The Pink Connection - GOP Leaders Plotted Gay Infiltration Inside of San Diego Republican Party

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October 16, 2006

The Pink Connection: The Foley Scandal
Reveals GOP Leaders Plotted Gay Infiltration
Inside of San Diego Republican Party -
California Delegation of Brian Bilbray, Darrell Issa,
Ron Nehring, and Gov. Schwarzenegger all
play key roles in Log Cabin Confederation

Predatory Gay Congressman Mark Foley
speaking at the radical homosexual activist group,
The Log Cabin Republicans, at their 2003 National Convention.
Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth
reports that the Log Cabin Republicans organization
removed the Foley photograph from their website
to cover up evidence of their association
with the sex offender GOP leader.

-The Pink Elephant -
Republicans Now Realize Homosexuality
Comes With A Terrible Price Tag

Something has gone terribly wrong with the national Republican Party. How could a political entity achieve so much success, so quickly, and then switch on "suicide-mode" and crash just as fast? Their financial decisions are the same as when they were at the top of the mountain. Their stand on being tough on terrorism is just as serious now as it was right after 911. So what has gone wrong? There is one issue that seems to be a guide into the rapid demise of the GOP: the infiltration of homosexuality and its promotion within the Republican leadership. That issue was at the heart of the Democratic Party's catastrophic losses in recent years. So why then, would the Republican Party allow itself to be impregnated with such a poisonous pill? A fascinating article by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media, provides tremendous insights that answer this troubling question.

In his article "Republican Gays Are Closet Dems," (, Kincaid clearly articulates that liberal Democrats have infiltrated the Republican Party, masquerading as GOP supporters, for the sole purpose of corrupting the party in favor of the gay agenda. History is replete with examples of nations which set a course of embracing the libertarian path of promoting homosexuality. Each example ends with the destruction of those parties that embraced such liberal sexuality. The Democratic Party in America has been undone by its liberal sexualization and has lost the support of the majority of Americans. Republican leaders for their part, have made an even more horrific decision when they did not discern the tactics of their gay infiltrators. Not ready to handle such a disasterous course, the GOP is now faced with losing its majority control of congress due to sex scandals resulting from such infiltrators. For their part, the gay infiltrators have accomplished their goal: destroying the GOP's pursuit of family values.

Brian Bilbray Has Been Historical Key Player In Log Cabin
Republican Homosexual Agenda

Nowhere is there a better example of how liberal "big tent" Republicans are attempting to play the deceptive role of secretly catering to radical gay activists while manipulating their GOP majority conservative base, then in San Diego, California. Take the case of newly elected Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray, who replaced convicted, former Congressman Randall "Duke" Cunningham in a special election earlier this year. With a history of being an aggressive supporter of abortion and homosexuality, Bilbray has a well developed pattern of telling his constituents that he is "family-friendly," but then voting the opposite whenever he is given the opportunity.

How does Bilbray, a professing Catholic, assuage his conscious when he continuously proclaims his affiliation with the Catholic Church during elections, but then supports the more radical elements of the abortion and gay lobbies during various votes and political functions? Only Brian Bilbray can really answer that question. What can be answered is Bilbray's constant flip-flopping on moral issues. Bilbray's hypocrisy is the perfect manifestation of the epidemic betrayal of GOP conservatives that is spreading like a plague among Republican Party leaders.

For example, during a March 15, 2006 appearance on the Roger Hedgecock Show (, Bilbray was confronted by a caller about his membership on the advisory board of the Log Cabin Republicans, a radical homosexual group that hosted sex predator Mark Foley in 2003 at its national convention. That program can be listened to by going to Roger Hedgecock's program archives ( During his comments on the program, Congressman Bilbray repeatedly denied any knowledge of being affiliated with the Log Cabin Republicans. Instead of acknowledging that he has been a regular supporter of Log Cabin Republicans, which rabidly supports gay marriage and legalizing homosexuality inside of the military, Bilbray stated that he had been one of the most outspoken supporters of the "Defense of Marriage Act" while in Congress.

Perhaps, Mr. Bilbray was simply having temporary amnesia during his Hedgecock Show interview. In 1998, Bilbray was a speaker for the Log Cabin Republicans - Texas Chapter, along with homosexual Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe of Arizona, whose statement was read to the group ( During his speech for the homosexual Republican crowd, Bilbray stated:

"The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln
and Ronald Reagan, and it must remain
the party of the big tent...including gay and lesbian
Americans. Don't stop advancing 'the cause of equality and liberty'
(code words for the gay agenda) that so many Americans from all
walks of life share with you and me."

While Brian Bilbray now denies any knowledge of his affiliation with the Log Cabin Republicans, he was certainly active in the group in addition to his speaking for the Texas Chapter convention. He was listed as a member of the Log Cabin National Board of Advisors as recently as early 2006 (, along with gay Congressman Jim Kolbe, who is now under investigation in the Mark Foley sex predator scandal. During Bilbray's previous run for congress in the 49th congressional district, he was endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans ( because of his support for their radical agenda. In 1999, Bilbray cast the decisive vote to block a ban on gay adoptions in Washington D.C. Bilbray was one of only four Republicans who joined the Democrats to defeat the bill that would have prevented homosexual couples from adopting children in the nation's capitol.

