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NEWS ALERT: San Diego GOP Scandal Reveals Dark Side Of Party Chairman Tony Krvaric

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April 28, 2008

News Alert!
San Diego GOP Scandal Reveals Dark Side
Of San Diego Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric

Chairman Tony Krvaric's Hypocrisy Is Demonstrated
After He Refused To Interview Christian City Council Candidate
James Hartline For The County GOP Endorsement

The year was 1972. President Nixon was preparing for a landslide presidential victory and eighteen year-olds were about to vote for the first time ever in a federal election thanks to a 1971 constitutional amendment. Far away from the muggy and chaotic political stew being cooked up in Washington D.C that year, a youth probation officer was making an unsettling stop in front of a very common-looking, three bedroom house on Lewis Street in the small gambling town of Carson City, Nevada.

Not much happened in Carson City, Nevada that could shake the nerves of former marine-turned-probation officer Donald Mullins. Runaway kids who engaged in stealing comic books and candy were the most severe acts of rebellion that Officer Mullins was confronted with in his low paying, but gratifying job, working with the troubled teens in this town of 15,000 gamblers, swindlers, families and lawmakers.

Within minutes of his arrival at the Lewis street house, Officer Mullins was about to come face-to-face with one of the most shocking cases of abuse that he had seen since his days of being a military police officer during the Vietnam War. Having arrived with a notebook in hand to take a report, Mullins inhaled a full gasp of adrenaline as he peered into the home's open front door. Staring up at Mullins from the living room's orange shag carpet was a squatting emaciated and terrified fourteen year-old boy.

Standing over the scrawny teenager was a short, overweight woman in her mid-thirties. "Get him out of here. Get this troublemaker out of my home and don't bring him back," the boy's mother screamed at Officer Mullins.

Separating the mother from her son, Mullins escorted the boy to the back seat of his four door sedan. The son, trembling with tears flowing down his gaunt cheeks, seemed to be quite relieved to be taken away from the angry shouts of his mother. He locked the boy into the back seat of his car and headed back to the tense mother who was standing just inside of the front door.

After taking a report from the mother, Officer Mullins crawled into the driver's seat and started up the engine. Driving the three miles to the Carson City Jail, Mullins pulled to a stop next to the jail's back entrance. Looking into his rear view mirror, the officer had a puzzled look on his exhausted face as he looked at the extremely underweight teenager huddled in his back seat.

"So, your mother says that you are constantly stealing and that you hit her today. What do you have to say for yourself?" questioned Mullins.

"She beats me and doesn't feed me," the boy replied in a voice barely audible to Mullins.

"What do you mean she beats you? I don't see any marks," retorted Mullins.

"Look here," said the boy as he pulled up both of his pants legs.

Mullins had to take a double look to make sure that what he was seeing was not just a strange reflection from the visual effects of the setting Nevada sun. "What is that?" inquired the disturbed probation officer.

"Bruises. Bad, bad bruises," the boy said as he began to turn a low guttural cry into howls of desperation. His legs were covered from ankle to thigh with deep purple welts and bruises.

"How did your legs get like that?"

"She beats me with her hair brush and my dad's belt.....everyday. Everyday. And this time she caught me looking at my dad's dirty magazines. Then she just began to hit me over and over and she wouldn't stop. That is when she called you to take me away."

"We can't send you back there. But the only place in Carson City to put you for now is the adult jail. We don't have a place for kids. You will stay in the jail until we can find you a new home." And with that final comment, Officer Mullins escorted the beaten fourteen year-old boy into the adult jail.

That would be the last time that the warn out youngster would ever live with his mother. From that point forward, on that cold Autumn Nevada night, his life would depart from the dark agony of fourteen years of beatings, tortures and sexual abuse. Now this homeless teenager would enter into an even harder and more treacherous way of life. A way of life that few kids in America ever make it out of.

After thirty days of being confined behind the steel and concrete walls of the Carson City Jail, this wayward juvenile was placed in the Northern Nevada Children's Home. He would remain in the children's home for two years. Bound in a mentally hopeless place, he was left with a permanent scar of low self-esteem that would cause him to have nightmares at night and an inability to relate to his peers at the children's home during the day.

Eventually the truth would come out and the authorities would find out that the boy wasn't the troublemaker his mother had made him out to be. It was the kid's mother who was the real troublemaker in that home. For fourteen years, the son had been beaten, tortured, sexually abused and exposed to pornography.

A year prior to his arrest by Officer Mullins, the boy had been beaten so severely that he just took off in the middle of the night, running away without any shoes on his feet. With the cloudy cover of the frigid Nevada night over his exposed head, the boy walked fifteen miles from Carson City to the tiny town of Gardnerville, Nevada. Hiding out in an old Methodist church, the then-thirteen year-old boy stole some of the church's kitchen towels to cover up the multitude of deep cuts on the bottom of his feet, the result of walking on the sharp rocks, weeds and broken glass that littered the poorly-defined path inside of the pasture land that connected the two small gambling towns.

