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Political Action Alert - San Diego Evangelicals Outraged Over Plescia Endorsement Of Homosexual Candidate Carl DeMaio

The James Hartline Report Presents
Christian Vote 2008 - Political Action Alert!
July 30, 2007

San Diego Evangelicals Outraged Over Republican
State Assemblyman George Plesica's Endorsement
Of Homosexual City Council Candidate Carl DeMaio

With Virtually No Ties to San Diego City Council District,
DeMaio's Homosexuality & Carpetbagging Antics Make
San Diego Assemblyman Plesica's Endorsement One
Of the Great Acts of Political Prostitution in Recent History

(Political Alert) Numerous Conservative Christian leaders in San Diego County are expressing outrage that a Republican California State Assemblyman has issued a questionable letter of endorsement for a homosexual activist who is campaigning for a seat on the San Diego City Council. The assemblyman, George Plescia, has given a letter of endorsement to Carl DeMaio which is now displayed on DeMaio's campaign website. DeMaio revealed in an April 2007 edition of the San Diego Magazine that he is involved in homosexuality and has announced that he is seeking to replace Brian Maienschein on the San Diego City Council. The district in question, District 5, is clearly the most conservative of all city council districts in San Diego.

Over the last several years Assemblyman George Plescia has used Christian Conservatives to help himself get elected three times to the California State Assembly. From being listed as a supporter of the Faith and Family Broadcast Coalition, as well as an endorser of Protect Marriage, the political initiative to create a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in California, Plescia has been one of the biggest opportunists in Christian Conservative circles. Yet, like some of the other GOP leaders in California, Assemblyman George Plescia has also become one of the Golden State's great moral hypocrites.

In 2004, Plescia, along with Republican State Senator Mark Wyland, appeared at an event sponsored by the Young Men's Christian Association to pay tribute to Duane Roth, one of San Diego's biggest supporters of embryonic stem cell research. At that event, Plescia and Wyland honored Roth with a resolution for his many "contributions" to the community. The controversy over Plescia honoring Roth pales in comparison to the outrage that his endorsement for DeMaio is now generating.

Assemblyman Plescia is viewed to be so morally weak that even Susan Kennedy, the Democratic lesbian Chief of Staff for Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, recorded one of the most degrading tapes ever made about a Republican leader in Sacramento. This is what Kennedy stated about Plescia in the well-publicized and controversial 2006 tape:

Susan Kennedy, likened the San Diego County lawmaker (Plescia) to a
startled deer and a "Stepford wife."

Priscilla Schreiber, Board President of the Grossmont Union High School District, is one of many San Diego Republican leaders who have noted the increased attacks against conservative GOP family values since Ron Nehring became the San Diego County Republican chairman. When asked about Republicans like George Plescia and Carl DeMaio, who are violating the state's Republican Party platform by promoting homosexual candidates, Schreiber told the James Hartline Report:

"Carl DeMaio is yet another example of priority politics, where money matters
most, even at the risk of loosing any protection of traditional family values.
And it is important to remember that the state party platform has always stood for
protecting the definition of traditional families by banning
the promotion of homosexuality."

Mrs. Schreiber's longtime efforts to protect children in East San Diego County stands in direct contrast to George Plesica and Carl DeMaio. The California Republican Party Platform adamantly opposes the promotion of homosexuality, viewing the radical gay agenda as a threat to the institution of family in the state. Here is what the state GOP platform declares regarding traditional family values:

"Recognizing the traditional model of monogamous heterosexual marriage as the only stable relationship upon which to build a society, we believe that homosexuality should not be presented as an acceptable "alternative" lifestyle in public education and policy."

Priscilla Schreiber was reelected in 2004 to the Grossmont Union High School board in a landslide. In garnering more votes than any candidate had ever gotten for a seat on the board, voters reaffirmed Schreiber's support for traditional family values as they are articulated in the state party platform.

"There has been an ongoing blatant attempt to infiltrate the local Republican Party with supporters of homosexuality, as well as those coming out of the closet, much to the surprise of voters who elect candidates based upon their public positions during their campaigns," declares Mrs. Schreiber. "Families need leaders who are going to protect their values, rather than men coming out of the closet right before an election."

- The Antics of a GOP Carpetbagger -

What makes Carl DeMaio's recent revelations that he is involved in homosexuality even more insulting to the very conservative voters of San Diego's 5th City Council District is the fact that DeMaio just recently moved into their district. According to a February 2006 article in the San Diego Union Tribune, DeMaio was living in District 1 at that time, yet his name was mentioned as a possible candidate running against Donna Frye in the 6th Council District! Some are classifying DeMaio's opportunistic politics as nothing more than political prostitution where the voters are just votes for his own personal agenda.

