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San Diego City Council Declares War On Christianity As July Is Declared Gay Pride Month

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
July 19, 2007

City Council Hearing Turns Into 2nd Civil War
As San Diego Republican Mayor & City Council
Join Gay Pride Leaders To Declare War On Christianity
And Make July 2007 Gay Pride Month:
Pornography, Male Prostitution & Homosexuality
Now Hold Places Of Honor In Scandal-Ridden City

Only Two Pastors Out Of San Diego's 1,700 Churches
Join 40 Christian Community Members
At July 17, 2007 San Diego City Council Meeting
To Stand Up For Righteousness During Gay Proclamation Hearing

(JHReport) There are growing signs that San Diego, California is fast becoming ground zero for the American culture war. For the past eighteen years the ACLU has been trying to force the removal of a cross that sits atop the San Diego-based Mt. Soledad Veteran's War Memorial. For the last four years, the San Diego City Council has been engulfed in numerous bribery scandals. Three of the councilmembers, all Democrats, were indicted for taking bribes from the notorious Cheetah's strip club. Councilmen Ralph Inzunza and Michael Zucchet resigned after they were convicted on the bribery charges. The third indicted councilman, Charles Lewis, age 37, died before his trial began.

In addition to the bribery scandals, the anti-christian attacks on religious landmarks, the aggressive campaign to evict the Boy Scouts from San Diego's public parks and the marching of an elementary school in last year's pornographic San Diego Gay Pride parade, all point to a catastrophic refutation of San Diego's reputation as a Christian Conservative city. With San Diego on the brink of declaring itself a morally bankrupt city, many are now beginning to undertand why the conditions were so ripe for the financial crisis that is threatening to implode the city's finances. It may be inevitable that the city is doomed to declare itself financially bankrupt. A growing city employees' pension scandal has left San Diego with a gaping $2 billion+ deficit. In 2004, USA Today defined San Diego and the pension scandal as "Enron By The Sea".

San Diego County is home to over 1,700 churches. On any given Sunday, over two million San Diego County residents will attend church services. Without question, there is a severe plague of apathy and biblical impotency among San Diego's religious community. Whether these two million Christians want to face this harsh reality remains to be seen. What is clear, however, is that on their watch, the two million Christians in San Diego County allowed the City of San Diego to become one of the most corrupt and immoral destinations in America.

The great American Civil War began on April 12, 1861 with the bombardment of Fort Sumter. Without question, America is once again on the brink of a second civil war. When historians write of this 2nd Civil War, they may consider the date of July 17, 2007, as the day when this war officially began.

On Tuesday, July 17, 2007, spectators of the weekly San Diego City Council meetings were able to observe the chasm which so desperately divides the two opposing armies in this new civil conflict. The forces for sexual anarchy sent in San Diego's leading homosexual and lesbian generals to advocate for a citywide proclamation which declares July, 2007 as Gay Pride Month in the City of San Diego. Sponsored by Jerry Sanders, the Republican mayor of San Diego, the proclamation encourages all San Diegans to attend the Gay Pride parade and festival. With a multitude of xxx gay porn companies, male escort services, sexualized transvestites and a history of hiring registered sex offenders, many parents were horrified as they watched Mayor Sanders honor the San Diego Gay Pride organization with a month long proclamation.

Nationally recognized Christian activist James Hartline has been opposing the San Diego gay pride proclamations for five years. Hartline, a former homosexual, now warns families to keep their kids away from the gay pride leaders and their events. "In 1997, I was infected with AIDS. Getting AIDS is what I got out of thirty years of being involved in homosexuality," Hartline tells parents and youth leaders in San Diego.

Hartline organized two events this year to oppose the gay pride celebrations. In 2003, he was fighting the San Diego gay pride movement as a lone soldier for Christ. This year, 140 other Christians joined Hartline at his two events. "We had 100 Christian activists show up at Petco Park to oppose the San Diego Padres Gay Pride event. Another 40 showed up at the San Diego City Council on July 17th," says Hartline. News of Hartline and the other Christians making a stand at the July 17th city council hearing is already being reported on national newswires.

