Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CAMPAIGN 2008 UPDATE -- ELECT Bill Daniel: A Good Man On A Good Mission

A Special James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -

A Campaign 2008 Election Update

A Good Man On A Good Mission:
Introducing Bill Daniel, Candidate
San Diego City Council - District 7

With April Boling's Pro-Abortion Extremism and Marti Emerald's Anti-Family Vision,
Public School Teacher Bill Daniel is the only logical choice for Christian Voters.

(JHReport) In 2004, voters in San Diego City Council District 7 re-elected one of the biggest betrayers of traditional family values in American history. Jim Madaffer, a registered Republican, won a landslide re-election to the San Diego City Council four years ago based, in part, upon his history of supporting the Boy Scouts. Madaffer was once admired for his public votes to keep the Boy Scouts in San Diego's Balboa Park despite the pressure being put on him by homosexual activists who want the Scouts out of the park because they will not allow homosexuality to be promoted among the organization's young kids.

A good portion of the 20,977 voters in District 7 who voted for Madaffer in 2004 were traumatized and left in shock when Madaffer abruptly abandoned his previous association with traditional family values to support efforts to legalize same-sex marriages in California. After hundreds of San Diegans appeared before the city council in September of last year to plead with the council not to issue a legal brief in support of same-sex marriages, Madaffer cast the deciding vote in support of issuing the legal brief that called on the California Supreme Court to overturn a voter-approved ban on gay marriages in the state.

Madaffer's 2007 betrayal leaves thousands of District 7 Christian Conservative voters more concerned than ever as to who they will vote for to replace Madaffer when they go to the polls on June 3, 2008 to pick a new councilman. With a city council that has done everything possible over the past five years to attack the popular positions of pro-lifers and traditional marriage advocates, Christian voters will find little comfort in the two frontrunners in the District 7 race.

Democrat Marti Emerald, a recently retired television news investigator, is a rabid supporter of the radical left's social agenda. According to the Gay and Lesbian Times, Emerald supports the city council-approved policy of giving new hypodermic needles to drug addicts. She also supports last year's city council vote to issue a legal brief in support of same-sex marriages.

Emerald, who earned a living as KGTV's Troubleshooter, investigated and reported on businesses who were abusing the citizens and families of San Diego. However, now in Madaffer-like hypocrisy, Emerald is politicizing who and what she "troubleshoots". According to the Gay and Lesbian Times, Ms. Emerald is declaring the Boy Scouts' refusal to accept homosexuality as "unconstitutional".

The Republican frontrunner in the District 7 race is April Boling. Christian voters in District 7 will not find any more comfort in Boling than they will with Marti Emerald. As one of the staunchest advocates for the abortion movement, April Boling is perhaps the biggest supporter of abortion rights within San Diego County's Republican Party.

Among the multitude of pro-abortion and pro-homosexual candidates that Boling has worked for in the past are abortion advocate State Assemblywoman Trisha Hunter, pro-abortion Republican Assemblyman Keith Richman in his campaign for state treasurer, Women for Arnold – sponsored by the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition, and abortion extremist State Assemblywoman Charlene Zettel. However, it is April Boling's endorsement by "The Wish List" that serves as the most accurate indicator of Boling's obsession with the abortion movement.

The WISH List -- which stands for Women In the Senate and House® -- raises money to identify, train, support and elect Republican women leaders to public office at all levels of government. WISH is America's largest fundraising network for pro-abortion Republican women candidates. For the last several years, WISH Partners across America have written many large and small checks that, together, add up to over $3,000,000 for WISH-endorsed candidates. Overall, since WISH's inception, they have quadrupled the number of pro-abortion Republican women in the U.S. Senate and maintained the number of pro-abortion Republican women in the U.S. House.

