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Breaking News -- California Prisons Go Rainbow: Dept. Of Corrections Orders Gay Sex Conjugal Visits

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May 16, 2007
Breaking News!

California Prisons Go Rainbow:
California Department Of Corrections Bows To ACLU,
Ordering Gay Sex Partners To Be Treated The Same
As Married Couples During Overnight Conjugal Visits

(JHReport) Inflicting one of its most destructive blows against California families and traditional married couples, the ACLU has now pressured the California Department of Corrections to treat homosexual relationships in the same manner that traditional married couples are treated during conjugal visits (www.365gay.com/Newscon07/05/051507prison.htm). Despite California law which only recognizes marriages between heterosexual couples, the California Department of Corrections has now agreed to allow registered domestic partners to engage in overnight conjugal visits with incarcerated inmates. This drastic change in redefining acceptable sexual morality, demonstrates an insidious partnership between California's prison officials and the ACLU.

This new ACLU assault on the definition of marriage is the result of a complaint filed by the group on behalf of a homosexual prisoner who was denied conjugal sexual privileges with his gay lover during his prison term. According to 365gay.com, ACLU staff attorney Alex Cleghorn believes that conjugal visits among homosexual partners is a critical tool in rehabilitation. James Hartline, a former homosexual, could not disagree more with Cleghorn.

"If a man who is HIV-infected comes into the prison and has sex with a prisoner, there will be a great increase in the spread of AIDS in the prison," declares Hartline. "I have seen firsthand, the promiscuous behavior of male homosexuals in prison. The gay prisoners will have sex during the overnight visits, get HIV, and then have sex with a multitude of other prisoners, thus spreading the disease," Hartline warns.

Not only is the ACLU assault on the institution of marriage challenging the majority of California voters, it is also creating a catastrophic method for fueling the AIDS epidemic among California prisoners. With a well-documented history of promiscuity, the vast majority of California's gay population cannot be trusted to stop the spread of HIV. The idea that promiscuous homosexuals, potentially infected with HIV, could have sex with incarcerated males, does not sit well with many conservative voters.

One conservative leader tells the James Hartline Report, "It is outrageous that we are paying taxes to punish criminals and now they will be allowed to engage in unsafe sex and spread diseases among prisoners."

Christian Activist James Hartline, a former prisoner himself, has much credibility on the issue: "Prison is about punishment, yet the ACLU is seeking to use the prison system to continue assaulting the institution of marriage. And in the long run, this new policy will destroy more prisoners by spreading AIDS and burdening the taxpayers with greater prison medical costs."

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