Friday, May 23, 2008

GET READY TO RUMBLE! James Hartline Will Be On The Roger Hedgecock Show Today at 4:30pm pst LISTEN LIVE!

James Hartline will be participating in a rough and tumble debate today on the very exciting Roger Hedgecock Show.
The time 4:30pm pst.

You can listen live at 4:30pm pst by going to and clicking on the "Listen Live" logo.

The debate will feature the candidates from the San Diego City Council race, District 3. The candidates will feature homosexual activists Todd Gloria and Stephen Whitburn, gay Republican Robert E. Lee, blue collar liberal Paul Broadway, John Hartley, who recently plead no-contest to a lewd act while campaigning, and Christian Conservative James Hartline.

Expect a real combative, but interestingly entertaining debate as Roger Hedgecock pulls no punches to get to the truth on his program.

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