The fact that the WISH List would endorse a local candidate like April Boling outside of the congressional races indicates just how serious they believe Boling's embracement of the abortion industry truly is. According to the the New York Times, during the 2000 presidential election April Boling described her number one political concern to be abortion. The New York Times article stated this about Boling:

"April Boling, an accountant active in this state's Republican Party, said that her No.
1 issue was support for abortion rights but that she too favored Mr. Bush, even
though he opposed abortion. ''I'm not as uncomfortable with his politics as some of
the others,'' Ms. Boling said. ''And his father used to be pro-choice.''

With 25 candidates all vying for seats on the city council, the mayor's office and the city attorney's office, there are few good choices for San Diego's one million Christian voters. It is obvious that Christian voters cannot support the extremist pro-abortion agenda of April Boling or the anti-family agenda of Marti Emerald. With so few options, what are the District 7 voters, who are seeking to save the institution of marriage and the sanctity of life, supposed to do? The answer to that question can be found in this special 2008 Campaign Update.

There is one other District 7 candidate who does exemplify the highest qualities of honor, commitment to family, and service to one's fellow man. That candidate is Bill Daniel. For the thousands of Christian voters in District 7, Bill Daniel is the only logical choice during the upcoming June 3rd California primary.

For the past 22 years, Bill Daniel has given his life to helping the needy children of San Diego by serving as a public school teacher. Working with some of San Diego's poorest children, Bill Daniel relishes the idea of putting his Christian faith into action by mentoring those who society might throw away -- if they could get away with it.

The Bible says that many are called, but few are chosen. There are some Christians who attend church for years, but who never really embrace the fuller meaning of service to their fellow man. Many in church will read the familiar passages in the gospels which relate to helping and caring for children and widows, but rarely does one find a churchgoer who takes the message of compassion for society's most vulnerable to the level of making it a lifetime mandate. Bill Daniel, a lifetime resident of San Diego, is such a man, who not only believes in the Bible, but has taken the Bible's message and turned it into his passion of caring for the needy children of his city in ways that most churchgoers will never quite apprehend. Simply put, Bill Daniel is that rare jewel who puts the Bible into practice and changes young lives for the better.

A public school teacher for 22 years, Bill Daniel has one of the hardest teaching jobs in public education. Bill works with the developmentally disabled. Having no children of his own, 56 year-old Bill Daniel has made these, the most vulnerable of society's children, his children. For 22 years, city council candidate Bill Daniel has been completely dedicated to helping the neediest children of San Diego to acquire the skills that will allow them the dignity to become respectable, functioning citizens in America's Finest City.

While April Boling is busy supporting the aborting of pre-born children and Marti Emerald is infatuated with the dismantling of the institution of marriage, Bill Daniel is fighting to hold troubled families together. Every parent and child advocate should be applauding the selfless example of long time public school teacher Bill Daniel.

Bill Daniel does not limit his commitment to the youth of San Diego to the public school system. As a member of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship for over eleven years, Bill has also been a volunteer in the church's Sunday School for nine years. For nine years, Bill has taught young children each Sunday the concepts of Biblical morality, love, and kindness. Many of the children coming to Mission Valley Christian Fellowship's Sunday School don't have fathers. Seeing a tremendous opportunity to be a father to the fatherless, Bill has stepped up to the plate and been that constant and consistent father figure to these future leaders of San Diego.

Not just talking about being a Christian, Bill has also put his faith into action by spending thousands of dollars of his own money to buy gifts and supplies for the kids in his church classes to send them this simple message, "You are somebody, and somebody loves you!"

During the past three years, Bill Daniel has decided that his bold vision of embracing the prosperity of San Diego's youth must be introduced into a local political process that often forgets about the next generation. Bill realizes that the young eight, nine and ten year-old kids who he mentors will one day be voters and taxpayers. Combining his vast experience in public education with his extensive knowledge of American history and government, this cream of the crop teacher, mentor and father-figure is now seeking to represent his district on the San Diego City Council.

