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James Hartline on the Rick Amato Show Tonight

James Hartline will be appearing on the Rick Amato Show tonight, October 29, 2007.
We will be discussing Hartline for City Council, District 3 Campaign, the Fires and the Prayer Rally at City Hall coming up on Tuesday - October 30, 2007.
Time: 10pm
Tune in to KCBQ - 1170am
Listen Live at:

You can learn more about the Rick Amato Show by visiting his website at:
Amato Talk

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Good Political Leader Provokes Open Discussions

5,100 Voters join in on discussion of James Hartline's stand against Mick Rabin's sexuality 3rd grade classroom teachniques.

I will never back down from protecting our students while they are in our classrooms. I have many, many good friends who are public school teachers in San Diego. Many of them have already stated that they intend to vote for me for the San Diego City Council and are looking forward to campaigning for me.

Yet, there are some real bad, bad teachers in the San Diego schools. One of those teachers has been the focus of a major national story that I provoked from my article on Mick Rabin. Recently, American Family Association picked up on my stand against Mick Rabin and produced a national radio news story and interview with me on this very bad teacher.

I don't know how we have gotten to place in our culture where a teacher can feel safe teaching sexuality to 3rd graders, but that is the dark place we find ourselves in. And that is what Mick Rabin has been doing. And I fully intend to fight Rabin's agenda and I will be helping our students, their teachers and parents to have a say in stopping people like Mick Rabin.

A good politician will face controversial subjects and provoke discussions. American Family Association allowed a full debate on my stand against Mick Rabin. Here are the results of that debate:

POLL: Topic of sexuality in 3rd grade October 26, 2007
In light of a report about a third-grade teacher in San Diego promoting homosexuality in his classroom, we asked you to weigh in on the issue of teaching issues of sexuality to such young children. See how your fellow OneNewsNow readers responded. basically asked: [Where] would you prefer your third-grader learn about sexuality [if at all]? You said:
At School: 89 votes
At home: 2,807 votes
From A Health Clinic: 14 votes
Third Grade? Wait Until They're Older: 2,190 votes TOTAL VOTE: 5,100
Read the articles that inspired this question
Read the articles that inspired this question here.
Thanks for sharing your opinion and don't forget to vote in our current poll!

HalleluJah Hoedown: An Alternative Halloween Event For Everyone

Just a brief announcement from our church, Mission Valley Christian Fellowship:
Everyone who is looking for an alternative to the typical Halloween stuff, our church, Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, is hosting a massive party for the whole family at Qualcomm Stadium Parking Lot.

Hallelujah Hoedown!
San Diego, California

Wednesday, October 31, 2007: 6-9pm
Plenty for thousands of friends, family, fire victims.
Rides, Food, Music, Bible, Candy, Carnival, Games!
Be prepared to have a relaxing good time without all of the alcohol and drugs.
Everyone is welcome.
For more information:

About Praying For Our Enemies and A Cure For AIDS.

Prayer Works!
The Bible says in Philippians 4:6 -
"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. "

When we pray to God, we are to have an attitude of confidence in Him that He will do for us all that He has promised in His word to do. God loves us. We who have chosen Jesus Christ as our LORD and our Savior can expect our Father in heaven to grant us the petitions of our hearts as we put Him first in our lives. The Bibles says: "Seek ye first, the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then, and then all of these other things (jobs, health, money, relationships, etc.) will be given to you."

And in the process of praying confidently to our God we are to be thankful for what He has already done in our lives.

I have great, great confidence in God that everytime I pray, I get results. There have been so many miracles and so many instances of answered prayer for me, that I no longer have any doubts about God answering my prayers. I always believe that God will perform for me what He has promised to perform in and through His word. God's word gives me supernatural peace and tranquility in a world that is oftentimes shackled by chains of oppression, war, greed, immorality, hate, violence and fear. I place no confidence in the promises of mankind, but I have absolute confidence in God and His word (the Bible).

From delivering me out of thirty, long years of homosexuality, to overcoming homelessness, drug addiction, pornography, loneliness, depression: you name it, God has helped me every step of the way. And the great news is that God is NO respector of persons. In other words, I am no better than the next man or woman, so God will hear your prayers if you simply turn from your sinful ways just like I did. Sin does separate you from God, but He is merciful and ready to forgive you if you are willing to repent (repentence means a complete mental change about your sinful ways, now calling evil what you used to consider good). We must, as Christians, believe what God says about our life choices.

When we become Christians, we no longer apply the world's standards to our lives, but rather, God's standards as defined in the Bible. As an example, the world system might cause you to believe that homosexuality is an acceptable way of life. However, the Bible calls it a grievous sin. Who do you believe, the Bible or the world? That is where repentence comes in: As Christians, we no longer flow with the world's system or way of thinking. We repent, confessing our sins, no longer tossed to and frow by the winds of ungodly secular teachings. We, as Christians, no longer find our sin of homosexuality acceptable. Instead, we have had a change of heart, finding peace in God, never looking back, never returning to that place of allowing the world to dictate our thinking on the issue of homosexuality.

Now, there will be those who will fight me to the end on this matter. However, who should I bow to: God or mankind? Who will I answer to when I get to heaven: a gay community leader or God? When I die, I will go before my Father in heaven and He will say to me, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant, enter into your eternal destiny that I have prepared for those who obeyed Me while they were alive on earth!"

I constantly feel an increasing sadness for those who are bent upon holding onto the lie that homosexuality is okay. It is severely difficult for me not to cry when I look upon their faces and realize that they are dooming themselves for all of eternity simply because they totally reject the Bible's clear teaching on homosexuality. They have chosen instead of obedience to God, to place a higher priority of having ten, twenty, maybe thirty years of sexual sin on this earth.

But the good news for those who make the decision to leave behind the homosexual life: then there is ulimited potential for what God will do for you, your family and your community. There is an amazing and unlimited landscape set before each person who steps into their God-ordained destiny and seeks out the true path of God for their lives.

I say all of this as I write of the prayer requests that have come in as a result of a recent post:
Prayer Requests Wanted:

There are those who are seeking prayer as result of losses suffered in the recent fires. There are those who are suffering sicknesses, such as AIDS and who are seeking prayer. There are others who are seeking employement and improvement in their finances.