One thing that voters are demanding in this era of scandals is for political leaders to stop treating them like blind dates. With virtually no ties to District 5 voters, DeMaio's recent move into the district makes Assemblyman George Plesica's endorsement even more suspect.

With some of San Diego's most conservative voters and largest churches, the city's 5th Council District is not likely to give away its valuable council seat to a man who engages in sex with other men. Many are then wondering why is Carl DeMaio really in San Diego and why did he mysteriously pop up as a new resident in District 5? And why is DeMaio seeking to represent a district that he has little, if any, historical ties to? Even more frightening for the district's voters is the concern over the kinds of backroom deals that may have been made to get powerful GOP leaders like George Plescia and Tom McClintock to expend so much political capital on a campaign that is doomed to fail? The explanation for this perverse political riddle may be found in the dark political world of California State Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring.

Ron Nehring: California's Political NightStalker

If hypocrisy could crown a new king in San Diego, Carl DeMaio would be a real contender for it. To obtain that crown of hypocrisy, DeMaio will first have to wrestle it away from GOP pro-homosexual advocate Ron Nehring. Prior to his recent ascendancy to the state chairmanship of the Republican Party, Nehring earned a reputation as one of the most aggressive opponents of Christian Conservatives in San Diego. Under Nehring's watch as the San Diego County GOP Chairman, nearly every Christian leader within the county's GOP central committees were run out of office. Many Christian leaders simply got fed up with Nehring and did not seek reelection.

Added to Nehring's anti-christian bigotry, is his constant advocacy for gay-friendly candidates like Steve Francis and Michael McSweeney. The extermination of Christian influence within the San Diego GOP leadership was only phase one of an effort that now provides little resistance to the slow introduction of homosexuality within the local party's decisionmaking. In 2005, two critical efforts by Nehring gave the party faithful a look into his immoral schemes. The first effort involved Nehring's attempt to elect radical pro-homosexual Republican mayoral candidate Steve Francis. The second effort occurred when Nehring sent local party vice-chairman Michael McSweeney into a monthly meeting of the anti-christian homosexual group, the Log Cabin Republicans. During that disturbing meeting McSweeney promised that the local GOP would promote homosexual candidates.

DeMaio presents himself in the same immoral mold as pro-homosexual liberal Republican Steve Francis. And parents who are trying to keep their kids away from the dark influences of the radical homosexual movement will find little comfort in DeMaio. Take for example two recent statements made by DeMaio and one can see why parents and concerned voters in District 5 should be very disturbed that DeMaio has recently moved into their district.

In her insightful article for My Local News, Elizabeth Marie Himchak provides readers with DeMaio's description of his historical ties to the Catholic Church:

“The Jesuits took me in,” DeMaio said. “(They) paid for my schooling, paid for my room and board for both high school and college. “I’m very grateful. From that they instilled in me a sense of giving back,” DeMaio added.

If DeMaio can't be loyal to the moral teachings of the church he lays claim to, how can the voters of San Diego expect to trust him to bring a sense of morality to a city government that is in dire need of leaders who believe that strong morals are critical to cleaning out the moral corruption that is plaguing their city?

In a second set of remarks by DeMaio, he demonstrates another disturbing side to his persona that further proves he is disloyal to the teachings of the church that he claims benefited him in his younger years. In a recent interview with San Diego Magazine, DeMaio reveals his involvement with homosexuality. He then goes on to punch Christian voters below the belt by saying that he doesn't think his sexual activities are relevant to voters:

"The fact that I’m gay, I suppose. But at the end of the day, I don’t think it’s very relevant when you consider all the things that are really important to voters."

One thing that San Diego voters have learned in the last few years is that sexual immorality has been disasterous for their city. In 2005, three city councilmen were forced out of office for taking bribes from strip clubs. Now, a man who is involved in homosexuality wants to bring further sexually immorality to the scandal-ridden San Diego city council.

With all of the bribery scandals, the pension thievery, and a city council that angers most voters with their gay pride proclamations, it is apparent that the wealthy elites within the San Diego Republican Party just don't get it. Without addressing the lack of basic morality in the lives of the men and women that the political parties are backing, the city will never be able to mend the broken moral compass that gives directions to its leaders.

It is astounding to some that DeMaio thinks that the thousands of Christian voters in the 5th City Council District feel his having sex with other men is irrelevant. The vast majority of District 5 voters who go to church believe that homosexuality is a grave sin and they do not want their children to have as their role model a man who has sex with other men. To think that conservative voters will support a man who shacks up with other men is political and moral insanity for George Plescia, Ron Nehring and especially for Carl DeMaio.

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