Inside of the church kitchen, he stole a small amount of fruit and left-over stew that was located in the refrigerator. Stealing food from a refrigerator was a common practice for the runaway boy. Oftentimes sent to bed without dinner as one of his mother's many cruel ways of showing the boy who was master in her home, the young teenager was getting incredibly thin for someone his age. It was at this point in his life that he began to sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night to steal food. It was on this terrifying night, when his mother found him eating in her kitchen after bedtime, that he was beaten and chased out of the house. Several hours later, he was once again stealing food from a refrigerator, this time from the kitchen inside of Gardnerville's only Methodist church.

Over the next six years, this boy would turn into a young man who had no idea how to survive in the world. His stealing for food would eventually turn into stealing to support his drug habit. Unable to find any answers to why he was born into such a cruel life, he turned to drugs to cope with the years of beatings and sexual abuse. Without any job skills, family or the wherewithal to find peace in this life, he ended up becoming a petty thief to support his drug habit.

At every turn, he would face a new adversity. And with each new adversity, he grew stronger, always learning a new principle for overcoming life's tribulations. Many years after he had overcome all of the terrible damage that had been inflicted upon his body and his mind as a child, this young man would become one of America's fiercest defenders of abused children. The world would come to know that young man as James Hartline, San Diego's most vocal warrior in the American Culture War.

Many major media sources in America have featured the efforts of James Hartline's crusade to protect kids and his efforts to clean out the corruption in San Diego, California. In 2005, it was Hartline who discovered and exposed a pedophile network that was operating inside of San Diego's Gay Pride organization. As a result of his investigation, it was also discovered that a registered pedophile was employed as a clown in the San Diego Gay Pride's Children's Garden.

Within a four year period of time, Hartline's war against San Diego's powerful pornography industry led to the shutting down of nine illegal adult businesses. In 2006, Hartline's life story was featured on a critically-acclaimed international broadcast of CBN's the 700 Club.

In 2003, Hartline began his incredibly successful The James Hartline Report. Without having ever sent out an email prior to 2003, Hartline taught himself how to use the internet and to publish his own email newsletters. With the same determination that he has used to face every great difficulty in his life, Hartline started his newsletter by finding twenty people in 2003 who wanted to receive his newsletter. That email list has now grown from twenty people to nearly 20,000 readers, making The James Hartline Report one of the biggest independent email newsletters in California.

It has been nearly twenty years since James Hartline stole to support his former drug habit. In his very public stand to clean up the city of San Diego to make it a safer place for his city's youth, critics of Hartline call him a convicted felon who doesn't deserve any respect. These critics are not willing to forgive Hartline of his former drug problems or the times he stole in the 1980's to support that drug problem. They have no idea what James Hartline went through to become the man that he is today. Ironically, Hartline's biggest critics are the leaders of San Diego County's Republican Party, a political organization whose current chairman, Tony Krvaric, is a man who was involved in one of the most serious criminal enterprises that the computer technology industry faced during the 1980's.

A highly confidential source has provided the James Hartline Report with a fourteen page document that details a criminal enterprise involving GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric while he lived in his home country of Sweden prior to moving to the United States.

According to the document, Krvaric’s obsession for computers led him to join a cracker group called the West Coast Crackers in late 1986. A "cracker" is a computer programmer who is able to strip a program down to its component parts and remove lines of computer codes that prevent software from being copied. This is a major crime in the United States. West Coast Crackers was formed to crack and distribute copyrighted software which is illegal.

This group dissolved in April of 1987. Krvaric then decided to found his own group. He named this group Fairlight after the revolutionary Fairlight audio synthesizer. This group was founded to illegally crack and distribute copyrighted software. Evidence reveals that Tony Krvaric is still using "Fairlight" as his email address.

Evidence from San Diego GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric's sordid past is not limited to his involvement in illegally cracking computer codes. Indeed, Krvaric's utter hypocrisy in denying James Hartline the right to be interviewed by the San Diego County Republican Party for an endorsement as a candidate in the 2008 San Diego City Council race is made all the more worse by the repugnant photographs on the website for Fairlight, Krvaric's cracker organization. For example in the Fairlight website's photo archives there are several pictures of Krvaric involved with some very sickening situations. One of the pictures features Krvaric posing with a porn star during a porn convention.

If one can imagine the great adversity that Hartline has had to overcome to get to this place in life than one surely start to believe in miracles. For the past five years Hartline has regularly taken a team of private citizens before the city council to speak out on issues of moral consequences in San Diego. From confronting child prostitution in the North Park area of San Diego to the illegal crimes occurring in a gay sex club in that same neighborhood, Hartline and his team have done more to protect San Diego's youth and their families than any highly-funded organization in recent memory.