I take each prayer request very seriously and our team around America prays and fasts for everyone that seeks our help.

Jesus gives me and others a model for prayer. Yes, Jesus preached against sin, even the sin of homosexuality. Yet, when it came to healing the sick, almost universally, He did not ask the thousands of people who He healed during His three year ministry to first leave their sin before He healed them. God was gracious through His only son Jesus Christ. He simply healed the sick and fed the hungry, without a pre-c0ndition for repentence.

HOWEVER, after they were healed, fed, clothed and restored, Jesus did use the opportunity to warn the sinner, that they needed to repent and stop their sinful ways lest something worse come upon them.

I have spent many years inside of San Diego's gay community praying for the sick, feeding the hungry, providing vitamins to those in need, and clothing those with very little clothing. Most of the liberals and gay activists who regularly attack me in the media, have no knowledge of the works that I do to help people. The main reason for this, is because I don't go around shouting from the rooftops about the good works I do. That is mostly God's job. He knows what I do. And He will reward me for my good works. The reason that we established the Hillcrest Mission as a 501(c)3 ministry is to help those in need inside of San Diego's homosexual community. Yes, certainly part of our assignment is to teach and preach about sin and its consequences, but we would never, ever use the sin of anyone as a reason for denying them food, vitamins or taking the time to pray.

I make this point, to let those of you know who are asking for prayers that when I pray for you, I am not putting pre-conditions on you before you seek prayer. Just send the prayer requests and we will pray for you. We can deal with the sin issues on another level. God is merciful. He wants me to pray for you and I have favor with God because I have been willing to stand up for Jesus Christ in the hard places, the difficult places, the dangerous places. I believe that as God heals you and blesses you, that you will begin to think about the sin in your life and how it is restricting your relationship with Jesus Christ. As you begin to hear from God and become convicted about your sins, that you will begin to read the Bible for renewed revelations about your purpose and destiny while on this earth.

It is God's responsibility, not mine, to personally reveal your destiny while on this earth. My obligation to God is to do what He asks me to do. To preach, to teach, and to PRAY for you. And believe me when I say this to everyone, I love to pray, because I have seen it work so many times in my own life and I want others to have that same experience.

To those involved in gay activism who persecute my ministry: Are you really as truthful as you claim with regards to wanting an end to the AIDS epidemic? Think about this:

Do you really want a cure? What if God wants to reveal the cure to one of His Christian servants? Perhaps He is going to reveal to me or one of the members of my prayer team a cure for AIDS. We pray for a cure all of the time. In fact, He may have already revealed the cure. We have just not analyzed all of the revelations that God has shown us through our prayer times.

So, the next time you think about attacking our ministry because we stand up for the Bible, you may be attacking the one that God is showing the miracle of a cure for AIDS.
We do pray for a cure and we believe that God is bringing a cure soon.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hartline Makes National News For His Stand Against San Diego 3rd Grade Teacher Who Teaches 3rd Graders To Accept Homosexuality!

The Campaign for James Hartline for San Diego City Council is pleased to announce a Breaking News Story!

National Newswires are now reporting on the big stand James Hartline is making to protect the young kids inside of the San Diego School System from predator teachers.

One News Now, the news department of American Family Association is reporting on Hartline's news story and fight against Mick Rabin, a San Diego 3rd grade teacher who uses his classroom to indoctrinate little 3rd grade boys and girls into accepting homosexuality.

You can read more about this national story by going to the website for One News Now:

This website will also allow you to listen to the national audio clip for the American Family Radio report on Hartline's stand against Rabin's classroom sexual indoctrination of small kids.

~ Prayer Requests Wanted ~

We will be having one of our regular prayer and fasting events soon. If you have a prayer request please send it and we will take it before the Lord. If you have a physical ailment, poverty, homelessness, a drug problem, whatever is causing you suffering, we will intercede for you!

I have seen many miracles happen after we have prayed and fasted. There are no prerequisites to seeking God for help. He is merciful and wants to help you!

The following scriptures (from Psalms 103 and 107) give all of us hope no matter how far down we have fallen. I have fallen down farther than most, but God was merciful to me, so I know that He will be merciful to you too!

Praise the Lord, I tell myself, and never forget the good things He does for me.
He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. Psalm 103

Some were fools in their rebellion; they suffered for their sins.
Their appetites were gone, and death was near.
"Lord, help!" they cried in their trouble, and He saved them from their distress.
He spoke, and they were healed- snatched from the door of death. Psalm 107

Schwarzenegger, The Fire-Bug of California by Elinor Montgomery

Here is an interesting commentary sent to me today from a writer in Canada. Her news service called News n Blues, features a regular column from prophetic writer Elinor Montgomery. Montgomery's website is Voice of the Kingfisher ( I get dozens of requests every month to promote things to my thousands of readers. Only a very, very small portion of those requests are approved. I have not had time to review either News n Blues or Voice of the Kingfisher, thus I am not affirming these writers. I am, at this time, just passing on this one commentary, which I found to be thought-provoking.

Schwarzenegger, the Fire-bug of California
By Elinor Montgomery
October 23, 2007

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has become, perhaps, one of the most hypocritical politicians in all of America . He presently is upfront and center, portraying himself as the inspector of law and order, seeing that the needs of the evacuees are met, as they escape the fires, which are raging throughout California . But the question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not he is the fire-bug, which sparked these fires in the first place.

Let us look at the government measures he has endorsed, which are at the root of this disaster. He has been signing laws supportive of the promotion of homosexual activity in the state. The latest law, which he signed, bars parents from the schoolrooms, while ordering the system to allow boys in girls’ restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa. This is nothing short of a blatant attack on the traditional values of America . He is declaring American values to be irrelevant in the new sexualized indoctrination centers of the schoolroom.

Children as young as five years of age will be mentally molested in these centers. One of the bills signed by him, SB 777, prohibits any instruction or school activity, promoting what is referred to as discriminatory bias against ‘gender’ – cross-dressing, sex changes and sexual orientation.
At the same time, a parent who speaks truth with respect to marriage being only for one man and one woman, in front of the sensitive ears of a lesbian teacher, would be convicted of harassment. Students, declaring before a male teacher, wearing women’s clothing, that people are born male or female, could be reported as being an harasser.

