Wednesday, May 09, 2007


AFA and One News Now is reporting as one of their top stories today,
The James Hartline Report investigation of exposing San Diego Padres Owner John Moores and his support for embryonic stem cell research. You can listen to the live national news report on One News Now:

The following is the national news report from AFA/One News Now Washington Correspondent Jim Brown: Activist decries funding of embryonic stem-cell research by Padres owner Jim Brown May 9, 2007 San Diego-based Christian activist James Hartline is urging Christians to consider dropping their support for the city's Major League Baseball franchise because of its owner's so-called "dark side." Hartline says the owner of the San Diego Padres is "one of the biggest money sources behind the Nazi-style medical world of embryonic stem-cell research." Hartline, publisher of the "James Hartline Report," says some Padres fans may want to think twice from now on before buying tickets to watch their team play at Petco Park. And the reason, he says, is that one of the biggest financiers of the embryonic stem-cell research (ESCR) industry is Padres owner John Moores. According to the Christian pro-family advocate, Moores was involved in the promotion of Proposition 71, a California initiative passed by voters in 2004 that authorized the state to sell $3 billion in bonds to establish a state-wide, government run institute for conducting embryonic stem-cell research. "Mr. Moores recently gave $2 million in loans to the Prop. 71 group pending the outcome of all of this litigation, because they can't get any of their money as long as the proposition is tied up in litigation," Hartline asserts. "So to keep the organization afloat," he says, "to keep it funded, Mr. Moores gave them $2 million." And Moores is not the only one who has given money to the proponents of Prop. 71, the Christian activist notes. He notes that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger authorized a loan to them of $150 million from the state until the $3 billion in bond money comes through. The Padres' owner has been credited with being "a catalyst for and embryonic stem-cell consortium in San Diego," Hartline notes. He says he hopes some Christians will stop buying tickets to watch the Padres play to protest the fact that Moores has poured millions of dollars into that industry. "I think this is the case across the board," the activist observes, "that there are a lot of Christians who -- even though they've gotten the information that says you shouldn't -- continue to go these places where, really, they're destroying our values." For instance, "Disneyland just authorized gay marriage ceremonies at their parks, and then, of course, [there is the ESCR funding by] the Padres' owner," he says. "These corporate owners are just continuing to fund a lot of evil stuff, and Christians are still basically the reason they're getting the money," Hartline asserts. All Original Content Copyright 2006-2007 American Family News Network - All Rights Reserved

Upcoming News Update: Get ready for a new revolution in Christian News Reporting in San Diego, California. Launching in approximately six weeks will be the news Christian Conservative News Service entitled, California Christian News.
News Reporting in California Will Never Be The Same Again!

This has been a breaking news report by The James Hartline Report
James Hartline, Publisher

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