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The James Hartline Report
~ Voter Recommendation List ~
June 3, 2008 Primary Election

For the past seven years, I have been as diligent as humanly possible to ensure that God has a man standing in the gap for His people in the city of San Diego. We have come to a place in San Diego where Christians have been evicted from every elected position in our city. With 2,000 churches and an estimated one million citizens who claim to be Christian, how is it possible that this city of 1.3 million people has no Christians elected to any city office? Whatever answer you may come up with, I have obeyed my God and answered His call by running for the San Diego City Council. I have made that commitment to the Christian Community in San Diego, as well as to the Lord Jesus Christ, that I would make sure that there is a Christian representing the higher calling of public service.

What is my politicial philosophy for this June 3, 2008 primary election? It is the same philosophy that I am using to release this year's James Hartline Report Voter Recommendation list. I believe that our vote is our seed. With our voter seeds we can either plant another anti-christian crop of politicians who care nothing about our values or our traditions, or we can plant our voter seeds in good soil, only voting for good candidates that closely model our own values and refusing to vote in races where we have no good candidate at all. A good example of this is the mayoral race in San Diego. Both Jerry Sanders, the current mayor, and his chief rival Steve Francis, are extremely anti-family, pro-homosexual Republicans. We simply cannot vote for either candidate and our recommendation is to refrain from supporting any candidate in the mayor's race.

On the other hand, the District 5 city council race presents us with a real opportunity to do the right thing even though it means we must support a pro-family candidate from the Democratic Party. In this case, the San Diego Republican leadership has forced voters to accept a rabidly pro-homosexual, anti-christian, carpetbagger by the name of Carl DeMaio. The Democrats have chosen a pro-life, conservative Catholic by the name of George George. The current Republican leadership has been determined to destroy family values on the city council by forcing gay activist Carl DeMaio on our city. We could not be more opposed to this catastrophic anti-family move on the part of the local GOP. In this case, we are recommending that San Diegans cast a vote for pro-life conservative Catholic Democrat George George.

Each election, my voter recommendation list has been sent to more and more receptive readers. This year, I am pleased to announce that we will be sending out the James Hartline Report Voter Recommendation List to over 20,000 readers: a new record! Additionally, we have three new components to our voter recommendation readership which will increase our influence during this election by adding thousands of additional voting readers outside of the James Hartline Report.

In addition to the 20,000 James Hartline Report readers that will be receiving this year's voter recommendation list, we are pleased to announce that we have matched many of our recommendations with the list of John "Woody" Woodrum, a distinguished member of the San Diego County Republican Party Central Committee. John Woodrum's list is also quite extensive. Like the James Hartline Report, John "Woody" Woodrum is also taking the bold and courageous stand of supporting George George over the anti-family Carl Demaio.

We are also pleased to announce another source in agreement with our voter recommendations. That source is the outstanding Election Forum by Craig Huey. The Election Forum is read by thousands of committed Christians in Southern California and we hope that readers of the James Hartline Report will embrace Cray Huey's outstanding presentation of his 2008 voter recommendations for the various counties in southern California, including our own San Diego.

~ The James Hartline Report Voter Recommendation List ~

High Priority Races - These are our highest priority races; these are the candidates that we ask for you to give your most attention to -- and please make sure that you contact your friends, family members, churches, co-workers and ask them all to help elect these high priority candidates.

San Diego City Council:

District 3: James Hartline: HIGH PRIORITY RACE
San Diego's best known Christian activist and protector of kids and their families. We encourage all voters to support James Hartline for the San Diego City Council.