That is what makes the events surrounding Hartline and the San Diego County Republican Party's endorsement meeting all the more insidious, all the more disturbing, all the more hypocritical. On November 6, 2007, Hartline received a questionnaire from the San Diego County Republican Party to fill out in preparation for the party's candidate endorsement meeting.

Given less than 48 hours to fill out the excessively long questionnaire and return it to the county GOP headquarters, Hartline still returned it on time. Unbeknownst to Hartline, Chairman Krvaric had scheduled the endorsement meeting for interviewing the candidates the following Monday evening, but they never told Hartline.

When Hartline and ten of his supporters showed up, he knew something very strange was going on. No one at the meeting would speak with Hartline or his campaign supporters. Hartline was ignored the entire evening and never called in for an endorsement interview. Several days later, Hartline's attorney, Robert Sutton, called him to say that Tony Krvaric and the other leaders held an emergency meeting when they saw Hartline at the meeting and they proceeded to change the party's rules on endorsements. The new rule: any candidate with a felony conviction would not be interviewed for an endorsement by the party's executive committee.

It is GOP Chairman Tony Kravric's involvement with the criminal computer network in Sweden that makes the refusal to interview Hartline one of the most despicable acts of hypocrisy in San Diego's long and sordid political history.

While Tony Kravric would not allow James Hartline to be interviewed along with the other candidates for public office because Hartline had a theft related felony conviction nearly 20 years ago, Krvaric has, perhaps, the most sinister and immoral past of anyone leading a Republican Party organization in America. What Republican voters are about to learn regarding the man who denied justice to James Hartline in his effort to become a San Diego City Councilman is one of the great tales of political corruption in American history.

During San Diego Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric's illegal "cracking" days he was known by the aliases "Strider" and "No. 1". During a 1988 interview with Scandinavian News, Krvaric detailed his criminal actions as a cracker:

(Scandinavian News) G: How's Fairlight doing lately?(Krvaric) Strider: "On 64 we're doing very well, but on Amiga not so good. We have released some good demos but we are getting better all the time. We're still very big on 64, on Amiga not the biggest but..."
G: Who're active at FLT?Strider: "Only 6 members are at the group: Gollum (only 64), Excalibur (Amiga), I (Strider-64+Amiga), The Hobbit (Amiga), The Black Shadow(Amiga) and The Sarge (64)."
G: How many cracks you've made?Strider: "Well, about 300-400 cracks, this is hard... On Amiga maybe 150..... All made with Gollum."
G: Tell me about your beginning in the computer-career.Strider: "I got first a 64 in christmas 1983 (lots of thinking to get this result - editor's note). The first 2 years I was superlame, then joined the group WASP, after that The Thieves, then West Coast Crackers and then founded Fairlight, at March 1987.. Founders were Gollum, I and Black Shadow. Hobbit joined six months later and Excalibur this summer (also Sarge joined this summer/autumm, Strider did forget to mention it)."
G: What made FLT so big?Strider: "Some groups are very fast to swap, others just crack games. We got originals very fast and we also cracked them fast. That made us big. At past I swapped 24hrs/day, school went down etc."
G: What's the most important thing on a group? Is it cracks, musicians,coders or what?Strider: "(a lot of speaking too much too fast to write down but the main theme is:) Cracker is the best thing."
G: Have you had troubles with lamers?Strider: "Before I changed my tel.num. it rang all the time, lamers asking to copy them games and sending me empty disks to fill."

For James Hartline, he believes that ultimately truth and justice will prevail as he continues to battle the forces of corruption in San Diego, California. Even though Tony Krvaric blocked him from being interviewed with the other candidates during the Republican Party's endorsement interviews, Hartline thinks that the voters will ultimately decide that he has paid for his past and worked hard enough to earn the right to represent his district on the city council. For San Diego GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric, the hypocrisy and immorality of a man leading an entire county's political party is a catastrophe for all of the candidates that Krvaric has been promoting to the voters of San Diego.

Perhaps stealing computer codes and hanging out with porn stars is the moral thing to do in Sweden, but Tony Krvaric and the Republican Party professionals better realize that those types of things are not considered to be family values in San Diego, California.

As James Hartline continues to battle everyday to make things safer for the children of his city, he also warns the GOP elites who joined Tony Krvaric in denying him the right to be endorsed like every other candidate for the city council, that there are other very serious GOP scandals ready to unfold in the weeks leading up to the June 3, 2008 primary.

"My goal over the past five years is to get the San Diego Republican Party to clean house and get rid of the corruption that is dictating the party's decisions and direction," says Hartline. "I now know I am definitely going to get my wishes fulfilled."

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