While many Christian Conservatives complain about the moral collapse in the culture, Bill Daniel is actually doing something about it. It is time that these same Christian Conservatives empower the willingness of public servants like Bill Daniel by voting their true convictions and placing Bill Daniel on the San Diego City Council. On June 3, 2008 destiny and opportunity will have arrived for the voters of District 7 as they embrace Bill Daniel, a good man on a good mission.

You can contact Bill Daniel with your thoughts and interest in his candidacy at his email: or by telephone: 619-818-8278. Or visit Bill Daniel's website here.

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Anonymous said...

James, the fact that you would openly support the idea of Marti Emerald making it onto the city council by having Republicans waste a vote on Bill Daniel is exactly the reason why you damage Republican efforts to beat back the liberal Democrats in this county and -- most importantly -- in this city.

I proudly voted for April.

James Hartline said...

Your comment is ridiculously faulty. There is no difference between rabidly pro-abortion April Boling and the Democratic Party's infatuation with abortion. How you think putting one abortion supporting Republican in the place of one abortion supporting Democrat "beats back" the Democrat Party is rather confusing. As a Christian, my first priority is to obey God's word. To support someone who advocates killing pre-born children over a good Christian brother is to violate everything that God commands us to do in His word.
There is clearly a difference between you and I. I actually back up my Christianity by obeying God. If you are a Christian, you certainly are not voting like one. And if you think that God is going to bless the Republican Party when they are promoting abortion and homosexuality, you are very sadly mistaken.
And I might add one more thing: You are not even obeying the party platform which condemns abortion. To support April Boling means that you are the one who is not supporting the party or its platform.

Anonymous said...

"As a Christian, my first priority is to obey God's word."

Umm, excuse me... but nowhere in the Bible does it say that God endorses Bill Daniel for San Diego City Council.

By supporting Bill Daniel, you are encouraging Marti Emerald to be elected to the city council as well. Hopefully, she'll send you some flowers with Planned Parenthood cards if she's sucessful.

James Hartline said...

Uh...Excuse Me: I always find it sadly humorous when people who are not even following the Bible try to "instruct" me on what the Bible says and does not say. You are supporting a rabid supporter of abortion. And then you want to tell me what the Bible says......
Try educating yourself on what God thinks about you suppporting a woman who advocates the killing of pre-born babies. Even more so, a woman who considers the killing of pre-born babies to be her number one political priority.
And I am following the Bible by supporting my fellow Christian brother Bill Daniel. And on top of that, he is highly qualified. I would rather have Bill Daniel, who has a history of helping the poorest kids of San Diego to succeed in life, instead of supporting an abortion activist woman who has earned a living helping other pro-abortion Republicans get elected to office.
The Bible is clear: We are not to be partners with evil. When you support someone who is advocating the prosperity of the abortion industry, you are absolutely partnering with evil. And, I would highly encourage you to read what the Bible says about God's response to those who advocate hurting children.
I am quite confident that I am in good standing with the Lord Jesus Christ. And I am also quite confident that you are in big trouble. And in conclusion, we are now entering into a season where God is going to prosper those who are obedient to His word at the same time that He is going to enter into a severe period of holding accountable those who have been promoting evil in our nation. Whose side are you on?

Anonymous said...

"Whose side are you on?"

That's a perfect question for you, Hartline.

What pslam in the Bible does it say, "Thou shalt vote for Bill Daniel for thy council district numbered 7 in thy city of San Diego."

James Hartline said...

You are really ridiculous. Referring to the Bible, mispelling the word Psalm and then supporting a woman who insidiously supports the killing of pre-born babies. Please stop trying to instruct me on anything when you are not even willing to repent, much less getting your political decisions in line with the Word of God.

Anonymous said...

"Please stop trying to instruct me on anything when you are not even willing to repent,"

Yea... I'll say a couple of Hail Marys and recite a few Our Fathers before I vote for Bill Daniel... pfft... keep dreaming James.