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James Hartline Report Exclusive: Foley Scandal Extends To San Diego GOP

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
October 8, 2006

Foley Scandal Extends To San Diego GOP:
Campaigns of Joel Anderson & Shirley Horton
And California Republican Assembly Have
Extensive Direct & Indirect Ties To Congressional Page

(JHRexclusive) An email received by the James Hartline Report on August 21, 2006 from an individual tied to the former page who is at the center of the Mark Foley scandal (,0,5056754.story?coll=ny-nationalnews-print) is shedding new light on the ties this catastrophic event has to the San Diego Republican Party. The email in question has also led the JHReport to uncover new revelations that could be very damaging for Joel Anderson, the current Republican candidate for the 77th District, California State Assembly seat (

The email in question was from an individual named Jake Parsons. Parsons asked James Hartline in the August 21st email to be placed on the daily subscription list for the James Hartline Report. Strangely, Parsons asked to have the email address added to the mailing list, but the email address for which Parsons contacted the JHReport was sent from It turns out that Jake Parsons is working for the gubernatorial campaign of Congressman Ernest Istook, the Republican candidate for governor of Oklahoma ( Parsons has also given money to the Joel Anderson for State Assembly campaign.

Also working for the campaign of Congressman Istook in his bid to become the next governor of Oklahoma is Jordan Edmund, the page who exchanged sexual emails with Congressman Foley ( The question then arises, why would an employee of an Oklahoma candidate for governor contact the James Hartline Report? The search for an answer led the James Hartline Report investigative team into the very troubled waters of Mormon politics, the California Republican Assembly (, and the very disturbing campaign of Joel Anderson and his hunger for a California state assembly seat.

The Istook campaign is not the first time that Jake Parsons and Jordan Edmund have worked together on a campaign. In fact, the duo of Parsons and Edmund have extensive ties to the 2004 campaign of Shirley Horton, a liberal, pro-abortion Republican from San Diego County ( Parsons and Edmund are not alone in their connections to Oklahoma Congressman Istook and Shirley Horton. There is a third partner in this unfolding mystery. Chip Englander, currently listed as a San Diego Unit Director for the California Republican Assembly (CRA) (, worked on the 2004 Horton campaign at the same time that Parsons and Edmund did. Englander, as well as Parsons, has given money to Joel Anderson in his bid for the California State Assembly.

Chip Englander is also the Campaign Director of the Istook for Governor campaign ( A new question then arises: Why would Oklahoma Congressman Istook have so many San Diegans working on his governor's campaign, including Jordan Edmund, a 21 year-old who is now tied to one of the biggest sex scandals in the history of congress. According to, Englander is only 25 years old. Why would a multi-term, pro-family Republican Congressman from Oklahoma have such young men with questionable moral positions on abortion and, with troubled histories, come from California to run his gubernatorial campaign?

Who is Jordan Edmund?

While the nation is riveted on homosexual Republican Congressman Mark Foley and his predatory pattern of sexually propositioning young male congressional pages, attention is now beginning to turn towards Jordan Edmund, the page of concern in the current scandal. Who is Jordan Edmund? Is he really the innocent bystandard in this sexually degrading debacle? New information has surfaced on Edmund that brings far more questions than answers.

Jordan Edmund had maintained a website on My Space that provides an unusual look into the disturbing world of a young man who has been allowed access to some of the most influential GOP politicians in America and many are asking themselves, "Why?" The Edmund website has now been removed from the internet, but when it was accessible, here are some of the interesting pieces of information that JHReport obtained while it was up and running:

Jordan Edmund My Space Website:

1. Edmund states on the top of his website that he "lives next to a meth house."
2. Stated that he was the District campaign manager for Shirley Horton for California State Assembly in 2004.
3. Currently working for the Istook for Governor of Oklahoma campaign.
4. Attended the University of California at Berkeley.
5. Website was laced with extreme profanity, including the "f-word".

The Mormon Connection

One of the missing elements in this growing scandal could very well be answered by looking at the religious undercurrents that are currently swirling within San Diego and Oklahoma GOP circles. True Christian Conservatives will normally not vote for a Mormon, as most Christians consider Mormonism to be an extremist cult. Thus, most Mormons who are vying for Christian votes will hide their religious affiliations by usually just saying they attend "church" on their campaign websites. This is the case with Congressman Istook's gubernatorial website (,7). Istook does not specifically make mention of his Mormonism when identifying his "church" on his current campaign website. But make no mistake about it, Istook is a fanatically dedicated member of the Mormon Church (