He also signed Bill AB14, which is another insensitive law that absolutely violates people’s moral boundaries.

Unfortunately, God and Schwarzenegger are on opposite sides of the fence and, for all his body-building prowess, Schwarzenegger has nowhere near the power of the Almighty Creator, Who endowed this fool with the muscles he flexes. We are speaking here of the heavy-weight champion of the light-weight Hollywood stars-cum-politicians, who has become the fire-bug of California .

Do not think that God does not mean what He says about nations, which are blessed by being in covenant with Him. But then, Schwarzenegger was not a native of this great nation and, perhaps, he gives us reason to reconsider foreigners, who have not been raised in this country under God, being allowed to assume high offices in the land. Is it possible to marry ‘the left’ with ‘the right’ without having the whole loaf fill up with the leaven of liberalism?

I would refer you to my commentary of July 23, 2007, Storm Clouds are Gathering; “You shall surely face the coming storm, ignited by the wrath of God. You will see many, many more signs of famine, floods, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes, so brace yourselves for the storm clouds are gathering.” And again, I refer to another commentary of June 28, 2007, Survival of America; “The judgment, which fell upon the twin towers of New York and upon New Orleans, the Sodom of America, was a mere warning of things to come. The fires, floods and earthquakes in diverse places are signs of the great judgment, which is right at hand.”

Wake up California , for you have a fire-bug at the helm of government. Blame your financial losses and the loss of your homes on him and those of the homosexual voting community who have him in their pockets. He is your fire-starter who has ignited God’s wrath. The laws of man, which come against His Law, will arouse Him to take His justice against evil, repaying evil with its just reward.

California has a long history of moral wickedness; it would seem that the natives are slow learners. How much destruction will it take before they wake up to discover, too late, that everything they covet, their homes, their cars, their affluent lifestyle and their liberty, will all be lost? Hollywood and the Californian lifestyle, so full of government-endorsed sexual perversion, will all become but a shadow of the past, when that state faces the coming judgment of a second, great earthquake and its ensuing fires.

God is not sleeping, but rather has given these nations of America time to repent of their wickedness against Him. He has mercifully granted 100 years of grace for Californians to change their ways after His last judgment of the great earthquake and fires of San Francisco in 1906, which preceded the great spiritual revival of Azusa Street .

California is the symbol in America of Satan’s attack on the westward move of God’s covenant with His covenanting people. He brought them to America , for the sole purpose of worshiping only Him and being a light of liberty in His Law to the world. Instead, Americans pushed westward under satanic spiritual guidance chasing after the Californian gold of this world in place of the gold of worship God wants to see, covering His chosen vessels.

Those who pushed westward, panning for gold, staked land claims for themselves, unlike the earlier explorers who, in their westward push, planted crosses and staked their land claims for God and His Son Jesus Christ. He blessed this nation long enough to demonstrate the power He wanted to bestow upon His people.

Californians cannot purge themselves quickly enough of both their governor and the perverted sexual strongholds he supports, at the expense of the well-being of the parents and their children. They have an inevitable choice to make between being washed clean and receiving the sure fire judgment, which will ultimately result in God wiping them from the face of the earth, if they do not repent and change their ways.

This state is like a lightning rod, planted and ready to conduct His wrath upon itself.

Wake up, Hollywood , and the rest of that Californian state of ‘star’ gazers. You have a fire-bug and a terminator in your midst, who is the leader of the pack. When all you have is gone, remember that you were warned, but you chose to endorse a terminator instead of God. He will see to it that your wickedness is finally carried away in a lake of fire.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Flood Of Responses To "They Would Not Listen - And Now We Are Burning!"

Notice: The James Hartline Report Blog has been flooded with posts in response to the post: "They Would Not Listen - And Now We Are Burning." Posts that contain excessive sexual propaganda, and, or profanity, will not be published. Thus, many were automatically deleted.

Disagreements can be rational, respectful and without profanity. Why is it that that the vast majority of postings by gay activists contain excessive sexual content and profanity? Further evidence of...........

As to one important point:
Many have asked."if it is the homosexual agenda that is so sinful, than why are the areas being afflicted by fires located in the areas of large concentrations of Christians and Republican Conservatives instead of San Francisco or West Hollywood."

The Biblical answer is very simple:

According to the Bible, who is responsible for obeying God and maintaining His moral compass? It isn't the rebellious sinner, the man or woman given over to homosexuality. They are not the moral compass.

It is the Christian. The Christian has laid claim to responsiblity for the moral condition in America. The Christian is responsible for addressing the spread of sin and doing something about it. We allowed homosexuality to spread in this nation. We have allowed abortion to become a plague. Many Christians voted for Schwarznegger. He would not have gotten elected without many Christian votes. They were warned about him. They were warned about San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. Yet, they voted for him anyway.

The Bible says that in the last days, God is coming to judge the earth with fire. The first judgment was by water (the flood). And now will come the worldwide fire in the last days. We are beginning to see it.

Believe what you want. The Bible never, ever lies.

Sinners will do what sinners will do. But Christians are responsible for conveying right and wrong in this nation.

Thus, that is why the Bible says that judgment begins at the House of the Lord. The fires are striking at places where Christians are claiming Christ, but refuse to do anything about the plagues of sin in this nation. But do not think that the judgment stays in the House of the Lord. It is coming, surely it is coming after the rebel, the one who shakes the fist at God and rejects His pure offer of grace and salvation.

However, regardless of the acts of Christians,
What is the excuse of any of you when you rebel against God?

Don't blame your rebellion on me or what I say. Blame it on your own shaking of the fist at God!

The time is short. What will you do in the hour of your own judgment? Who will you blame? The Bible is truth. Yet, have you accepted it? What will you say to God? What will be your excuse? It won't be me.

Monday, October 22, 2007

They Would Not Listen -- And Now We Are Burning!

