Sunday, October 14, 2007

Get Ready! Here Comes "Seven Years In Sodom" The Next Chapter In An Amazing Tale

They said I wouldn't make it.
They were wrong.
They said I would fall.
They were wrong.
They said I could not bring down the walls of their stronghold.
They were wrong.
They said I would die.
They were wrong.
Seven years going strong:
......I have lived tell the tale:
Get Ready.
Here comes.......The Story:

Seven Years In Sodom.

The Follow Up to
Six Years in Sodom: The Life Story of James Hartline.

Seven Years In Sodom will be published in the next month!


Are you ready to go where no American Christian has gone before?

Soon a compilation of this amazing story will rock America and its understanding of homosexuality in the last days:
Sodom Resurrected: The Rise Of An Ancient Demon Race.

Why was Sodom destroyed?
Where did the escaping citizens of Sodom go?

When Sodom was destroyed some Sodomites were away on very dark business.
They survived.
They multiplied.
And now they have resurrected their ancient city.
One reason:
Revenge on God. Revenge on the God's governmental structure and His kingdom in Heaven.
Get ready American Christian:
Sodom has risen again.
And the resurrected Sodomites are not happy.....Not happy at all.

Sodom Resurrected will bring an ancient story into the 21st century and show America that great prophets in the last days will arise out of the gay communities. Hidden within the walls of homosexual neighborhoods are great men and women who will leave the gay lifestyle, coming home to Jesus Christ, with one mission in these last days: To fight the resurrected demon race of ancient Sodom.

And, how about sharing your story for our upcoming journal publications:

If you would like to share your testimony of searching for Jesus Christ while still involved in homosexuality, than send us a comment. Have you felt that homosexuality has left you unsatisfied? Tell us why you have felt that way. If you are involved in homosexuality, do you feel that this hinders your relationship with Jesus Christ? If you are involved in homosexuality, tell us if this has drawn you closer to God or driven you farther into the secular world.

Peace and Love in these troubled times,
James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report

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