Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Prophetic Error and Barack Obama's Citizenship Problems

Will the issue of President-elect Barack Obama's U. S. citizenship end up disqualifying his recent presidential election victory?

As many of you know, I receive prophetic dreams from the Lord. Over the past ten years, I have received hundreds of such dreams. Many of those dreams have resulted in insights that have helped me to accomplish things that I could not have accomplished based upon my own abilities or education. I have seen events come to pass many times after seeing those events in dreams. And I am awaiting events to unfold based upon many prophetic dreams I have had in the past.

On October 19, 2008, I had a prophetic dream in the night. I wrote a hint of that dream on the blog for that day.

In the dream, there were two opposing forces that were in a battle. One force was far more powerful and superior than the other force. The superior force was also the bad force. The dream ended up on a baseball field where the two forces were playing a baseball game. The superior force had a big advantage and was surely going to win the baseball game that was being played.

The weaker good team had its last player up to bat in the bottom of the 9th inning. With two outs and two strikes, the batter for the weaker team had one more swing at the ball. There were two players on base, one on first, one on second. The weaker team was behind by one run. The batter hits the ball and the runners begin to run the bases. One run scores and the second runner cross third base and pauses for a brief moment trying to determine whether they should go for home and score the winning run.

After a slight hesitation, the runner starts to head for home. The ball is thrown towards home to throw the runner out, but the ball is thrown poorly, an unforced error is made and the runner touches home plate, scoring the winning run. The weaker good force had defeated the bad, but far superior team.

When I woke up from this dream, I immediately knew that this dream was related to the upcoming Nov. 4th election, but I was not quite sure how.

Is it possible that the error that was committed in this game, was the error being committed by the Democratic Party by not reviewing the actual citizenship of Barack Obama? Is it possible that the election of Barack Obama will be overturned and he is defeated because of this terrible error and oversight regarding his citizenship?

The United States Constitution is very clear. A presidential candidate must be born in the United States. I am not sure why the Republican Party did not challenge Obama's candidacy based upon his ineligibility due to him not being a natural born U. S. citizen. I would guess that the reason they did not is because they believed that any Republican would beat a black Democratic candidate, thus they did not challenge his candidacy. They did not expect Obama could win, thus they wanted him to be the Democratic candidate rather than Hillary Clinton.

According to many news sources, the current lawsuits being filed before the U. S. Supreme Court challenging Barack Obama's eligibility are very strong cases. There seems to be very legitimate concerns as to whether Obama was ever born in America. His relatives are from Africa and still living there. He was educated in Indonesia as a boy. And he made a strange trip to Hawaii under the pretense of meeting his very ill grandmother during the election. Some are saying that he attempted to deal with the issue of his birthplace while in Hawaii by acquiring a birth certificate from that state. Others have stated that the ailing grandmother publicly claimed before she passed away that Obama was not born in Hawaii. Whatever the facts end up being, there is one glaring fact above all others: Barack Obama has never supplied a verifiably legitimate birth certificate demonstrating he was born in America. The one that was displayed in public has now been repudiated as a fake.

With a history of being involved with very shady individuals, including a convicted terrorist, a convicted financial schemer by the name of Tony Rezko, the racist pastor Jeremiah Wright, the intimate relationships with Acorn officials and many others, attempting to obtain a replacement birth certificate to fulfill "the dream" is certainly possible.

Now, the interpretation of the dream I had may have nothing to do with this issue. However, there will be an error made of significant national importance and this might be the instance that such an error plays out.


Anonymous said...

The state's health director of Hawaii, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, issued a statement in late October saying that she and the registrar of vital statistics had inspected Obama's Hawai'i birth certificate and found it to be valid.

During the presidential campaign, the Obama camp posted a copy of his Honolulu birth certificate on its Web site. That copy indicates he was born in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961.

James, wake up and smell the coffee. The election is over and the Republicans lost. Americans have finally realized that it is the Constitution that governs America, not the Bible. Obama meets every requirement in the Constitution to be our president. Now quit dreaming and do what the Bible instructs us to do; pray for our leaders.

BlueEyedDevil said...

Chief Justice Roberts has enough integrity to make absolutley certain that he will not be swearing in someone Constitutionally inieligible to be President. When the Supreme Court rules that BO is ineligible to be President, they will direct the electors to vote for anyone except Obama. In all likelihood Hillary will become our next president. This will not result in any "crisis". Obama has already selected a cabinet filled with old Clintonistas, so it would be a real smooth "transition". The blacks will be pacified by arranging for their Messiah to be appointed Secretary of State.

Anonymous said...

When they finish investigating Barack Obama's birth certificate I hope they will look into the birth of Jesus Christ. I have searched through many history books and not one of them report on the birth of Jesus. Even the textbooks used by our public schools make no mention of Jesus. Why is this?

Many internet sites are claiming that Jesus was not born but was "created" by religious story tellers. We need a birth certificate for proof.

BlueEyedDevil said...

I think Obama is precisely what America needs right now. His Marxist agendas will result in the United States following the same path as the Soviet Union and every other failed communist state. Only that kind of a complete collapse will be enough to wake our brainwashed multiculturalists out of their stupor to the point where they will realize that the only path to national survival is a clean sweeping away of the socialist/fascist mountain of legislative dung that has been piling up ever since 1913 when the Federal Reserve and Income Tax scams were foisted on this once great country - followed by a repeal of Ted Kennedy's Immigration reform act of 1963, thereby putting a stop to the flood, from every piss ant third world country on the planet, of immigrants who have no understanding of, let alone loyalty to, the values of Western Civilization that led to the creation of the world's first and only land of Constitutionally guaranteed LIBERTY.

Zen said...

"Now, the interpretation of the dream I had may have nothing to do with this issue. However, there will be an error made of significant national importance and this might be the instance that such an error plays out."

A true dream from God wouldn't need a disclaimer to cover the possibility that it is wrong.

Why bother to bring up a dream at all if it stands good chance to be nothing at all?