They shook their fists at God and said, "We don't care what God says, we will issue our legal brief to support gay marriage in San Diego!" Then Mayor Jerry Sanders mocked the Christian vote and signed off on this rebellious legal document to support same-sex marriage.
And then the streets of La Jolla under the Mt. Soledad Cross began to cave in.

They shook their fists at God and said, "We don't care what the Bible says, We want the California school children indoctrinated into homosexuality!" And then Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law the heinous SB777 which bans the use of "mom" and "dad" in the text books and promotes homosexuality to all school children in California.

And then the wildfires of Southern California engulfed the land like a raging judgment against the radicalized anti-christian California rebels.

How low will we go?

Why won't they listen?

Why won't they stop their madness?

The Bible says that in the last days, the nations will rebel against God until He can't take it anymore.

Was it all worth it? Were the few years of sexual immorality worth the eternal destruction and earthly chaos it brought?

How low will we go?

ACTION ALERT - 3rd GradeTeacher Promoting Gay Sexuality To San Diego 3rd Graders!

The James Hartline Report Action Center
! Action Alert ! Take Action!
October 22, 2007

San Diego News Website Glorifying 3rd Grade Teacher
Who Promotes Homosexuality To His 3rd Grade Students:
As Bad As It Can Get!
Voice of San Diego Website Glorifies Mick Rabin, A 3rd Grade Teacher
As He Promotes Gay Sexuality To Elementary School Students

Reporter: There's so much anxiety about how to talk to kids about sex and sexuality.
How do you walk that line so that it's age-appropriate?
Rabin: "It's a hard thing. A lot of teachers want to be supportive, but are not sure legally what they're allowed to say. And to this day, I'm not really sure what I'm allowed to say. But I'm going to say it anyways. I'm a tenured teacher. What are they going to do?"
~ San Diego 3rd Grade Teacher Mick Rabin telling Voice of San Diego about his
approach to explaining gay sexuality to his elementary school students. ~

(Action Alert) In a sure sign that San Diego doesn't want to be left out of the current insidious wave of sexualizing young school children, a local San Diego news website is proudly profiling an elementary school teacher who promotes homosexuality to his third grade students. The website, Voice of San Diego, has gained notoriety over the last few years for its insightful and instructive political news coverage. However, its October 20, 2007 front page story on radicalized pro-homosexual teacher Mick Rabin is a pedophile's dream-come-true expose for its glorification of Rabin's classroom gay-indoctrination techniques.

The article entitled, "Monsters In The Classroom, Questions for Mick Rabin," was written by Emily Alpert, a newly hired educational reporter for Voice of San Diego. According to her self-described biography, Alpert has been nominated three times for an Outstanding Digital Journalism Article award by the radicalized, anti-christian group (GLAAD) Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Voice of San Diego and Emily Alpert have the right to promote sex to other adults if that is how they seek to spend their time. However, to glorify a public school teacher who uses his classroom as a moral cesspool for indoctrinating 3rd grade students into accepting homosexuality and lesbianism, is reprehensible

Take for example the following question that Alpert asks Rabin regarding potential problems with discussing sex with his 3rd grade students:

Q: There's so much anxiety about how to talk to kids about sex and sexuality. How do you walk that line so that it's age-appropriate?

With an arrogrance that is shocking to the common sense rationality of most parents and taxpayers who are funding Rabin's classroom, look at how Rabin answers the question:
Rabin: "It's a hard thing. A lot of teachers want to be supportive, but are not sure legally what they're allowed to say. And to this day, I'm not really sure what I'm allowed to say. But I'm going to say it anyways. I'm a tenured teacher. What are they going to do?"

What makes the Mick Rabin story all the more disturbing is the fact that he is a heterosexual who is on a quest to force the San Diego Boy Scouts to allow transsexual, homosexual and atheist leaders in their organization. Rabin has been a regular participant in the annual protest of "Scouting For All" outside of the San Diego Boy Scouts Headquarters at Balboa Park. Scouting For All has been the driving force behind kicking the Boy Scouts out of Balboa Park because they will not allow transsexuals and homosexuals into the leadership of the Boy Scouts. In 2007, the porn-promoting organization, San Diego Gay Pride, awarded Mick Rabin with their Friend of the Year award, for his many years of supporting homosexuality and promoting sexual diversity in public schools through the horrific group (GLSEN) Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network.

For pedophiles who are looking to improve their dark techniques for accessing the minds of small children, Alpert's article and Mick Rabin's classroom propaganda will certainly add to the arsenals of every child molester's instructional manual. Take for example, the twisted response that Rabin gives to another question by Emily Alpert in her Voice of San Diego article:

Q: How do you see those issues playing out in the classroom? Do you see them on a daily basis?

Rabin: "They come up often, even in third grade. It takes innocent forms ... Like, 'How can you be using a pink crayon?' Something stupid like that. I always use that opportunity to tell them my favorite color is pink. It's not. It's blue. But the eyebrows go up. ... If you do like pink, what does that say about you? I bring up gay and lesbian. I'll mention those words in the third grade."

What Do You Do When News Reporters Honor Teachers
Who Are Harming Our Children?

James Hartline, Publisher of The James Hartline Report, wrote Voice of San Diego reporter Emily Alpert about her degrading glorification of Mick Rabin. Hartline's letter stated:

Ms. Alpert: "I think it is abhorrent that you would seek to honor a man that has done everything possible to expose little boys to extreme sexuality and transsexual confusion. Your article on Mick Rabin is so repulsive and degrading to those of us who spend our lives seeking to protect vulnerable young kids from sexual immorality and from those who want to harm them. I am shocked that Voice of San Diego has even allowed you to promote the sexually destructive agenda of this man who promotes sexualizing young boys."

Emily Alpert did not respond to Hartline's article, but Executive Editor Andrew Donohue did. Look at the shocking and disrespectful response from Donohue:

Donohue: James, "I would kindly ask you to refrain from sending out hate-filled e-mails to our reporters. If you have any criticism of the content of this publication, please direct that toward me. I am the news editor and am ultimately responsible for our content. You've never been associated with, and therefore, whether or not you chose to associate with us again is irrelevant."

Take Action!

