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The New Miraculous Medical Report For AIDS Patient and Christian Activist James Hartline

The James Hartline Report
-On The Frontlines Of The Culture War-
March 22, 2007

Former Homosexual James Hartline Receives An Amazing Miracle:
Medical Tests Reveal Miraculous Immune System Recovery!

San Diego Doctors Are Amazed That Hartline's Immune System
Is Functioning Normal After Battling AIDS For Ten Years.
Hartline Responds, "That's What My God Can Do!"

(JHReport) There are few people in America who have been more open about their personal battle with AIDS than San Diego Christian activist James Hartline. Infected in December of 1997 with the virus that causes AIDS, Hartline has publicly chronicled his journey from being a promiscuous homosexual to becoming a born-again Christian and leading Christian activist in the national culture wars. Many local and national newspapers, magazines and television programs have reported on Hartline and his many endeavors to spread his Christian faith. Hartline's efforts to protect children from pornography, as well as educating Christians about the destructive elements within the homosexual movement, have earned him the reputation of being a Christian pit bull when it comes to his faith and activism.

Eight years ago, James completely renounced all involvement with the homosexual lifestyle. For the last seven years, he has been completely celibate and free from any desires for the sexual sin that had previously cost him so much. Hartline notes that it was his life and death struggle with HIV that became the final turning point for recognizing the moral bancruptcy that practicing homosexuality had earned him. By 2003, James had become so ill from AIDS that his physical well-being was in dire jeopardy. That year he was struck with a bad case of shingles, and without medical intervention, James could have easily died. In fact, his disease had progressed to the point where his immune system was producing only 1/20 of the healthy T-Cells necessary to fight infections. T-Cells are the cells that the immune system produces to fight off viruses and infections.

Most patients who start taking AIDS medications usually show some type of immediate improvement in their medical condition. James Hartline was no exception. However, Hartline's immune system has never really bounced back significantly. Depsite taking thirteen different medications everyday, James has never regained the normal immune functions required to stave off all opportunistic infections. In reality, without a miracle, James Hartline probably only has two-five years remaining on his life.

Known as one of America's most energetic and effective Christian activists, most people do not know that Hartline suffers with great pain in his physical body. Everyone sees the public appearances, the prayer walks and the celebrations when another pornographic business is shut down due to Hartline's efforts. They usually are not cognicent that James is suffering tremendous pain. Over the last several years, Hartline has received thousands of emails and telephone calls from fellow Christians who say they are praying for him to be healed of AIDS. It now appears that those prayers are paying off. James Hartline just might be one of the biggest walking miracles since the AIDS epidemic began in 1981.

There are two important factors that physicians look at when they are testing AIDS patients to determine the progression of the disease. Those factors are the T-Cell counts and the percentage of new T-Cells that the patient is producing to fight off opportunitistic infections. When a patient's T-Cells fall below 200 the patient is classified with an AIDS diagnosis. The percentage of newly produced T-Cells is critical to fighting diseases. A normal percentage of new T-Cells for a healthy person is 30% or higher. There was no question that James Hartline was very sick in 2003. That year his T-Cell count had dropped to 67, a critically low level. Even worse, his percentage was 5%. Literally, Hartline's immune system was failing. The incident with shingles forced him to undergo two weeks of intravenous acyclovir treatment. The attack with shingles was the final event that caused James to decide to start the complicated regime of daily HIV medications.

Since going on the HIV treatments, Hartline's immune system has never fully recovered. After 42 months of non-stop medical treatments, his T-Cells have rarely been above 300 and his percentage has hovered around 20%, not incredibly encouraging numbers. Dr. Jennifer Blanchard has been Hartline's physician for five years. Dr. Blanchard has told James that patients usually gain a good spike in their T-Cells within six months after initiating HIV treatments. The fact that James has not gotten higher T-Cell counts or percentages is an indication that he might not reconstitute a healthier immune system.

That was the case until something very strange began to happen about two months ago. After receiving several bad blood test reports over the past year, out of nowhere Hartline's T-Cell numbers began to dramatically improve. He hadn't changed medications. He was still obedient to his commitment to Jesus Christ and abstinate from all sexual and illicit drug behaviors. How is it possible that James Hartline could now be presenting such healthy laboratory test results?

