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Political Action Alert - San Diego Evangelicals Outraged Over Plescia Endorsement Of Homosexual Candidate Carl DeMaio

The James Hartline Report Presents Christian Vote 2008 - Political Action Alert! July 30, 2007 San Diego Evangelicals Outraged Over Republican State Assemblyman George Plesica's Endorsement Of Homosexual City Council Candidate Carl DeMaio With Virtually No Ties to San Diego City Council District, DeMaio's Homosexuality & Carpetbagging Antics Make San Diego Assemblyman Plesica's Endorsement One Of the Great Acts of Political Prostitution in Recent History (Political Alert) Numerous Conservative Christian leaders in San Diego County are expressing outrage that a Republican California State Assemblyman has issued a questionable letter of endorsement for a homosexual activist who is campaigning for a seat on the San Diego City Council. The assemblyman, George Plescia, has given a letter of endorsement to Carl DeMaio which is now displayed on DeMaio's campaign website. DeMaio revealed in an April 2007 edition of the San Diego Magazine that he is involved in homosexu

San Diego City Council Declares War On Christianity As July Is Declared Gay Pride Month

The James Hartline Report - On The Frontlines Of The Culture War - July 19, 2007 City Council Hearing Turns Into 2nd Civil War As San Diego Republican Mayor & City Council Join Gay Pride Leaders To Declare War On Christianity And Make July 2007 Gay Pride Month: Pornography, Male Prostitution & Homosexuality Now Hold Places Of Honor In Scandal-Ridden City Only Two Pastors Out Of San Diego's 1,700 Churches Join 40 Christian Community Members At July 17, 2007 San Diego City Council Meeting To Stand Up For Righteousness During Gay Proclamation Hearing (JHReport) There are growing signs that San Diego, California is fast becoming ground zero for the American culture war. For the past eighteen years the ACLU has been trying to force the removal of a cross that sits atop the San Diego-based Mt. Soledad Veteran's War Memorial. For the last four years, the San Diego City Council has been engulfed in numerous bribery scandals. Three of the councilmembers, all Democrats, were ind

Urgent Action Alert: San Diego City Council To Force Gay Pride Month On Christians, Tues. July 17, 2007

Urgent Action Alert! ~This is the biggest attack on Christian values in the history of San Diego~ Over the past twelve years, the San Diego City Council has forced families to celebrate a gay pride day or a gay pride week in the City of San Diego. This is always done with your tax dollars. When a proclamation to declare gay pride week in our city is approved by the city council, then your tax dollars are spent on law enforcement during the gay parade and festival. Public funds are then spent on rainbow flags and banners on city street lights. And the proclamation triggers the indoctrination of all of our youth into accepting and celebrating homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexuality via gay pride being a city-approved cultural event. In 2007, Mayor Jerry Sanders, lesbian Councilwoman Toni Atkins and pro-abortion Councilman Scott Peters are set to strike their most horrific and immoral blow yet against the families of San Diego. The San Diego City Council Is Preparing To Declare

Hatemonger At Petco Park Gives All Christians A Bad Name! Watch This Video!

Here is a link to the Petco Park event where this evil man in the "name" of Christianity showed up and caused us so much trouble. He was filled with so much hate and started calling those going to the game "stupid idiots" and mocking those with AIDS and started making sexual comments at the Padres fans. Jesus never, ever acted in such a vile manner as this man did. God's word says that if you have not love you are just a big loud sounding cymbal. If you have not love, then you do not know God, for God is love. It does not mean that God tolerates sin, but He never, ever instructs us to preach in the name of hate like this man and his group did at Petco Park. We specifically ordered this man and his group to stay away from Petco Park. We knew that he and his group have no concern with saving souls or helping kids. His group is just like the Fred Phelps hatemongers out of Kansas and we wanted no part of that filth. We knew that his group just wanted to use our rall

SHOWDOWN AT CITY HALL! International News Wires Reporting On Hartline Stand To Protect Kids In San Diego

