Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hartline Makes National News For His Stand Against San Diego 3rd Grade Teacher Who Teaches 3rd Graders To Accept Homosexuality!

The Campaign for James Hartline for San Diego City Council is pleased to announce a Breaking News Story!

National Newswires are now reporting on the big stand James Hartline is making to protect the young kids inside of the San Diego School System from predator teachers.

One News Now, the news department of American Family Association is reporting on Hartline's news story and fight against Mick Rabin, a San Diego 3rd grade teacher who uses his classroom to indoctrinate little 3rd grade boys and girls into accepting homosexuality.

You can read more about this national story by going to the website for One News Now:

This website will also allow you to listen to the national audio clip for the American Family Radio report on Hartline's stand against Rabin's classroom sexual indoctrination of small kids.


Anonymous said...

your bible was written by men with a big fairy tale in their heads

Charles Lambert said...

He only indoctrinates little 3rd grade boys and girls?

What about the big ones?

Jermo said...

Praise God for man who stands on Bibilcal truths and cares about children and adults - Jesus said to those who would take a child astray, that it would be better for them to hang a weight around their neck and cast themselves into the sea. He is serious when it comes to caring for innocent children and will judge those who corrupt them; hence, the weight around the neck and tossed into the depths of the sea.