Sunday, June 21, 2009

Carrie Prejean continues to get thrown under the bus.

Carrie Prejean continues to get thrown under the bus.

By now, it is common knowledge that San Diego's Carrie Prejean has been released from her role and responsibilities as Miss California. A recent story on World Net Daily sheds some more insight into heart of what has become a national drama.
Apparently, she was released for failing to meet her contractual obligations including attending events that were scheduled by the organization. Seems clean and clear on the surface; you don't do your job, you get fired, right?
According to the article, a spokesperson for Keith Lewis, the producer of the Miss California Pageant stated that Carrie "was rude. She was obnoxious. She's a liar, and she's not a nice person. … There's nothing 'Christian' about her."
I suppose that the fact that Keith Lewis is openly gay, a gay marriage activist and who actually made a movie called "For The Bible Tells Me So" promoting gay marriage in 2007 has nothing to do with it.
It seems to me that someone with that much stake in one of the most controversial public issues of our time would stand to lose face in his own camp if he allowed someone with diametrically opposing views to represent the organization that he runs. It was only a matter of time before he acted. I am sure that his inbox was bursting at the seams with outrage and pressure to do something.
The Miss California pageant is about more than beauty. It is about influence. Mr. Lewis knows this. If a Christian woman who advocates traditional marriage is the picture of California beauty and refinement, then that would be very dangerous to Mr. Lewis' larger agenda.
There is a great deal more going on here than allegations of missed appearences and failed obligations, be they true or not. This is the frontline of a culture war that worsens everyday.
We, as a body of believers, need to be looking at the big picture in this and other situations. This is just one area where culture and Christianity cross paths. Each one affects the other.


Michael said...

"For The Bible Tells Me So" has little, if anything to do with gay marriage.

Prejean's 15 minutes were up weeks ago.

Ralph said...

It is obvious that there are no new gay "scandals" to report, especially in San Diego. All of these stories that you copy from other websites have nothing to do with San Diego.

Carrie Prejean is history and is irrelevant. She has had her day in the sun.
Gay day at the Padres game was successful but the Padres still did not win. Marty the Clown was a no-show as usual.

James, you are loosing your touch. Soon you will be giving your annual speech to the City Council about how the horrific porn filled, anti-Jesus, gay parade is destroying San Diego. I can't wait; please give us a preview now.

James, you need some new scripts and original stories. For the past year your crusade on gays has gone nowhere.

Commenter said...

Goodness - let's go ahead make accusations without facts - why - because he's a known gay? Is that any reason? What a terrible testimony of those who are supposed to pray for the lost.Somehow things have gotten way off track. Your only informaton is what you read on the NOM Web site (major spin and lies)and from Carrie's quotes (more spin and lies). God forbid if that is the standard for the truth! That's why you all live in a very small world and it just gets smaller - a stagnant cesspool. As a Christian, I stand against what you're saying in this editorial. You all only want to know one side of the story - the side that suits your interests. No wonder the world doesn't pay attention to your ranting and raving - you all are more biased than the liberal media - you possess a cultist mentality. That's why I don't put a lot of stock in what Christians have to say in the media -TV or print. I always check both sides of the story as I don't care stand on the side of misrepresentation of the truth - neither does God above. And, you have no tolerance for anyone who challenges your stance - you can never be wrong- you're just full pride and arrogance - not the love of God!!

James Hartline said...

Oh please, stop the "I'm a Christian too" gay agenda propaganda. The world isn't supposed to listen to true Christians. Try reading the Bible. The world and true Christianity are completely opposed to one another. The Bible says that when the world starts speaking kindly of you, you have lost your way. The only people who hate what Carrie Prejean has said and is doing, are members of the radicalized homosexual machine. And they have no credibility with me.

Anonymous said...

James. You are absolutely right in that "when the world starts speaking kindly of you, you have lost your way." Evil speaks as if he is Godly and tries to confuse the world, just as the person who has been confused and speaks for the Devil. And you, James, made it so clear, for the rest of the readers to understand. It's so easy to be confused by the Devil these days for he takes on too many forms.

Carrie Prejean said...

Carrie Prejean should be rewarded for speaking her mind, liberals want to shut out the truth and human trash like Perez Hilton should be the ones quieted. She is really 100% biblical correct.