve it for the next two or three generations at least. But we are winning... and my 'fellow' Republican's thinly veiled attempt to show otherwise actually proves just the opposite. Best to all... Ralph"

For the one million Christian Conservatives in San Diego County, the picture is a bleak one. Christians are now waking up from a long political slumber and are realizing that Ralph Denney and others gay activists have infiltrated the GOP and are orchestrating a complete dismantling of all Christian values that have been enshrined in the Republican Party since its creation. Removing termites from the house that they have been victimizing is a fairly easy task. Reparing the damage and making sure that it doesn't happen again is a whole different matter. Hopefully, Christian Conservatives will try to save the house, but if it isn't possible, they will move to a different abode and a weakened GOP will have to cope with their own termite problem.

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Adrian Salsgiver said...

Are Christian Conservatives oxymorons like Gay Republicans have been told they are?

A true Conservative wants less government, less control over every aspect of our lives. A real Conservative wants government out of American bedrooms.

The motto of the John Birch Society is; "Less government, more individual responsibility, and with God's help a better world." It means with God's spiritual guidance, not imposing what you think God's laws are on everybody else.

Is it Christian to impose moral values on people or is it Christian to set a good example and show the way?

Calling the Log Cabin Republicans political termites is like the Nazis comparing Jews to rats as spreading disease and filth.

The Log Cabin Republicans are the true conservatives of the Republican party. The so-called Christian Conservatives are not oxymorons, they are just not being Christian or Conservative.