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The James Hartline Report Action Center
March 7, 2007
Action Alert!

San Diego Gay Pride Organization To Use City Property
To Promote The Adult Entertainment Industry:
Minors Will Be Key Presence During Annual Festival

Take Action: Tell The San Diego City Council To Ban Use
Of Public Property By Porn Companies During Gay Pride Festival.
City Should Not Allow Public Park To Host Gay Pride Event
That Allows Minors Into Pornographic Gay Pride Venue.

(Action-Alert) Once again, the children of San Diego are under siege. The same old crowd of supporters of the gay pornography industry will not stop exposing the young kids of San Diego to the porn-promoting and graphic sexualized events during the annual San Diego Gay Pride parade and festival ( The Gay and Lesbian Times is now reporting that the organizers of the annual pornographic event are actually planning to increase the amount of explicit adult entertainment that has been a staple of this annual anti-family carnival. This announcement follows on the heels of the Gay Pride organization's recent press release that they will be hiring a high school teenager to recruit other minors to participate in this very vile party. Here is what the unbelievable March 1, 2007 Gay and Lesbian Times article stated about the increased porn industry presence for this year's San Diego Gay Pride festival:

"The Freedom Zone will be located at the south end, near the large beer garden. It will allow vendors with adult-oriented items and materials to fully display their merchandise. “Vendors who sell adult-oriented merchandise will be stationed in the Freedom Zone,” deHart said. “We’re also going to encourage special events such as autograph signings and contests and other events to take place in the Freedom Zone. It may be an opportunity to partner up with some of our local bars and clubs to do fun events and activities inside the Freedom Zone. The Freedom Zone was created to serve the percentage of the adult GLBT population who want to see more adult-themed booths. “The Freedom Zone will appeal to a segment of the population that hasn’t had their own space for a while,” said Philip Princetta, Pride co-chair."

The sheer audacity of this organization's intentions of adding even more unhealthy and anti-family pornographic activities is made all the more despicable due to the fact that the annual event is held on public, city-owned property! Can you imagine what the original founding fathers of San Diego would have said, if they knew that in 2007 the City of San Diego was allowing male escort services, male strippers and gay porn vendors to hold a party while young minors are present in the same event. Even last year, Councilman Scott Peters would not let photographs of the 2006 Gay Pride parade and festival to be seen on the city council video screen because they were so disgusting ( Yet, the city continues to allow this event with minors incorporated into the festival grounds, to occur on city property.

It seems that the twisted thinking of those that administrate the San Diego Gay Pride organization is incredibly void of any recognition of the damage that they are doing to the families and the children of San Diego. Incredibly, while gay pride promoters are seeking to accomodate the degenerate advocates of the porn and alternative sexual lifestyles, they are also actively recruiting young teenagers for this year's pornographic festival. You can read the recent press release from the San Diego Gay Pride website when they announced their desire to hire a high school teenager who would then recruit other teens for their organization's various affairs (

Even more unbelievable than the youth recruitment announcement are the statements in the Gay and Lesbian Times which are justifying the involvement of minors in the festival even though the venue has a reputation for displaying some of the most raunchy and disgusting sexual activities which are a routine part of the gay community:

"One carryover from last year will be the Youth Express Entrance, which offers 16- and 17- year-olds free entrance to the festival in exchange for participation in a brief orientation. The program was an experiment last year, partially in response to the 2005 Pride scandal, in which three Pride volunteers and one Pride employee were discovered to be registered sex offenders. Rather than ban youth as a result of the scandal, the organization is educating them with regard to participating safely."

Clearly, the San Diego Gay Pride organization is stepping up its terrible war against the youth of San Diego by recruiting high school teenagers to be a part of their annual pornographic parade and festival. The time has now come for all moral citizens to rise up and say, "Enough is enough!" We cannot continue to remain silent or neutral while an entire city's population of teenagers are under the threat to be sexualized by homosexual activists within San Diego's gay community. If we remain silent on this matter, than we are just as culpable as are those who are harming these kids.

2005: The Year Of The San Diego Gay Pride Pedophile Scandal

In 2005, the San Diego Gay Pride organization was embroiled in one of the America's biggest sex offender scandals. The group had hired a registered pedophile to work as a clown in the San Diego Gay Pride Children's Garden (;bp=t). In addition to sex offender Marty the Clown who was hired to entertain the children, at least four other registered sex offenders were hired to work in voluntary and salaried supervisory positions. This is quite astonishing since the San Diego Gay Pride organization is a 501(c)3 charity. Adding to the sex offender debacle that year was the fact that the gay pride leaders allowed gay porn companies, male escort services and manufacturers of sex toys and lubricants to advertise their wares throughout the festival and parade: all on public city property!

