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BREAKING NEWS ON WORLD NET DAILY: San Diego Gay Pride - Padres Youth Scandal Becomes Major National Story

World Net Daily has just published a breaking news report on the San Diego Gay Pride - Padres Youth scandal.

Free gifts attract kids to 'gay' day at ballpark -- Homosexuals schedule 'pride' event for same time as children's promotion

Posted: May 21, 2009 10:55 pm Eastern
By Chelsea Schilling© 2009 WorldNetDaily

The San Diego Padres will once again offer a free event to attract children on the same day that the area's homosexual organization celebrates 'gay pride' at the ballpark.
As WND reported in 2007, the Padres' July 8 game presented free caps to children while also formally recognizing San Diego Pride.
The promotional event this year, on June 7, will feature a Padres photo day presented by Sony. Fans will be allowed to take pictures of their favorite players, coaches and the Swinging Friar on the field prior to the game. Macy's will present children younger than 14 with a Padres photo frame.
The Major League Baseball team has also announced a homosexual pride "celebration" scheduled for the same day on its website.
"Celebrate Pride at the San Diego Padres game versus the Airzona (sic) Diamondbacks on Sunday, June 7th at 1:05 p.m. This is an opportunity to celebrate LGBT Pride while enjoying a day of fun and baseball with other San Diego LGBT community supporters and volunteers," it states.
James Hartline, who publishes the The James Hartline Report and addresses issues involving homosexuality, told WND, "There's no getting around the facts now. They've booked that event again this year at the same time they are having a 14-and-under event to get kids to come to the stadium. They can't say this is a coincidental thing this time. And to really twist the knife, the Padres gave more than $3,000 to the gay group last year. There's just no way they can defend this because the parents are not informed when they bring their kids that they're going to have this gay day. "
Hartline referred to the 2008 San Diego Pride Annual Report, which states, "San Diego Pride thanks the following individual donors and corporations who made a financial contribution during the 2008 fiscal year to support the programs of San Diego Pride. We encourage you to support those who support San Diego Pride."
A list follows, and it includes the San Diego Padres in its $3,000+ supporter category.
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Review the World Net Daily news site to see whose lying: San Diego Gay Pride or the San Diego Padres about the $3,000+ donation.
Tim Katzman, director of corporate communications for the Padres, told WND the team will not have an actual "gay" pride celebration. He said the team simply cannot exclude certain groups from coming to its games.
"We're not in a position to dictate when a group can come to the ball park or not come to the ball park," he said. "This is a group that's buying tickets in various places throughout the ballpark. On any given day, there are probably hundreds if not more than that of gay people here at the ball park. We just don't discriminate."
Children will receive free frame in addition to photos
Katzman said San Diego Pride chose Sunday, June 7, as the day for its function. On its website, San Diego Gay Pride invites everyone to "come out in support of the gay day at the ballpark!" and "celebrate Pride with the San Diego Padres."
The group offers specially discounted tickets for "everyone who wants to show their support of equality, freedom and diversity." Attendees need only enter the promotion code "PRIDE" for a price reduction.
San Diego Pride also announces the photo event and frames for children as an "added bonus" on that day.
As for the reported $3,000+ donation to the group from the Padres, Katzman said, "The information couldn't be any more inaccurate. With groups, whether it's the Girl Scouts or the Boy Scouts or church groups or whomever it is, we provide tickets for them, and they go out and sell them. Then the proceeds for that go to the groups. Mr. Hartline really doesn't get it. We don't donate."
Asked about statements on the San Diego Pride Annual Report indicating that the team is a supporter of the organization, Katzman said, "That's just not accurate. The group may choose to list it that way. We have no control over how they submit their financial report. We don't make a donation like that."
As WND reported, as many as five dozen concessions workers planned to walk off their jobs in 2007 after hearing about the gay pride event, even though they expected it would cost them hundreds of dollars in income to protest the team's plans.
Hartline has had considerable experience dealing with San Diego "gay" pride events. He reported in 2005, it was learned the group had hired sex offenders to work with various events, including a registered pedophile who was working as "Marty the Clown" in a "Children's Garden."
(photo: San Diego Pride)
"San Diego Pride has a 'Children's Garden' set up in the middle of their gay pride festival," he said. "This festival is full of pornography and XXX porn vendors. They have an S&M tent where people actually go in and take S&M demonstration classes on how to abuse each other sexually. This is all going on in this festival, and they put this 'Children's Garden' in the middle of this venue for children 2 and under where homosexuals can drop off their kids off for babysitting services."
As WND reported in 2007, four firefighters sued the city of San Diego for being forced by their superiors to attend the a "Gay Pride" parade promoted by San Diego Pride where they endured a barrage of sexual taunts and lewd gestures.
They were awarded $5,000 each for emotional damages from the event, where they were forced to witness "simulated sex acts." The men then suffered harassment and retaliation after complaining to superiors, the complaint said.
San Diego Pride issued a statement claiming the firefighter lawsuits were about "hate, pure and simple. Hate against you. Hate against me. Hate against our LGBT community and our struggle for equal rights."
It accepted donations to "take a stand against religious extremism" to surpass the settlement granted to the firefighters.
In 2006, numerous small children were marched in the parade under the banner of a local charter school.
San Diego Gay Pride has fought the passage of Prop. 8, California's constitutional definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman, and boycotted its donors.
The organization also hosts an "Equality Torch Relay" through every city in San Diego County, a "San Diego Dyke March and Dyke Fest," a "Red Light District" pride party, a "Pride Community Breakfast," a "Mile High Club" celebration, a "Boot Camp Military Party" honoring homosexual service members and several other gay pride events through the year.
According to the website Gay Baseball Days, several other "gay" and lesbian events have taken place at Major League Baseball games in which the following teams were playing: Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, Colorado Rockies, Toronto Blue Jays, Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland A's, New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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John said...

World Net Daily reported:
“As for the reported $3,000+ donation to the group from the Padres, Katzman said, "The information couldn't be any more inaccurate. With groups, whether it's the Girl Scouts or the Boy Scouts or church groups or whomever it is, we provide tickets for them, and they go out and sell them. Then the proceeds for that go to the groups. Mr. Hartline really doesn't get it. We don't donate."

James, once again your sloppy inaccurate reporting has been exposed. It is apparent to anyone with average intelligence that you are so blinded with hate for the gay community that you will twist, distort, and even fabricate stories to further your agenda. In my opinion, you are in a state of denial about your “conversion” to heterosexuality. It appears that you are so consumed with guilt about your life that you are trying to eradicate that guilt with constant displays of condemnation of the gay community. Fortunately, San Diego is not supporting your agenda and perverted crusades.

I notice from your writings that you often refer to the Bible but never to our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can erase your guilt and bring true happiness to your life. Jesus never condemned anyone, and certainly not the gay community.
Jesus is not concerned about a person’s sexuality. As a gay male, I include Jesus as one of my best friends so I know that what I write here is true. I was once a victim of self denial but Jesus showed me the way to live.