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Citizen's Alert: Elementary School Participating In San Diego Gay Parade - Christians Need To Stand Up At Youth Rally!

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July 3, 2007

How Much Is A Child Worth?
One Man's Battle To Save The Children Of His City.

San Diego Christian Activist James Hartline Leading The Charge
In The Battle To Save Thousands Of Young Kids From The
Immorality Of The San Diego Gay Pride Events.

Battle Includes New Revelations That San Diego Elementary School
Will Once Again Bring Young Kids To 2007 Gay Pride Parade!

(JHReport) Have much is a child's life worth? For the millions of Christians in America, the Bible states that believers are to place a great premium on children. In fact, in the 17th chapter of the Book of Luke, Christ tells his disciples that there is no greater evil than the sin of harming children. For nationally recognized Christian activist James Hartline, protecting the youth of San Diego is the highest priority in his life. That is why Hartline broke down and began to cry yesterday when he found out that the San Diego Cooperative Charter School, a K-8 grade elementary school, has announced that it would once again be participating in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

Last year, the school created a national firestorm of controversy when it was reported that they had marched numerous small children in the San Diego Gay Pride parade, thus exposing those minors to xxx gay pornographers, nearly nude male strippers and males escort services. When James Hartline saw that this same charter school had once again marked their school calendar with this July 21, 2007 pornographic gay parade, his heart broke over the abuse of these young kids.

A Community of Vampires: San Diego Gay Activists Demand That
The City's Children Be Handed Over For Indoctrination

Why is it that gay and lesbian activists want to involve so many young kids in their various parades and festivals? The answers to this question are always different depending upon what side of the moral fence the responders are on. One thing is very clear: gay activists can't reproduce, so they must recruit to increase their agenda's numbers. There is always graphic sexuality at every gay pride event. That is a certainty that can always be guaranteed. And the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival will be no different. On the list of sponsors for the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride events are some of the raunchiest gay porn companies, sexual lubricants and magazines that advertise gay pornography. Thus, the idea that this is the group which is holding a gay pride event at Petco Park during a children's free floppy cap giveaway, makes the stadium an extremely dangerous place for minors on July 8th. With gay pride sponsors like the gay porn company Colt Studios, it is incredibly evil that the San Diego Cooperative Charter School will once again bring children to the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

Gay leaders have done everything possible to silence James Hartline so that he cannot warn parents to keep their kids away from Petco Park. San Diego's gay leaders want those kids and they do not want Hartline to get in their way. James Hartline is determined to make sure that the San Diego Gay Pride organization will have to fight through him to get to the kids of his city.

From the time that he was born until he turned fourteen years of age, James Hartline was physically abused by his mother. He knows what it is like to be at the mercy of abusive adults. Last year, when James learned that the San Diego Cooperative Charter School had marched all of those young kids in the gay parade, he vowed to battle those who were harming so many young kids at the charter school. To think that any adult would allow the images of gay pornography, male transvestites, and nearly nude male dancers to be presented to school children, is such an injustice to Hartline that he is willing risk his own life to sound the alarm throughout America.

What started out as one man's clarion call to save the children of his city from an influential group of homosexual activists has turned into a national tidal wave of support. Just three weeks ago, Hartline began to plead with local Christians to help him prevent thousands of pre-teen youth from being exposed to the gay pride celebration during the San Diego Padres baseball game. Hartline's pleas have resulted in thousands of emails and phone calls being made to the San Diego Padres to demand that the team stop the event. World Net Daily and AFA's One News Now are just two of the dozens of major news services who have been reporting on Hartline's efforts. Concerned citizens can listen to Mary Rettig's news report on the protest against the Padres Gay Pride event at One News Now.

In just three short weeks, Hartline's stand for the youth of his city has become frontpage news in San Diego, California, as well as nearly every major Christian and conservative news service in America. This past Sunday, the biggest internet news service in America, World Net Daily, made Hartline's rally on July 8th their number one story. However, not every San Diegan who claims to be a Christian is on the side of protecting children from the predators of the San Diego Gay Pride Parade. Unbelievably, the Pacific Beach United Methodist Church is actually going to be a community partner in the porn-filled gay pride festival. Last year, the Pacific Beach church won top honors for having the best float in the parade, outdoing parade participants RentBoy, a male escort service, and Deja Vu Strip Club.

In this entire battle, there is only one thing that really causes Hartline to fear. It is the fear that no one will show up to stand with him to save the kids during a July 8th rally at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. "If we don't fight to save our kids, than they will have their minds hijacked by leaders of the San Diego gay pride movement," says Hartline. So far, Hartline has not gotten any pastors to agree to come to the rally to stand up for the kids at Petco Park. "The greatest pain in my Christian walk is the refusal by San Diego pastors to join with me at any of my events when I am fighting for our kids. I have sent out dozens and dozens of requests to San Diego pastors and so far, none have agreed to come and join the rally," Hartline pointed out.

On July 8, 2007, either homosexuality or Christian values will prevail on thousands of kids being lured into Petco Park for the free children's floppy cap giveaway. In the last two months the San Diego Padres began to announce their promotion of Gay Pride Day at the stadium after they had already scheduled the children's promotion. It was that terrible conflicting onslaught against the kids by the Padres that forced Hartline to cry out against the injustice being done by the National League's top baseball team.

James Hartline contends that within two or three years, the children of San Diego will be so indoctrinated by the radical homosexual movement that it will be nearly impossible to bring them back to a place of psychological wholeness. "We are in a race against time," says Hartline. "I am begging and pleading with the Christians, the pastors, the evangelists, and the prayer warriors to come to our rally on July 8th to reach out to the parents and kids coming to Petco Park," Hartline states. "Please don't make any excuses for not saving our youth....please, I am begging Christians to give up three short hours of their time to come to Petco Park on July 8th."

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