Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Deceptive Lesbians Who Play The Victim: Report Shows Lesbian Who Assaulted Deputy At Democratic Candidate Fundraiser Had Prior Arrest For Assault


You heard it here first!

The James Hartline Report has obtained a document which states that the lesbian who assaulted a San Diego County Deputy during last week's fundraiser for Democratic congressional candidate Francine Busby has a prior arrest for assault. According to the report, Shari Barman, a lesbian with ties to many other lesbians within the professional tennis industry, was arrested in 1977 for assault at the San Francisco International Airport. The report also states that the violent incident involved another lesbian activist within the female tennis world, Wimbledon champion Rosie Casals.

The recent campaign fundraiser for perennial Democratic loser Francine Busby involved a number of lesbian couples and was illegally advertised on the website for San Diego's Gay and Lesbian Center as an LGBT event.

When a San Diego sheriff's deputy arrived at the campaign event to respond to a neighbor's noise complaint, the deputy was surrounded by 30+ individuals. A riot resulted when the deputy attempted to arrest Shari Barman, the host of the melee-scarred event. Barman was charged with assaulting the deputy. Another woman was also taken into custody for interfering with the deputy's duties.

As is typical of those within the homosexual political arena when the spotlight is focused on their negative behavior, they play the victim. The partygoers at the campaign event are now claiming the deputy is to blame for the riot.

The big question is this: Will San Diego's lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis honestly investigate this case and adequately prosecute Shari Barman? Or will one lesbian cover for another?

And will undersheriff Bill Gore, who is counting on political support from the gay political machine for his 2010 campaign for Sheriff, actually do an ethical and honest investigation regarding the reported violent history of lesbian Shari Barman and her new claims of being the victim at the lesbian-packed Democratic Party fundraiser for Francine Busby.

Witnesses: Deputy was 'out of control' in Busby incident
By Tanya Mannes, Union-Tribune Staff Writer
7:45 p.m. June 29, 2009
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ENCINITAS – The sheriff's deputy who broke up a fund-raiser for Francine Busby looked “out of control” as he doused guests with pepper spray, pulled out a stun gun, and dropped a 60-year-old woman to the floor, witnesses said.
The San Diego County Sheriff's Department has launched an internal investigation into the incident Friday night at the home on Rubenstein Avenue in the Cardiff community of Encinitas.
Authorities were called to the home of Shari Barman and Jane Stratton after a neighbor complained about noise, and Barman was arrested in the ensuing altercation with Deputy Marshall Abbott.
“He had a raged look in his eyes and his head was bobbing from side to side,” said Kimberley Beatty, who attended the event. She said she called 911 to report that the officer “appeared to be out of control.”
Beatty spoke Monday afternoon at a news conference along with two other guests at the fund-raiser, Christine Nava and Julie Chippendale.
Chippendale also said that Abbott “looked like he was feeling out of control.”
“His eyes were darting around the room as if we may have guns,” she said. “Guests were yelling, 'What are you doing? Let her go!' ”
Busby, 58, is a Democrat seeking the 50th Congressional District seat in 2010. She said about 30 of her supporters gathered at the home to raise campaign money for next year's race against Congressman Brian Bilbray.
She said she used an amplified microphone from about 8 to 8:30 p.m. to address what she described as 30 or fewer guests; witnesses said an unidentified neighbor interrupted the speech by heckling Busby, calling her a “loser” and obscenities.
Deputy Abbott walked into the house shortly after 9 p.m. and said he was responding to the noise complaint. When Barman refused to provide her date of birth and turned to walk away, Abbott grabbed her arm but guests pulled her away, Sgt. Thomas Yancey of the Encinitas Sheriff's Station said in an earlier statement.
Beatty said Abbott sprayed the guests with pepper spray and “pulled out a Taser shaped like a gun,” then dragged Barman, 60, by one arm and arrested her.
Undersheriff Bill Gore said in a statement Monday that Internal Affairs investigators will interview witnesses and examine evidence to determine what happened at the event.
Beatty, Nava and Chippendale are calling for an independent investigation into whether the incident violated civil rights. They are hoping an outside agency such as the U.S. Attorney or the District Attorney gets involved.
Beatty said: “I have never personally witnessed law enforcement officers behave this brutally and incompetently and with so much disregard for police procedure and people's rights.”
After Abbott called for backup, police cars, a fire truck, a helicopter and a K-9 unit arrived, the women said. Seven guests were arrested for taking photos with a cell phone camera and talking back to an officer; most were released at the scene, they said.
Gore's statement said that only Barman was arrested and that one other person was cited at the scene. A Sheriff's spokeswoman declined to comment further.
Bilbray's chief of staff, Steve Danon, said the congressman would not be commenting on the incident.


Anonymous said...

You happened to dig up an assult record from 32 years ago. Does that make a person violent person always? I think not. You use the term "riot" in your article. Were you there? Riot? I think not. Lesbians and gay men are always victimized? You are constantly a victim. I stupidly watch you in Council chambers on television. Your graphic telling of things that go on a Pride is just as hurtful to innocent watchers, as being there. The media tends to overinflate everything, as you do. You act "gayer" than most people I know...you need to come out again.

Anonymous said...

She has a violent record?????

1977??? she was 30 years old we are talking about women in their 60's being throw to the floor -in their own home!!!!!!!
Are you kidding????

Did anyone talk to the neighbor who complained?????

What about Marshall Abbott??? What kind of record does he have? A sheriff for 2 years - what did he do before??
Was he in the service? Did he work for Blackwater???
Why was he being shadowed by a therapist???

Anonymous said...