Why then did Istook hire so many young San Diegans, including former congressional page Jordan Edmund, to come to Oklahoma to work on his campaign? The mystery may be cleared up by taking a look at his San Diego-based campaign manager Chip Englander. Englander is currently listed as a Unit Director for the California Republican Assembly ( The president of the California Republican Assembly is Mike Spence (, an avowed member of the Mormon Church, who, like Istook, almost never makes mention of his dedicated membership with the Mormon Church in his political writings or GOP activism ( There seems to be a growing pattern, however, of Spence using the California Republican Assembly to further the interests of Mormon political candidates. Take for example, the recent short-lived candidacy of Mormon Eric Roach in his bid to win the 50th Congressional race against Brian Bilbray in early 2006 ( Spence's group, the CRA, spent $25,000 on a campaign mailer attacking Roach's opponent Bilbray in their congressional race ( Spence declined to state who donated the $25,000 to the CRA, but it is noted that staffer Jeff Evans worked for both the Spence's CRA campaign mailer and the Roach campaign.

The Chip Englander Connection

Chip Englander is currently managing the campaign of Mormon Ernest Istook for Oklahoma Governor. Englander is also heavily connected to Mormon Mike Spence and the California Republican Assembly as Englander is also currently listed as a Unit Director for the CRA. Timing is everything. Englander conveniently turned up in 2006 as a CRA Unit Director at the same time that votes were being cast for CRA endorsements for state assembly candidates in the San Diego area. According to CRA rules, an endorsement from CRA, which would allow the expending of CRA funds on an endorsed campaign, requires a 2/3 vote of CRA members in that district. Thus the more CRA Units and members that are friendly to a particular candidate would help achieve the 2/3 vote requirement needed to secure the endorsement.

According to one individual who was in attendance earlier this year when the San Diego area CRA meeting was held to vote for an endorsement in Joel Anderson's 77th District race, the vote was stacked and predetermined before the meeting was even held. This person said the vote was 15-4 in Anderson's favor ( It is not the first time that questions of ethics involving Joel Anderson and a CRA endorsement have arisen. According to a 1998 report in San Diego NewsNotes, Joel Anderson and one of his campaign staffmembers were violating the endorsement rules of the CRA to help secure an endorsement for Anderson against his opponent at the time, Mark Price ( According to the report, Anderson's unethical tactics cost Price the CRA endorsement, and helped pro-abortion candidate Charlene Zettel win the state assembly seat.

Here are the enormous CRA funds that were subsequently expended during the recent primary for Joel Anderson in his bid for the 77th District - California State Assembly race:

05/20/2006 - $350.00
05/20/2006 - $1,678
05/20/2006 - $2,247.00
05/20/2006 - $2,450.00
05/20/2006 - $3,500.00
06/02/2006 - $3,825.00
06/02/2006 - $4,000.00
05/20/2006 - $4,764.00
06/02/2006 - $4,941.29
06/01/2006 - $10,639.68
Total: +$36,000.00

Why would Mike Spence and the California Republican Assembly spend such an excessive amount of money (over $36,000), a huge sum of money for any campaign, on one candidate's race? Particularly since there was another strong, born-again Christian Republican in the race (, what was the urgency in spending tens of thousands of dollars against another pro-family conservative in a race that is guaranteed to be held by the GOP? And where did all of this excessive CRA money come from to spend on this one race? Was there a secret agreement made between Mormon Mike Spence and Mormon Oklahoma Congressman Earnest Istook's campaign to send CRA member Chip Englander out to Oklahoma along with other San Diego workers like Congressional page Jordan Edmund, in exchange for help on the Anderson endorsement and election? That is a concern that investigators will certainly be looking at in the days ahead as the Foley scandal grows.

Controversy seems to follow Chip Englander. The current controversies surrounding Englander's involvement with the supposed pro-life California Republican Assembly, while having worked extensively for the extremely pro-abortion Shirley Horton, as well as his management of the Mormon candidate for Oklahoma governor, are nothing new. During Englander's enrollment at the University of Michigan, Englander was involved in a very serious voter fraud scandal during the 2000 school year. According to the Michigan Daily, Englander's actions resulted in several students being removed from office (

Here are contributors to Anderson's campaign that are also tied to Istook's campaign or his Mormon sect:
Eric Roach (Mormon) 06/02/2006 - $3,300.00
*Chip Englander (Istook Campaign Dir.) 5/01/2006 - $300.00
Jake Parsons (Istook Campaign) - 05/01/2006 - $100.00
*Chip Englander (Istook Campaign Dir.) 11/15/2005 - $200.00
*Chip Englander (Istook Campaign Dir.) 02/19/2005 - $100.00
* Campaign Disclosture Forms state Englander is employee of Assemblyman Mark Wyland, another huge financial contributor of Joel Anderson's campaign.

