Sunday, July 22, 2012

Defy The Lie! Defy DeMaio! Defeat Satan's Little Chameleon Carl DeMaio! Massive Protest Against Gay Republican Carl DeMaio at San Diego Gay Pride Parade!

Defy The Lie: that is what this is all about. No matter what political persuasion one might be, San Diego is fed up with greedy and deceiving political operatives who move to San Diego from other states, set up shop in the midst of our city and then prostitute themselves to the highest bidder. Carl DeMaio is a snake who has slithered into San Diego courtesy of Grover Norquist and his ilk. He has no obligation to uphold the truth, for his carpetbag is filled with deceit and corruption. He is the flip and the flop, a dirty little mop, satan's little chameleon who will sell your soul because he does not have one of his own left to sell.

Why an anti-gay zealot is backing Carl DeMaio
DeMaio promised Charles LiMandri what? Read LiMandri's email to James Hartline.

A church is an intimate and central emotional place of connecting to God for some of us. And when a demon politician slithers into a church, 30 pieces of silver falling out of his pockets, the choir begins to dance, one foot stepping to the hymn and one foot trying to avoid stepping upon the shed skin of that infiltrating snake politician. DeMaio has made warped promises to the hearts of desperate churchgoers that he will follow their political aspirations if they vote for him at the same time he is waltzing weakly in the midst of a gay parade being mocked by DeMaio's Prop 8 funders, wealthy Mormon Cult business operatives and Roman Catholic pandering "I'm suing the city for forcing firefighters to march in the gay parade" attorney Charles LiMandri.

Why would GOP chair Tony Krvaric be promoting DeMaio at the same time that Krvaric is holding court with Prop 8 campaign staff to stop gay marriages in California? Why would the Rock Church be the spotlight for a DeMaio campaign stop at the same that the Rock Church has an official theological belief that homosexuality is a sin? Why would DeMaio bring his campaign circus to Prop 8 megachurch Skyline Church while its pastor Jim Garlow considers homosexuality to be one of the greatest threats to modern civilization?

For too long, San Diego has been controlled by political corruption and a cesspool of bribed politicians and foreign political interests. In the days ahead, San Diego and America will be faced with some of the greatest challenges in American history. America is on the brink of a massive war with Iran and an economic depression that will break the hearts and minds of many people. Carl DeMaio mysteriously showed up one day in San Diego with virtually no San Diego families knowing who he was, why he was really here and who his handlers were. And now this snake oil salesman wants to seize control of the mayoral office with a deceitful and salivating hunger to pollute what is left of the energy of the hard working and heart suffering families of our city. Is this really what our city has come to? Is this the kind of new and fresh leader that San Diego needs to survive the coming calamities?

It is time to Defy The Lie! It is time to Defy DeMaio. Rise Up San Diego! You can do better than this!

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Anonymous said...

Google cache information of those who organized Water Gun Fight

The organizer of the 2nd Annual Water Gun Fight in Balboa Park, Ken St. Pierre, was the Sales Director at San Diego Gay and Lesbian news, which is owned by Jonathan Hale (partner of Carl DeMaio), and he's helped both Carl DeMaio's mayoral campaign, and Todd Gloria's city council campaign. In fact, SDGLN even reported on the event beforehand (​nment/2012/08/09/jim-winsor-o​ut-about-cityfest-festivities​-sunday ).