Isn't it time that Americans started reclaiming their classrooms? Isn't it time to send a message to local media propagandists that they will no longer get a free pass when it comes to harming our children and young students? The idea that Voice of San Diego would assume that most parents accept the vile classroom activism of 3rd grade teacher Mick Rabin demonstrates just how disconnected from reality is the liberal media.

What can you do? Voice of San Diego is a 501(c) 3, nonprofit news service. Since its establishment, it has provided some very good reporting on local and state political news. However, the group is clearly steering more and more to the leftist propaganda of socialist elitism and can no longer be trusted to provide unbiased news coverage, particularly when it comes to the educational arena. Did you know -- you are helping to pay for Voice of San Diego! That's right! When you spend your money at businesses who are sponsoring Voice of San Diego, you are indirectly funding the likes of the Emily Alpert glorification of twisted teacher Mick Rabin.

According to the Voice of San Diego Sponsorship list, Donovan's Steak & Chop House is one of the main corporate sponsors of Voice of San Diego. The website states that Donovan's is a $15,000+ Founding Supporter of the news service. The James Hartline Report is aware of a number of Christian Conservatives who spend their money at Donovan's. We believe that these same Christians will be outraged that their money is going into a restaurant that is funding a group promoting the sexualization of school children via articles like the one on Mick Rabin.

Are you offended that a radical, anti-christian elementary school teacher is taking your tax dollars and using your classroom to expose 3rd grade students to homosexuality?

How dare the Voice of San Diego use its website to glorify a teacher being paid with your tax dollars and is using your classroom to target small children for homosexual indoctrination. Even more offensive is the disrespectful attitude of Voice of San Diego Executive Editor Andrew Donohue towards Christian activist James Hartline simply for speaking out against the disgusting Mick Rabin article.

Donovan's Steak & Chop House should be ashamed of the Voice of San Diego for the way they have honored sexual propagandist elementary school teacher Mick Rabin.

Contact Donovan's Steak & Chop House: Tell the restaurant management that they need to stop sponsoring Voice of San Diego, a news website that is glorifying sexual propagandist Mick Rabin. Tell them that you will take your business elsewhere if they cannot honor how your tax dollars are being spent in the public school system.
Donovan's Telephone Number: (858) 450-6666
Donovan's General Manager: Steve Josefski
Sales & Marketing: Laura Winter

Contact Voice of San Diego: Tell Executive Editor Andrew Donohue, that he has a right to promote his agenda to other adults. However, you as a concerned citizen, will not stand by while he allows the glorification of harmful teachers like Mick Rabin who are using your classroom to sexually indoctrinate young children.
Voice of San Diego Telephone Number: (619) 325-0525
Voice of San Diego Executive Editor: Andrew Donohue
email: / telephone: (619) 325-0525 x102
Voice of San Diego Executive Editor: Scott Lewis
email: / telephone (619) 325-0525 x107

And Contact Oak Park Elementary School, the school that Mick Rabin teaches at. Tell the school to stop allowing Rabin to use your classroom for his sexual propaganda.
As a taxpayer, you can request a tour of the school, including Rabin's classroom.
Oak Park Elementary School
Address: 2606 54th Street San Diego, CA 92105
Telephone: (619) 264-3179 / Fax: (619) 527-7152

~This Action Alert Has Been Provided By The James Hartline Report~
The James Hartline Report is now read daily by over 13,500 Concerned Activists!

I Am Making My Stand in My Generation!
Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

For more important news stories:
California Christian News

The James Hartline Report
James Hartline, Publisher
Educating The Church
Fighting For Our Generation

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Shake The City Prayer Rally
San Diego City Hall Concourse
Christian Community Stand Against
Religious Discrimination Occuring At City Hall
Tuesday - October 30, 2007
8:45am - 11:30am
~ Sponsored By ~
The San Diego Christian Chamber of Commerce
California Christian News
The James Hartline Report
Christian Vote 2008
Priscilla Schreiber, GUHSD President
Hartline For City Council Campaign
Robert Sutton Law Office
The "Not On My Watch" Team
The Hillcrest Mission

"Now the same night it came about that the Lord said to Gideon:
'Arise! Go down against the camp of your enemies,
for I, the Lord, have given it into your hands."
Judges 7:9

Step back for a moment and consider what happened just one month ago in the San Diego City Council: After a three week war between San Diego Christians and a local municipal government that is no longer listening to the will of the people, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders betrayed a campaign promise to oppose same-sex marriages as he signed a gay agenda legal brief approved by the liberalized San Diego City Council.

In essence, we now have a tyrannical mayor and city council in San Diego that has shaken its fist at God and said, "We don't care what the people want or what they voted for by passing Prop. 22, we are going to legitimize homosexuality and same-sex marriage anyway!" And sure enough, on Sept. 18th the people were once again punched in the gut and rebuffed as San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and the San Diego City Council approved a rebellious legal brief supporting same-sex marriage.

Despite the deplorable and arrogant actions of Sanders and the sexual anarchists on the city council, San Diego Christians have not been sitting on the sidelines giving up or giving in. In fact, something quite remarkable transpired during the recent battle over same-sex marriage. On September 18, 2007, fifty Christian Conservatives gathered at city hall to hold a powerful prayer rally to ask for God's intervention in our city and our government. While many are feeling the blows inflicted upon Chrisitanity and marriage by a city government that is out of control and out of touch with the vast majority of San Diego voters, I am declaring something powerful that God revealed to me as a result of our prayer rally.

When we prayed on Sept. 18th, we asked God to release the Holy Spirit into City Hall. The result: Mayor Jerry Sanders and his dark, anti-christian agenda were forced out into the light for the world to see. Now, instead of hiding his plan to institutionalize homosexuality into the city, Mayor Sanders was forced by God to reveal his agenda in the media, for the whole world to see. Now everyone knows what we are dealing with. Now we know who is on our side and who is not. There is no longer a questionable gray area: Mayor Jerry Sanders and the San Diego City Council are in rebellion to the voters and Christianity. And, even more revealing: voters are getting a really clear picture of those who are still supporting Mayor Sanders despite his great betrayal. Simply put, God is separating the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats, and it is abundantly clear which people are the sheep and which people are the goats.