The world's biggest international news service for family and pro-life issues is now reporting on its wire service the Big Showdown between James Hartline and the San Diego Gay Pride Organization that will occur on Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at San Diego City Council. Lifesite: San Diego City Council Gay Pride Month Vote to be Protested by Former Gay Activist Vote to take place this Tuesday By Elizabeth O'BrienSAN DIEGO, July 13, 2007 ( - Proposed by Mayor Jerry Sanders, Council President Scott Peters, and lesbian council member Toni Atkins, the San Diego City Council is voting on Tuesday to proclaim July 2007 as the official "gay pride" month in the city. Some San Diego citizens have promised to protest this unprecedented lengthy time of government supported homosexual promotion in a US city. Buried within a 47-page city document, Item 30 encourages the council to adopt the resolution by "Recognizing the

Tonight: Bill O'Reilly Investigates the San Diego Gay Pride Organization

Our longtime efforts to expose the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride organization are beginning to pay big dividends. The Lord says to His servants that when we stay the course and remain faithful to the assignments that He has given us, God will reward us. Tonight at 5pm (pst), Bill O'Reilly will be hosting Sandy Rios of the Culture Campaign to talk about the pornographic history of the San Diego Gay Pride organization and their role in the San Diego Padres Gay Pride event at Petco Park on July 8, 2007. Bill O'Reilly: James Hartline will be the guest tomorrow on the nationally syndicated radio program Culture Campaign with Sandy Rios. You can listen to the live stream of the program (3-5pm central time) by going to: James Hartline on the frontlines of protecting our youth and representing the families of San Diego, California.

James Hartline on ESPN Radio 710am - The Big Show with Mason and Ireland

James Hartline will be on ESPN 710am Los Angeles Radio on The Big Show. The Big Show with Mason and Ireland at 3:20pm. We will be talking about the San Diego Padres Protest and the gay pride celebration at Petco Park. Listen Live:

Millions of Americans Are Standing With James Hartline To Boycott the San Diego Padres

Two of the largest family organizations in the United States are asking their millions of supporters to stand with James Hartline in his battle against the gay pride promotion of the San Diego Padres. American Family Association with 4 million supporters and the Thomas More Law Center, the legal group that successfully saved the Mt. Soledad Cross from being torn down by the evil ACLU, have both sent out national alerts today asking their members to boycott the Padres on July 8th to stop the harming of our children by the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride party at Petco Park: Shame at Petco Park; The Thomas More Law Center Urges Families to Boycott This Sunday’s Padres Game Fri, Jul 6, 2007 ANN ARBOR, MI – On the same evening, the San Diego Padres are enticing families to bring their children to the Padre’s game against the Atlanta Braves with a family day giveaway of “floppy hats;” the Padres are also advertising a homosexual event, “Pride Night a

Citizen's Alert: Elementary School Participating In San Diego Gay Parade - Christians Need To Stand Up At Youth Rally!

The James Hartline Report - On The Frontlines Of The Culture War - Citizen's Alert! July 3, 2007 How Much Is A Child Worth? One Man's Battle To Save The Children Of His City. San Diego Christian Activist James Hartline Leading The Charge In The Battle To Save Thousands Of Young Kids From The Immorality Of The San Diego Gay Pride Events. Battle Includes New Revelations That San Diego Elementary School Will Once Again Bring Young Kids To 2007 Gay Pride Parade! (JHReport) Have much is a child's life worth? For the millions of Christians in America, the Bible states that believers are to place a great premium on children. In fact, in the 17th chapter of the Book of Luke, Christ tells his disciples that there is no greater evil than the sin of harming children. For nationally recognized Christian activist James Hartline, protecting the youth of San Diego is the highest priority in his life. That is why Hartline broke down and began to cry yesterday when he found out that the San


WE ARE THE NUMBER ONE STORY ON WORLD NET DAILY! Brief Update: Our rally and efforts to inform families about the gay pride event at Petco Park is the Number 1 story on World Net Daily this morning. This is an incredible miracle from God as the Number 1 headline stories on World Net Daily are usually reserved for things like interviews with the president, terrorist attacks and major election results, etc. This is clearly the hand of God and His favor! James Hartline, Founder California Christian News The James Hartline, Publisher