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JHRexclusive: Christian Activist Tells San Diego Board Of Education, "I'm Going To Be As Tenacious As A Pit Bull"

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
September 28, 2006

Christian Activist Goes To War To Protect The Kids Of San Diego,
Telling San Diego Board Of Education:
"I'm Going To Be As Tenacious As A Pit Bull Until Kids
Are Removed From Gay Pride Parade Participation!"

Outrage Over San Diego Cooperative Charter School's
Participation In Gay Porn Parade Spreads Nationwide

(JHRexclusive) Christian Activist James Hartline continued his war for the protection of San Diego's youth on Tuesday, September 26, 2006, when he gave an impassioned speech before the San Diego Unified School District, Board of Education. Standing before a packed auditorium, Hartline told the elected five-member board that ultimate responsibility for a district charter school's participation in a porn-filled gay pride parade this past July, would fall directly on the Board of Education (

Planting his feet firmly before the board, Hartline declared, "I am going to be as tenacious as a pit bull until the matter I am speaking on today is resolved to my satisfaction." The well known activist also warned, "This is just my preemptive speech. I will be back to speak further on the matter of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School marching young six, seven and eight year old children in this filthy parade." The parade was replete with xxx pornographers, male strippers and male escort services. This is the environment that the staff from the San Diego Cooperative Charter School marched a number of small children into, all under the school's official banner.

- Nationwide Outrage Is Spreading -

From California to New York, growing outrage among parents, religious groups and conservative family organizations, is spreading over the decision of an elementary charter school to march small children in the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade ( Adding to the controversy was the recent decision by San Diego City Councilman Scott Peters, a liberal supporter of the Gay Pride festivities, to censor photographs of the sexual exploitation of children in that parade and its accompanying festival (

Evidence of the participation by the San Diego Cooperative Charter School in the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade was first discovered when the school produced a photo in its newsletter of the small children in the parade under the school's banner ( Board minutes from a June 14, 2006 Parent/Staff meeting of the charter school, shows that the school was fully agreeing to be represented in the gay porn parade (Item #12 on the agenda) (

Citizens have contacted the James Hartline Report, stating that their complaints to the charter school about the children marching in the porn parade were not well received by school staff. One person told JHReport that they were rebuffed harshly by a staffmember at the charter school. The arrogant attitudes of the charter school staff seem to be substantiated by a very disturbing letter said to be from the charter school's principal that was posted on an internet blog ( Liberal Andy Heyman states that he contacted Wendy Ranck-Buhr, the school's principal, about the controversy. He has posted what he claims was a formal response from Ranck-Buhr. That letter provides a very chilling and provocative defense of the school's embracement of the porn parade and the children's involvement. Even more shocking, was the statement that the school would continue to participate in future parades.

Here is the unbelievable letter posted on Heyman's website, which he says is from Charter School Principal Wendy Ranck-Buhr:

Our school, San Diego Cooperative Charter School (SDCCS), has recently come under attack for participating in the San Diego Pride Parade. The bulk of this criticism comes from James Hartline who initiated this call for community action against our school based on assumptions and not facts. Here are the facts:

SDCCS has marched along with many city officials and community leaders in the San Diego Pride Parade for several years. It is our intent, consistent with our belief in human rights and equal treatment, to continue to do so.
The SDCCS parent community organizes our participation in the parade event as part of our community outreach. A general invitation to participate in the parade is announced to all friends and families of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School community. Anyone who volunteers to participate does so based on their own personal decisions. No one is required to participate.
Children who participate do so based upon decisions made by their parents.
Children who participate walk with their parents in addition to other adult members of the SDCCS community.
Children who participate in this event walk the parade route with their parents and hand out pencils to hundreds of other children along the parade route.

Children who participate do not miss school. The Pride parade occurs on a Saturday during the summer break.
Our school did not bring a bus to the Pride parade or organize participation as a “field trip” event. The yellow school bus that is shown in some of the photos of our school in the parade line-up belongs to another school. We do not have a bus of any kind.

Some of the responses that we have received at our school suggest that the staff at SDCCS may be of questionable backgrounds and not appropriate candidates for working with children. Every staff member of SDCCS is fully qualified for their position and also undergoes the same background checks, fingerprinting and medical testing as all other employees in public schools.
It is a fact that we are in the same building as a family planning clinic (abortion clinic/added). This is a fact about our physical location that we communicate to all of the families who choose to attend our school. The clinic is picketed every Wednesday and we make every effort to keep our students away from the picketers and their signs. We have also been actively seeking a new location for our school and will continue to do so.

The San Diego Cooperative Charter School community believes that all families, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation have both a right and a responsibility to be actively involved in the education of their children. Our participation in the Pride parade demonstrates our commitment to this belief.

According to the San Diego Cooperative Charter School website, funding for school programs is provided by the State of California. The school claims to receive $26,000 for curriculum materials. However, according to the minutes from a June 14, 2006 Parent/Staff Association meeting (, Item #5, "Part of the $26k expenditure will go to finance the resources for a curriculum of Emotional Development to replace or continue with the 'Positive School Culture' that began earlier this year."

The mission statement of San Diego Cooperative Charter School has implications that could lead to the indoctrination of its very young students into some very inappropriate philosophies. The SDCCS website states:


We are a public school across from Balboa Park that is attracting significant attention from educators and parents alike, not only for our unique approach to learning and exceptional staff, but for our diversity, and our ties to Balboa Park.

We are working at building a student body that reflects the diversity of San Diego's neighborhoods. All of us at the school - teachers, parents, and administrators alike - are working hard to recruit students from every neighborhood in San Diego. Our location makes SDCCS a great choice for parents who work downtown and want their children close by, in an innovative and focused academic environment. And, the children have unparalleled access to the cultural offerings of Balboa Park, thanks to our close relations with the institutions in the park.

The school is also located in the heart of San Diego's homosexual community. Thus, the inclusive aspects of homosexuality and the gay pride parade participation are a truly appalling incorporation of the "cultural curriculum" being advocated by this very disturbing elementary school.

Complaints to the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education can be made by the following contact information:

(619) 725-5550
Parent Support and Board Services Offices
(619) 725-5634

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