With this understanding, we intend to once again, hold a prayer rally at the San Diego City Council Concourse on Tuesday, October 30, 2007. There is no doubt that we are in big trouble, but we believe that prayer will change things. We will be gathering on October 30th to intercede for our government, our city and its citizens.

Will You Make A Stand For Righteousness
In The City of San Diego?
The future of California lies in the actions of Christians!

All it takes for evil to prevail, is for a few good people
to do nothing!
Join James Hartline and the "Not On My Watch" Team
October 30, 2007
8:45am - 11:30am
Prayer Rally / City Council Meeting
San Diego City Concourse
202 "C" Street, Council Meeting on 12th Floor
Downtown San Diego
(Parking is FREE in Horton Plaza Parking Garage with a validated ticket)

I Am Making My Stand In 2007!
Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

Make A Stand! Shake The City!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Get Ready! Here Comes "Seven Years In Sodom" The Next Chapter In An Amazing Tale

They said I wouldn't make it.
They were wrong.
They said I would fall.
They were wrong.
They said I could not bring down the walls of their stronghold.
They were wrong.
They said I would die.
They were wrong.
Seven years going strong:
......I have lived tell the tale:
Get Ready.
Here comes.......The Story:

Seven Years In Sodom.

The Follow Up to
Six Years in Sodom: The Life Story of James Hartline.

Seven Years In Sodom will be published in the next month!


Are you ready to go where no American Christian has gone before?

Soon a compilation of this amazing story will rock America and its understanding of homosexuality in the last days:
Sodom Resurrected: The Rise Of An Ancient Demon Race.

Why was Sodom destroyed?
Where did the escaping citizens of Sodom go?

When Sodom was destroyed some Sodomites were away on very dark business.
They survived.
They multiplied.
And now they have resurrected their ancient city.
One reason:
Revenge on God. Revenge on the God's governmental structure and His kingdom in Heaven.
Get ready American Christian:
Sodom has risen again.
And the resurrected Sodomites are not happy.....Not happy at all.

Sodom Resurrected will bring an ancient story into the 21st century and show America that great prophets in the last days will arise out of the gay communities. Hidden within the walls of homosexual neighborhoods are great men and women who will leave the gay lifestyle, coming home to Jesus Christ, with one mission in these last days: To fight the resurrected demon race of ancient Sodom.

And, how about sharing your story for our upcoming journal publications:

If you would like to share your testimony of searching for Jesus Christ while still involved in homosexuality, than send us a comment. Have you felt that homosexuality has left you unsatisfied? Tell us why you have felt that way. If you are involved in homosexuality, do you feel that this hinders your relationship with Jesus Christ? If you are involved in homosexuality, tell us if this has drawn you closer to God or driven you farther into the secular world.

Peace and Love in these troubled times,
James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report

Friday, October 12, 2007

JHReport -- San Diego Christian Candidate Makes Big Stand At Gay-Friendly Political Forum

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
October 12, 2007

Christian Candidate Makes Big Stand At Gay-Friendly Political Forum:

San Diego Christian Activist James Hartline Reminds Gay Community
That Morality Matters In 2008 San Diego City Council Campaign.

(JHReport) Over the last four years, San Diego's municipal government has been engulfed in a sea of corruption, financial mismanagement, and a bribery scandal that left one councilman dead and two other councilmen convicted in federal court. San Diego voters have been feverishly searching for political leaders with the courage to fix their city's broken moral compass. After an October 9, 2007 candidate forum inside of San Diego's gay community, voters may have found such a candidate in nationally-recognized Christian activist James Hartline.

With a standing room only crowd that included San Diego's most influential gay activists and business leaders, it was clear that Republican City Council candidate James Hartline was the driving force that had brought this many to attend such an early campaign event. Whatever gay community leaders may think of Hartline, there is no doubt that he is big business in Hillcrest, San Diego's homosexual stronghold. According to Hillquest, the leading gay and lesbian Hillcrest website, in 2007 James Hartline was rated as the number one individual name that led viewers to their website. Hartline's name was also in the top ten in 2006 for leading people to In 2005, Hartline was the number three reason that people came to the Hillquest website.

How is it that a born-again Christian and outspoken activist has come to generate so much attention among gays, lesbians, and transsexuals, as well as other fellow Christians? There is no doubt that James Hartline is news. His life story and personal exploits for Jesus Christ have been reported in every media outlet in San Diego. In 2006, the story of how James left a thirty-year involvement in homosexuality to follow Christ was broadcast internationally on the Christian Broadcasting Network's 700 Club.

"I am completely transparent," says Hartline. "Although this leaves me vulnerable to my opponents, I have been willing to tell the world about all of my personal tragedies and victories. Men and women who have fallen into the gutter need to believe that they can make it back out and achieve success in a world that oftentimes does not easily give second chances," he says.

Many gays and even some Christian leaders have asked Hartline why he still lives inside of the gay community if he no longer participates in that life. James tells them, "I know what it is like to be completely abandoned. After years of abusing me, my parents abandoned me to a state reform school when I was 14. In my lowest point as a young teenager, my family just up and left me," he adds.

"I just cannot abandon those I care about," Hartline says of those who are living the homosexual lifestyle. "If I leave, who will tell gays and lesbians in San Diego the truth about their lifestyle? Only a true Christian will face people and give them the truth, rather than what they want to hear to appease them."

The October 9th candidate forum was sponsored by the Hillcrest Town Council. Facing 130 people, many of whom have displayed great disdain for Hartline's Christian activism, was not an easy task for him. However, Hartline was not alone when he faced the well-behaved, but hostile audience. Twelve committed Christian Republicans came to the forum to support Hartline. One of those in attendance was well-respected Republican businesswoman Priscilla Schreiber.

Priscilla Schreiber, President of the Grossmont Union High School District, was reelected to her East San Diego County position in a 2004 landslide. With increasing political clout, Schreiber could have easily chosen to do something else on Oct. 9th than attend an intense campaign forum dominated by homosexual interests. Like James Hartline, Priscilla Schreiber has been viciously attacked by liberal Democrats and pro-homosexual Republicans who do not agree with her strong stand for Christian values.