Brian Bilbray promoting gay activism along with
homosexual Congressman Jim Kolbe
for the Log Cabin Republicans Gay Club - Texas Chapter in 1998.
Kolbe is now being investigated for taking underage male pages
camping as part of the Foley sex offender scandal.

Congressman Darrell Issa is another clone of the Brian Bilbray tactic of speaking the "family values" rhetoric to his conservative base, but when given the opportunity, he presses forward at an expedited pace, the radical reengineering of society. Issa's congressional website is replete with photos of him playing the "good dad" role with children (, but Issa's support of radical and liberal social causes, speaks of a far darker Issa biography. As recently as 2003, Issa attended the national convention of the Log Cabin Republicans homosexual club along with sexual predator Congressman Mark Foley (

There is also an evolving pattern among Republican Congressmen like Darrell Issa and Brian Bilbray that is chilling in its fullest dimension. It seems that all of these self-proclaimed "conservatives" who have been supporting the Log Cabin Republicans, like Bilbray,Issa and Congresswoman Mary Bono (, are also supporting the abortion industry's embryonic stem cell research programs. In the recent battle over President Bush's veto of more federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, Bilbray, Issa and Bono voted to override the Bush veto, so that they could fund new federal spending for that diabolic and wasteful program (
Congressman Darrell Issa supporting gay activism
at the 2003 Log Cabin Republicans National Convention
which was attended by predatory Congressman Mark Foley.

The Great San Diego GOP Betrayal:
While Telling Conservative Base They Support
Their "Family Values" To Get Their Vote,
Local GOP Leaders Are Constantly
Supporting Homosexual Agenda
Behind Closed Doors.

Michael McSweeney: The Hypocrites' Hypocrite

Michael McSweeney, San Diego Republican Party Vice-Chairman
Presents this "child-friendly" photo on his campaign for
San Diego School Board website (, while
telling gay activists at Log Cabin Republicans that the GOP
will be promoting their homosexual agenda.

At a previous monthly meeting of the radical homosexual group, the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans, Michael McSweeney, the first vice-chairman of the county GOP, told the group:

"The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community had 'great untapped
potential' and insisted that the community's voice was both welcomed and
needed within the Republican Party. It's the people in this room
(referring to the homosexuals of the Log Cabin Republicans)
who are better sales people for what this party stands for than I could ever a straight, white man in a suit."
Michael McSweeney at Log Cabin Republicans Meeting.
McSweeney is now campaigning to access San Diego's children
as a San Diego School Boardmember

According to the article in the Gay and Lesbian Times, McSweeney was a last minute replacement for San Diego County GOP chairman Ron Nehring, who had been the scheduled speaker. It was party chairman Ron Nehring that sent both Michael McSweeney and party CEO Jonathan Buettner into the Log Cabin Republicans for that meeting ( McSweeney concluded his remarks to the group that promotes legalizing gay marriage and the legalization of gay sodomy in the military by stating:

"If a gay candidate could successfully campaign and be elected for the
Republican Party, 'I can guarantee that this party (GOP) will be all over them with support'."
GOP San Diego homosexual activist Ralph Denney, candidate
for the California State Assembly - 76th District,
riding in the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade that featured
pornographers and male strippers along with school children.

Following up on McSweeney's promise, the San Diego Republican Party has placed Ralph Denney on its website list of candidates to vote for ( Denney, who is running for the California State Assembly - District 76, is most notorious for being a volunteer with the pedophile scandal-ridden 2005 San Diego Gay Pride Festival and Parade ( Denney is a board member of the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans, a group that fully supports gay marriage. While the national organization of the Log Cabin Republicans has fully supported sex predator Congressman Mark Foley at its previous national conventions, Ralph Denney was riding in this year's pornographic San Diego Gay Pride Parade to campaign for gay votes (

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger:
Terminating Family Values in Exchange
For the Values Of The
Log Cabin Republicans and Mark Foley

Gov. Schwarzenegger helped raise over $300,000
for gay activism at Log Cabin Republicans - California Chapter
Convention in 2006.

Long before the Mark Foley predator scandal broke, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was supporting Foley and his Log Cabin Republican organization with a fundrasing event in California. During this year's California State Log Cabin Republicans event, Schwarzenegger blasted Christian conservatives by raising over $300,000 for the Log Cabin Republicans' agenda of promoting gay marriage and legalization of sodomy in the military ( From appointing a lesbian to the California Supreme Court to ensure that the state's highest court will sanction gay marriage when the court hears the case, to signing more extremist gay bills then his predecessor Democrat Gov. Gray Davis, Schwarzenegger has eradicated all remnants of traditional moral values from California's government.

San Diego County is the last major county in California that exists as a bastion of conservative family values. Sadly, since his appointment as county GOP chairman, Ron Nehring has sought with vicious vigor to eliminate support for those values by his promoting of candidates that will prosper his liberal social vision. Nehring's promotion of pro-homosexual millionaire Steve Francis in last year's San Diego mayoral race, as well as sending his surrogates into the radical Log Cabin Republicans to promote GOP gay activism, is exactly what liberal Democrats want the Republican Party as a whole to do: displace traditional America with a socially reengineered democracy that reeks of greed but is absent of moral character.

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