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JHReport - One Lone Warrior Stands Up - Christian Activist James Hartline Repeatedly Attacked During San Diego School Board Meeting

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February 14, 2007

One Lone Warrior Stands Up:
Christian Activist James Hartline Repeatedly Attacked
At San Diego School District Board Meeting

"Why do the heathen rage, and
the people imagine a vain thing?"
Psalm 2:1

JHReport - Religious discrimination is alive and well in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). Not only is such religious discrimination alive and well, but it is thriving thanks to the anti-christian bigotry of the school district's boardmembers who are enabling and fostering an atmosphere of hostility towards Christian values in San Diego's public school system.

On Tuesday, February 13, 2007, boardmembers of the SDUSD allowed their regularly scheduled boardmeeting to turn into a hate-filled attack session against Christian activist James Hartline. One district employee at the meeting shook her head in disbelief as she watched attack after attack launched against Hartline and others who uphold Christian values in the culture. James Hartline appeared at the February 13th meeting to speak out against the five-year renewal of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School (SDCCS) ( During Hartline's speech, approximately 200 adults and children affiliated with the charter school continuously interrupted him with boos and name-calling. At one point, Hartline had to stop his speech to wait for the disrespectful audience to quiet down. At no time during Hartline's speech did any member of the school board try to stop the audience's jeering attacks against him.

Last year, a national firestorm of controversy was started when James Hartline reported that the San Diego Cooperative Charter School was participating in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade ( Wendy Ranck-Buhr, the charter school's principal, added further fuel to the scandal by rebuffing all demands that she stop forcing young children to participate in the pornographic parade. The San Diego Gay Pride Parade features a multitude of xxx pornographers, male escort services, degrading transvestites and other morally repugnant activities ( Since Ranck-Buhr insists that she will continue to defy common sense protection for her students from the pornographic activities that occur during the gay parade, Hartline insists that he will continue his campaign to force the San Diego Unified School District to take action against her and the charter school.

Yesterday, Hartline stood as one lone speaker on behalf of protecting the charter school's students from being exposed to the pornographic images that they will see as a result of their school's participation in San Diego's gay pride events. Hartline told the school board that there should be a real concern about other ideas being planted into the impressionable minds of the school's students by staff who endorse their school's participation in the gay pride parade.

Principal Wendy Ranck-Buhr packed the February 13, 2007 school board meeting with an extremely large number of supporters. One charter school supporter at the meeting was Stephen Whitburn. Whitburn, a well known homosexual activist, is also president of the San Diego Democratic Club, a radical political organization seeking to legalize gay marriage ( When addessing the board in support of the school's charter renewal, Whitburn stated that the school is encouraging a "more enlightened generation." Whitburn's other declarations about the school, included, "'s all about diversity!" Apparently, neither Ranck-Buhr or Whitburn include tolerance for Christian Conservative values when articulating their vision for the small children who attend San Diego Cooperative Charter School. The charter school includes kindergarten through eighth grade (

Two of the San Diego Unified School District boardmembers are Republicans who ran for office on platforms of family values and protecting children. It now appears that Mitz Lee and Luis Acle, the two Republicans, forgot to bring those values with them after they were elected. In supporting the radicalized proponents of the gay-friendly charter school, Lee and Acle joined the three other school boardmembers and unanimously granted renewal of the school's charter. At no time during the hearing, did any of the school district's boardmembers raise questions or concerns with the charter school's staff members about the school's participation in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade or how the event's pornographic activities were effecting children during the parade. In 2005, the San Diego Gay Pride organization was embroiled in a national scandal when it was learned that they had at least five registered sex offenders working with the group. One of those individuals was "Marty the Clown," a registered pedophile. Marty the Clown was employed in the San Diego Gay Pride Children's Garden (;bp=t).

James Hartline was not the only person targeted by the school's liberal agents. During a speech on behalf of the school's charter renewal, one speaker also condemned the pro-life activists who regularly protest on a public sidewalk outside of the building housing the charter school. San Diego Cooperative Charter School shares a building with one of San Diego's most notorious abortion clinics. The charter school chose to move into that building even though they knew that Family Planning Associates was operating an abortion mill at that location (

Upon concluding the 5-0 vote in favor of granting a five-year renewal of the charter for SDCCS, the school board continued to allow attacks against James Hartline. During a subsequent speech relating to the school's financing and bids to relocate the charter school, another speaker spoke disparagingly of Hartline. Again, not one boardmember intervened to stop the charter school's bigoted attacks against James Hartline.

Most Christians and a majority of San Diego taxpayers would be shocked to find out that they are paying for this charter school. The radical and socialistic agenda of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School is clear. The idea that they are willing to proudly march small children into a parade featuring xxx pornographers and male strippers under the guise of the school's "cultural programs" is a clear indication of the potential propaganda being introduced into the minds of the school's vulnerable students.

Something is very wrong with a school system that allows bigoted attacks against Christians, yet approves of an elementary school principal who has her school marching in a gay parade that features xxx pornographic businesses.

As Hartline prepared to exit the board room, one person employed with the school district smiled at him and stated, "Well, you gave it your best try."

Hartline replied, "Oh, don't worry, I'm just getting started!"

James Hartline, for his part, is encouraging every parent, church youth leader and other concerned citizens to show up for an upcoming school board meeting to speak out against the participation of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School in the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

"It's time that the school board makes a decision to prevent its students from being exposed to pornographic businesses by radical teachers and principals. Having an elementary school march in a gay parade is not why the taxpayers are funding the public school system," states Hartline.

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