Not one to bow to fear or intimidation. Mrs. Schreiber has earned a reputation for going into some of the most difficult political environments to stand up for parents, youth and Biblical values. Simply put, Schreiber oftentimes will go where her male counterparts are not willing to go.

"I think what sets you apart, is that you are actually offering District 3 voters a real choice in the upcoming city council race," Schreiber told Hartline after the Oct. 9th forum had concluded.

On his new campaign website, Hartline declares that he is bringing political, moral and civic revival to District 3 and the City of San Diego. There were certainly signs at the Hillcrest Town Council candidate forum that James is backing up what he's declaring on his website. With a dozen Christian leaders standing with Hartline at the forum, it is clear that there is a big change underway in the routine politics of San Diego's gay community.

A number of local pastors attended the Oct. 9th forum, demonstrating that Hartline's longtime stand on behalf of San Diego's youth, fighting pornography and closing down businesses he feels help to spread AIDS, is earning him great respect among many San Diego churches. The presence of San Diego pastors at a gay-dominated political event is serving notice that Christians are preparing to aggressively wrestle for control of the moral direction of Hillcrest, as well as other communities in District. 3.

One of the candidates opposing Hartline in his battle for a seat on the city council is a Republican who recently started to publicly declare his homosexuality. Robert E. Lee, who just recently moved into the district, has really only been known for his previous failed attempt to win the District 2 City Council seat in 2005. In that race, Lee garnered a paltry 250 votes out of 52,154 cast. In moving into District 3, Lee has declared himself a gay Republican, a declaration that has proven futile over the years in a district controlled by gay and lesbian Democrats.

It is perhaps Robert E. Lee's homosexual desperation that has caused him to write extremely disgusting and degrading comments about James Hartline on the Voice of San Diego's public forum website.

Lee seems to be obsessed with Hartline. Here are some of Lee's outlandish comments about James Hartline:
"And finally, he has the pathetic intent to run as a District 3 City Council candidate, which includes Hillcrest, North Park and other neighborhoods with a large gay and lesbian community. How utterly sickening and disgusting that Hartline would hold himself out as a voice of conscience on an issue like this." "We need to preserve society from Hartline, not the other way around. With his past, Hartline has far, far to go before he ever asks citizens to trust him as their elected representative."

Robert E. Lee's twisted comments are typical of the hostile attacks that are routinely made against Christians by homosexuals who have infiltrated the Republican Party. The Log Cabin Republicans, a liberal, anti-christian homosexual organization, regularly crusades against Conservative Christians, seeking to have Christian influence removed from the GOP.

Lee's futile attempts to demean Hartline seem to be falling on deaf ears. Since Hartline and Lee appeared at the Hillcrest Town Council candidate's forum, Hartline has added another $500 to his campaign fund with promises of many more contributions on the way.

The current dynamic in the District 3 City Council race is creating what may turn out to be one of the biggest upsets in California's storied political history. In 2004, current District 3 City Councilwoman Toni Atkins won reelection with only 16,273 votes. With James Hartline facing three liberal Democrats, a Green Party candidate, and a homosexual Republican, he may very well cause San Diego to see a complete shift in its political landscape. With thousands of Christian voters in the district who have previously not voted because of their dissatisfaction with gay leaders, Hartline has the advantage of tapping into this huge religious vote.

The three Democrats in the District 3 City Council race, Todd Gloria, Stephen Whitburn and John Hartley, all appeared in last year's controversial San Diego Gay Pride Parade. City Council candidate James Hartline derides these three men for participating in an event that exposed numerous school children to xxx pornographers, nearly nude male strippers and male transvestites who dress up as nuns to mock the Catholic Church. "I think it's deplorable that men who want to lead our city as elected officials also participate in an event that clearly exposes our city's children to very harmful influences," declares Hartline.

"You will never, ever, see me selling out our kids to get a vote by participating in a pornographic gay parade," adds Hartline. "What my campaign is all about is telling every family in our city that no matter how far you might fall in life, if you work hard and keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, God will take you from the places of defeat and lead you to overwhelming places of honor and success."

To learn more about the amazing stand that James Hartline is making as a candidate for the San Diego City Council go to:

This Article Has Been Provided By The James Hartline Report.
Now Read Daily By Over 13,000 Concerned Citizens Of Conviction!
For More Important News Stories Go To: California Christian News

I Am Making My Stand In 2007!
Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report
Educating The Church
Fighting For Our Generation

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Send Your Prayer Requests & Join Oct. 8th Day of Prayer & Fasting

Send Your Prayer Requests In
and Join Us For
Columbus Day - All Day of Prayer & Fasting
Monday - October 8, 2007
Sponsored By
The Hillcrest Mission Prayer Center
San Diego, California

"The LORD will make you the head and not the tail, and you only will be above, and you will not be underneath, if you listen to the commandments of the LORD your God, which I charge you today, to observe them carefully."
Deuteronomy 28:13

On Monday, October 8, 2007 many Americans will have the day off to celebrate Columbus day. Columbus Day is celebrated as a reminder of when Christopher Columbus discovered the new world of the Americas. James Hartline, Director of the Hillcrest Mission in San Diego, California, is inviting Christians from around America to join him in setting aside Columbus Day 2007 to fast and pray for God to pour out His Spirit in our lives and our nation.

In the last several months, James has received powerful revelations from the Lord about the new season we are in. Many believers are physically sick, but God is ready to start pouring out a fresh mantle of healing upon His people. God wants to give birth to a new and powerful army of annointed prophets in our nation. This Columbus Day, James is going to be seeking God for a unique impartation of God's presence to fall upon His people. It is time for the birthing pains to giveway to the delivery phase of the Lord's Church.

Deuteronomy 28:13 specifically says that if we will give God's commandments our full attention and obey Him, then He will cause us to succeed in all the things that He has promised us in His word. We need a shift in our priorities. If we do not seize this free opportunity to diligently seek God's face and His mercy, then we will see a drastic and degrading shift politically, morally and spiritually in our nation. This unnecessary dark period can be averted if God's people will humble themselves and pray. Our future is up to us!