In 2006, San Diego Gay Pride pushed the envelope of deviancy even farther by allowing an elementary school to march in the gay pride parade, thus exposing children, some as young as six years of age, to an enormous amount of sexually explicit filth (

In 2007, the San Diego Gay Pride organization is sinking to new lows in their quest to sexualize the youth of San Diego. They are now recruiting young high school students to be involved in their annual pornographic events. Needless to say, the San Diego Gay Pride organization and its sex partners feel no shame about what they are doing to the kids of San Diego. Even worse, the City of San Diego is allowing this terrible abuse of children to occur on city property: your property! Truly, this is like pouring salt into a gaping moral wound for the millions of Americans who have been the victims of child abuse. Victims of child abuse can readily recognize when children are being harmed. And make no mistake about it: the pornographic events of the San Diego Gay Pride organization are hurting children.

How Low Will San Diego Gay Pride Go?

How low do the leaders of the San Diego Gay Pride organization intend to sink? At what point do they intend to stop introducing young minors into the graphic and demoralizing world of alternative sexuality? Based upon this group's recent history, we know that the San Diego Gay Pride organization cannot be trusted with minors. Hiring a registered pedophile to entertain children in their children's garden must serve as a warning of where this group would like to go with the youth of San Diego.

As a taxpayer, you should be outraged that your tax dollars are paying for public land that the city is turning over to San Diego Gay Pride. Your public land is being used for the promotion of xxx gay pornography and minors who are being mentally sexualized by the pornographic supporters of the gay pride organization.

How low do the leaders of the San Diego Gay Pride organization intend to sink? The children of San Diego cannot afford to have us wait to find out. We must make our stand now on behalf of these potential victims.

Take Action Now!

Unfortunately, the San Diego City Council has put politics over the protection of our city's most valuable asset: its children. Those of us who care about children and their future, do not agree with the city's perspective on this matter. We do not believe that children should be in any event where pornography plays a key role, or for that matter, any role. We do not believe that it is in the best interest of our city's children for sexually-motivated adults to be encouraging these children to explore alternative sexual activities. Children should be left alone to be children, rather than pawns used for a political agenda led by advocates for sexual anarchy. Furthermore, we are firmly opposed to the San Diego City Council endorsing any event that has xxx adult entertainment sponsors or supporters.

We will not rest until every child in San Diego is protected from those who want to harm or sexualize them.

The James Hartline Report Action Center
Asks You, the Concerned Citizen,
To Take The Following Actions To Motivate The San Diego City Council
To Do The Right Thing For The Children Of San Diego:

1. Contact the San Diego City Council: Tell them to stop allowing city property
Like Balboa Park to mix minors with any event that has Adult Entertainment
As a Sponsor or Promoter. This includes the San Diego Gay Pride Events.

2. Boycott those businesses that are Sponsoring San Diego Gay Pride Events.
The San Diego City Council needs to understand that their continued support
For mixing minors with pornographic activities
during the Gay Pride Events is going to
Cost the City lost revenue from these Boycotts.
Sponsors of last year's San Diego Gay Pride Event included:
Starbucks * Travelocity * Cox Communications * Vitamin Water *
The Old Globe * Wells Fargo * Avis * 100.7 Jack FM * Viejas Enterprises

Over the last four years, the James Hartline Report Action Center alerts has grown to over 10,000 activists. We believe that accelerated growth in our stand for basic moral decency will see a tremendous increase in our numbers as well as the impact on the local political structure of San Diego. While the City of San Diego has continued to resist our demands to remove the mixing of minors with pornographic activities during the annual gay pride events, eventually, they will be forced to face our growing numbers and demands.

Contact Information:

San Diego Mayor
Jerry Sanders
telephone: 619-236-6330
fax: 619-236-7228

San Diego City Council
District One
Councilman Scott Peters
telephone: 619-236-6111

District Two
Councilman Kevin Faulconer
telephone: 619-236-6622

District Three
Councilwoman Toni Atkins
telephone: 619-236-6633

District Four
Councilman Anthony Young
telephone: 619-236-6644

District Five
Councilman Brian Maienschein
telephone: 619-236-6655

District Six
Councilwoman Donna Frye
telephone: 619-236-6616

District Seven
Councilman Jim Madaffer
telephone: 619-236-6677

District Eight
Councilman Ben Hueso
telephone: 619-236-6688

Additional contacts:

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