Do miracles happen to people like James Hartline? Thousands of Christians throughout America have been praying constantly for James in his ten year battle with AIDS. Take a look at the remarkable laboratory results for James Hartline's February 20, 2007 blood test:

T-Cells: 450
Percentage: 32%

450 T-Cells and 32% are completely normal numbers for any person. For a person who has been fighting fighting AIDS for ten years these are miraculous numbers. When you consider that Hartline has never had percentages within the normal range since that dark time he was forced go on HIV medications nearly four years ago, even an atheist might have to reconsider the possibility that miracles do happen.

To complicate matters, James Hartline has also been fighting a long battle with Hepatitus-C. When a person is co-infected with HIV and Hepatitus-C, the prognosis is fairly grim. Usually, co-infected patients dies much quicker. The liver specialist who is treating Hartline's Hepatitus-C recently told James that he thinks Hartline's immune system has suddenly come alive and is fighting off the Hepatitus. This doctor thinks that is why there is so much hyperactivity being recorded on Hartline's liver tests. Just like the recent and unusual immune system improvement, Hartline's liver panel is also registering dramatic improvements.

Does God really bless those who are obedient to the Bible? James Hartline wanted to find out. Eight years ago, James made a decision to test the parameters of God's grace. He decided to give up all involvement in homosexuality. The Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin. The Bible also says that God is a rewarder of those who seek Him. There are some people who will never take the chance that James has taken. Those people will die having never given up involvement with homosexuality. Would God reward James Hartline for giving up homosexuality? Would God actually heal James if he became obedient to the call of Christ?

The story of James Hartline's journey out of homosexuality and his ten-year battle with AIDS has been told all over the world. In 2006, Hartline's testimony was featured on an international broadcast of the 700 Club ( Recently, James also self-published his first testimonial booklet, "After The Gay Life Isn't Gay Anymore." You can obtain that booklet by contacting Hartline's ministry.

Taking a risk that few Christians take in today's compromised world, James Hartline has claimed that God will heal him of his AIDS infection. Not everyone has been happy with the confidence that James has in God's promises to heal. In fact, Hartline has become the target of some of the most vicious attacks launched against any Christian in America by leaders of extremist homosexual groups. In 2005, one lesbian website in San Diego, California posted a death threat against Hartline ( Another homosexual website wrote this about the battle James is having with AIDS:

"AIDS isnt God's revenge on homosexuals--its his revenge on ex-gay assholes like
Hartline. I hope whatever cocktail he's on fails utterly
and he dies a painful, drawn-out death."

One of the most aggressive anti-christian homosexual activists in the United States is Wayne Besen. Here is what Besen wrote about James Hartline when Hartline claimed he would be healed of AIDS:

"I believe Hartline, however, probably is clinically insane. It's clear that he's delusional (he thinks he's a prophet who will be miraculously healed from AIDS) and schizophrenic (he thinks he's seen demons). Hartline is annoying and actively seeks to make the lives of others less pleasant. Hartline says things that are outrageous and cruel. And I have no desire to let Hartline go unchallenged or not point out that he's not a credible source. But on some level I pity him."

Some people respond to such bigotry by saying, "Talk to the hand!" James Hartline simply responds, "Talk to the lab results!"

The exciting thing for Hartline is his belief that there is an unlimited potential for miracles to occur when Christians have good relationships with God. "God has promised to bless His obedient servants with all good things," says James. James Hartline believes that those good things include new immune systems that can beat AIDS.

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Blessed said...

How great is our God, that He would not allow the words of man to penetrate the heart of His faithful servant. This healing is not to shame others but to increase faith and for the glory of our Lord. Thank you, for being God's mouth piece in a time that is in desperate need. Your obedience is a testimony for all, May the healing of the Lord continue to be poured down upon you as you speak forth His Truth...Blessed

Anonymous said...

This really is a powerful message of hope for people with AIDS. I have myself been diagnosed with it lately, and I have confessed my sins to my Lord and Savior and I am asking me to heal me. Reading you give me more hope. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME so that my faith will be so strong that I will receive my healing for our GOD, the GOD of healing, by Jesus Christ my redemptor who has received the name above all names, the name that HEALS ALL SICKNESSES.
Thanks a lot.