The Istook Campaign is not the first time that the trio of Jordan Edmund, Chip Englander and Jake Parsons have had contact. This dynamic trio was heavily involved in the 2004 reelection campaign of pro-abortion liberal Republican Shirley Horton's successful bid in the 78th California State Assembly race. While Jordan Edmund states on his My Space website that he was the regional campaign director for Horton, Horton's Secretary of State filings reveal a seemingly different story for the former congressional page tied to gay predatory Congressman Mark Foley.

The Dynamic Trio of Edmund, Parsons, & Englander
San Diego - Oklahoma
Horton - Istook Trio's Financial Payments
Jordan Edmund (Campaign Consultants) 06/18/2004 - $200
Jordan Edmund (Office Expenses) 07/13/2004 - $179.80
Jordan Edmund (Office Expenses) 06/06/2004 - $142.02
Jordan Edmund (Office Expenses) 05/27/2004 - $121.82
Jordan Edmund (Office Expenses) 07/28/2004 - $112.53
Jordan Edmund (Office Expenses) 06/22/2004 - $107.57
Jordan Edmund (Campaign Consultants) 06/02/2004 - $100.00
Jordan Edmund (Office Expenses) 07/22/2004 - $21.52

Jake Parsons (Campaign Consultants) 12/01/2004 - $1,000
Jake Parsons (Campaign Consultants) 11/01/2004 - $500
Jake Parsons (Campaign Consultants) 06/18/2004 - $250
Jake Parsons (Office Expenses) 07/14/2004 - $84.48
Jake Parsons (Office Expenses) 08/12/2004 - $49.77
Jakes Parsons (Office Expenses) 06/16/2004 - $47.52
Jakes Parsons (Office Expenses) 06/22/2004 - $17.88

Chip Englander's Horton Finances
12/01/2004 - $16,000
06/02/2004 - $6,000
05/14/2004 - $6,000
05/27/2004 - $2,476.08
09/27/2004 - $2,309.87
11/02/2004 - $1,693.85
07/07/2004 - $1,398.71
09/03/2004 - $1,381.36
10/22/2004 - $850.50
10/26/2004 - $624.90
11/02/2004 - $337.17
07/28/2004 - $317.70
07/09/2004 - $228.88
11/08/2004 - $205.00
07/13/2004 - $205.00

Contributors To Istook For Governor of Oklahoma Campaign
San Diego Vicinity Connections
Ron Packard (Mormon) 03/17/2006 - $1,000
Dr. Tim LaHaye 03/29/2006 - $500.00
Abe Siemens ($500 to McClintock Campaign/Joe Giardiello works for McClintock and is CRA Rep/Anderson contributor) 06/01/2006 - $250.00
David Englander, Redondo Beach 05/16/2006 - $100/200.00

A number of questions have now been raised about the morality of Jordan Edmund, the former congressional page who engaged in sexual emails with predatory homosexual Republican Congressman Mark Foley. Is a page who uses graphic profanity on his own My Space website really all that innocent? Is a young man who has worked for Shirley Horton, one of the local Republican Party's biggest supporters of abortion, really all that trustworthy on morality? Additionally, why would Congressman Ernest Istook ( hire a 21 year-old, immature and former employee of a pro-abortion assemblywoman (Horton), if that congressman is a publicly professed, extremely pro-life Mormon (,8)? For that matter, why would Congressman Istook, who also claims to be a strong conservative advocate of traditional family values, hire Chip Englander to manage his campaign, when Englander has been embroiled in previous scandals and worked for pro-abortion Shirley Horton's campaign? In fact, Horton is so supportive of abortion that she gave a huge amount of money to radical pro-abortionist Tricia Hunter's campaign for the state assembly in 2004 (

What are Jordan Edmund and crew all doing in Oklahoma working on a campaign in the midst of the 2006 campaign season when they should be needed in their claimed home of California? Could California politicans have known in advance of the impending scandal and sought to make sure that Edmund was in Oklahoma, away from San Diego where the Foley scandal would bring even more damage?

Of course, there is also the growing controversies surrounding the Joel Anderson campaign as well. Why would Anderson, who claims to be a pro-life Catholic take money from individuals who have worked for pro-abortion Assemblywoman Shirley Horton? Why did Mormon Eric Roach give $3,300 to Joel Anderson earlier this year, at the same time that Mormon Mike Spence and the CRA contributed over $36,000 in mailers for his campaign: and then CRA Unit Director and Anderson contributor Chip Englander takes Jordan Edmund and Jake Parsons to Oklahoma to work on Mormon Congressman Istook's bid to become the next governor of the Sooner State?

The James Hartline Report will continue investigating these important questions to help protect voters from being sideswiped again by politicians who are only concerned with power, money and their own selfish ambitions.

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