Thursday, October 19, 2006

JHReport Voter Guide, Pt. 3 - 2006 Election: The Prodigal Party - Bad Candidates You Should NOT Vote For

A Special James Hartline Report
October 19, 2006
Christian Voter Guide
Part 3
The Prodigal Party:
Bad Politicians Who Have Run Away From Home!
These are the candidates you should NOT vote for
in San Diego County

"And King Ahab, the son of Omri, did evil in the sight of the Lord
above all that were before him."
I Kings 16:30

Why did these candidates make this list?
We used the following criteria when conducting a comprehensive review
of each candidate. It was determined that the candidates that made our list
had seriously engaged in one or more of these activities.
A. Has the canididate been engaged in destructive social reengineering
(i.e. support of homosexuality, abortion, embryonic stem cell research)?
B. Has the candidate placed politics over the best interests of the
Christian Community (back room deals to further campaign interests)?
C. Has the candidate contributed financially to other bad politicians?
D. Will this candidate further contribute to the political catastrophe of
keeping the same old corrupt system in power?

Our Warning To Voters: If you see the following candidates: grab your wallets, your children, turn, and run as fast as you can the other way! Do not vote for these candidates under any circumstances!
(As Christians, if you don't have a good choice to vote for, PLEASE,
DO NOT vote for a bad one. Remember the lesser of two evils
is still evil!)

These candidates are placed in order of severity, #1 determined to be the most severe and #25 the least severe.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Republican Candidate for Calif. Governor
2. Jerry Brown - Democrat Candidate for Calif. Attorney General
3. Phil Angelides - Democrat Candidate for Calif. Governor
4. Debra Bowen - Democrat Candidate for Calif. Secretary of State
5. Bob Filner - Democrat Candidate for 51st Congressional District
6. Bill Lockyer - Democrat Candidate for Calif. Treasurer
7. Cruz Bustamante - Democrat Candidate for Calif. Insurance Commissioner
8. Brian Bilbray - Republican Candidate for 50th Congressional District
9. Darrell Issa - Republican Candidate for 49th Congressional District
10. Francine Busby - Democrat Candidate for 50th Congressional District
11. Diane Feinstein - Democrat Candidate for United States Senate
12. Susan Davis - Democrat Candidate for 53rd Congressional District
13. Ralph Denney - Republican Candidate for 76th Calif. Assembly District
14. Lori Saldana - Democrat Candidate for 76th Calif. Assembly District
15. Joel Anderson - Republican Candidate for 77th Calif. Assembly District
16. Rod Shelton - Democrat Candidate for Superior Court Judge Office #36
17. Michael German - Republican Candidate for Southwestern Comm. College
18. Michael McSweeney - Republican Candidate for San Diego Unified School
19. Jim Kelly - Republican Candidate for Grossmont Unified School
20. Shari Groce - Republican Candidate for Grossmont Unified School
21. Penny Halgren - Republican Candidate for La Mesa/Spring Valley School
22. Steve Padilla - Democrat Candidate for Chula Vista Mayor
23. Frank Tierney - Democrat Candidate for Coronado City Council
24. Art Madrid - Democrat Candidate for La Mesa Mayor
25. John Rinaldi - Democrat Candidate for 52nd Congressional District

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