District 5: George George: HIGH PRIORITY RACE
We believe that Carl DeMaio is the single, most catastrophic candidate running for the San Diego City Council. We believe that DeMaio is self-serving and a carpetbagger who has no ties to the district he is currently seeking to represent. As an avowed homosexual, Carl DeMaio will be another opponent of San Diego's Christian Community. George George is a very conservative Catholic Democrat. George has told the James Hartline Report that he is pro-life. Here is a statement from Mr. George that he emailed to the James Hartline Report:
"I hope I can give you some additional insight into who I am. I am a social conservative who is on record with the Democratic Central nominating committee as being against abortion. My Children all attended St. Michael's Catholic Grade School and believe in the Sanctity of life. I believe most religions believe marriage is a Sacrement between a man and a woman, as does mine. In a muti-cultural society I do not believe anyone should be discriminated against and domestic registry meets that need, however what society ultimately calls it is not a city council issue."
Sincerely, George George.
The James Hartline Report is encouraging all voters to reject the disturbing candidacy of Carl DeMaio by voting for George George.

District 7: Bill Daniel: HIGH PRIORITY RACE
We highly recommend voting for Bill Daniel. As a public school teacher for 22 years, Bill Daniel is a faithful advocate for students, parents and voters in San Diego. As a committed Christian, "Mr. Bill" is the best candidate for the District 7 seat. Republican candidate April Boling is a rabid supporter of abortion. David Tos, another Republican in this race, refused to answer any questions related to abortion or homosexuality. His refusal to answer our questions on these matters, in light of the fact that he has tried to convince church members to vote for him, is a sign that he cannot be trusted on these issues. Marti Emerald, the Democratic candidate in this race, is a rabid supporter of the gay movement. As such, we are convinced that Emerald would continue the enormous waste of public time, energy and money on radical social issues in the same mold as Councilwoman Toni Atkins. Voters are fed up with Atkins and would do well to steer clear of Marti Emerald.

California State Assembly - District 76: HIGH PRIORITY RACE
Perennial homosexual Republican candidate Ralph Denney is an avowed enemy of San Diego's Christian Community. Denney has continuously promoted the gay movement within the Republican Party. Current Assemblywoman Lori Saldana has done absolutely nothing for San Diego and should be replaced. We recommend voting for Kim Tran in this high priority race.

Republican Central Committee - 76th Assembly - HIGH PRIORITY RACE
James Hartline
Robert Sutton
Kim Tran
John "Woody" Woodrum

Republican Central Committee - 78th Assembly - HIGH PRIORITY RACE
Loretta Q. Peer - We give Loretta Q. Peer our highest rating due to her long term commitment to the Christian Community. Please support Loretta Peer in the Chula Vista City area and the 78th District.

Republican Central Committee - 79th Assembly - HIGH PRIORITY RACE
Donald Hamer
Joseph Hamer

County Board of Education - 4th District - HIGH PRIORITY RACE
We highly favor and endorse Rose Urdahl for the 4th District Board of Education. Mrs. Urdahl is a longtime champion of children and a committed Christian. Students, Parents and teachers will have a great friend in Rose Urdahl and we recommend voting for her.

U. S. Representative - 52nd Congressional District - HIGH PRIORITY RACE
We highly endorse Duncan D. Hunter in this race. Hunter, who has served this nation bravely on the Iraqi battlefield, has demonstrated great courage and bravery in his military service. Additionally, both Duncan and his wife are dedicated Christians.

Other election races of importance:

Superior Court Judge - Office No. 45
Robert Faigin - We have received many professional recommendations for Robert Faigin to become the next superior court judge, office no. 45. We recommend voting for Mr. Faigin.

San Diego Mayor:
We are recommending that all voters refuse to cast votes for Jerry Sanders or Steve Francis. Both Sanders and Francis are avowed enemies of the Christian Community in San Diego. Both have a history of tearing down families, their values and supporting the destruction of marriage by supporting gay civil unions. We are so opposed to both of these candidates that we are encouraging all voters to protest them by refusing to vote in the mayor's race.

San Diego City Council - District 1
We are opposed to all of the candidates in this race. We do not believe that any of the candidates in this race can be trusted to uphold our family values. As such we are recommeding that Christian voters abstain from voting in this race in the same manner that we recommended for the mayor's race.