The corruption that has destroyed the ethical foundations of the San Diego City Council was out in full force on July 17th. The actions of Council President Scott Peters towards the Christians in attendance was alarming to say the least. Peters allowed each side of the debate on the proclamation to have fifteen minutes of speaking time. Evidence from the July 17th Gay Pride Proclamation hearing clearly demonstrates that Peters lied about the amount of time that James Hartline used on the clock. Peters denied other Christians the right to speak out against the proclamation based upon his own timekeeping.

"If Councilman Peters is willing to deny Christians the right to speak at city hall, what else is he doing to those he doesn't like or agree with?" warns Hartline.

A review of the video from the July 17th City Council meeting shows that Hartline only spoke for five minutes. Hartline's speech began at the 18:55 mark on the video clock and finished at 23:57, a lapsed time of 5 minutes and two seconds. Yet, after Hartline spoke, Peters specifically stated that Hartline had used up ten minutes of the opposition time. As a result of Peters' actions many people who had requested to speak in opposition to the homosexual proclamation were denied their legal right to speak. Peters did allow a multitude of proponents of the gay pride resolution to speak, but he did not call up any other Christians who had put in speaker's request slips after Hartline. You can review the video of the July 17th City Council hearing by going to:

City Council Archives
July 17, 2007 View Video
Slide Time Ruler to 18:25

All three of the Republicans on the San Diego City Council joined the gay pride leaders in their attacks on the Christians who had come to the July 17th gay pride hearing. One Republican leader who sat in the audience during the council vote told the James Hartline Report, "I can't remember a more offensive attack on conservative values than this one by the Republicans on this city council." Three of the councilmen, Democrat Tony Young, Republican Kevin Faulconer and Republican Brian Maienschein, have all mentioned their "faith" when they were seeking Christian votes during their campaigns for the city council.

One Christian leader sitting close to Hartline during the hearing said this about the alledged "Christian" councilmen: "They really are a bunch of cowards."

While the three Republican city councilmen showed grave disrespect towards the gay pride opponents, one Republican woman did have the courage to rise up and confront the anti-christian bigotry that permeated the council chambers during the hearing. Priscilla Schreiber, President of Grossmont Unified High School District, demonstrated a courage that is rarely seen in the male-dominated San Diego Republican Party.

"How can you betray this city's Christian heritage by voting every year for an event that destroys our youth?" asked Mrs. Schreiber. "How can you honor an organization that has a history of hiring pedophiles?" And then looking directly at Councilman Brian Maienschein, Schreiber stated, "Councilman Maienschein, I stood with you at the foot of the Mt. Soledad Cross. I ask you to search your soul as to what you have become. Why are you betraying your previously professed Christianity for a political agenda that is destroying our kids?"

It was Mrs. Schreiber who stood up and confronted Council President Scott Peters when he did not call up other speakers. Because Schreiber confronted Peters, he was forced to allow some of the other speakers. However, because Peters gave false information on the amount of time that Hartline had used up, he did not allow the full compliment of opposing speakers. You can watch the Schreiber-Peters confrontation by sliding the time ruler to 41:15 on the July 17th video archive.

"I am here to stand in the gap to be a voice of sanity to those who have lost their moral way," Schreiber declared. Schreiber was needed on July 17th to counter the lesbian examples of womanhood that were featured by the leaders of the gay pride organization. Gloria Johnson, an avowed lesbian leader within the San Diego Democratic Party, challenged Christians at the council hearing that she was ready to fight them: "Here I am. I'm five feet tall and 102 pounds and I'm ready to go toe-to-toe with you," declared Johnson.

Following on the heels of Johnson's attack on Christianity, came the voices from a large contingent from Concerned Women for America (CWA). The local chapter of Concerned Women for America, which has 7,000 San Diego members, showed up to demonstrate that gay pride anti-family attacks coming from the council were not going to go unchallenged. Newly appointed Director of CWA's Southern Counties, Cindy Sieger, led a well-coordinated presentation before the council. The difference between Sieger's group and lesbian Councilwoman Toni Atkins could not have been more clear. Atkins, who is the main advocate for the promotion of the gay pride resolutions on the city council over the last several years, is the former manager of a number of abortion clinics.

