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ACTION ALERT - 3rd GradeTeacher Promoting Gay Sexuality To San Diego 3rd Graders!

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October 22, 2007

San Diego News Website Glorifying 3rd Grade Teacher
Who Promotes Homosexuality To His 3rd Grade Students:
As Bad As It Can Get!
Voice of San Diego Website Glorifies Mick Rabin, A 3rd Grade Teacher
As He Promotes Gay Sexuality To Elementary School Students

Reporter: There's so much anxiety about how to talk to kids about sex and sexuality.
How do you walk that line so that it's age-appropriate?
Rabin: "It's a hard thing. A lot of teachers want to be supportive, but are not sure legally what they're allowed to say. And to this day, I'm not really sure what I'm allowed to say. But I'm going to say it anyways. I'm a tenured teacher. What are they going to do?"
~ San Diego 3rd Grade Teacher Mick Rabin telling Voice of San Diego about his
approach to explaining gay sexuality to his elementary school students. ~

(Action Alert) In a sure sign that San Diego doesn't want to be left out of the current insidious wave of sexualizing young school children, a local San Diego news website is proudly profiling an elementary school teacher who promotes homosexuality to his third grade students. The website, Voice of San Diego, has gained notoriety over the last few years for its insightful and instructive political news coverage. However, its October 20, 2007 front page story on radicalized pro-homosexual teacher Mick Rabin is a pedophile's dream-come-true expose for its glorification of Rabin's classroom gay-indoctrination techniques.

The article entitled, "Monsters In The Classroom, Questions for Mick Rabin," was written by Emily Alpert, a newly hired educational reporter for Voice of San Diego. According to her self-described biography, Alpert has been nominated three times for an Outstanding Digital Journalism Article award by the radicalized, anti-christian group (GLAAD) Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Voice of San Diego and Emily Alpert have the right to promote sex to other adults if that is how they seek to spend their time. However, to glorify a public school teacher who uses his classroom as a moral cesspool for indoctrinating 3rd grade students into accepting homosexuality and lesbianism, is reprehensible

Take for example the following question that Alpert asks Rabin regarding potential problems with discussing sex with his 3rd grade students:

Q: There's so much anxiety about how to talk to kids about sex and sexuality. How do you walk that line so that it's age-appropriate?

With an arrogrance that is shocking to the common sense rationality of most parents and taxpayers who are funding Rabin's classroom, look at how Rabin answers the question:
Rabin: "It's a hard thing. A lot of teachers want to be supportive, but are not sure legally what they're allowed to say. And to this day, I'm not really sure what I'm allowed to say. But I'm going to say it anyways. I'm a tenured teacher. What are they going to do?"

What makes the Mick Rabin story all the more disturbing is the fact that he is a heterosexual who is on a quest to force the San Diego Boy Scouts to allow transsexual, homosexual and atheist leaders in their organization. Rabin has been a regular participant in the annual protest of "Scouting For All" outside of the San Diego Boy Scouts Headquarters at Balboa Park. Scouting For All has been the driving force behind kicking the Boy Scouts out of Balboa Park because they will not allow transsexuals and homosexuals into the leadership of the Boy Scouts. In 2007, the porn-promoting organization, San Diego Gay Pride, awarded Mick Rabin with their Friend of the Year award, for his many years of supporting homosexuality and promoting sexual diversity in public schools through the horrific group (GLSEN) Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network.

For pedophiles who are looking to improve their dark techniques for accessing the minds of small children, Alpert's article and Mick Rabin's classroom propaganda will certainly add to the arsenals of every child molester's instructional manual. Take for example, the twisted response that Rabin gives to another question by Emily Alpert in her Voice of San Diego article:

Q: How do you see those issues playing out in the classroom? Do you see them on a daily basis?

Rabin: "They come up often, even in third grade. It takes innocent forms ... Like, 'How can you be using a pink crayon?' Something stupid like that. I always use that opportunity to tell them my favorite color is pink. It's not. It's blue. But the eyebrows go up. ... If you do like pink, what does that say about you? I bring up gay and lesbian. I'll mention those words in the third grade."

What Do You Do When News Reporters Honor Teachers
Who Are Harming Our Children?

