Sunday, October 28, 2007

About Praying For Our Enemies and A Cure For AIDS.

Prayer Works!
The Bible says in Philippians 4:6 -
"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. "

When we pray to God, we are to have an attitude of confidence in Him that He will do for us all that He has promised in His word to do. God loves us. We who have chosen Jesus Christ as our LORD and our Savior can expect our Father in heaven to grant us the petitions of our hearts as we put Him first in our lives. The Bibles says: "Seek ye first, the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then, and then all of these other things (jobs, health, money, relationships, etc.) will be given to you."

And in the process of praying confidently to our God we are to be thankful for what He has already done in our lives.

I have great, great confidence in God that everytime I pray, I get results. There have been so many miracles and so many instances of answered prayer for me, that I no longer have any doubts about God answering my prayers. I always believe that God will perform for me what He has promised to perform in and through His word. God's word gives me supernatural peace and tranquility in a world that is oftentimes shackled by chains of oppression, war, greed, immorality, hate, violence and fear. I place no confidence in the promises of mankind, but I have absolute confidence in God and His word (the Bible).

From delivering me out of thirty, long years of homosexuality, to overcoming homelessness, drug addiction, pornography, loneliness, depression: you name it, God has helped me every step of the way. And the great news is that God is NO respector of persons. In other words, I am no better than the next man or woman, so God will hear your prayers if you simply turn from your sinful ways just like I did. Sin does separate you from God, but He is merciful and ready to forgive you if you are willing to repent (repentence means a complete mental change about your sinful ways, now calling evil what you used to consider good). We must, as Christians, believe what God says about our life choices.

When we become Christians, we no longer apply the world's standards to our lives, but rather, God's standards as defined in the Bible. As an example, the world system might cause you to believe that homosexuality is an acceptable way of life. However, the Bible calls it a grievous sin. Who do you believe, the Bible or the world? That is where repentence comes in: As Christians, we no longer flow with the world's system or way of thinking. We repent, confessing our sins, no longer tossed to and frow by the winds of ungodly secular teachings. We, as Christians, no longer find our sin of homosexuality acceptable. Instead, we have had a change of heart, finding peace in God, never looking back, never returning to that place of allowing the world to dictate our thinking on the issue of homosexuality.

Now, there will be those who will fight me to the end on this matter. However, who should I bow to: God or mankind? Who will I answer to when I get to heaven: a gay community leader or God? When I die, I will go before my Father in heaven and He will say to me, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant, enter into your eternal destiny that I have prepared for those who obeyed Me while they were alive on earth!"

I constantly feel an increasing sadness for those who are bent upon holding onto the lie that homosexuality is okay. It is severely difficult for me not to cry when I look upon their faces and realize that they are dooming themselves for all of eternity simply because they totally reject the Bible's clear teaching on homosexuality. They have chosen instead of obedience to God, to place a higher priority of having ten, twenty, maybe thirty years of sexual sin on this earth.

But the good news for those who make the decision to leave behind the homosexual life: then there is ulimited potential for what God will do for you, your family and your community. There is an amazing and unlimited landscape set before each person who steps into their God-ordained destiny and seeks out the true path of God for their lives.

I say all of this as I write of the prayer requests that have come in as a result of a recent post:
Prayer Requests Wanted:

There are those who are seeking prayer as result of losses suffered in the recent fires. There are those who are suffering sicknesses, such as AIDS and who are seeking prayer. There are others who are seeking employement and improvement in their finances.

I take each prayer request very seriously and our team around America prays and fasts for everyone that seeks our help.

Jesus gives me and others a model for prayer. Yes, Jesus preached against sin, even the sin of homosexuality. Yet, when it came to healing the sick, almost universally, He did not ask the thousands of people who He healed during His three year ministry to first leave their sin before He healed them. God was gracious through His only son Jesus Christ. He simply healed the sick and fed the hungry, without a pre-c0ndition for repentence.

HOWEVER, after they were healed, fed, clothed and restored, Jesus did use the opportunity to warn the sinner, that they needed to repent and stop their sinful ways lest something worse come upon them.

I have spent many years inside of San Diego's gay community praying for the sick, feeding the hungry, providing vitamins to those in need, and clothing those with very little clothing. Most of the liberals and gay activists who regularly attack me in the media, have no knowledge of the works that I do to help people. The main reason for this, is because I don't go around shouting from the rooftops about the good works I do. That is mostly God's job. He knows what I do. And He will reward me for my good works. The reason that we established the Hillcrest Mission as a 501(c)3 ministry is to help those in need inside of San Diego's homosexual community. Yes, certainly part of our assignment is to teach and preach about sin and its consequences, but we would never, ever use the sin of anyone as a reason for denying them food, vitamins or taking the time to pray.

I make this point, to let those of you know who are asking for prayers that when I pray for you, I am not putting pre-conditions on you before you seek prayer. Just send the prayer requests and we will pray for you. We can deal with the sin issues on another level. God is merciful. He wants me to pray for you and I have favor with God because I have been willing to stand up for Jesus Christ in the hard places, the difficult places, the dangerous places. I believe that as God heals you and blesses you, that you will begin to think about the sin in your life and how it is restricting your relationship with Jesus Christ. As you begin to hear from God and become convicted about your sins, that you will begin to read the Bible for renewed revelations about your purpose and destiny while on this earth.

It is God's responsibility, not mine, to personally reveal your destiny while on this earth. My obligation to God is to do what He asks me to do. To preach, to teach, and to PRAY for you. And believe me when I say this to everyone, I love to pray, because I have seen it work so many times in my own life and I want others to have that same experience.

To those involved in gay activism who persecute my ministry: Are you really as truthful as you claim with regards to wanting an end to the AIDS epidemic? Think about this:

Do you really want a cure? What if God wants to reveal the cure to one of His Christian servants? Perhaps He is going to reveal to me or one of the members of my prayer team a cure for AIDS. We pray for a cure all of the time. In fact, He may have already revealed the cure. We have just not analyzed all of the revelations that God has shown us through our prayer times.

So, the next time you think about attacking our ministry because we stand up for the Bible, you may be attacking the one that God is showing the miracle of a cure for AIDS.
We do pray for a cure and we believe that God is bringing a cure soon.

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