Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Good Political Leader Provokes Open Discussions

5,100 Voters join in on discussion of James Hartline's stand against Mick Rabin's sexuality 3rd grade classroom teachniques.

I will never back down from protecting our students while they are in our classrooms. I have many, many good friends who are public school teachers in San Diego. Many of them have already stated that they intend to vote for me for the San Diego City Council and are looking forward to campaigning for me.

Yet, there are some real bad, bad teachers in the San Diego schools. One of those teachers has been the focus of a major national story that I provoked from my article on Mick Rabin. Recently, American Family Association picked up on my stand against Mick Rabin and produced a national radio news story and interview with me on this very bad teacher.

I don't know how we have gotten to place in our culture where a teacher can feel safe teaching sexuality to 3rd graders, but that is the dark place we find ourselves in. And that is what Mick Rabin has been doing. And I fully intend to fight Rabin's agenda and I will be helping our students, their teachers and parents to have a say in stopping people like Mick Rabin.

A good politician will face controversial subjects and provoke discussions. American Family Association allowed a full debate on my stand against Mick Rabin. Here are the results of that debate:

POLL: Topic of sexuality in 3rd grade October 26, 2007
In light of a report about a third-grade teacher in San Diego promoting homosexuality in his classroom, we asked you to weigh in on the issue of teaching issues of sexuality to such young children. See how your fellow OneNewsNow readers responded. basically asked: [Where] would you prefer your third-grader learn about sexuality [if at all]? You said:
At School: 89 votes
At home: 2,807 votes
From A Health Clinic: 14 votes
Third Grade? Wait Until They're Older: 2,190 votes TOTAL VOTE: 5,100
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Read the articles that inspired this question here.
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Anonymous said...

Teaching 3rd graders about dialogue and tolerance sounds about right to me. As a teacher, I know the dangerous consequences of not teaching tolerance: they grow up in ignorance and begin to hold opinions that are misguided, close minded, and down right yours.