San Diego City Attorney:
We are highly opposed to a number of candidates in this race. Scott Peters and Brian Maienschein have been two of the most destructive members of the San Diego City Council in its history. It is a political abomination that either one of these men have the audacity to run for the San Diego City Attorney's seat. Current City Attorney Michael Aguirre is responsible for filing the legal brief in support of same-sex marriage. Aguirre has been a huge problem as the San Diego City Attorney, thus we recommend that he be removed from office. Jan Goldsmith has a history of being a big supporter of abortion while in the state assembly. We have very little confidence that Goldsmith will rule in favor of the Christian Community as the city attorney, thus we are remaining neutral in supporting him.

U. S. Representative - 49th Congressional District
We cannot support any candidate in this race. Congressman Darrell Issa continues to be an enemy of conservative family values, having attended and supported the anti-christian homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans national convention. Issa also voted to support new federal funding for expanding human embryonic stem cell research in 2007.

U. S. Representative - 50th Congressional District
We cannot support any candidate in this race. Republican congressman Brian Bilbray continues to support human embryonic stem cell research. In fact, Bilbray violated a campaign pledge that he would not support new federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research. In lying to voters, as soon as he was elected Congressman Bilbray violated his earlier campaign promise and voted to override Pres. Bush veto of new federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research. Bilbray also has a history of supporting the homosexual movement, making him the poster child for RINOs.

U. S. Representative - 51st Congressional District
We believe that Congressman Bob Filner is perhaps one of the most anti-family, anti-American politicians in Washington D.C. Filner is the single biggest political hater of the U.S. military. Simply put, Filner needs to be replaced. However, we cannot recommend any of the current candidates running against Filner at this time.

U. S. Representative - 53rd Congressional District
Congresswoman Susan Davis is one of the most ineffective and do-nothing politicians in the congress. When was the last time you heard Congresswoman Susan Davis' name attached to anything meaningful to the families of San Diego? We cannot find one, single thing done by Davis that has benefited San Diego. She is nothing more than a professional, career politician who does nothing of substance for San Diego. Having said that, we cannot, at this time, recommend voting for any of the current candidates running against Davis.

California State Senate - 39th District
State Senator Christine Kehoe is an avowed enemy of San Diego's Christian community. Kehoe is a puppet for the gay lobby and every Christian voter will breath a sigh of relief when Kehoe is termed out. We do not support any of the candidates in this race.

California State Assembly - District 66
Current Assemblyman Kevin D. Jeffries has done a good job representing the 66th District and we recommend his re-election.

California State Assembly - District 73
We cannot recommend supporting any candidates in this race at this time.

California State Assembly - District 74
The James Hartline Report is preparing an upcoming report that connects current District 74 State Assemblyman Martin Garrick to a very disturbing and catastrophic problem associated with San Diego mayoral candidate Steve Francis and California State Assemblyman Joel Anderson. We are highly opposed to the re-election of Assemblyman Martin Garrick, but we also cannot recommend voting for any of his opponents.

California State Assembly - District 75
We are opposed to all of the candidates running in the District 75 race. The current frontrunner, Nathan Fletcher, is tied to the same business and political interests which have destroyed the Christian conservative base within the Repubican Party. We believe that once he is elected, Nathan Fletcher will become another RINO, anti-christian professional politician. It should be noted that we have obtained a video of Fletcher meeting with Grover Norquist as he signed Norquist's "No New Tax Pledge." Norquist is tied to some of the most notorious political hacks in the United States, as well as his doing fundraising for the homosexual group the Log Cabin Repubicans.

California State Assembly - District 77
We are highly opposed to the re-election of Assemblyman Joel Anderson. Anderson continues to violate his previous pledges to support traditional family values. There is an upcoming James Hartline Report which links Joel Anderson to a catastrophic business plan associated with San Diego mayoral candidate Steve Francis. The fact that Steve Francis has a long term history of promoting homosexuality, and Joel Anderson is listed on the Francis mayoral campaign endorsement list, is enough to reject Anderson's re-election. We cannot recommend any candidates in this race.

