Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Flood Of Responses To "They Would Not Listen - And Now We Are Burning!"

Notice: The James Hartline Report Blog has been flooded with posts in response to the post: "They Would Not Listen - And Now We Are Burning." Posts that contain excessive sexual propaganda, and, or profanity, will not be published. Thus, many were automatically deleted.

Disagreements can be rational, respectful and without profanity. Why is it that that the vast majority of postings by gay activists contain excessive sexual content and profanity? Further evidence of...........

As to one important point:
Many have asked."if it is the homosexual agenda that is so sinful, than why are the areas being afflicted by fires located in the areas of large concentrations of Christians and Republican Conservatives instead of San Francisco or West Hollywood."

The Biblical answer is very simple:

According to the Bible, who is responsible for obeying God and maintaining His moral compass? It isn't the rebellious sinner, the man or woman given over to homosexuality. They are not the moral compass.

It is the Christian. The Christian has laid claim to responsiblity for the moral condition in America. The Christian is responsible for addressing the spread of sin and doing something about it. We allowed homosexuality to spread in this nation. We have allowed abortion to become a plague. Many Christians voted for Schwarznegger. He would not have gotten elected without many Christian votes. They were warned about him. They were warned about San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. Yet, they voted for him anyway.

The Bible says that in the last days, God is coming to judge the earth with fire. The first judgment was by water (the flood). And now will come the worldwide fire in the last days. We are beginning to see it.

Believe what you want. The Bible never, ever lies.

Sinners will do what sinners will do. But Christians are responsible for conveying right and wrong in this nation.

Thus, that is why the Bible says that judgment begins at the House of the Lord. The fires are striking at places where Christians are claiming Christ, but refuse to do anything about the plagues of sin in this nation. But do not think that the judgment stays in the House of the Lord. It is coming, surely it is coming after the rebel, the one who shakes the fist at God and rejects His pure offer of grace and salvation.

However, regardless of the acts of Christians,
What is the excuse of any of you when you rebel against God?

Don't blame your rebellion on me or what I say. Blame it on your own shaking of the fist at God!

The time is short. What will you do in the hour of your own judgment? Who will you blame? The Bible is truth. Yet, have you accepted it? What will you say to God? What will be your excuse? It won't be me.


Curious said...

You said, "The Bible says that in the last days, God is coming to judge the earth with fire. The first judgment was by water (the flood). And now will come the worldwide fire in the last days. We are beginning to see it."

Isn't that supposed to happen after the rapture? Are you saying the rapture has already happened?

Anonymous said...

Whats really interesting is that you totally ignored the comments that challenged you, as if they didn't exist in the first place. How about actually answering the comments? Its call dialog, and you seem to have forgotten that its the way Jesus taught.

Anonymous said...

I don't shake my fist at God. Why shake my fist at someone who isn't there?

It reminds me of the newspaper clipping of Grandpa Simpson yelling at the sky--"OLD MAN ANGRY AT CLOUD."

Anonymous said...

There were massive fires in Greece this summer. Those fires were much more serious than the ones now in California.

The fires in Greece happened because someone in Mexico is gay.

Makes sense.

The Greeks should have known they were supposed to declare war on India so that the gays in Mexico would be punished.

Makes sense.

Therefore, the invasion of Iraq is a mistake. It's not punishing the gays in California.

Makes sense.