Of the forty Christians who turned out for the July 17th hearing, only two pastors showed up to stand up against the gay pride proclamation. Leo Giovinetti and Rob Cobb, pastors at Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, have a long-standing reputation of encouraging the 1,500 members of their church to go out and make a positive impact on their communities. Giovinetti and Cobb don't just preach involvement, they lead by example. Although Mission Valley Christian Fellowship is America's largest homeless church, Pastor Giovinetti's congregation accomplishes more for Biblical values in San Diego than any of their wealthier mega-church counterparts.

The gross apathy of some San Diego pastors makes the job of James Hartline and his growing team of fellow Christian activists much harder. For example, last week when Hartline led a team of 100 Christians to protest the promotion of gay pride by the San Diego Padres, Miles McPherson of the 7,000 member Rock Church was still having his church attend another baseball game night at Petco Park. When Hartline spoke with one of the executive pastors at the Rock Church about their continued involvement with the Padres even after the church had found out about the gay pride event at Petco Park, the executive pastor rebuked Hartline.

The executive pastor at the Rock Church told Hartline that they were aware of the gay pride event with the Padres. Unbelievably, he then told Hartline, "We could not come up with a consensus on taking action."

"Consensus! Don't you know what the Bible says?" Hartline retorted.

"You are not going to tell us what to do," the pastor responded and then hung up on Hartline. Not one pastor from the Rock Church showed up to help with the rally at Petco Park. Not one pastor from the Rock Church showed up at the city council to stand up for the protection of kids from the gay pride events. Yet, the Rock Church had plenty of pastors show up at previous council hearings when they were attempting to get permits for the mega property that they now have in their grasps and are building a private school on. This is the kind of gross apathy and hypocrisy among church leaders in San Diego that is allowing the radicalized homosexual movement to prevail on issues like the gay pride resolution.

The same can be said about Mike MacIntosh at Horizon Christian Fellowship. MacIntosh has a number of wealthy Republicans who attend his church. Those same Republican church members endorsed and raised money for Mayor Jerry Sanders in his 2005 mayoral campaign. At that time Sanders marched in his eighth gay pride parade. In 2006, longtime wealthy Horizon Christian Fellowship member Larry Stirling endorsed homosexual activist Ralph Denney for the California State Assembly. Once again, MacIntosh refused to confront this utter hypocrisy and anti-biblical activism on the part of his wealthy church donor. Not one pastor from Horizon Christian Fellowship came to stand with the Christians at Petco Park and not one Horizon pastor spoke out against Sanders for his sponsorship of this year's gay pride resolution. San Diego is being destroyed and influential pastors like Mike MacIntosh remain completely silent on the matter of Jerry Sanders and his partnership with the homosexual movement.

Five years ago, there was virtually no oppostion to the city council declaring gay pride week in San Diego. Four years ago, James Hartline was a lone warrior for the cause of Christ at the City Council of San Diego. Oftentimes coming to the council by himself, Hartline was determined to be a voice for righteousness in his city. "God told me to go stand in the gap for His people in my city," says Hartline. During those early council meetings, Hartline was mocked and ridiculed. Since that time, Hartline's city council appearances have turned into big events in the Christian community.

With over 140 San Diegans working with Hartline this year to oppose the gay pride organization and their events, it is clear that James is no longer the lone warrior in his city. Many are beginning to see the makings of a citywide revival coming about as a result of the commitment of James Hartline. "Most of the pastors like Mike MacIntosh who make their rich salaries but will not stand with us to clean up the moral rot in the city's government, will just not be a part of the coming revival. God will use those us who are not fearful of the opinions of man," declares Hartline.

"We have many new events being planned for the upcoming year," says Hartline. "We will prevail in our battle to stop the spread of the pornographic gay pride movement. Goliath fell at the hand of King David. And Gay Goliath will fall at the hands of the new King Davids of San Diego!"

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Tesa said...

What a disgusting event! Thank you for reporting this.

I do have a bone to pick with you, though. BY referring to Mrs. Davison as "Ms." Davison, you are undermining traditional family and the importance of women as wives very subtly. "Ms" is a construct of the anti-family feminists bent on destroying traditional values, and you have bitten the hook by using their terminology.

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be a satirical site? Nobody can actually be this much of a mental midget to believe all a lot of laughs though so thank you!