James Hartline, Publisher of The James Hartline Report, wrote Voice of San Diego reporter Emily Alpert about her degrading glorification of Mick Rabin. Hartline's letter stated:

Ms. Alpert: "I think it is abhorrent that you would seek to honor a man that has done everything possible to expose little boys to extreme sexuality and transsexual confusion. Your article on Mick Rabin is so repulsive and degrading to those of us who spend our lives seeking to protect vulnerable young kids from sexual immorality and from those who want to harm them. I am shocked that Voice of San Diego has even allowed you to promote the sexually destructive agenda of this man who promotes sexualizing young boys."

Emily Alpert did not respond to Hartline's article, but Executive Editor Andrew Donohue did. Look at the shocking and disrespectful response from Donohue:

Donohue: James, "I would kindly ask you to refrain from sending out hate-filled e-mails to our reporters. If you have any criticism of the content of this publication, please direct that toward me. I am the news editor and am ultimately responsible for our content. You've never been associated with, and therefore, whether or not you chose to associate with us again is irrelevant."

Take Action!

Isn't it time that Americans started reclaiming their classrooms? Isn't it time to send a message to local media propagandists that they will no longer get a free pass when it comes to harming our children and young students? The idea that Voice of San Diego would assume that most parents accept the vile classroom activism of 3rd grade teacher Mick Rabin demonstrates just how disconnected from reality is the liberal media.

What can you do? Voice of San Diego is a 501(c) 3, nonprofit news service. Since its establishment, it has provided some very good reporting on local and state political news. However, the group is clearly steering more and more to the leftist propaganda of socialist elitism and can no longer be trusted to provide unbiased news coverage, particularly when it comes to the educational arena. Did you know -- you are helping to pay for Voice of San Diego! That's right! When you spend your money at businesses who are sponsoring Voice of San Diego, you are indirectly funding the likes of the Emily Alpert glorification of twisted teacher Mick Rabin.

According to the Voice of San Diego Sponsorship list, Donovan's Steak & Chop House is one of the main corporate sponsors of Voice of San Diego. The website states that Donovan's is a $15,000+ Founding Supporter of the news service. The James Hartline Report is aware of a number of Christian Conservatives who spend their money at Donovan's. We believe that these same Christians will be outraged that their money is going into a restaurant that is funding a group promoting the sexualization of school children via articles like the one on Mick Rabin.

Are you offended that a radical, anti-christian elementary school teacher is taking your tax dollars and using your classroom to expose 3rd grade students to homosexuality?

How dare the Voice of San Diego use its website to glorify a teacher being paid with your tax dollars and is using your classroom to target small children for homosexual indoctrination. Even more offensive is the disrespectful attitude of Voice of San Diego Executive Editor Andrew Donohue towards Christian activist James Hartline simply for speaking out against the disgusting Mick Rabin article.

Donovan's Steak & Chop House should be ashamed of the Voice of San Diego for the way they have honored sexual propagandist elementary school teacher Mick Rabin.

Contact Donovan's Steak & Chop House: Tell the restaurant management that they need to stop sponsoring Voice of San Diego, a news website that is glorifying sexual propagandist Mick Rabin. Tell them that you will take your business elsewhere if they cannot honor how your tax dollars are being spent in the public school system.
Donovan's Telephone Number: (858) 450-6666
Donovan's General Manager: Steve Josefski
Sales & Marketing: Laura Winter

Contact Voice of San Diego: Tell Executive Editor Andrew Donohue, that he has a right to promote his agenda to other adults. However, you as a concerned citizen, will not stand by while he allows the glorification of harmful teachers like Mick Rabin who are using your classroom to sexually indoctrinate young children.
Voice of San Diego Telephone Number: (619) 325-0525
Voice of San Diego Executive Editor: Andrew Donohue
email: / telephone: (619) 325-0525 x102
Voice of San Diego Executive Editor: Scott Lewis
email: / telephone (619) 325-0525 x107

And Contact Oak Park Elementary School, the school that Mick Rabin teaches at. Tell the school to stop allowing Rabin to use your classroom for his sexual propaganda.
As a taxpayer, you can request a tour of the school, including Rabin's classroom.
Oak Park Elementary School
Address: 2606 54th Street San Diego, CA 92105
Telephone: (619) 264-3179 / Fax: (619) 527-7152

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