Abbott doesn't have a criminal past. He never would have been hired if he did. I think he was in the military. Abbott had a therapist because Abbott is trained to be her partner. He had been through a training course on the mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

Cooperate, collect your warning, & take it up with the proper authorities if you feel wronged.

Disobeying an officer & resisting arrest with the help of a crowd is ALWAYS going to bring a huge response, and will definately land your pompous know-it-all butt in the slammer every time!

Anonymous said...

My guess is James Hartline was the conservative heckler. Yes or no, James?

And James, anyone can find your own prison record online with a little Googling.

James Hartline said...

I have never tried to hide my past. That is the difference between you (anonymous) and me. My life story is well documented, both locally and nationally, of my own volition at:
Now, back to the real issue: these women committed acts of violence and they need to be prosecuted. All of the attention grabbing distractions from the left-leaning, anti-establishment Busby crew will not change the fact that crimes of violence were committed against law enforcement. AND there is more to come on the corruption underway in this matter. Stay Tuned........

Anonymous said...

>>>The Deceptive Lesbians Who Play The Victim:

That's rich coming from James Hartline -- San Diego's only full-time, professional victim.

Anonymous said...

This blog catches my attention each day now. There is a lot of heat here since homosexuality is a hot topic these days. Whatever happened does not look good at all no matter what the arguments could be.

amyrrt said...

You Sir are an ass. Statistically speaking lesbians are the victims of crimes of violence far more often than they commit them. That is not to say that lesbians are not like every other segment of society, we have our bad apples. Get your facts straight and learn about people instead of being a biggoted, uniformed idiot.

James Hartline said...

amyrrt screams,"You Sir are an ass." Ah yes...the profanity that does come from the salivating mouths of the angry lesbians. Is this perhaps the kind of language that was spoken by dear Shari Barman when she was asked for her birthdate by the sheriff's deputy?

amyrrt said...

For the record I wasn't screaming...forgive me for being a bit angry though. Below are some reasons that I am actually fearful and if that comes out as anger, it is a protective response.

Nearly four in 10 gay men and about one in eight lesbians and bisexuals in the United States have been the target of violence or a property crime because of their sexual orientation, according to a new study.

"This is the most reliable estimate to date of the prevalence of anti-gay victimization in the United States," said University of California, Davis, psychology professor Gregory Herek who conducted the study.
In addition, 49 percent said they had been verbally abused because of their sexual orientation, 23 percent reported being threatened with violence, 12.5 percent reported having objects thrown at them, and 11 percent reported housing or job discrimination. The total exceeds 100 percent because some individuals reported being the target of multiple attacks.
Rape and sexual assault can be used as a persecution weapon against lesbians. In fact it is estimated that approximately 10% of all hate crimes against lesbians includes some form of sexual assault (Comstock, 1999), and that members of the lesbian community are at higher risk of sexual assault partly because of explicit and implicit homophobic beliefs and attitudes (Gerard, 2003). Sexual assault in the context of a lesbian hate – crime, typically involves a male perpetrator or a group of male perpetrators.
In Richmond, California on December 13, 2008, an openly gay 28 year-old woman was attacked and gang raped by four men, including two juveniles, on a street outside her parked car. The perpetrators took her to a second location and assaulted her again, all the while making slurs about her sexual orientation. As Shawna Virago noted, "The only way we know about (the Richmond) case is because of the bravery of the survivor coming out. Hatred and bias are a routine occurrence for many LGBT people." Two men and a teenager were charged on January 6, 2009. Thirty-one year-old Humberto Hernandez Salvador, 21 year-old Josue Gonzalez, and 16 year-old Darrell Hodges were charged with kidnapping, carjacking and gang rape. A 15 year-old boy was also arrested in connection with the attack. Hate crime enhancements were added to charges against Salvador.
"What you get is this kind of immature desire to display power," said Jose Feito, a psychology professor at St. Mary's College in Moraga, California. "And so they go looking for easy victims, or suitable victims." "Suitable" in the Richmond case, according to Feito, meant a victim who the perpetrators could marginalize in their minds due to her sexual orientation and gender nonconformity. "That all ties into blaming the victim, who's seen as flaunting their homosexuality."

So when you live in fear of being raped or beaten because of you propensity for heterosexuality, then you will have every right to comment, until then, shut your ignorant mouth.

James Hartline said...

Oh please. Stop the propaganda of homosexual political victimhood. I lived in the homosexual lifestyle for 30 years. I still live in the homosexual area of San Diego even though I completely left that sin nearly 10 years ago. So try the bogus rhetoric with someone else. You have absolutely no objective documentation to prove your bogus claims of 40% of men engaged in homosexuality are targets of crimes because of their homosexuality. That is the problem with dealing with the decption of the homosexual political movement. You inflate your false and unproven statistics for the purposes of trying to sell your "hate" crimes legislation all in an effort to enshrine special, acknowledged and protected status to those engaged in sexual immorality.
And it always amazes me how many of you gay activists conveniently leave out the methamphetamine drugs being taken and sold by homosexuals during the episode involving these so called crimes of hate. Nor do you remotely indicate how many transvestites are engaged in the acts of drug use and prostitution as the instigating vehicle that invited a violent episode to occur when they report a "hate" crime.
Your entire agenda is based upon gaining public sympathy through unproven mass hate crimes allegations so that the public will view you as needing special protective status. After all it is difficult for the public to view homosexuality as a sin if you can get them to believe it is an act deserving sympathy and protection.
However, once the public is educated on what is really going inside of the radical homosexual political movement they throw sympathy out the window with your lies.