Monday, December 22, 2008

ACTION ALERT: Tell Brad Pitt, "No Marriage, No Movies, No Money!"

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December 22, 2008

Tell Brad Pitt: No Marriage, No Movies, No Money!

Brad Pitt Attacks The Christian Community By Giving
$100,000 to the Homosexual No on Prop. 8 Campaign.

Brad Pitt Now Wants You To Go See His New Movie,
"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" on
The Christian Holiday of Christmas

Show Brad Pitt and His Hollywood Elite Friends
That You Support Traditional Marriage Values By
Boycotting Movies Involving No on 8 Supporters

A nationally recognized Christian activist will not be among those who attends the 2008 Christmas debut of Brad Pitt's new motion picture The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The Christian activist, James Hartline, also hopes that millions of fellow Christians will follow his example by boycotting the movie. Hartline says that this past September, Brad Pitt contributed $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign in an effort to defeat Prop 8, the California Marriage Protection Amendment. Pitt was joined by a number of wealthy actors, movie producers and other entertainment industry elites who donated large sums of money to help the homosexual political movement and their drive to legalize same-sex marriages in California.

Although, over 7 million California voters approved Prop. 8 by nearly 53% of the vote, homosexual activists are already moving to overturn Prop. 8 by placing a new statewide initiative on the 2010 ballot. Will the same Hollywood elites contribute to a future campaign to overturn Prop. 8? James Hartline believes that if Christian voters make their stand now it is highly unlikely that homosexual activists and their No on 8 campaign will enjoy the same amount of financial support from Hollywood during the 2010 election.

"I believe now is the time to let Brad Pitt and his fellow Hollywood elites know that the Christian Community is not going to sit idly by as the institution of marriage is dismantled by homosexual activists who have been getting support from wealthy entertainers," says Hartline.

Hartline also states that entertainers like Brad Pitt achieved their wealth from the millions of Christians who bought tickets to their movies, concerts, DVD's and videos. Hartline adds that the entertainers made wealthy by Christians are now using that wealth to fund the war against marriage in America.

Other liberal Hollywood elites who have been using their wealth and influence to support the homosexual political movement's attack on Prop. 8 and the institution of marriage include blockbuster movie producer Steven Spielberg and his wife actress Kate Capshaw, Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres and Drew Barrymore. Like Brad Pitt, Spielberg and his wife gave a total of $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign in an effort to defeat the marriage protection amendment.

Hartline also points out that Brad Pitt is demonstrating utter hypocrisy in his financial attacks against the Christian Community and that community's Biblically-based battle to defend the importance of marriage.

"Brad Pitt is living with his current girlfriend, actress Angelina Jolie, and giving large sums of money to support homosexuality. Then, he turns around and has a movie being released on the celebrated birthday of Jesus Christ, the savior of the world," declares Hartline.

"While Pitt is helping the homosexual agenda to attack the Biblical definition of marriage, he has no problem raking in the money by having a movie released on Christmas when he knows that Christians are more likely to be off from work and available to go to the movies. If Pitt dislikes our values so much, how come his movie is being released on a day that celebrates our Christian values rather than Halloween or Gay Pride Day?" questions Hartline.

James Hartline believes that at least a million dollars can be pulled from the box office of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button if a portion of the Christians who are informed about Brad Pitt's support for the homosexual agenda refuse to attend the movie.

Hartline is also encouraging those who stay away from Brad Pitt's movie to take the price of a movie ticket, which averages $10 for an adult moviegoer, and donate that money to their local church ministry to help married couples. "We need to support the ministries that are helping married couples to cope with the many challenges facing them."

Hartline says there are many ways to honor married couples. "Another way of honoring the institution of marriage is for moviegoers to skip Brad Pitt's movie and take a married couple out to dinner. Honor those who honor marriage."

Finally, Hartline is encouraging the thousands of readers of his various internet publications to contact their respective city councils and ask them to issue a proclamation in honor of married couples. "While city councils have a history of declaring 'Gay Pride Day' in nearly every major city in America, why can't we have 'Married Couples Day?'" asks Hartline. "It seems to me that it is time to start strengthening marriages in America instead of bowing to the desires of Hollywood elites like Brad Pitt and Ellen DeGeneres."

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Anonymous said...

”how come his movie is being released on a day that celebrates our Christian values rather than Halloween or Gay Pride Day?" questions Hartline.”

December 25th is a celebration day for people of all faiths and even for those with no faiths.
Originally December 25th was a pagan celebration day but as history evolved, many other faiths honored this day as a day of merriment and a respite from the Winter.

Certainly Christians are entitled to celebrate this day as the birth of their savior (which it is not), but Christians do not have a patent or copywrite on this day. December 25th belongs to EVERYONE to celebrate in whatever manner they choose. So if Christians do not like Brad Pitt they should not go see his movie on Christmas. As a Pantheist I will use this day to celebrate everything, including Brad Pitt’s movies. As long as your values do not conflict with my values, I do not care how you celebrate your holidays. But as an American I have the right to celebrate MY values in My way, not YOUR way.

Anonymous said...

Dump Brad Pitt- embrace F Street!!!!

Coming up in 2009, is the 35th Anniversary of F St. Corp…San Diego’s premier adult business with bookstores, websites, etc. In the last 35 years, F ST. Bookstores have given millions of dollars to countless social services, HIV-AIDS organizations, cancer organizations, Planned Parenthood, drug/alcohol recovery facilities and community charities. They gave $250, 000 alone to the AIDS Assistance Fund, which I had the honour to be President/Founder for five years.

F ST Corp. will be celebrating their 35th anniversary for all of 2009. They have major parties, special launch events, erotic parties and new product premiers planned. They are also launching the first local “Dr. Ruth- like” advice website. It will have two components; one with a sexy, sensual, intelligent and knowledgeable woman, who will give advice on how to keep your sex life and relationships exciting. The other will feature one hot, handsome, intelligent gay man for the gay community. That’s two great advice experts to answer all your questions!

Keep your eyes on F ST. Corp in 2009!!

James Hartline said...

That's right: keep your eyes on the F Street Corporation, because we will continue to shut that business down as we have successfully done over the last five years. Three F-Street Businesses were shut down in the Hillcrest area, including the filthy bath house at 2200 University Ave. thanks to our work.
The idea that the deceased founder of F-Street wrote in his will before he died of AIDS his then one year-old daughter to become the owner of the porn company when she turns 18 demonstrates just how evil is F-Street. If F-Street had never been in business we would not now have so many AIDS cases that the executor of the estate contributes to AIDS causes as a cover for her immoral life and business dealings.
There is a day when God is going to judge this woman. She had better repent because that judgment is coming soon and all the money in the world will not avert God's dealings with her.