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Action Alert - Christian Radio Station KKLA Taking Money From Gay Rodeo Sponsor - Take Action Now!

The James Hartline Report Action Center
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Action Alert!
October 3, 2006

Christian Radio Station KKLA
Takes Hypocrisy To A Whole New Level!

KKLA Refuses To Stop Taking Money From Gay Rodeo
Sponsor Galpin Ford:
Tell KKLA To Honor God
Instead of the Brokeback Mountain Agenda!

Galpin Ford Sponsors The Los Angeles Gay Rodeo
(Galpin Owner Claims To Be A Born Again Christian)

KKLA Radio, America's Number One Christian Talk Station is also Southern California's Christian Radio leader with 24 hours of great talk programming every day. In Southern California - listen to KKLA live in Los Angeles and Orange Counties at 99.5 FM.

In absolute and deplorable hypocrisy, KKLA continues to take advertisement money from Galpin Ford
even though the car dealership is one of the major corporate sponsors of the anti-family Los Angeles Gay Rodeo.

(JHRActionAlert) In one of the greatest examples of hypocrisy that the James Hartline Report has ever seen, JHReport has now discovered that a major Christian radio station in California is continuing to take advertisement money from one of the biggest sponsors of a deplorable homosexual event: the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo ( KKLA 99.5fm, a southern California Christian radio station, bills itself as "America's Number One Christian Talk Station" ( In true Judas-style fashion, KKLA isn't talking about one topic with its listeners: the fact that the station is continuing to advertise Galpin Ford, one of the biggest sponsors of a homosexual rodeo, on its station. Can you say, "Brokeback Christianity?"

Galpin Ford was the focus of a major national news scandal earlier this year, when the James Hartline broke the story that Galpin Ford was sponsoring the notorious Los Angeles Gay Rodeo ( Feeding into the controversy, has been the fact that the American Family Association has been leading a nationwide boycott against the Ford Motor Company due to its overt promotion of gay marriage and other aspects of the radical gay agenda (

The hypocrisy in this sordid tale is not limited to Christian radio station KKLA, however. Galpin Ford's greed for homosexual dollars, which has led them to co-sponsor the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo along with Interactive Male, a graphic gay sex telephone dating service, is a shocking expose on corruption within American's rapidly declining Christian culture. Unbelievably, Galpin Ford's principal owner, Bert Boeckmann (, lays claim to being an influential, publicly professed, born-again Christian.

According to a 2001 article published in Mother Jones (, the Bert Boeckmann's are known as the "first family of San Fernando Valley, who support organizations like the Christian Coalition and the Parent Television Council." Apparently, Boeckmann seems to have left out the degradation of homosexuality as part of his porfolio of "not to do's" when lining up his business practices. The idea that a professed Christian would allow his car dealership to sponsor one of Los Angeles' most anti-family, homosexual events, the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo, is a clear barometer of how broken California's moral compass really is.

The James Hartline Report contacted KKLA's sales department about their advertising relationship with Galpin Ford while the dealership is sponsoring a gay rodeo. They were not cordial on the matter. Not only did they feign ignorance on the Galpin Ford-Gay Rodeo sponsorship, but justified the entire matter by stating that the owner of Galpin Ford is a great Christian man who supports many good causes. Telling JHReport that the decision to continue advertising Galpin Ford was a corporate decision made by Salem Communications that was out of the hands of KKLA. To further justify the station's relationship with Galpin Ford's owner, the KKLA sales representative stated that he had never heard of the national boycott against Ford due to its rabid support for homosexuality. The Galpin Ford sponsorship of the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo was broadcast on every Christian news service earlier this year. How did KKLA miss that news item, even though they are a "Christian talk radio" station? Perhaps the station was counting its advertising dollars in a backroom when the story hit the newswires.

Needless to say, KKLA is aware that Galpin Ford is a sponsor of the Gay Rodeo and KKLA, California's largest Christian radio station, is refusing to stop taking the Gay Rodeo sponsor's money. While KKLA markets itself to Christians, it has decided to put its greed for the mighty dollar over obedience to the Mighty Lord.

Take Action Against KKLA!

Tell KKLA to stop the moral compromising! If KKLA wants to claim itself as a Christian radio station, then tell them to stop taking Gay Rodeo sponsor Galpin Ford's money, until Galpin Ford gets out of the Brokeback Rodeo business!
Tell KKLA, if they refuse to stop advertising Galpin Ford, then you will contact their other advertisers about the KKLA/Galpin Ford/Gay Rodeo Connection.

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Local Sales Manager, Richard Kennedy: 1-818-662-3738

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