In San Diego, California there is great chaos in the political realm. In addition to the great immoral betrayal of San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, who recently embraced same-sex marriage, we have just found out that many local Republican leaders have betrayed God's people by supporting radical homosexual Republican Carl DeMaio in his campaign for the San Diego City Council. This is a political and moral catastrophe for the Christians in San Diego, California!!! We must set aside every other distraction this Columbus Day, to pray that God will bring an end to this evil which seeks to rot our culture!

Will you join James Hartline on Monday - October 8, 2007
for an all day of prayer and fasting?

Please add these very important prayer requests to your prayer list:

1. Please pray for healing for Carol Garlow, wife of Jim Garlow, Pastor at
Skyline Church in San Diego. Carol has been suffering with one of the most
difficult cases of cancer ever seen. The devil must be stopped and we are asking
everyone to pray for this wonderful sister. For more information on Carol Garlow's
journey go to:

2. Please pray for Ashley Sampier, wife of Jack Sampier Jr., Youth Pastor at
Calvary Temple Assembly of God in San Diego. Ashley sings like an angel but
the devil has attacked her with a difficult case of breast cancer.

3. We must stop the evil agenda of homosexual Republican Carl DeMaio from
getting elected to the San Diego City Council. DeMaio's election will mean that
the homosexual agenda will be forced upon all Republican Christians in
San Diego. It is terrible what the San Diego Republican leaders are forcing upon
God's people. We must pray that God removes this wickedness.
Please, Please, Please pray that God intervenes and stops this evil.

4. On Tuesday, October 9th, James Hartline will be appearing at the
Hillcrest Town Council. This promises to be one of the most difficult battles
that James has ever been involved in. All of the candidates for the San Diego
City Council, District 3, will be appearing before a meeting that will put James
in the middle of the homosexual lion's den. Please pray for James Hartline
as he seeks to represent God's people in the midst of this very difficult campaign
for the San Diego City Council.

5. Please pray for our dear brother Jon Powell who is suffering through
great back problems. This faithful brother in Christ really needs our prayers
to fulfill His destiny in this generation. Jon needs a miracle or he will have
to have serious back surgery. Please, please, please pray for Brother Jon.

Please send your prayer requests for the Columbus Day
All Day of Prayer & Fasting - Oct. 8, 2007

James Hartline's Campaign For City Council Raises Nearly $2,000 In Contributions In First Three Months Of Campaign!

James Hartline's Campaign For City Council Raises Nearly $2,000 In Contributions In First Three Months Of Campaign!

James Hartline is pleased to announce that nearly $2,000 has been raised in the first three months of his campaign for the San Diego City Council. With nearly $900 in reserve and all bills paid, Hartline has a good surplus. Additionally, many more San Diegans have promised to contribute to Hartline's spirited effort to become the next District 3 City Councilman. Good financial management, as well as the ability to motivate hundreds of Christian voters to reenter the political process after years of being absent, is showing that James Hartline is a real contender in the upcoming 2008 municipal elections.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Join James Hartline For A Big Campaign Showdown At The Hillcrest Town Council

The James Hartline Report
San Diego City Council Candidate James Hartline
at the Hillcrest Town Council Candidate Forum
Tuesday - October 9, 2007, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

What do you get when you put Christian Activist James Hartline
in a room full of San Diego's top gay activists & liberal Democrats?

You get one big Politcal Showdown!

In 2000, James Hartline left behind thirty years of homosexuality
to make his stand for Jesus Christ in the City of San Diego.
Seven years later, James is now one of the leading candidates
to become the San Diego City Council Representative inside
of the district which includes the fourth largest gay community
in the United States.

Will You Stand With James Hartline As He Stands Up For Jesus Christ In One Of The Great Political Battles In Modern American History?

Imagine the impact on San Diego and America if former homosexual
and courageous Christian Activist James Hartline were to be elected
as the City Councilman in the area that includes San Diego's
largest homosexual area!

With the help of the Christian Community and Jesus Christ,
James Hartline will win this battle.

Over the last seven years, James has faithfully stood in the gap
for America's Christian Community. Despite years of being
threatened by gay activists, fighting a deadly battle with AIDS
and oftentimes standing at City Hall as a lone voice for protecting
our youth from predators,
James has never waivered in his commitment
to Jesus Christ or his love for the Christians of America.

Now, James Hartline is asking for the Christians of
San Diego and America to stand with him
in his campaign for the San Diego City Council.

On Tuesday - October 9, 2007, James has been invited to
participate in the 2008 District 3 Candidate Forum at
The Hillcrest Town Council monthly meeting.
This means James will be surrounded by many who have
repeatedly persecuted him over the years in his diligent stand
for Jesus Christ and His Church.

Will you consider attending the Hillcrest Town Council
to support James? There are 150 seats available.
IT IS TIME that the Christians make their stand for righteousness
in each and every major American city!
This is the most important campaign in the City of San Diego.
Right now, James Hartline is the ONLY declared Christian candidate
in all the races in the entire City of San Diego.

Directions: The Hillcrest Town Council - Candidate Forum
Joyce Beers Community Center
1230 Cleveland Ave. San Diego, CA. 92103
(Parking is free in the Ralph's Grocery Store parking lot and extra
parking in the Ralph's underground parking garage).
Candidate Forum starts at 6:30pm, so arrive at 6:00pm to get a seat as
there are only 150 seats available to the public.

Additionally, James Hartline is proud to announce the official launch of his new campaign website:
Hartline For City Council
Over the next year, this campaign website will be providing
critical information for Christians who believe in James Hartline's
mission to bring Christianity back to the political arena.
Christian Vote 2008 will be a major component on the
Hartline For City Council website.

To find out how you can help James with his campaign, send
an email:

To contact the Hartline Campaign by mail if you want to
endorse James or contribute up to $270 send the following:
Make Checks out to: Hartline For City Council
1. Full name. 2. Address. 3. Occupation. 4. Employer
Mailing Address:
Hartline For City Council
P. O. Box 632763 San Diego, CA. 92163

James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report

I Am Making My Stand In 2008!
Have You Started Making Yours Yet?