California State Assembly - District 78
We cannot recommend any of the candidates in this race. It should be noted that Republican frontrunner John McCann voted as a Chula Vista city councilman to endorse the San Diego Gay Pride Parade by signing a proclamation to endorse the parade and festival when disgraced Chula Vista Mayor Steve Padilla came out of the closet to announce to the world that he was gay in front of his little daughter during the gay pride rally. This is enough to vote against McCann.

California State Assembly - District 79
We cannot support any of the candidates in this race at this time.

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The Guru said...

Hey James, I read your blog frequently and I have to say... here were my votes :)

U.S. Representative, District 53: Naomi Bar-Lev

State Assembly, District 76: Ralph Denney

Central Committee, District 76 (vote for 6):
Janelle A. Riella
Marc P. Schaefer
Ryan Trabuco
Erica Mendelson
Ralph Denney
Brian Anders

Superior Court Judge, Office 15: Paul E. Cooper

Superior Court Judge, Office 45: Robert Faigin

Mayor of San Diego: Jerry Sanders

San Diego City Attorney: Jan Goldsmith

City Council, District 3: Todd Gloria

Prop 98: No
Prop 99: Yes

Prop A: Yes
Prop B: Yes
Prop C: Yes

James Hartline said...

So Guru:
What is your political and moral philosophy from which you draw your reasoning for voting for your particular choices?
And share with our readers why you think these particular individuals will be the best at serving the City of San Diego?
And finally, regarding your choices for the 76th Republican Central Committee, share with our Republican readers why you feel these six candidates will be the best at upholding the California Republican Party Platform?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing out the broken promises of the phony Congressman Brian Bilbray. There is a strong Libertarian named Wayne Dunlap running for Bilbray's seat in November and I pray that you will help to guide your readers to voting for him instead of Bilbray.

The Guru said...

Well I didn't vote for you for city council because of obvious reasons... and as far as CentCom goes, the six I voted for represent a new direction for the local GOP. Three of those individuals are young republicans, and it'd be good to get some perspective from them on how to win back California from the democrats.

Also, I don't want to see you as the party chairman... if you ever wanted to kill a party, let's have that happen.

James Hartline said...

So The Guru voted for those on the Central Committee because you want to win back California from the Democrats. Really? So your plan for winning California back from the Democrats includes voting for a liberal homosexual Democrat for the District 3 City Council seat.
Well, as the Bible says so adequately says: "Satan is the author of confusion....."

The Guru said...

For the Central Committee, yes. City Council is an entirely different matter.

With a fantastic Central Committee, the community leaders within the party can help find credible candidates to run for these offices, which includes District 3 city council.

James Hartline said...

Your analysis Guru makes absolutely no sense at all. Firstly, none of the people that you have voted for are community leaders in District 3. Secondly, the fact that you say you voted for a leftist Democrat for the city council discredits anything you have to say with regards to supporting the Republican Party or its interests.

the guru said...

James, unfortunately, no republican is going to win in district 3 and any republican who thinks so is simply dilusional. It'd be like believing that a solid Christian republican could be elected Mayor of San Francisco... it ain't happening.

Furthermore, I voted for Todd simply on city issues. I feel he's the most capable out of any of the candidates running to respond to and address the needs of most instead of the needs of a few.

And, yes, Todd is a community leader. :-p

Anonymous said...

I voted for you today Mr. Hartley! God bless.

James Hartline said...

Please. Why would you vote for John Hartley, someone who committed a lewd act in front of the home of two female voters?

James Hartline said...

In other words Guru, you really are not supporting Republicans, you are merely attempting to get your comments in support of Democrat Todd Gloria posted on this blog. Which isn't a problem for me, obviously, because my posting your comments has allowed for me to expose your earlier bogus claims of wanting to help the Republican Party. And, I have found in my campaign discussions that District 3 voters are very turned off to the fact that Gloria has already sold his vote to the redevelopers whom most voters in San Diego are absolutely disgusted with. Your claim of supporting Gloria demonstrates that you really don't care about the Republican Party or the district. Gloria absolutely has already embraced the very redevelopers that Atkins has sold herself to and helped to destroy neighborhoods like Hillcrest who hate the monsterous construction projects that have blackened a once small town community.