Friday, October 20, 2006

Citizen's Alert: Stop Gay Marriage In California - Vote NO on Returning Two Liberal Judges To Calif. Supreme Court On Nov. 7th

The James Hartline Report Action Center
October 20, 2006

On Returning Liberal Pro-Gay
Justices Kennard & Corrigan
To The California State Supreme Court
On November 7, 2006 Ballot:
Justices Joyce L. Kennard & Carol A. Corrigan
will rule in favor of same sex marriages
when case comes to Calif. Supreme Court!

Stop Kennard & Corrigan Now with a No Return Vote!

Justices Kennard & Corrigan
Just Voted To Force Berkeley Sea Scouts
To Accept Homosexuality or Lose City Location:
Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Is Next On Their Radical Agenda!

(JHRactionCenter) On Nov. 7, 2006, California voters will have another opportunity to make their position on the definition of marriage very clear. Two liberal California State Supreme Court Justices are up for reelection and whether or not the voters return these two women to the state's highest court will clearly determine the fate of marriage in California. Personal lifestyles and court rulings by these two radical women make it abundantly clear, that when the California Supreme Court hears the appeal of a current same-sex marriage case, both Joyce L. Kennard and Carol A. Corrigan will vote to legalize homosexual unions. California voters can do something about this impending moral catastrophe by voting NO on returning Kennard and Corrigan to the California Supreme Court on Nov. 7th (

A recent ruling by these two radical, pro-gay justices demonstrated how they will vote on same sex marriage when it comes before the California State Supreme Court. In the case of Berkeley vs. the Sea Scouts (, the Sea Scouts, an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America, was being forced out of its free marina status in the city, a right granted to all charities in Berkeley, because the group will not allow homosexuals to have access to the young boys in its organization. For sixty years, the Sea Scouts have rented at the same rate as other charities in the city's marina, until the radicalized Berkeley City Council began a hostile campaign against the Sea Scouts in 1998. Under a revised city policy, the city of Berkeley created a discriminatory policy that gave favor to homosexuality over the constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of association, which was then used by city officials in their campaign against the Sea Scouts.

Appealing to the California Supreme Court, the Sea Scouts were denied such rights by both Justices Kennard and Corrigan ( In a 7-0 ruling, the California Supreme Court ruled that the city of Berkeley can discriminate against the Sea Scouts by denying them equal charitable access to the berthing location unless they allow homosexuals access to the young boys in their organization.

Kennard, a radical socialist, has already said that she will support homosexual marriages. In a recent 5-2 decision by the high court that ruled against San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom when he illegally issued gay marriage licenses, Justice Kennard dissented in that ruling, stating:

"Individuals in 'loving' same-sex relationships have waited years,
sometimes several decades, for a chance to wed, yearning to obtain
the public validation that only marriage can give." - Justice Joyce Kennard

Joyce Kennard is typical of how liberal Republican governors and presidents are packing the courts with pro-abortion and pro-homosexual judges who fight their closeted liberal agendas for them. Nearly all of the abortion and homosexual rights cases that have radically reengineered America have come via so-called "moderate" Republican judges appointed by elected Republican governors and presidents. That way, those that nominate them can appear loyal to their constituents while orchestrating their agenda via the courts. Kennard, a Republican, was appointed by former California Republican Governor Deukmejian. In addition to her support for same-sex marriage, Kennard has also voted on the high court to strike down the Parental Notification Law, a ruling highly favorable to the radical abortion lobby (

In the Gay and Lesbian Times legal commentary, California Western School of Law Professor Robert DeKoven stated in his column that Corrigan is a lesbian ( Recently appointed by liberal, pro-gay California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger, Corrigan fits into Schwarznegger's pattern of appointing liberal, anti-family lesbians into places of power. Shortly after Schwarzenegger hired lesbian Democrat Susan Kennedy as his chief of staff (, the governor chose Corrigan to be the replacement for Justice Janice Rogers Brown who had left the California Supreme Court for the federal bench. At the time of Corrigan's appointment, the Los Angeles Times described her as an unmarried women who lives with another woman in Oakland, California. Further research reveals that Corrigan was a registered Democrat until former pro-abortion Republican Governor Pete Wilson gave her a court appointment and she switched party affiliations.

Tack Action On November 7, 2006
Stop The California Supreme Court
From Legalizing Gay Marriage!
Vote No!
On Returning
Carol A. Corrigan and Joyce L. Kennard
To the California Supreme Court

This Action Alert has been provided by
The James Hartline Report Action Center
California's Top Christian Activist Organization

I Am Making My Stand! Are You?

James Hartine, Publisher
The James Hartline Report
Educating The Church
Fighting For Our Generation


Anonymous said...

I heard you on Paul McGuire today. I am new to Blogging but fortunately i am able to post a comment. God Bless you, and your Ministry and thank you for the FYI ALERT on the Cali Supreme Court. The Governor is Crafty in getting the Gay Vote. Were u aware that his Chief of Staff is an openly Gay (lesb ) Dem? He appeased the Dems after he won the recall vote against Grey Davis. Arnold is Shrewd like a Wolfe...Imagine if he was able to run to the Presidency...hes Scary...hes was born for Politics..hope to Blog again,,,Rick...aka..Soultan

Tim Sprague said...

Hi, James,

I'm Tim Sprague. A friend of Bob McClellan and also the James that sponsers your show.

Three Quick things.

First, Great work on a really attractive blog filled with info. If mine was so good....

Two, Libertarian philosophy on abortion would lead to far fewer abortions than say under Bush the next two years. While Libertarians will not, as you correctly point out, actually pass laws against abortion, they will ALWAYS oppose the federal funding!!

Bush pays for 1.6 MILLION abortion each and every year as the "christian" president.

Three, it is delightful to see your list of "problem" candidates. But why so few? And where, oh where, is that friend of Republican moderates, our pal, 'Dunc'???

Keep up the great work. I'm new to your blog.